If you have a website devoted to one or more of the following characters, you are elligible to join this clique!

  • Principal Flutie
  • Kendra the Vampire Slayer
  • Jenny Calendar
  • Alan Finch
  • Mayor Richard Wilkins, III
  • Francis Doyle
  • Forrest
  • Holland Manners
  • Joyce Summers
URL of your website:

TITLE of your website:

Your NAME:


URL of your 234x60 banner:

This clique ueses a banner exchange. To join, you must submit a 234x60 pixel static (not animated!) banner. All banners should be 15k in size or less, and all banners must be saved as either .gif or .jpg format.

If you do not have an 234x60 banner, and need one, email me and I can create one for your site.

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