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Airdate: March 12, 2002
Written by: story written by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar, teleplay by Mark Verheiden.
Directed by: Michael Katleman
Transcript by: Kalia

Opens with shot of Lex's closed swollen eyes. Camera pans back and spins revealing sweaty Lex is dangling upside down while wearing a straightjacket.

Lex ( slurring): Let me go.

Jude approaches from behind Lex and presses a button causing a white light to shine in Lex's face. Jude walks around Lex and stands directly in front of him.

Lex: What do you want from me?

Jude: The truth.

The man walks backwards following the path he came as the scene fades into one of a dark bustling club complete with dancers on little stages. Cut to front entrance and Lex entering the club with a woman.

Bouncer: Can I see some id?

Lex: You must be new here.

Lex smiles amusedly at the bouncer as a taller black man (Max Kasich) approaches.

Kasich: Hey, it's ok let him through.

Lex: Thanks, Kasich.

Lex and the woman (Amanda Rothman) enter the club. The man checks out Amanda's ass and Lex palms him some money. This guy is armed with a gun. They smile as they walk together into the club behind Amada passing this huge neon '0.'

Kasich: She's cute.

Lex: She's engaged.

They catch up to Amanda who's looking around the club.

Lex: What do you think?

Another shot of that big neon 0 in case we missed it the first time, then one of the dancers wearing a bikini's and body paint matching the striped pattern.

Amanda: It's loud.

Lex chuckles at her amazement, appearing as if he's genuinely enjoying himself.

Lex: How's the VIP room tonight?

Kasich: I think we can make some room.

Lex passes the man a hundred dollar bill. Kasich wears a ring on his hand with a K on it.

Amanda: I hope you didn't feel obligated to entertain me. Jude's only going to be gone for a couple of days.

They walk upstairs towards the VIP room.

Lex: I don't believe in obligations besides, your finance did me a favor. I wasn't looking forward to a night out on my own.

Amanda chuckles as they walk into the less crowded VIP section.

Amanda: Something tells me you wouldn't have been alone for very long.

Lex gives another of his wide smiles.

Lex: Two apple martinis.

He follows her over to a spot at the bar. She puts down her purse and picks up a blue matchbook.

Amanda: Zero consequences. That's quite a promise.

Lex: Only if it's kept.

The bartender serves the two drinks. Lex picks up his and she does the same.

Lex: To my good friend Amanda, on her engagement.

Amanda: Cheers.

Lex ( clinking the glasses together): Cheers.

Lex takes a drink, but before Amanda can she sees something and the smile leaves her face. Sound of loud laughter nearby. She puts her drink down.

Lex: What is it?

Cut to Jude sitting/snuggling between two girls.

Jude: What do you do for me?

Amanda stalks over. Lex puts down his drink and follows. Jude looks up with a oh shit look on his face.

Jude: Amanda...

Amanda: You said you had to go away on business.

Jude: I can explain ok.

Amanda pulls her engagement ring off her finger.

Jude: Amanda, wait a second.

Amanda tosses the ring at him, hitting him in the chest.

Jude: I can explain, Amanda! Just wait. Amanda!

Amanda walks off. Jude looks at Lex.

Jude: You son of a bitch. You did this on purpose.

Lex: You did it to yourself.

Lex walks away following Amanda. Jude gets up and follows as well. Cut to first floor of the club Amanda staggering out through the crowds, Lex following closely behind. Lex catches Amanda and stops her. Jude spins Lex around and punches him solidly in the jaw.

Lex hits Jude back solidly and a fight breaks out under the strobeing club lights. Security guard pulls Lex away and steps between him and Jude. Jude pulls a knife and lunges past the security guard to stab Lex in his left shoulder. Lex screams. Guard spins and shoots Jude in the chest.

Jude falls to the ground. Lex turns to face Amanda while holding his shoulder. Cut to Jude on the ground with blood on the floor and all over his white shirt. Camera pans upwards showing clubbers still dancing then back to dangling Lex with the white light still in his face.

Jude: Liar! That's what it said in the papers but that's not what really happened.

Lex ( yells): It's the truth. Read the police reports.

Jude walks around Lex and spins him around.

Jude: I know you covered it up. I don't know how you did it, but you're going to pay.

Lex: Who are you?

Jude: Don't you remember? Huh? You killed me.

Jude steps into the light so Lex can see his face then points a gun and cocks it in Lex's face.

Jude: Daddy can't save you this time Lex.

A shot fires. Cut to opening credits.

Cut to Smallville High School. One week earlier. Chloe, Pete and Clark walk into the hallway. Pete is studying a small piece of paper and shaking his head.

Clark: There is nothing like 50 minutes of Mr. Austin's English Class to work up an appetite.

Pete: There's nothing like having a 6 page student biography due Monday to help me loose mine.

Chloe: What the biography part or the fact that our fellow student subjects were randomly assigned?

Clark: Well Pete's convinced that the drawing was fixed.

Pete: There are a dozen ladies in our class, each worthy of lengthy interrogation. I get stuck with Stan Gibson.

Clark: The manager of the student store? Well I hear he's very...

Chloe: efficient?

Pete: Very funny. I'm going to have to learn more about the art of selling Go Crow pendants then any human should have to endure. You haven't stopped smiling since we left who's your victim?

Pete rubs her chin as he asks playfully.

Chloe: The illustrious Mr. Kent himself.

Pete: Ohhhh.

Clark: Me?

Pete: I take it back. Chloe's the one with the challenge.

Clark: Excuse me?

Pete: No offence Clark. But digging up 6 pages of interesting stuff on you is going to require some serious excavation.

Clark: I do stuff.

Chloe: Yes, and I'm sure once I deploy my journalistic skills on you I'll be able to unearth a skeleton or two.

Clark: You know, Chloe, this is a class project not a corruption scandal.

Chloe: Relax Clark its not like you have anything to hide, right.

Pete: Cough it up Clark who did you get?

Chloe: Oh, don't tell me, Lana Lang.

Clark pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket, unfolds it and holds it out so Chloe can see it. Pete grabs it away from her to look himself.

Chloe: Oh my god, just look at his face. You don't have to see it.

Pete: Like I said, definitely rigged. I can assume your going to be starting your paper ASAP?

Clark: It will all work out. I've been helping Lana over at the Talon getting ready for the grand opening.

Chloe: Oh that's nice the surrogate boyfriend does the heavy lifting while Whitney works at his dad's store.

Clark: On that note.

Clark turns down a hallway. Chloe grabs his arm.

Chloe: Wait when are you going to sit down to do my interview?

Clark: Right umm. (not meeting her eyes) I'll be around.

Clark walks off. Chloe turns to Pete.

Chloe: Did he just blow me off?

Pete: One step forward, two steps back.

They continue walking down the hallway. Cut to the outside of the Talon, then inside a shot to the ceiling. The camera pans down showing Lana and a construction worker.

Lana: You promised me everything would be ready on time.

Contractor: That was before the plumbing started leaking. It hasn't been replaced in years.

Lana: How long will that take?

Contractor: Umm, ah. I can't really give you a straight answer, not until I crawl up there. You resurrect the past you get the problems that come with it.

Lana: Lex Luthor is going to be by later. He's going to need numbers and a timetable. And a better explanation then that.

Contractor nods at her and walks off. Lana turns around to find Jude standing there.

Lana: I'm sorry we're not open yet.

Jude: It's about the assistant manager position. I know I'm late but if I can get an application.

Lana nods.

Lana: Yeah, yeah. Let me just give me a second.

Lana walks to the desk. Jude follows.

Jude: Great. I really appreciate this Ms. ?

Lana: Lang.

Jude: Lang.

Lana: Yeah. Just to warn you, my aunts not taking anymore interviews until next week.

Jude: Well that's alright. I happen to have all the time in the world. I'm Jude Royce.

They shake hands.

Lana: Hi.

Jude: So I understand that Lex Luthor has a stake in this project.

Lana: Yeah. He's one of the owners. Why? Do you know him?

Jude: Well, a lifetime ago in Metropolis.

Lana: It must have been interesting.

Jude: Well. Let's just say there's a reason he's in Smallville.

Lana stares at him curiously.

Jude: You know my advice. Stay away from him. When Lex gets involved things usually turn out badly.

Cut to outside where a very nice black car with a crest is being parked in front of the Talon. Lex climbs out of the car and as he's locked it up a hand touches him on the back. He turns around to find the security guard from the Zero standing there.

Lex: What are you doing here? I thought we had an understanding. After that night we were never to have any contact.

Kasich: I saw him Lex.

Lex: Who?

Kasich: Jude.

Lex looks stunned. Kasich looks freaked.

Lex: We both know that's impossible.

Kasich: Listen to me. He's alive. Everywhere I go I see him. He's stalking me.

Lex: Just... calm down.

Kasich: I'm not crazy.

Lex: This man say what he wanted?

Kasich: Yeah, the truth.

Lex spots Clark walking towards the Talon.

Lex: Listen, I keep an apartment in the city. It's very secure. *Hands the man a key* You stay there and wait for my call.

Security guard nods and walks off. Lex approaches Clark.

Clark: Who was that?

Lex: Nobody.

Cut to inside of Talon.

Lex: I hear we've sprung a leak.

Lana is looking around stunned nodding.

Clark: Is everything alright?

Lana: Just a little weirded out.

Lex: Relax it's just a leak.

Lana: No a friend of yours just came by. Applied for the assistant manager's position. He told me to... stay away from you.

Lex ( amused gasp): What was his name?

Lana walks over and grabs the application.

Lana: Jude Royce.

The amused look leaves his face and Lex just puts a blank mask on staring at the paper. He takes it and looks at it himself.

Clark: What is it Lex?

Lex: When did he leave?

Lana: Just before you came in.

Lex walks outside holding the application. He looks up and down the street.

Clark: Lex. Who's Jude Royce.

Lex: Trust me Clark. *deactivating his car alarm* I have no idea who Lana met today but it couldn't have been him. Don't worry about it Clark. I'm not.

Lex climbs into his car. Clark starts heading inside. Lex turns on the car it starts blaring Killer and Murderer repeatedly over and over. Lex attempts to turn it off but its not the radio.

Clark: What's going on?

Lex rolls down the windows as a crowd gathers near the car.

Lex: I don't know.

Clark x-rays the car and sees something under the dashboard.

Clark: Feel under the dash. Lex does so and pulls out a CD player which has been rigged to the car.

Lex: Looks like someone decided to get creative while I was inside.

Clark: What were the screams?

Lex: I assume it's someone's creative idea of a joke. And a successful one we've managed to draw a crowd.

People gawking at Lex and his car.

Clark: Lex.

Lex: Clark. This really doesn't concern you.

Lex drives off leaving Clark standing their worried.

Cut to the Kent Farm. Cows standing outside. Cut to inside of the house.

Clark: Hello, anybody home.

Jonathan: Hey. Pull up a microphone son.

Jonathan and Martha are sitting on one side of the table, Chloe is facing them. Clark has stunned expression on his face.

Clark: Hi, Chloe. What's going on?

Chloe: Since I couldn't find you all day I decided to start my biological interview at the beginning. And unlike a certain so-called friend of mine, your parents gracefully agreed to be interviewed.

Jonathan and Martha have painfully cheery expressions on their face.

Martha: Chloe's been asking us some very... interesting questions Clark.

Chloe: Thank you. Now we just have a few more to go... so. We were talking about the early days. So what was involved with adopting Clark? Jonathan: Well well um, it was like any normal adoption I guess.

Chloe: Well can you take me through the process. Did it take weeks or months? Did you guys use a lawyer or did you use an agen- *click* Shoot. I'm out of tape.

Martha sighs with relief as Chloe takes her tape out.

Chloe: That's ok I'll just get some extra C-90's in my car. I'll be right back.

Martha: Chloe's researching your life for a school project?

Jonathan: And when did that happen?

Clark: We just got the assignment today. I didn't know she was going to go Mike Wallace on me.

Jonathan: Look, son. We don't mind asking questions about you but if she starts asking questions about the adoption um.

Clark: What about adoption? Is there something I should know?

Jonathan: Well, we had to make up a story but it's a little more complicated then that.

Sound of the door clicking open.

Martha: Let's just say it's a subject we'd rather not have anybody explore.

Chloe: Sorry am I interrupting?

The painfully cheerful faces appear once again on Clark's parent's faces.

Chloe: Oh, Clark now that your finally spinning in my orbit. I have a couple of pertinates for you too.

Clark: Oh. Actually this is just a pit stop for me. I'm on my way to meet up with Lana to work on my paper.

Chloe: Oh. You know Clark, not to strike a paranoid note are you avoiding me?

Clark: Tomorrow. I promise.

Chloe: Ok. This isn't an official question and I don't want you guys to take it the wrong way but has your son always been this strange?

Cut to Martha and Jonathan just sitting there. Cut to Lana and Clark walking down the street.

Clark: So, how does it feel?

Lana: Feel?

Clark: To single-handedly bring the Talon back from nearly being a parking garage?

Lana straightens the grand opening sign on the door.

Lana: It's nice you know. Being counted on, responsibility. They treat you differently.

Clark: Like you won't break.

Lana: I finally feel like I'm shedding that fairy princess costume.

They smile at each other. Lex drives up in his black car again. Gets out sets the alarm.

Lana: Lex what are you doing here?

Lex: Contractor called. Said he had an estimate. Wanted me to meet him here.

The three enter the building and find the contractor lying on the floor.

Lex: What the hell?

They rush over to him. Lana gets there first and helps the man up.

Lana: Are you ok?

Contractor: Yeah. I came in the back door and somebody jumped me. Forced me to let him in then bashed me over the head.

Clark: Did you see his face?

Contractor: No.

Clark: Look.

A wrapped box with a bow is sitting on a table. Clark walks over to it.

Lana: That wasn't there when I locked up. I'll go call the police.

Lana rushes away and Clark looks at the box closely. There's an envelope addressed to Lex Luthor.

Clark: Lex... Your name's on it.

Lex walks over, grabs the envelope and opens it. Inside is one of the matchboxes from Club Zero. Clark looks at it from where he's standing.

Lex: Zero consequences.

Lex opens the box revealing the severed handing of the security guard with his trademark ring still on it.

Smallville PD are on the scene one officer taking a statement from Lex. Clark walks over to where Lana is sitting and sits next to her.

Clark: How ya holding up?

Lana: Was fine until it showed up.

Clark: Yeah, stupid question.

Lana: What kind of sick person would do a thing like that? Clark: I don't know? But I've never seen Lex so freaked out before.

Lana: Join the club. That guy warned me. He said everything Lex touches ends badly. How much do we know about him and his past?

Lex walks over.

Lex: I want the both of you to know how truly sorry I am about this. (To Lana) I promise this won't affect the grand opening.

Lana: We'll be infamous before we even open the doors.

She gets up and walks away. Lex sits besides Clark.

Clark: Do you know who he is? The guy in the.. you know.

Lex: Max Kasich. And yes I know him a long time ago in Metropolis.

Clark: Do you have any idea who might have done this to him?

Lex: I don't know.

Clark: What about your old friend Jude Royce?

Lex: I doubt it could have been him Clark.

Clark: Why?

Lex: Cause he's been dead for three years.

Cut to Smallville High School. Cut to the hallway Chloe walks through a door followed by Pete.

Chloe: Come on Pete, I'm desperate. The only thing I could get from the Kent's is the earth-shattering admission that Clark hates peas.

Pete: Chloe, a body part shows up at the Talon and all you can do is talk about Clark. Where are your priorities? I mean you know Lex Luthor must be mixed up in this somehow.

Chloe: Easy. I know you have issues with the Luthors.

Pete: More then issues. You know what the Luthor's did to my family.

Chloe: Ok. One piece of investigative information at a time. Now about Clark.

Pete: Chloe, what do you want from me? In a world full of designer water, Clark Kent is straight from the tap.

Chloe: I know, but you've known him the longest. I mean all I need is a little anecdote. A small piece of Clark's deep dark past.

Pete: Well, there was something in the first grade.

Chloe: Thank you. That's more then I've uncovered in like the past two days. Now please lets continue.

Pete: There was this bully three grades ahead of us. This kid was determined to pound dents into every kid in school. One day I guess it was my turn. He was my turn. He was about to take my head off when Clark jumped between us.

Chloe: So Clark ran interference.

Cut to Torch office where Clark is printing an article on Club Zero. Headline - Death at Club Zero. Chloe and Pete walk in.

Chloe: Now as kind as that sounds Pete. I really don't feel it falls under the something amazing test.

Clark: What test?

Pete: I'm not finished. Clark didn't just push Brain Dead away. He put him through a door. I'm talking splinters and broken hinges. How he did it I still have no idea. The guy was like twice our size.

Chloe: Clark, any comment?

Clark: Well we were six years old. Twice our size was like three feet tall.

Pete: If you need any more ancient history ask the source. I've got an appointment at the student store.

Chloe: Have fun.

Pete leaves.

Chloe: So the mystery that isn't Clark Kent deepens.

Clark: Mystery?

Chloe: Yeah, since you've continued to play obstructionist I've had to find information through other means.

Chloe picks up a folder as Clark watches.

Chloe: For instance. I've found that you're adoption was done through Metropolis United Charities. But this is the strange part, they were only in business for six months and what I can tell yours was the only adoption they handled.

Clark: I can't believe you did this Chloe.

Chloe: You didn't know. I just assumed that your parents would have told you. I mean, weren't you interested?

Clark: Why would I be? My biological parents are either dead or didn't want me. The point is your prying into my private life.

Chloe: I was just trying to be thorough.

Clark: This is a class project. I spent an hour yesterday with Lana. That's it, that's all I needed. I'm not some mystery for you to solve.

Clark grabs his things and walks out the door. Chloe: Clark I just...

Cut to Lex hitting a punching bag wearing boxing gloves while a man in a business suit stands nearby.

Lex: Talk to me, Mr. Raines.

Raines: According to the doorman, Kasich never made it to the apartment in Metropolis.

Lex: What about Royce?

Raines: His parents died when he was young. Car accident. He was an only child inherited everything.

Lex: And Amanda Rothman. You tracked her down yet?

Raines: She moved, left no forwarding address. When's the last time you've talked with her.

Lex: About three years ago.

Raines: I'll go wider but it could take some time. It would help if you tell me what's going on.

Lex: No it wouldn't. You're my head of security. You'll find her and warn her that she could be in danger. That's all you need to know.

Raines walks off. Lex continues boxing and flashes back to Club Zero. Amanda is kneeling by the body. A paramedic is working on him.

Amanda: Is he ah..?

She looks up at Lex who's standing by watching. Phelan walks in.

Phelan: Excuse me, excuse me. Let me through.

Max stops him from passing pushing him on the shoulder hard. Max: Who are you?

Phelan: Detective Sam Phelan, Metropolis PD. Are you what passes for security in this zoo?

Kasich: Yeah.

Phelan: Don't go anywhere. We'll talk.

Phelan walks over to Lex who's holding a napkin over his stab wound. Lex's fingers are covered with blood.

Lex: Thank God you're here.

Phelan: Lex, Lex. You really put your foot in it this time. Tell me exactly what happened. Hey if you fall apart on me I can't help you. What went down?

Lex flashes back. Jude pulls out his knife, stabs him in his left shoulder. Max turns around. Lex grabs Max's gun while Max struggles to keep it from Lex. Lex shoots Jude in the chest. Jude falls.

Phelan: That's exactly what happened?

Lex nods.

Phelan: Ok, here's how it's gonna go. You were never here. Your name will not appear in any papers or on a police report.

Lex: How?

Phelan: That's what your daddy's money's for. This one's gonna cost him.

Phelan writes something down on a piece of paper.

Phelan: I'll take care of everybody's story, but you are never to see her or talk to her again. You got it? Call this guy, he'll take care of your shoulder. No emergency rooms.

Phelan pat's Lex's face.

Phelan: Ok, get out of here.

Lex walks off giving Amanda one last look. Phelan walks over to Max.

Phelan: Did you see what happened?

Kasich: Most of it.

Phelan: Well smile. Cause your about to come into some serious money.

Cut to Lex boxing. A gun is placed at the back of Lex's neck. Lex turns around slowly and sees Jude.

Jude: Nothing to say. I thought Lex Luthor had all the answers.

Lex: Look you twisted son of a bitch. I don't know what you want...

Jude: I wanna know what happened at Club Zero. The cover up.

Jude holds the gun under Lex's chin.

Jude: You know the cop, the one in the report Phelan, he's dead. It seems that you were kind of involved in that you see I find that very interesting.

Jude moves the gun up near Lex's ear and strokes Lex's chest and face with his free hand.

Lex: Why don't you kill me now?

Jude: Because its more fun to watch you suffer. Knowing that at any moment, bang.

Cut to outside. Clark is looking at his printouts then at the building.

Jude: Tell me what really happened?

Clark barges in shouting: Lex!

Lex looks around Jude is gone.

Clark: Lex, you all right?

Lex: Clark, what are you doing here?

Clark: Your office told me you were here? I thought I heard someone else.

Lex paces the place looking for Jude.

Lex: No I'm all by myself.

Clark: Hey I looked up Max Kasich. I know what happened at Club Zero. How he shot and killed Jude Royce. Everyone fits into this except for you. What's going on?

Lex: Please Clark. For our friendship I'm asking you to stay out of this. Some secrets are better left alone.

Lex takes a drink of bottled water.

Cut to Kent Farm. Jonathan is outside with a bag of feed. Jonathan walks through a gate.

Jonathan: Come on son. The cows aren't going to feed themselves. Late night?

Clark: I was helping Lana. To her credit she's not gonna let the whole body part incident delay the opening of the Talon.

Jonathan: That's what happens when you get into business with somebody like Lex Luthor.

Clark: If it wasn't for Lex the Talon would be a parking garage.

Jonathan: Son, he cast a very very long shadow. I just wanna make sure none of you kids get hurt, that's all.

Clark: The past is in the past. The best we can do is look to the future.

Jonathan: Okay, you got me. Speaking of that, how's Chloe's paper coming along. I'm assuming she's done with her interviews?

Clark: I'm not sure.

Jonathan: Look Clark if she mentions anything to you about the peas. I'm sorry it's the first thing that came to mind.

Clark: And if she mentions anything to me about the Metropolis United Charities?

Jonathan: I use to think perseverance was an admirable quality.

Clark: Since I learned the real truth I hadn't thought about the adoption. Dad, Chloe told me that the agency we used was only open six months and I was the only kid adopted.

Jonathan: Look son, the process is a really tough one even if you go through normal channels. With you it was just a little more complicated that's all.

Clark: Is everything legal?

Jonathan: Yeah it's legal. It's just that... it required a higher level of access then I or your mother had.

Clark: What's that mean?

Jonathan: Let's just say it's a very long road from what's hidden in the storm cellar to what's written on your birth certificate. You hear that?

Clark: Hear what?

Jonathan: The whole herd is just over that rise--we ought to be hearing something.

Camera pans up a hill onto a grassy field full of dead cows.

Field is covered with bubbling liquids and also steel drums labeled LuthorCorp. People in yellow bio-suits are swarming the field which has been cordoned off. The Kents watch from a fence, Clark slightly off from his parents while Chloe takes pictures. Jonathan looks like he's been crying and Martha's face is red as well.

Chloe (to Clark): What do you think happened? Why would LuthorCorp dump their stuff here?

A silver-grey humvee drives up and Lex gets out of the passenger side of it. Clark turns his head and looks at the vehicle. Jonathan spots Lex and turns away.

Chloe: Um, I'm going to go take from some different angles.

Clark looks at Lex. Lex walks over to Jonathan and Martha.

Lex: Mr. and Mrs. Kent. I have no idea how this could have happened but I'll do everything in my power to find out. And I'll pay for your livestock of course.

Jonathan (sounds like he's been crying too): Oh you think that's how you solve everything don't you, Lex. Just sprinkle a little money on it and hope the problem goes away. Well obviously some things are a little more difficult then that.

Jonathan and Martha walk away from Lex who looks really hurt and pissed and takes it out slightly on the fence. Clark walks over.

Lex: I didn't think it was possible to fall any further in your father's eyes. Obviously I was wrong. You know I'd never intentionally allow something like this to happen.

Clark: Does this have anything to do with Club Zero?

Lex: I think so.

Clark: You need to tell the authorities everything you know. This just isn't about you anymore.

Clark walks away and joins his parents who are talking to a member of the Smallville PD. Another officer approaches Lex.

Officer: Mr. Luthor, a CEP guy needs to talk to you. He's over there.

Lex walks off in the pointed direction and finds Jude dressed up as a CEP official.

Jude: Looks like a real black mark on your company's environmental record.

Lex: I'm gonna walk over and tell that sheriff.

Lex goes to walk away. Jude blocks his path.

Jude: And tell them what?

Jude brings up a taser and zaps Lex with it, pushing an unconscious Lex into his van.

Cut to Kent house. Clark's on the phone, Martha's just walking in.

Clark: Alright well, just tell him that Clark Kent called. Thank you.

Martha: Who was that?

Clark: I'm trying to reach Lex. He's not in the office. He's not at the mansion and his cell phone goes straight to voicemail. Where's dad?

Martha: Still supervising the removal of the cows.

Clark: Lex said he'd pay for that.

Martha: Clark this isn't just about money. We don't know what health risk this poses to us or to our neighbors.

Clark heads over to a table where he's put his printouts and picks one up.

Clark: I don't think this is Lex's fault. I think someone is trying to set him up cause of what happened at the night-club.

Martha walks over and looks at the printout.

Martha: Until this is cleared up I don't -

Clark: Mom, Lex has been always good friend to me.

Martha: I know that Clark. I'm usually the one that defends him, but there are some things in his past that are a little shady.

Clark: I thought in this family we don't look at the past.

Martha: Clark, I grew up in Metropolis, I know the Luthor world. It looks glamorous and fun but the kids grow up to fast and they can get into trouble. Whatever is happening to Lex is starting to affect you. Body parts in boxes and poison cows. This isn't normal.

Clark: What do you want me to do mom? Cut him out of my life.

Martha: No, I just want you to cool it off for a while till we know what really happened. Your father and I just don't wanna see you pulled into this problem.

Martha walks out. Cut to the barn. Clark is sitting with some tools Chloe walks in.

Chloe: Can I talk to you for a second?

Clark gets up and heads up the stairs to his hangout.

Clark: That depends if it's on the record or not.

Chloe: Ok, I deserve that. Look I didn't mean to ambush you with the whole adoption agency thing.

Clark: Hey you saw a story and you went right for it. That's what journalist do.

Chloe: Your right, your right and I didn't think about how it would hurt you. And ... as much as journalistic instinct rebels I would much rather have a friend then a subject. So I'm dropping the whole thing.

Clark: Thank you.

Chloe: Can I ask you a question? Totally off the record? Do you ever wonder about your biological parents?

Clark: Every day of my life.

Chloe spots the printouts.

Chloe: Looks like I'm not the only one doing some reading. What's Club Zero?

Clark: Part of Lex's past he asked me to stay out of.

Chloe: Um, oh, by the way. I brought over some pictures for your parents. I figure they could use it for insurance purposes and stuff. I gotta go.

Chloe starts walking out as Clark looks through the pictures.

Clark: Chloe... It's the same guy.

Chloe returns to look at the pictures.

Chloe: But he... but he's...

Clark: dead.

Cut to Lex dangling in a straightjacket.

Lex: Help ! ... somebody help!

Lex swings back and forth trying to get loose.

Lex: Help! *ugh* help! Somebody!

Cut to Clark and Chloe at the Torch.

Clark: Still no word from Lex. Nobody's spoken to him since this morning.

Chloe: I've pulled the records on your dead guy's license plate. It's registered to a John Smith. Very original. He has an address in Metropolis and he does not work for the CEP.

Clark: How'd you do that?

Chloe: I hacked into the DMV. See sometimes persistence is a good thing.

Clark: Call Metropolis PD and have them go to that address.

Chloe: What's going on?

Clark: I think Lex is in serious trouble.

Cut to darkened room. Jude enters.

Jude: You ready to talk. You're finally where you should have been three years ago. Exposed in the spotlight.

Lex: What do you want from me?

Jude: The truth about Club Zero.

Cut to Metropolis PD car sitting in front of a building. A body bag is being carried out and police are taking statements from people nearby. Clark jogs up, his shirt slightly sweaty and sees the body bag. He x-rays the bag and sees that the right hand is missing.

Clark: Kasich. (whispered, then louder) Excuse me. Did you find anyone else in there?

The police officer shakes his head.

Clark: Do you know where I can find Club Zero?

Officer: You're six months too late kid.

Clark: What do you mean?

Officer: Well it closed down. It was an old warehouse on 78th and Main.

Cut to Lex and Jude.

Jude: Liar! That's what it said in the papers but that's not what really happened.

Lex: It's the truth. Read the police reports.

Jude: I know you covered it up I don't know how you did it. But you're going to pay.

Lex: Who are you?

Jude: Don't you remember. You killed me.

Jude moves so Lex can see him and draws a gun holding it at Lex's head. Lex closes his eyes.

Jude: Daddy can't save you this time, Lex.

A shot rings out. Lex opens his eyes seeing Jude on the ground and the contractor standing nearby with a gun. The contractor presses a button and music and lights key up revealing the place they are in as Club Zero. The man walks over to Lex.

Contractor: No more games Lex. It's time for the truth.

He shoots the chain and Lex falls to the floor.

Lex: I know you. You're the contractor from the Talon.

Contractor: That's my day job.

He kicks Lex sending him rolling across the floor.

Lex: Who are you?

Contractor: Mandy never talked about her family?

Lex: She said she had a brother in Central City. She said he was in prison, she was the only person he kept in touch with.

Contractor: She was my lifeline while I was inside. See I never had a rich daddy to keep me out of jail.

Lex: I don't understand, what do you want?

Contractor: What do I want, what I want, what I want. Vengeance for my sister.

Lex: What do you mean? Where's Amanda.

Contractor: She's dead Lex. She committed suicide a year ago.

Lex: I never knew.

Contractor: That's because you cut her out of your life. You know, Jude's death devastated her. He was the love of her life. She had nothing to live for.

Lex: Who's that?

Contractor: Lucky break. Couple of weeks after Mandy's funeral I walk into a greasy spoon in Bludhaven and there he is, flipping burgers. You know how they say everyone in life has a double. I had to look twice. I figure if he could fool me, he could fool you.

Lex: Why'd he do it?

Contractor: He's on parole, needed the money and that's when I got the idea. You ruined Mandy's life. I'd ruin yours. Mandy's finally going to get the justice she deserves.

Lex: You were right, you were right. The reports, what I told Phelan they were all lies. You want the truth, I'll give it to you.

Cut to Club Zero. Jude stabs Lex. Max pulls his gun and aims at Jude. Someone in the crowd knocks the gun out of Max's hand. The gun is the fired and Jude is hit and the shooter is Amanda who drops the gun sobbing.

Contractor: No, no, no, no, you're twisting it again.

Lex: That's what happened, that's what happened. Amanda pulled the trigger, she shot Jude. I was just trying to protect her.

Contractor: I'm through with you Lex.

He picks up Lex and stands him in front of an aquarium on the balcony, aiming the gun at him.

Lex: Killing me won't bring Amanda back. None of this can change what happened.

Contractor: I don't care. After tonight you'll never hurt anyone else, Lex.

He fires, hitting Lex in the shoulder. Lex goes flying through the aquarium and over the balcony as Clark enters the building. Clark uses his super speed to run across the room and push a couch underneath Lex as he's falling. Then Clark runs up the stairs, knocks the contractor into a column and out, runs back down and "enters" this time moving at normal speed.

Clark: Lex!

Lex: Get down. A man with a gun is up there.

Clark: Where? You mean that guy? What happened?

Lex: I have no idea. How did you find me here?

Clark: With a little help from my friends.

Clark starts getting Lex out of the straightjacket.

Cut to Talon, grand opening. It's a decorated very upscale.

Lana spots Clark and walks over to him.

Lana: Well what do you think?

Clark: I'm definitely surprised.

Lana: Me too. Where's Chloe?

Clark: She said she wanted to be fashionably late. I got this for you.

Clark pulls a flat wrapped package from behind his back.

Clark: Don't worry. It's not a body part. It was in the attic with my grandfather's. It was taken just after the Talon opened. I figured you could hang it up above the counter.

Lana: It's amazing. Thank you. *sound of glass shattering* I better get back to work.

Clark: How does it feel?

Lana: Terrifying. Don't tell anybody.

Clark: You're secret's safe with me.

Clark walks further inside and Lex sneaks up behind him.

Lex: I get this feeling you're avoiding me Clark.

Clark: I just realized there's a lot I don't know about you.

Lex: You think my dark past is going to rub off on you. I was trying to protect Amanda. My father wouldn't have raised a finger to help her, but I knew he'd do everything to save his only son.

Clark: So you took the fall and everything was covered up. Is that really what happened? Is that the truth?

Lex: The truth is that I'd do anything to protect my friends.

Cut to the Torch's office. Chloe is sitting in front of her computer with records for Metropolis United Charities on the screen. She waivers between saving the document or deleting it from her machine going back and forth many times before clicking Save.

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