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Transcript of the E! Online live chat 15-09-03 with actor Christopher Gorham. Transcript from E!. Reprinted without permission. © E! 2003.

This week, Christopher Gorham, star of UPN's new sci-fi thriller Jake 2.0, dishes on everything from being a superhero (onscreen) to shooting hoops with Scott Speedman (offscreen) and what would have happened to his Popular alter ego. Meanwhile, I've got lots of spoilery goodies on your faves, including a big cliffhanger on The O.C., a deadly crash on ER and rumors of a surprising real-life romance for Scott Foley.

Hey, tubers! Christopher Gorham, star of UPN's new sci-fi drama Jake 2.0, is here to dish. He's here for about 30 minutes, and then we'll get to all the other delicious shows. Send in those Q's!

From dianeb: How do you feel about Jake 2.0 being up against Angel? You did know that, right?
Christopher: Angel's old, he's like 600. His time has passed. Hasn't he had enough? [Laughs.] No, it was really the only time slot we could be in on UPN. I like Angel, I like David, and I think they have a great show, and there's room enough for both of us. It's West Wing that I'm taking down. Now that I got Aaron Sorkin fired, it should be easy.

From Dianeb92: Congrats on the new show! How did you get the role of Jake?
Basically, it was your standard auditioning process. I read for it along with three to four hundred other guys. And after making them move the whole production to Vancouver, and getting out of a contract with another studio, it all worked out. They originally were going to shoot in Toronto, but I didn't want to do another series in Toronto (I had done Odyssey 5 last season for Showtime). It's too far from my family, who live in Los Angeles. But they made it happen, which is very, very cool.

From monique: Are you at all like your character Jake?
Sure. I think we have a lot of similarities. Aside from the superpowers. Although I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "Hey, glad you're here! We could sure use your nanobots."

From Ryan: How's the environment of a heavier show like this, compared to filming a lighter show like Popular? Which do you prefer?
I like this show because there's a lot for me to do. I haven't had one day off, actually. Carly Pope guest stars in an upcoming episode. We had fun, and she was teasing me that now I'm the one that has to work all the time. So, Popular fans, look for episode four. She plays a hacker named Yori. It's a big change, it's hilarious. So many times it was so hard for us to call each other by these new character names, I kept wanting to say, "Sam!" And every time she spoke, I had to laugh. This hacker talk seemed so unnatural coming out of her mouth. So, if anyone ever wondered what happened to Harrison and Sam when they got out of high school, this is one possibility!

From Kristin: Did you have any say in her casting?
They asked me if I would have any problem with it. And I said, "Absolutely no way would I work with her," and they hired her anyway. [Laughs.] No, I was totally fine with it. They just wanted to make sure.

From Drew_Johnson: What would you like to see happen with Jake over this first season and future seasons of the program?
I'd just like him to stay on the air, personally. That's my ultimate goal--stay alive! But I have to say, they have a lot of really fun things planned for Jake. He's going to go around the world; this week he has his first assignment undercover. For me, I enjoy the comic aspects of the character, but I also love seeing his human side. In the pilot, I love him and Diane in the lab when you see how terrified he is.

From lauren: I loved you on Felicity! Do you keep in touch with any of the castmembers?
Um, no. I call them, and I call them, and they just won't call me back! [Laughs.] No, every once in a while I'll play some basketball with Scott Speedman. The problem is now that I'm shooting out of the country, I'm never around. I love basketball, and I play it when I can--but Scott's a much better player than I am. I won't lie.

From Scott_Fleischman: Did the gay community like the way you portrayed a gay college student when you did Party of Five?
I think there was a small article in Out magazine at the time, talking about it. All my gay friends liked it. I was really sensitive to that because I have friends who are gay and have since I was a kid, so I wanted to make sure that I played it respectfully. I was really proud of that role.

From Tomeiyalinha: I love you! What attracted you to the character on Jake 2.0?
I just really connected with the character. He's a really nice guy with good intentions, and he has a real strength about him that I like. He seems like a pushover, but he's not. He'll stand up for what he believes in.

From Kristin: Is that really you doing the one-armed pull-ups in the pilot?
That was really me standing on a box doing the one-armed pull-up. [Laughs.] But I did do the two-armed pull-ups. It was funny, because when we were shooting, the crew was so impressed I could do two-armed pull-ups, and it got really quiet when it was time for the one-armed ones. They actually thought I might be able to do it.

From Andrew: What was your opinion of the premature cancelation of Popular?
It wasn't totally unexpected. But it was sad for me. And it was a very strange experience, because you work for two years on something and then with one phone call, it's over. It's hard. And then I went to work on Felicity, and they came onto the set we used to shoot on for Popular. That lab set was actually the Popular biology set and a lot of the extras were the same, so it was really strange.

From Kristin: Does that experience make you more anxious about the fate of Jake 2.0?
Not anxious so much as I think I've been down this road before, and I kind of keep my expectations low. Because there's so much that's out of my control that I just do the best I can. It's not up to me, it's up to all you folks.

From marcy7: Is it weird having David Greenwalt, an old Angel producer, on your show, when you're up against Angel?
Yeah, it's fine. But it took a while for him to stop calling me Sarah...and then stop calling me David. I would get my dialogue and say, "My character is not called Buffy!" I know David is torn, because he still cares a lot for that show. But me, I don't really have any ties. So, I have fun telling him where that show can go. Actually, we get along really well. He's great and has a great sense of humor.

From eddieginsburg: If Popular had continued, what were the plans for your character? Plus, what happened to the supposed movie wrap-up of the show?
That whole movie wrap-up, that was a vicious far as I know. I think Ryan Murphy may have mentioned it as a hope. I don't know what was going to happen on the show, other than at the end, Harrison was choosing between the two girls, and I believe he had picked Brooke. And then things were going to go crazy from there.

From steve: Who's your superhero?
My wife is my hero. She's home taking home of our son, making me another one and basically taking care of everything while I'm gone. She's amazing.

From Kristin: Okay, y'all. Christopher needs to get back to set.
I just want to say, thanks for being here. Please check out the show, and if you like it, tell your friends. We're really relying on word of mouth here, because UPN can be a hard network for some people to find. Thanks again.

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