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Airdate: April 16, 2002
Written by: Philip Levens
Directed by: Paul Shapiro
Transcript by: Kerrplop


A pawn shop. Night. The clerk studies a small angel figurine as a boy watches.

Ryan: How much will you give me for it?

Clerk: Fifty bucks.

Ryan: Itís made out of gold.

Clerk: Who told you that?

Ryan: My mother.

Clerk: Tell her itís a fake.

Ryan: I canít. Sheís dead.

Clerk: Oh... Iíll give you sixty bucks.

He goes to the safe and turns the combination lock. The boy gets a look of concentration on his face.

CUT TO the boy running out of the shop and getting into a truck with a man and woman.

Man: So whatís the deal?

Ryan: I told you I donít want to do this anymore.

Pulls a comic book out of his bag and starts reading.

Woman: Oh, this is our last job.

Ryan: Liar.

Man: (Grabs the comic book away from him) Weíre all you got, kid. Now tell me the combination.

Ryan: 45-13-29.

Man: Good boy. (Tosses the book back to him. They watch the shop as the clerk flips the Closed sign) Okay, you know the drill, right? Letís do this.

Woman: Get the bag. Letís go.

Ryan: Donít forget my angel.

The man and woman put on masks and the man cocks a shotgun as they get out of the truck and head for the shop. When they go inside, the boy grabs his bag and runs to the window of the shop.

Clerk: Whatís going on here? Hey! Who are you people?

The man points the gun at the clerk and shoots.

Woman: No! Oh, my God! Is he dead?

The boy runs away.

Man: Letís go! (They come outside and see the boy running) Whereís he going? Go! (They chase him into the woods) Ryan!

Ryan, runs out of the woods and into the street and in front of a car. The car doesnít stop in time and Ryan is hit. Martha gets out and goes to him.

Martha: Oh, my God! Are you all right? Are you all right?

Ryan: (Sitting up) I lost my shoe.

Martha: Iím taking you to the hospital. Come on.

The man and woman run into the street as Martha and Ryan drive away. The man picks up Ryanís shoe as they watch the car go.

(Opening credits)


We see Ryan through the window of a hospital room. Night. Clark, Martha, Jonathan, and a doctor talk outside.

Dr. Hardin: He checks out physically. Just scrapes and bruises.

Jonathan: Have you managed to contact his parents yet?

Dr. Hardin: Other than knowing his name, Ryan claims to have no memory.

Martha: Are you saying he has amnesia?

Dr. Hardin: True amnesia is extremely rare. Itís most likely post-traumatic shock. (Clark smiles and waves at Ryan, who waves back) His memory will probably return within 24 to 48 hours.

Clark: What if it doesn't?

Dr. Hardin: Martha, Jonathan. (She leads them a few feet away from Clark) Itís unlikely all Ryanís cuts and bruises were caused by the accident.

Martha: You think heís been abused?

Dr. Hardin: He may not want to remember.

Martha: What will happen to him?

Dr. Hardin: Weíve called Child Services, but theyíre understaffed and canít come out until tomorrow at the earliest. So the only place for Ryan to stay is at the juvenile cell at the sheriffís station.

Martha: Thatís no place for a child.

Clark: Why canít he come home with us?

Martha: Thatís a great idea.

Jonathan: Can we do that?

Dr. Hardin: Iíll have to make some calls, but I donít see why not. Itíd be a big help to us and Iím sure Ryan would appreciate it.


Martha enters the Kentsí dining room and sees the table full of food. Day.

Martha: Clark?

Ryan: (Enters with a pitcher of orange juice) Itís me, Mrs. Kent.

Martha: Ryan, did you do all this?

Ryan: I hope you donít mind. I couldnít sleep.

Jonathan enters.

Jonathan: Hey, whatís the occasion?

Ryan: I wanted to make myself useful. Thanks for letting me stay here.

Jonathan: Hey, you can stay as long as you want. Maybe some of you will rub off on Clark.

Ryan: What does everybody want? Let me guess. (To Martha as he prepares the meal) Pancakes, with powdered sugar, not syrup.

Hands her the plate.

Martha: How did you know that?

Ryan: I saw you eyeing them when you came in. (Jonathan clears his throat) Scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee with milk and a little bit of honey.

Jonathan: Well, that is some trick there, kiddo.

Clark enters.

Clark: Hey, Mom.

Martha: Hey.

Clark: Going all out for the new kid, huh?

Jonathan: Actually, Clark, Ryan took care of all this himself.

Clark: (To Ryan) Youíre making me look bad.

Ryan: What do you want for breakfast? (Clark doesnít answer) Donít you want anything, Clark?

Clark: Iím just gonna have some pancakes.

Ryan gives Clark a confused look.

Martha: Ryan, you okay? (He nods)

Jonathan: Ryan, are you sure you donít remember anything about last night? You see, Ďcause I still canít figure out why you were out on Route 90 at ten oíclock at night.

Ryan: I said I donít remember. Iím not hiding anything.

Ryan gets up to leave the room.

Clark: No one said you were, buddy.


Ryan sits outside the house near the basketball hoop reading his comics. Day. Clark comes out with a basketball.

Ryan: Guess your parents want me to leave now.

Clark: Why would you think that?

Ryan: Because they donít believe me.

Clark: We just want to help you get home.

Ryan: What if I donít have a home? What if you found out I did bad things? What would happen to me then?

Clark: Ryan, everythingís gonna work out. I know it. You like comics?

Ryan: I like this one.

Clark: (Reading) ďWarrior Angel.Ē Why him?

Ryan: Because he protects people who canít protect themselves. I like being around you, Clark. Its... peaceful.

Clark: Why donít you get your head out of that comic and play a little ball?

Clark dribbles the ball and makes a basket. He hands the ball to Ryan who shoots and misses.

Ryan: I know what youíre thinking. I really suck.

Clark: Nothing a little practice canít cure. (Gives Ryan the ball) Go ahead. Get your hand up. Keep your elbow straight. Just guide the ball with your fingers.

Ryan makes the shot.

Ryan: Yeah!

Clark: He shoots, he scores! Nice!


The man from the robbery enters the hospital. Day.

Man: (To a nurse) Excuse me.

Nurse: Yes?

Man: Iím looking for the boy from the paper. You know, the one who lost his memory.

Nurse: And you are?

Man: Private detective. I work for a couple who lost their son. Is Ryan still around?

Nurse: No. But if you just wait, Iíll get Dr. Hardin. I know sheíd like to speak with you.

She walks away. The man goes around the corner where the woman from the robbery is waiting and leads her away.

Act 1 Scene 5

Martha watches Clark and Ryan playing basketball and laughing. Day.

Jonathan: Thatís a great sound isnít it?

Martha: Yeah, it is. Do you ever think we made the wrong decision not adopting another child? Maybe sharing his secret with a younger brother would have helped. He seems to really like Ryan.

Jonathan: I donít think heís the only one. You always had a soft spot for strays.

Martha: The last one turned out all right.

They continue to watch.

Act 1 Scene 6

Lionel bursts through the door of Lexís study. Day.

Lex: I thought you were still in Monaco.

Lionel: Ah, the backbone of surprise is fusing speed with secrecy.

Lex: Von Clausewitz, ďOn War.Ē (Lionel chuckles) Isnít that a little 80s, Dad? Even for you?

Lionel: I never give my plant managers a heads-up before a spot inspection.

Lex: What could you possibly have to complain about now? The plantís doing well. LuthorCorp stock is up.

Lionel: I'm not here to complain, Lex. On the contrary, your performance lately has been... more than adequate.

Lex: That sounds dangerously like a compliment.

Lionel: I push you, Lex. I donít deny it. Greatness is a rarefied air one has to be taught to breathe. You know, Philip of Macedonia raised his son among lions to instill fearless ness in him.

Lex: Didnít he also try to impale the kid with a spear?

Lionel: In an aborted coup attempt, but history remembers that boy as Alexander the great.

Lex: You didnít come all this way to lecture me on Greek history again.

Lionel: No. I want you to come back to Metropolis where you will hold the position Special Advisor to the Chairman Emeritus. That would be me.

Lex: At least the title sounds important.

Lionel: It's more than a title, itís an opportunity. It's what youíve been waiting for, ever since you came to Smallville.

Lex: Iíll think about it.

Lionel: (Chuckles) You want to keep me dangling so it looks like youíre granting me a favor instead of receiving one? We donít need to play games, son.

Lex: Dad. Games are all weíve got.


Chloe, Clark, and Ryan at the Torch. Day. Ryan is looking at the Wall of Weird.

Chloe: Wow. Youíre like a modern-day Kaspar Hauser.

Ryan: Whoís that?

Clark: Donít worry. Chloeís the queen of obscure and irrelevant references.

Chloe: Heís a kid from the 19th century with amnesia. He showed up in a German town one day without a memory of who he was. All he could remember was his name. How's that for irrelevant?

Ryan: What happened to him?

Chloe: Well, his story spread throughout Europe and people came from all over to see if he was their missing child. Some people even thought he was the lost son of the Grand Duke.

Ryan: Did he ever find his parents?

Chloe: You know... Yeah, he did. Um, he found his parents and they lived happily ever after.

Ryan: Why didnít you just say he was murdered?

Chloe: Howíd you... know that?

Clark: You know, why donít we take that picture?

Ryan: What picture? Youíre not putting me on that freak wall, are you?

Chloe: Itís called the Wall of Weird, and no. This pictureís just to check against missing persons. (She takes his picture) Okay, Iím gonna go download this. Iíll be there in a sec.

Chloe goes to the computer.

Ryan: (Quietly) She likes you.

Clark: Yeah, weíre friends.

Ryan: She wants to be more than just friends. I think she wants you to ask her to the prom.

Clark: Chloe? Yeah, right.

Ryan: No, really. She already picked out a dress. Itís pink.

Clark: Ryan, you just met Chloe and she hates dresses and sheís not exactly the prom type.

Ryan: Well, maybe she has a romantic side you never knew about.

Clark: Or maybe my mom hit you harder than I thought.

Chloe: (Walks back with the camera) Letís get a picture of my boys.


Clark and Lana at the Talon. Day. Ryan is seated away from them at the bar reading a comic book.

Lana: So, how does it feel having a little brother type figure in you life?

Clark: Itís pretty cool.

Lana: I always dreamed of having a brother or sister. You know, someone to talk to, help fill the silence.

Clark: Someone you could totally trust and would always be there for you?

Lana: Itís just how I see you, Clark.

Clark: Thanks.

Lex enters and sees Ryanís comic.

Lex: ďWarrior Angel.Ē Iím a fan myself. You must be Ryan. Iím--

Ryan: Lex Luthor. Clark told me all about you.

Lex: You know, I have one of the--

Ryan: Original first-edition panels framed in your house.

Lex: Howíd you know that?

Ryan: Youíre rich. Thatís what rich people do. Collect stuff.

Clark: I see youíve met Ryan.

Lex: Apparently, weíre both big ďWarrior AngelĒ fans.

Clark: I didnít know you liked comic books.

Lex: A strange visitor from another planet who protects the weak. When I was young, he was my idol. Not to mention the fact heís bald. I have the whole collection.

Clark: Maybe I can bring Ryan by later and we can check it out.

Lex: Yeah.

Clark: Would you like that, buddy?

Ryan: Whatever.

Lex: Whatever. (Walks away)

Clark: That was kind of rude. Lex is my friend.

Ryan: Donít worry about him. Heís going to leave. Lexís father offered him a new job.

Clark: You donít know Lexís father. He would never do that. You have to stop making up stories about people. Iíll see you in a minute.

Clark walks away. Ryan looks at his comic and sees a picture of Warrior Angel ripping through a wall and saying ďYouíre safe now.Ē Ryan turns around and sees the man from the robbery watching him. He runs out of the Talon. The man follows him into an alley.

CUT TO inside the Talon.

Clark: Ryan?

Lana: Ryan just took off out the back. He looked scared, Clark.

Back to the alley. The man is looking for Ryan who is hiding in a dumpster. Clark comes out.

Clark: Ryan?

The man leaves as a garbage truck drives up and picks up the dumpster to empty it. Ryan falls into the back of the truck and it starts to compact.

Ryan: Help! Help! Help!

Clark looks through the truck with x-ray vision and sees Ryan inside. He super speeds to the truck and pulls a hose out of the side, stopping Ryan from being crushed. He rips open the side of the truck and looks in.

Clark: Youíre safe now.

Fade to black.


Clark is working in the loft. Night. Lex enters.

Lex: Clark. Whereís your young sidekick?

Clark: Sleeping.

Lex: He thinks youíre his big brother.

Clark: Yeah, well, I guess I am. Till tomorrow.

Lex: Kidís growing on ya.

Clark: You know how it is. Being an only child, no one else around. Donít you ever wish you had a sibling?

Lex: I have one, Clark.

Clark: Really? I didnít know.

Lex: When I was eleven, my mother got pregnant again. It was a total surprise. Iíd never seen my father happier. The day Julian was born was the only time I felt like I was part of a real family.

Clark: What happened?

Lex: The morning of his baptism, my mother went to his nursery, found him in his crib. He had stopped breathing. My mother was never the same after that and my father got even more distant. I think he saw Julian as his second chance. A chance for him to have a son he could truly love.

Clark: Iím sorry.

Lex: Itís in the past, Clark. We would have ended up hating each other anyway. My father wouldíve seen to that. But I didnít come over to recount my familyís tragic history. My fatherís offered me a chance to return to Metropolis.

Clark: Did you tell Ryan about that?

Lex: I haven't told anyone, Clark.

Clark: Well, thatís what you always wanted.

Lex: I used to think it was. Now, I'm not so sure. I was a different person there, a different person around my father. He wants an answer tomorrow night. Weíre having dinner in Metropolis.

Clark: If anyone can choose who they want to be, Lex, itís you.


Lana is working at the Talon. Day. Jonathan and Ryan enter.

Jonathan: Knock, knock.

Lana: Mr. Kent. This is a surprise.

Jonathan: Yeah. Ryanís been doing chores with me all day, so I figured he deserved a break. Iíd like a cup of coffee, give him whatever he wants, and if you can point me to the phone, Iíll see if Martha wants anything.

Lana: All right. Itís in the back.

Jonathan: All right. Enjoy.

He walks away.

Lana: So, how are you feeling today?

Ryan: Much better. Thanks.

Lana: Good.

Ryan: Do you think itís okay if friends have secrets?

Lana: Strange question. Why do you ask?

Ryan: Because I think Clarkís hiding something from me.

Lana: Everybody has secrets, Ryan.

Ryan: Really? Whatís yours?

Lana: If I told you, then it wouldnít be a secret.

Ryan: I guess youíre right.

A waitress walks up and takes a tray of glasses form the bar.

Lana: Thanks, Skye. Youíre a lifesaver.

Skye: Youíre welcome.

Lana: (To Ryan) Why the frown?

Ryan: Sheís not a good person, Lana. You should fire her.

Lana: Ryan. Why would you say something like that?

Ryan: Because itís the truth.

Lana: How do you know?

Ryan: Itís a secret.


Jonathan and Ryan drive up at the Kentsí home. Day. The man and woman from the robbery watch from their truck.

Man: It looks like Ryanís found himself a new family. (He looks at a newspaper with a picture of Lex on the front page) Itís time to get back to work.

Woman: When do we get the kid?

Man: When weíre ready.


Clark and Chloe on the road near the woods. Day.

Clark: My mom hit him somewhere around here. Thanks for helping with the clue hunt.

Chloe: And help solve the riddle of Ryan? Itís my pleasure.

Clark: It really is a riddle. Iím starting to think he may not have amnesia.

Chloe: Clark, the kid adores you. Why would he lie?

Clark: Because he's running from somebody.

Chloe: I found something. (She picks up a backpack from the side of the road and they look through it) We got comic books and Twizzlers. Something every growing boy needs.

Clark looks closely at the bag and opens a hidden compartment in the bottom. He pulls out a picture as Chloe gives him a strange look.

Clark: What? Thatís where I would hide something.

Chloe: If you were a CIA operative. (The picture is of Ryan and a woman) Who do you think it is?

Clark: I donít know. Mom? Aunt?

Chloe: The mystery deepens. I still canít figure out how he knew that Kaspar Hauser was murdered.

Clark: Well, you werenít exactly wearing a poker face. Ryan does say weird things. I mean, he even said that you wanted me to ask you to prom and that youíd already bought a dress. (Chloe stops walking) Itís not pink is it?

Chloe: Uh... okay, I-I, you know, I was just looking at it. Itís not like I actually bought it.

Clark: How would Ryan know that?

Chloe: I donít know. Maybe heís an alien or maybe he called Miss Cleo. You know, I donít know.


Ryan sits with Martha as she peels apples in the kitchen. Day.

Ryan: Clarkís the best thing thatís ever happened to you, isnít he?

Martha: Yeah, he is.

Ryan: He makes up for not being able to have your own kids.

Martha: He does.

Ryan: Has he always been so strong?

Martha: What do you mean?

Ryan: The way he tore off the back panel of the garbage truck and saved me.

Martha: Don't be silly. He couldnít do that.

Ryan: If you say so. Whatís your greatest fear?

Martha: That I wonít get this pie done by the time you have to leave. Why donít you go outside and shoot some hoops?

Ryan goes.

CUT TO Clark outside, working on the farm. He sees the door to the storm cellar is open and goes inside. Ryan is there looking at the spaceship.

Clark: What are you doing down here?

Ryan: Clark... donít be mad.

Clark: Howíd you know about this?

Ryan: I read about it in your mom's mind. I wanted to see it for myself.

Clark: Can you hear everything people think?

Ryan: Only whatís on the surface, what theyíre thinking at that moment. Except for you. I canít read your mind. Thatís how I knew you were different. Now I know why.

Clark: I canít believe youíd do this.

Ryan: Iíll never tell. You keep my secret, Iíll keep yours.

Clark: Itís not that simple.

Ryan: Sure it is. I know your dadís always worried that people are gonna find out. I can tell him when someoneís getting close. I told you about Chloe. I can tell you about Lana. You want to know her secret?

Clark: No. No, Ryan. I donít.

Ryan: Why not? Itís about you.

Clark: Look, you canít do this.

Ryan: You donít understand what itís like to be different. What itís like to have to hide so people donít think youíre a freak. Everywhere I go, I hear peopleís thoughts. I canít block it out anymore.

Clark: (Takes the picture out of his pocket) Is this your mother?

Ryan: (Nods) She died.

Clark: Why didnít you tell me?

Ryan: I was hoping I could start over with your family. They were so nice. I wanted them to adopt me like they did you. So Iíd be safe.

Clark: Whoís chasing you?

Ryan: My stepfather and his new wife. They've been using me, my abilities... to steal. I wanted to stop. They threatened me. They hit me. (A tear runs down his cheek) You have to protect me, Clark. Youíre the only one that can.

Clark hugs him.

Fade to black.


Someone knocks on the Kentsí door. Night.

Ryan: Iíll get it.

He answers the door and itís his stepfather's wife. He tries to shut the door and she pushes her way in.

Woman: You say anything, and Iíll kill them. (Shows her gun) You know I will. (Jonathan enters. To Ryan) Ah, so you must be Ryan.

Jonathan: Can I help you?

Woman: Mr. Kent. Child Services. Iím here to pick up Ryan.

Jonathan: Well, youíre a little early arenít you? We werenít expecting you for an hour.

Woman: We canít thank you enough for taking Ryan in.

Martha: Itís our pleasure. Heís welcome to stay longer.

Woman: Oh, Iím afraid thatís impossible. I need to put him in foster care. Thatís the law.

Martha: (To Ryan) Well, letís get your stuff.

Jonathan: Uh, we think Ryan might be running away from his stepfather so we alerted the police.

Woman: Donít worry, we'll keep him safe. (Ryan and Martha reenter) Ready to go?

Martha: Oh, could he wait and say goodbye to our son Clark? Heíll be home any minute.

Woman: Oh, Iím sorry.

Ryan: Itís okay, Mrs. Kent. Just tell him thanks.

Martha: If you need anything just call us, okay?

Martha hugs him.

Act 3 Scene 2

Clark comes home and sees Jonathan standing outside. Night.

Clark: Dad? Whatís wrong?

Jonathan: Child Services came and took Ryan away about 15 minutes ago.

Clark: What? Why didnít he wait for me? I wanted to say goodbye.

Jonathan: I donít know, son. They said they were in a hurry. Iím sorry.

Jonathan goes inside as a limo drives up. Lex gets out holding a sheathed sword.

Clark: On your way to Metropolis?

Lex: Yeah. The big dinner. I, uh, I wanted you to have something.

Lex hands the sword to Clark.

Clark: A sword?

Lex: Itís a foil, Clark. Every hero should have one.

Clark: I guess this means you've decided youíre leaving.

Lex: I havenít made up my mind one way or the other.

Clark: If you havenít made up your mind, why are you giving me a going-away present?

Lex: Keep that away from the kid.

Clark: Heís already gone.

Lex: Iím sorry. I know how much you liked him.

Clark: For what itís worth, I hope you stay.

Lex smiles and walks back to the limo. The driver opens the door for him and we see that he is Ryanís stepfather. They drive away.

Act 3 Scene 3

Lex is riding in the limo. Night. The driver pulls over on the side of the road.

Lex: Driver. Hey, whatís going on? (The partition between the front and back seat goes up) Driver?

Lexís door opens and the stepfatherís wife pushes Ryan into the car.

Woman: Inside. Come on! Get in.

She gets in the driverís seat as the stepfather gets in the back with a gun.

Man: Mr. Luthor.

Lex: Ryan?

Man: Shut up! (He hits Lex in the chest with the gun. To woman) Okay, go! Go! (The car starts moving again) Getting the account number to your trust fund was easy. Now give me the password.

Lex: I donít know what youíre talking about.

Man: Just tell me what it is, rich boy.

Lex: My father has it. I donít.

The man points to Ryan.

Ryan: (Sighs) Heís lying.

Man: (Cocks the gun) The password. Now. (To Ryan) You got it?

Ryan nods.


Clark swings the foil through the air in the loft. Night. Chloe enters.

Chloe: Hey, Zorro, whatís with the sword?

Clark: Itís a foil.

Chloe: Iím guessing itís a gift from out favorite millionaire playboy.

Clark: Heís thinking of moving back to Metropolis.

Chloe: Well, Iím still here, Clark. Iím not going anywhere. Um, sources at the sheriffís office have given me a heads-up on Ryanís Step-dad.

Clark: You have sources?

Chloe: Yeah. A cute officer in traffic. I talk my way out of a speeding ticket. He told me I was plucky. Maybe I'll ask him to prom. Um, so Ryanís step-dad is a real catch. Heís a career criminal.

She shows Clark a mug shot.

Clark: This is Lexís limo driver.

CUT TO Lex being pushed out of the moving limo.

Man: (Looking at a laptop) Give me the password. (Ryan doesnít answer) Donít make me ask again.

Ryan: Itís Julian.

We see Lex lying in the street and Clark super speeds to his side.

Clark: Lex? You okay?

Lex: Yeah, I think so.

Clark: Which way did they go?

Lex: Straight down Route 90. Clark, they've got Ryan. Get some help.

Clark runs away and after looking back to make sure Lex isnít watching, he super speeds out of sight.

CUT TO the limo pulling up outside a closed bowling alley. The woman gets out and Ryanís stepfather pushes him out.

Man: Torch the limo, baby. (He takes the laptop from Ryan) Give me that. Julian, Julian. (He types it in, then grabs Ryan by his coat) Give me the real password! Donít mess with me!

Ryan: Iím not gonna tell you!

Woman: (Points her gun at Ryan) I swear to God, Iíll drop him right now!

Ryan: (To the woman) Once he gets the money, heís gonna kill you!

Man: Donít listen to him. Heís talking trash to pull us apart. Weíre just about to hit the jackpot, baby. All we gotta do is trust each other.

Woman: You know, this kid has always freaked me out. But the one thing Iíll say bout him is he never lied.

Man: (Pushes Ryan away) You know what? Thatís true. (Grabs his gun and points it at her) He didnít. (He shoots her. Ryan runs to the blowing alley and goes inside as a janitor is coming out) Ryan!

Janitor: Hey, kid, where are you going?

Ryan: Call the police!

Ryanís stepfather shoots the janitor and follows Ryan in. Inside, Ryan runs down one of the lanes and hides behind the pins.

Man: Ryan! You canít hide forever!

Fade to black.


The bowling alley. Night.

Man: (Yelling to Ryan who is still hiding) You know, your mother really hated you! Couldnít stand having a freak for a son! Come to think of it, I wasnít that crazy about you either.

He rolls a ball down the lane and knocks over the pins Ryanís hiding behind. He crawls over to the next lane. His stepfather starts shooting at him and he continues to crawl. Clark runs up to the bowling alley with super speed. He sees the bodies and runs inside. Ryan is hiding between a set of gears by the pins and his stepfather finds him, cocks his gun, and points it at him. Clark looks through the wall with x-ray vision and he super speeds to a bowling ball. He picks it up and throws it. It crashes through the wall and hits Ryanís stepfather in the chest. Clark super speeds to where Ryan is hiding.

Ryan: Clark!

Clark: Itís okay, buddy. (He helps Ryan out and they hug) Youíre safe now.


Clark and Ryan enter the Talon where Lana is working. Day.

Clark: Hey, Lana.

Lana: Hey.

Clark: Ryan would like to say goodbye.

Lana: Where are you going?

Ryan: Edge City.

Clark: Chloeís research turned up an aunt who lives there. Sheís coming by this afternoon.

Lana: I wanted to thank you for your advice on Skye. You were right. She was stealing form the till.

Lana kisses Ryan on the cheek.

Clark: Hey.

Ryan: Wow. Thank you.

Ryan goes to sit down.

Clark: I think you made his year. (Clark sits with Ryan) So, you recover yet?

Ryan: I donít know. But I'm definitely in love.

Clark: (Looking at Lana) Join the club.


Lex enters his study. Day. Lionel is already there.

Lionel: Shouldn't you be packing?

Lex: Iím not going back to Metropolis.

Lionel: (Chuckles) Come on, Lex. Thatís all youíve wanted since I assigned you to what you so eloquently refer to as ďthe crap factory.Ē

Lex: I know why you want me back. I'm driving you crazy, arenít I? I'm not clubbing till 6 A.M., not getting arrested. Iím on track. Thatís what scares you. You want me back where you can keep an eye on me.

Lionel: Youíre making a mistake, Lex.

Lex: You know what those emperors you're so fond of talking about were really afraid of? That their sons would become successful and return to Rome at the head of their own army.

Lionel: You think you can find your future in Smallville? I'm your future. Join me, Lex. Join me in Metropolis. How long have you been waiting to hear my say those words?

Lex: I've waited to hear other things from you for a lot longer. Iíll return to Metropolis when Iím ready.

Lionel: At the head of an army?


Clark, Martha, Jonathan, and Ryan stand outside the house. Day.

Martha: Weíre really going to miss you, Ryan. It gets cold in Edge City, so I packed some of Clarkís old jackets. Something for you to grow into.

Ryan: Thanks, Mrs. Kent.

Jonathan: Youíre welcome around here any time you want.

Ryan: I know what youíre worried about, but donít be. Iíll keep Clarkís secret. I know what itís like to have to hide who you are from the world.

Ryanís aunt drives up.

Martha: There she is.

Clark: Are you sure youíre gonna be all right?

Ryan: (Watching his aunt get out of the car) Sheís a nice person. Sheís just as nervous as I am. Are you sure you donít want to know how Lana feels about you?

Clark: I prefer to find out on my own.

Ryan: Clark, be careful of Lex. I know you like him, but thereís a lot of darkness he keeps form the world. Iíve seen it in his head.

Clark: I like to believe in peopleís best.

Ryan: I want you to have something.

Ryan gives Clark his comics.

Clark: I canít take those.

Ryan: I donít need them anymore. I have you.

They hug.

Clark: See ya.

Ryan goes to his aunt and they hug tentatively. He waves as he gets in the car. They all wave back as they drive away.


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