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"The Good, The Bad, and the Geeky"
Writer: Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Director: Milan Cheylov
Air Date: 10/08/03

"The Good, The Bad, and the Geeky" is a major turning point for Jake. First stylistically, as the direction and editing really crystallise in a way the look of Jake 2.0. Secondly, it establishes Jake's opposite number in Dumont (a character that will reappear in the as-yet unaired "Blackout"). Lastly, the show really embraces its geekitude, packing the script full of in-jokes and pop-cultural references from Verizon commercials and Man from U.N.C.L.E, to Sherlock Holmes and Tron. There's a lot of Tron. And did we mention, Tron? The episode also reunites Christopher Gorham with his Popular co-star Carly Pope as Yori, and sparks fly. It is also the second episode in a row sans Sarah, and unlike Arms and the Girl, not even so much as a Sarah-mention. Likewise, while Jake and Diane's friendship continues to develop, there's little in the way of Jake/Diane romantic tension. However, as a bonus, we get to see Kyle lose his temper, displaying a bit of a dark side as he enjoys a little undue force where Dumont is concerned. Jesse Cadotte's Dumont is the most memorable villain on the series thus far, and really gives both Jake and the NSA a run for their money. Overall, one of the most solidly entertaining adventures, which sets the bar high for future episodes. And delivering on the potential shown in "The Good...", with very few exceptions, the show only improves from this point forward. Mad props to Javier Grillo-Marxuach for some of the funniest lines in Jake thus far ("These are my people." being a personal fave), and Jake's growth as a field operative, as he tackles his first overseas undercover mission.

Quotes of the Week:

Jake (to Diane via cellphone): "I know it's an important meeting. I'm wearing a tie. But my car was on fire. Yes, fire. Flames of fire shooting out of the hood."

Jake: "James Bond, Napoleon Solo, Steve Austin. You never saw any of those guys count pennies for a tow."
Diane: "Okay, you can't compare yourself to Steve Austin. He was a man barely alive. They had to rebuild him."

Jake: "You know, I made more when I was de-fragging hard drives around here than I do fighting Uncle Sam's enemies. And you know why? Two words: Over-time."

Lou: "Is he still playing that on-line game?"
Jake: "He cut off my leg!"

Jake: "Not longer, you're killing me. I haven't slept, I haven't showered, and I have one leg."
Kyle: "Why don't you just use that dagger thing?"
Jake: "You. Go away. Now."

Dumont: "Foley ... you're talented, but when you wake up tomorrow you're still gonna be the same government droid sellout."
Jake: "You're still gonna be in that cell."
Dumont: "Don't bet on it. You know the difference between you and me? I've lived. I've been to every continent, and I've eaten every food, and I've had hotter sex than you'll ever know ... and when I get out with the sole mission to personally frag your ass for depriving me of that, you're still gonna be the same thrift-store-clothes-wearing, six-dollar-haircut loser I see before me."

Jake: "These aren't drug dealers. They're not terrorists. They're nerds. They're like... they're like nerds gone wild. These are my people."

Kyle: "Your cell phone functions as a streaming video transmitter. Show us what they look like, okay? Where are you gonna keep it?"
Jake: Uh, my coat lining?"
Kyle: "No, it's a cell phone."
Jake: "Right. It's a phone. Treat it like a phone."

Yori: "Temping was the worst. Anything goes wrong, they blame you. Dranzacom fired me because they thought I was stealing post-its. Well, that and I wouldn't sleep with the homunculus office manager."

Lou: "What the hell is he doing?"
Diane: "I think it's the slip. It's this dance ... more like a grind, actually. It's very popular. It's very popular in the mitte district. Not helping. Right."

Lou: "Why is Jake in all of his photos?"
Kyle: "I have no idea."

© Tara O'Shea 2003

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