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"The Tech"
Writer: Silvio Horta
Director: Rob Lieberman
Air Date: 09/10/03
Recast: 09/26/03, 12/24/03
Synopsis: During a shootout in a secret government lab, National Security Agency (NSA), computer technician Jake Foley is caught in the crossfire and is accidentally injected with nanites, which give him superhuman powers. As his powers emerge, Jake is tapped to be the NSA's mightiest top-secret, crime-fighting weapon, but being a superhero isn't as easy as it looks in the movies.
Guest Cast: Matt Czuchry (Darin Metcalf), Bob Cryer (Eric Vaughn), Lubomir Mykytiuk (Dr. Gage), Andrew Kenneth Martin (Peter), Trevor Blackman (NSA Agent), Devon Bostick (Young Kid), Desmond Campbell (NSA Driver), Edie Inksetter (Nurse), Colm Magner (NSA Security Man), Layton Morrison (Vaughn's Operative), Charles Seminero (Console Operator #1), Deborah Tennant (Female Technician), Jodie Dowdall (Hot Girl #2), Diego Fuentes (IT Supervisor), Wayne Ward (NSA Tech Op), Lilette Wiens (Casey), Andrew Martin), Marvin Ishmael
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"Training Day"
Writer: David Greenwalt and Grant Scharbo
Director: David Greenwalt
Air Date: 09/17/03
Recast: 10/22/03, 12/14/03
Synopsis: As the NSA begins to question whether agent-in-training Jake Foley has what it takes, he's put to the test as the only agent who can stop a madman threatening the capital with an electromagnetic bomb has NSA agents scattered about Washington.
Guest Cast: James Ralph (Man in park), Jesse Whitehead (Bike messenger), Christopher Shyer, Louis Chirillo (Hot dog vendor), Janina Dall (Agent Tishler), Robert Moloney, Dean Redman (NSA guard), Kurt Evans (Tech Agent Hart), Miranda Frigon (Tech Agent Susan Carver), Brendan Penny (Rollerblader), Colin Corrigan (Assailant), Ken Yanko (Five star General)
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"Cater Waiter"
Writer: Silvio Horta
Director: Harry Winer
Air Date: 09/23/03
Recast: 12/03/03
Synopsis: When a top-secret, next-generation tank's schematics are stolen, super-powered NSA agent-in-training Jake Foley is sent undercover to an Embassy party—as a cater waiter—to support agent Kyle Duarte's mission to recover the stolen documents. When Kyle is betrayed by former lover and double-agent Mei Ling Wong, Jake becomes Kyle's only hope of getting out alive. Meanwhile, as if protecting a fellow agent and clearing away champagne glasses wasn't enough, Jake stumbles into his long-time crush Sarah, and must now protect both his unglamorous cover and shaky image.
Guest Cast: Ling Bai (Mei Ling), Ian Marsh (Driver), Grahame Wood (Rep. John Ramsey), Kurt Evans (Tech Agent Hart)
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"Arms and The Girl"
Writer: Mark Wilding
Director: David Barrett
Air Date: 10/01/03
Recast: 12/24/03
Synopsis: Jake realizes that his dream of becoming an NSA agent comes with a major cost—the inability to have meaningful relationships outside of work. While shadowing the beautiful daughter of a notorious arms dealer, Jake falls for her. Jake makes a choice, nearly risking the operation and his own life.
Guest Cast: Emmanuelle Chriqui (Theresa Carano), Michael Anthony Rawlins (Alonzo Reed), Johnny Cantiveros (First Filipino), Erwin Rosales (Second Filipino), Lesley Ewen (Meter Maid), D. Neil Mark (Agent Barnes), Jose Vargas (Ruben Carano), Miranda Frigon (Tech Agent Susan Carver)
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"The Good, The Bad and The Geeky"
Writer: Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Director: Milan Cheylov
Air Date: 10/08/03
Synopsis: After capturing a ruthless, wealthy computer terrorist code-name DuMont, Jake convinces the NSA he's the perfect geek for the job of heading overseas to impersonate DuMont and infiltrate his international gang of cyber terrorists.
Guest Cast: Kristian Ayre (Bit), Carly Pope (Yori/Rachel), Brendan Fletcher (MacP), Paul Anthony (Clu), Miranda Frigon (Tech Agent Susan Carver), Anita Brown (Marly), Jesse Cadotte (DuMont), Roger Haskett (Ed), Robin Mossley (Banker), David Neale (Pilot), Steve Oatway (Flight Engineer), Michael Roberds (Tow Truck Driver)
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"Last Man Standing"
Writer: Grant Scharbo and Gina Matthews
Director: David Barrett
Air Date: 10/15/03
Recast: 12/31/03
Synopsis: Despite concern that he's a walking target with the millions of dollars of nanites in his body, Jake convinces his superiors that he's entitled to a "life" and attends his best friend's wedding, but the NSA's worst fears might be realized when Jake suspects an assassin has infiltrated the wedding party and is stalking him.
Guest Cast: Martin Cummins (Mystery Man), Deborah Wakeham (Martha), Gianna Patton (Rachel), Doron Bell (Groomsman), Michael Busswood (Minister), Nathaniel Campbell (Alex), Kyle Cassie (Cousin Phil), Conan Graham (Team Captain #1), Matt Hill (Kevin), Grace Park (Fran Yoshida), Gabrielle Miller (Jenny), Andrew McIlroy (Desk Clerk)
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"Jerry 2.0"
Writer: Dave Johnson
Director: Leslie Libman
Air Date: 10/29/03
Recast: 01/07/04
Synopsis: Thwarting a potentially disastrous terrorist attack, Jake captures the teenage son of a dangerous anti government militia leader, who retaliates by sending his men to kidnap Jake, but in a mix-up, they instead capture Jake's immature, younger brother Jerry, who is visiting. Also, Jake and Sarah admit feelings for each other during a dinner at his apartment.
Guest Cast: Drew Tyler Bell (Jerry Foley), Kurt Evans (Tech Agent Hart), Jim Byrnes (Skerrit), Steve Makaj (Ethan Fulton), Matt Bellefleur, Robert Parent (Militia Man #1), Jim Francis (Pete Petrovich), Missy Peregrym (Girl in Bar), Herbert Duncanson (Police Officer), Jim Tai, Noah Beggs (Bartender), Heather Robertson (Waitress), Terry Howson (Guard #1), David Stuart (Terence)
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Writer: Jesse Stern
Director: Michael Grossman
Air Date: 11/05/03
Synopsis: An intercepted phone call leads the NSA to believe that a dangerous Polish mercenary has arrived in Washington, D.C. to kidnap someone associated with their nanite project, so while the NSA assumes Jake is the target, in fact, the man is after someone else on the team.
Guest Cast: Warren Christie (Steve Clemens), David Nykl (Vasily Koronkieqicz), Kurt Evans (Tech Agent Hart), Tyler Labine (Seymour Lafortunata), Miranda Frigon (Tech Agent Allison Carver), Grace Park (Fran Yoshida), Avery Raskin (Mr. harcourt), Brian Linds (Mr. Lowenstein), Fiona Hogan (Speaker), Rhys Lloyd (Desk Guard), Brad Dryborough (Barker), Francis Boyle (Desk Guard)
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Writer: Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Director: Allan Kroeker
Air Date: 11/12/03
Synopsis: When a miniature nuclear bomb goes missing from a military base, the NSA suspects that the theft is an inside job, engineered by a member of the Wolf Pack, an elite U.S. Special Ops unit, so Jake is sent undercover as a new member of the team to ferret out the traitor.
Guest Cast: Mark Sheppard (Hartman), Steven Williams (General Wesley Freewald), Lochlyn Munro (Lawrence), Lance Gibson Sr (Burns), Alonso Oyarzun (Hall), Sylvesta Stuart (Stern), David Richmond-Peck (Sal), Sean Devine (Engineer), Kelly Nielson (Soldier C.O.), Tammy Morris (Exotic Dancer), Miranda Frigon (Agent Carver)
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"The Spy Who Really Liked Me"
Writer: Mark Wilding
Director: David Straiton
Air Date: 11/19/03
Synopsis: Jake goes on trial before an NSA emergency board of inquiry after he disobeys a direct order to kill a sexy, female spy accused of stealing a biological weapon, but if Jake is found guilty, the Special Ops project—and Jake—will be shut down for good.
Guest Cast: Laura Harris (Angela Hamilton), Rachel Hayward (Valerie Warner), Jim Byrnes (Chief Director James Skerrit), Rob Stewart (Miles Jennings), Miranda Frigon (Tech Agent Susan Carver), Lisa Marie Forbes (Stenographer), Gustavo Febres (Captain Garcia), Frank Ferucci (Colonel Alonzo), Umar Gordon (Armed Guard #1), Juan Llorens (Jorge), Peter Grasso (Apartment Man), Tre Verhoeven (Megan Reilly), Tiffani Timms (Janet Reilly), Steffan Chavarria (Lab Tech)
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"Prince and the Revolution"
Writer: Dave Johnson
Director: Jorge Montesi
Air Date: 12/10/03
Synopsis: Jake is sent back to college on a mission to protect African Prince Malik Namir from assassins hired by a ruthless rebel general from the Prince's home country who wants to see the African royal family overthrown. Kyle and Lou offer Jake a chance to walk away from government control by faking his death.
Guest Cast: Lee Thompson Young (Malik), Kandyse McClure (Anna), Jim Byrnes (Director Skerrit), Rachel Hayward (Executive Director Valerie Warner), Miranda Frigon (Tech Agent Susan Carver,) Paul McGillion (Earl Wenk), Enid-Raye Adams (Agent Wilson), Michael Ryan (Professor), Kwesi Ameyaw (Tracey), Ron Selmour (General Baako), Richard Cohee (Rashid), Mark Docherty (News Anchor), Biski Gugushe (Hoopster)
Synopsis | Review | Transcript

"Double Agent"
Writer: David Greenwalt and Silvio Horta 
Director: David Barrett
Airdate: 12/17/03
Synopsis: When a dangerous former KGB spy, Elena Dankova, evades capture by Jake and can't be found, the NSA brings legendary operative Richard "Dick" Fox out of retirement and pairs him with Jake to track down this Cold War fanatic before she detonates a "dirty" bomb in Washington, D.C. Despite his continuing issues with authority, Jake is taken aback by Dick's unorthodox, freewheeling style as they follow Dankova's trail.
Guest Cast: Lee Majors (Richard "Dick" Fox), Barbara Tyso (Elena Dankova), Angelika Libera (Stephanie Romanov), Zinaid Memisevic (Nicolai Iskanov), Taras (Russian Man #1), Patti Vieta (Woman), Ray Galletti (Black Jack Dealer), Miranda Frigon (Tech Agent Susan Carver)

Synopsis | Review | Transcript

Writer: Jesse Stern
Director: Milan Cheylov
Airdate: TBA
Synopsis: The NSA is hit with a computer virus—and Jake has to team up with the guy he hates most in the world: DuMont. However, DuMont has some plans of his own. Meanwhile, on Lou's orders, Jake is seeing an NSA shrink, who tells Lou that Jake is mourning the "normal" life he can now never have, thanks to the nanites.
Guest Cast: Jesse Cadotte (DuMont), Tamara Feldman (Vanessa Cardounel)

"Get Foley"
Writer: TBA
Director: TBA
Airdate: 02/11/04
Synopsis: Jake's nanites are still on the fritz due to DuMont's tampering, leaving an amnesiac Jake working in a dive bar outside Philly as a fighter in a back-room blood sport. The NSA believes Jake has gone rogue, and issues a shoot-to-kill order. So Diane takes it upon herself to try and help him. But as Jake and Diane grow closer, Jake's boss Caesar lines up a bank job, and the NSA are closing in.
Guest Cast: Wes "Maestro" Williams, Grace Park (Fran Yoshida), Miranda Frigon (Tech Agent Susan Carver)

"Dead Man Talking"
Writer: TBA
Director: TBA
Airdate: TBA
Synopsis: Alex Brandt, an agent whom Lou believes to have died years ago—a man with whom she has a past and who she was forced to leave behind on a mission—is found alive and a rescue op is mounted. Meanwhile, Jake is thinking a lot about what happened between him and Diane, and the nanite project may potentially have a new member.
Guest Cast: Rachel Hayward (Valerie Warner), Clayton Rohner (Alex Brandt), Manoj Sood (Dr. Vikram Taleek), Sean Carey (soldier)

Writer: TBA
Director: Steve Miner
Airdate: TBA
Synopsis: Jake is assigned to protect Dr. Nanda Sang—a Nobel prize winning activist and diplomat—from the Junshi clan of assassins. However, for a man of peace, the Ghandi of East Asia isn't quite what they're expecting. Particularly Diane, who sees him as a hero. Meanwhile, Warner pays DuMont a visit.
Guest Cast: Tyler Labine (Seymour Lafortunata), Grace Park (Fran Yoshida), Mar Andersons (Bill Brummond), Jesse Cadotte (DuMont), Rachel Hayward (Valerie Warner), Shin Koyamada (Shinji Makito), Benita Ha (Sketch Artist Tech), Miranda Frigon (Tech Agent Susan Carver)

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