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Airdate: November 20, 2001
Written by: Doris Egan
Directed by: Chris Long
Transcript by: Shannen

Scene opens with a shot of a large koi pond, crossed by a wooden bridge, then cuts to a shot of a large building, perhaps one of the older ones in Smallville. With it's vine covered columns out front, it almost appears to be a library type building, although the faint announcement over a loudspeaker of "I need an orderly to room 206" establishes it as some kind of medical care facility. The scene cuts to a shot of Clark Kent and Pete Ross walking down a long hallway. An old man with a walker crosses in front of them. Clark and Pete smile in acknowledgement at the man, although Pete's smile seems somewhat forced and not as sincere as Clark's.

Pete: Man, I don't know how I let you talk me into this.

Clark: Every Smallville High Student needs to complete 30 hours of community service.

Pete: Yeah, but we could have served our community by lifeguarding the girl's swim class at the Y, instead of hanging out with the denture crowd. I mean, what's the attraction?

Cut to a shot of Clark looking ahead and smiling hopefully. Cut to a shot of what has captured Clark's attention...Lana Lang, pushing a cart of books out of a room in front of the two boys.

Lana: (smiling) Hi Clark, Pete.

Cut to a shot of Pete looking at Clark and semi-rolling his eyes.

Clark: (fake surprise) Lana! I didn't know you were volunteering here.

Pete: (Sarcastically, under his breath) Yeah, right.

Clark nudges Pete with his arm to get him to keep quiet.

Lana: For a couple of weeks now. Are you part of the companion program?

Clark: Yeah, I'm reading with Cassandra

Lana: She's an interesting woman. (Disbelieving) Some of the nurses say she can see the future.

Clark raises his eyebrows in interest, Pete rolls his eyes and looks to Clark with a "What have you got me into" expression, and Lana grins at the boys before pushing her cart on down the hall. Pete gives Clark a "Now I know why we're here" look, and Clark shrugs in apology.

Cut to a shot of a woman's hands scanning a Braille book. For some reason, the page is lighting up as she scans, almost as if the light were coming from her fingers. The camera pulls back to reveal the hands belong to Cassandra Carver--a frail, yet still spry looking elderly woman in her 80's, perhaps. Her hair is tucked back into a bun, and dark glasses hide her eyes.

Cassandra: It takes two of you to read to me now, does it?

Cut to a shot of Clark and Pete in the doorway, looking into the room with surprised expressions.

Cassandra: (From her chair) Don't just stand there. Come in.

Clark and Pete slowly enter the room.

Clark: (Amazed) How'd you know there were two of us?

Cassandra: Well, I'm blind, not deaf. (chuckles) I heard your little friend's shoes squeaking all the way down the hall.

Pete: (Curiously) Can you really tell the future?

Clark: Way to go Pete. Real subtle.

Cassandra: What's your name?

Pete: Pete Ross.

Cassandra: Mr. Ross, if you want your fortune told, go to the circus.

Cassandra leans forward in her chair, and her book falls from her lap to the floor.

Cassandra: Oh...

Pete and Clark both start to bend for the book, but Pete nudges Clark back and picks up the book first. He hands it to Cassandra, and as she takes it, their hands touch. Cassandra reaches out and grasps Pete's hand with both of hers.

Cassandra: Oh....It's a long walk home, Mr. Ross. Check your pockets.

Pete checks his jacket pockets as Clark looks from Cassandra to Pete in confusion.

Pete: Oh man...I locked my keys in the car. Dude, you're on your own.

Pete leaves as Clark looks at Cassandra in amazement. She just smiles knowingly at him and rises from her chair.

Cassandra: Now...what's your name?

Clark smiles widely at Cassandra.

Cut to a shot of Lana, pushing her book cart into a room and knocking on the door.

Lana: Mr. Bollston? It's Lana Lang.

Camera pans over the room. We hear classical music playing, see a music stand with sheet music on it, and finally see Mr. Bollston--an older, heavyset man in his 70's. His eyes are closed, and he raises a hand to shush Lana as he enjoys the music. After the music reaches it's peak, he reaches over and switches off the record player before turning his wheelchair around to face Lana.

Mr. Bollston: Lang. The Langs moved to Smallville in 1938. Took over a couple of dust bowl farms--knew a bargain when they saw it.

Lana: (Impressed) You're a local history buff.

Mr. Bollston: It's kind of my obsession. So...are you my next victim?

Lana: (Smiling) You don't look that scary to me.

Mr. Bollston: You should have known me in my younger days.

Lana: I'm sure you were quite the heartbreaker.

Mr. Bollston: How about a spin around the grounds, and you can tell me what the Langs have been doing since 1938?

Lana smiles and nods in agreement.

Cut to the bridge over the koi pond. Lana is pushing Mr. Bollston in his wheelchair along the bridge.

Lana: It's so beautiful. I don't know why more people don't come out here.

She stops pushing the wheelchair, reaching down and setting the brake.

Mr. Bollston: They're too busy watching television.

He pulls his robe tighter around his neck.

Mr. Bollston: Say, would you mind running back to my room and getting me a scarf? I don't want to catch a chill.

Lana: (Smiling) Sure.

Mr. Bollston: Aww,'re a doll.

Lana smiles at the man before heading back to get his scarf. Mr. Bollston waits until Lana is far enough away, then reachs into his robe and pulls out a pack of cigarettes--obviously something he's not supposed to have. He puts a cigarette in his mouth before reaching into his pocket to pull out a lighter. As he starts to light his cigarette, he fumbles the lighter and drops it onto the bridge. Coughing, he tries to lean over the side of his wheelchair to pick it up.

Cut to a shot of Cassandra, inside, coughing just as Mr. Bollston was. Clark stops reading and looks up in concern.

Cassandra: (Coughing) Water...please...

Clark gets up and picks up the glass of water on a table near Cassandra's chair. He goes to raise it to her lips as she rises from her chair. She knocks the glass from his hand, and we see it falling toward the floor in slow motion.

Cut to a shot of Mr. Bollston, straining as he reaches over the side of his chair for the lighter. Alternate between shots of the glass falling and Mr. Bollston reaching for his lighter. We see the wheelchair start to tip over, then cut to a shot of the glass hitting the floor and shattering.

Cut to a shot from below the surface of the koi pond. Through the water, we see Mr. Bollston's wheelchair tip over and fall into the pond. From the bridge angle, we see his wheelchair go under the water, and hear electricity crackling (perhaps it was an electric wheelchair) We see electric sparks shooting up and a small explosion, then see Mr. Bollston floating face down in the water as bolts of electricity crackle in the water around him.

A bright flash, and we cut to a shot of Cassandra looking shocked. Another bright flash, and we cut to a shot of Mr. Bollston's face underneath the water. His features shift, and he suddenly reverts to a younger--perhaps early twenties--version of himself. He stands up, looks at his hands, and realizes he's no longer an old man, but rather a young one. He begins to laugh, somewhat menacingly.

Young Bollston: (Splashing the water) Whoo!

Mr. Bollston exits the pond, and we pan over the water's surface to a more shallow area, where we see several glowing green meteror rocks embedded within the stones lining the bottom of the pond.

Cut to a close up shot of Cassandra's wide, unseeing eyes as she stares at Clark.

Clark: (Worried) What's wrong?

Cassandra reaches out and touches Clark's face, passing her fingers over his cheeks and lips.

Cassandra: (Cryptically) Someone close to you is going to die....very soon.

Cut to Clark looking at her in confusion.

(Opening Credits)

Shot of the Kent Farm. We see a blue blur, and hear the familiar woosh of Clark speeding by, headed toward the barn.

Inside the barn, Jonathan Kent is cutting a piece of wood with an electric table saw. The saw suddenly stops working, and Jonathan pulls the wood out to see what's wrong. We pull back to see Clark standing next to the wall near the outlet, the unplugged cord to the saw in his hand.

Clark: Guys, when you need this kind of stuff done, just ask me. That's what I'm here for.

Martha: (Removing her safety goggles) Is something bothering you, Clark?

Clark: (Exasperated) No, I just think we should start putting safety first. If you haven't noticed, this stuff is pretty dangerous.

Jonathan: (Amused) Well, this is a farm. It kind of goes along with the territory. Seriously son, what's going on?

Clark: (Sitting down) When I was at the retirement center, I met this old blind lady. I know this sounds crazy, but she can see the future.

Martha: (Concerned) What did she tell you?

Clark: That someone very close to me will die soon.

Jonathan: (Disbelieving) Listen, can't let some old...lady..scare you with a half baked prediction. She probably just does it to scare the nurses anyway.

Clark: She told Pete he'd be walking home. Seconds later he realized that he'd locked his keys in his car.

Martha: No one can tell the future.

Clark: (Frustrated) What if she can?! What if she told me because there's something I can do about it?

Martha: Then she should have given you a little more information, like name, time, and place.

Jonathan: Even if she can predict the future, there's nothing she can do to control it. Nobody can.

Clark just sighs and watches as Jonathan resumes sawing.

Cut to shot of the front of the retirement center. Young Mr. Bollston (referred to now as Harry) dressed in scrubs, bounds down the steps. He looks on in mock pity as an old man with a walker passes by. Harry then heads to his room. We see him pull an envelope from under his mattress and open it. He pulls out yellowed, old newspaper articles. As he flips through them, we see bits of the headlines: Strangulation...Murder Trial Continues--Harry Volk On Trial for Murder. He also pulls out a list of handwritten names. We see parts of last names--Garfield and Gage. Across from those names are the names Zoe Garfield, and Jim Gage. Harry crosses the room and studies himself in the mirror.

Harry: Fate's given you a second chance, Harry-Boy. And this time...they're gonna pay.

Cut to a close-up of a silver unicorn necklace. We pan down and see the wearer of the necklace is also clad in a green waitress apron, adorned with the nametag reading "Zoe". We pull back and see "Zoe" is a young blonde girl, early twenties, who works as a waitress in The Beanery. She's carrying a plate featuring a large burger and mounds of fries. She sets it down in front of her customer--Harry. Harry exhales in pleasure and caresses the food.

Harry: God, I haven't been able to eat one of these in years--I mean, not since the bypass.

Zoe looks at him in confusion--wondering why a young man would have had a bypass.

Harry: That was a joke.

Zoe: You're a riot. (Indicates menu behind the counter) What can I get you to drink?

Harry turns and looks at the chalkboard menu, confused when confronted with all the various expresso, latte, and cappuccino choices.

Harry: How much is coffee? From, you know...beans?

Zoe: $2.75

Harry: (Incrediously) Did they carry it here from South America on foot?

Zoe: (Annoyed) You sound like my grandpa.

Harry: Just make sure it's hot.

Zoe: (Walking away) Yeah, whatever.

As Zoe heads back toward the counter, Chloe Sullivan, Lana, and Clark enter the Beanery.

Clark: It's not your fault, Lana.

Lana: Do you know anyone else who's lost an entire old person in a wheelchair?

Chloe: No...that's pretty impressive, even by Smallville standards.

The three friends take a seat at a table. Lana and Chloe sit across from Clark. Harry is seated at the table directly behind Clark.

Clark: Maybe he was kidnapped.

Lana: Who'd want to kidnap Harry? He's just a harmless old man.

Harry leans back slightly, eavesdropping as he realizes the teens are talking about him.

Chloe: (Jokingly) Maybe a koi turned into a piranha and ate him.

Harry chuckles to himself at Chloe's comment. Clark smiles and shakes his head at Chloe's joke.

Chloe: You asked for my help. I'm just thinking out of the box.

Harry: I like your theory.

Clark looks surprised and annoyed that someone is eavesdropping on them.

Chloe: (Also annoyed) You know, you might want to work on your eavesdropping technique.

Harry: Sorry. I'm...uh...I'm new in town. I just heard this is where young people congregate.

Lana tries to hide her amusement at the man's odd choice of words. Chloe however isn't as polite.

Chloe: (Sarcastically) Yeah, we congregate here often.

Clark attempting to smooth things over, turns in his seat and offers Harry his hand for a handshake.

Clark: Hi, I'm Clark. The rude one's Chloe, and this is...

Harry: Lana Lang.

Lana looks up in surprise.

Harry: The name tag was a big clue.

Lana looks down and sees she's still wearing her stick on name-tag from her work at the retirement center.

Harry: So...uh...good luck finding your missing old person.

The three teens exchange uncomfortable glances. They obviously find this man to be a bit too odd.

Zoe comes back with Harry's coffee.

Zoe: Enjoy your coffee. They brought it in by burro this morning.

Harry: Thanks honey. You're a doll

Lana looks at Harry curiously, remembering that old Harry said the same thing to her before he was "lost".

Cut to a shot of hands playing classical music on a piano. We pull back to see that Harry is sitting at the piano in the lobby of the retirement center, playing...lost in the music. He finishes with a flourish, and as he does so, we hear a single voice.

Cassandra: (Sitting in a nearby chair) You play beautifully.

Harry: I was supposed to attend the Metropolis Conservatory.

Cassandra: Your voice sounds young. The Conservatory closed its doors in the 70's.

Harry: (Chuckles) I mean, I've always dreamed of attending there. That is, if I lived in a different time.

Cassandra: Ah. Any chance you could give an old lady a hand back to her room?

Cassandra holds out her hand toward Harry.

Harry: (Whispers softly) I already know my future.

Harry turns and walks away, leaving Cassandra with a concerned look on her face.

Cut to a shot of the side of a wooden crate filled with vegetables. The writing on the side indicates crate contains "Kent Organic Produce". Clark lifts the crate as we hear tires screeching in the background. Clark tuns and sees Lex Luthor, inside a black Ferrari, skidding and zooming up the driveway at a high rate of speed. The car skids to a stop right in front of Clark and the door opens.

Clark: (Overly concerned) You might consider rounding those curves at a speed that won't actually break the sound barrier.

Lex: (Exiting the car and walking toward Clark) Where's the fun in that?

Clark: (Still concerned) Seriously. You could get hurt.

Lex: (Slightly sarcastic) Why the sudden interest in my health?

Clark looks down, embarrassed under Lex's stare.

Clark: I met this woman at the retirement center, and she can kind of see the future.

Clark and Lex turn and walk toward the house.

Lex: (Disbelieving) Yeah? She tell you your future?

Clark sets the crate down near the entrance for the kitchen staff to pick up.

Clark: Not exactly. She said someone very close to me would--

Lex: Die?

Clark: I know it sounds nuts, but when you talk to her, it's like she really knows.

Lex: (Dryly) Come on, Clark. She knows when she has a good audience.

Clark: You sound like my parents.

Lex: (Amused by the idea) That's gotta be a first.

Cut to a shot of the doors to Lex's study swinging open. Lex and Clark enter, continuing their conversation.

Clark: Lex, I think this woman is the real deal.

Lex: Then the question you've gotta ask yourself you really wanna know the future?

Clark: Don't you wish you knew how it was all gonna turn out?

The two men each reach for bottles of Ty Nant water sitting in an ice bucket on a small bar in Lex's study and twist them open.

Lex: Life's a journey, Clark. I don't wanna go through it following a road map.

Clark: (Overly concerned again) It still wouldn't kill you to drive more slowly.

Lex: Why? I have you as a friend. You changed my future once, right?

They stare at each other for a long moment--Clark looks uncomfortable about Lex bringing up the car accident. Lex smirks and takes a drink from his water.

Clark: (Uncomfortably) I've got some more deliveries to make.

Clark turns and starts to leave.

Lex: You never told me this woman's name.

Clark: I thought you weren't interested.

Lex: (Sarcastic and dismissive) Maybe I'll ask her for some stock tips.

Clark: (Slightly upset at Lex's tone) Cassandra Carver.

Clark leaves without saying goodbye. Lex watches him go, smirking and drinking his bottled water.

Cut to a shot panning over a wall of photographs--some older, some recent. As the camera pulls back, we see Lana is studying the wall of photographs. The wall is titled "Young At Heart" and it contains photos of the retirement center citizens, with their childhood photos next to recent photos.

Clark: I don't think that's gonna help bring Harry back.

Lana: Clark, what are you doing here so late?

Clark: I came to see Cassandra, if she's still up. (Indicates the wall What happened to Harry's younger picture?

We see that only Harry's older picture is displayed on the wall. Next to it is a blank space where his younger picture used to be.

Lana: (puzzled) I don't know.

Clark: (concerned) Is everything OK?

Lana: I met with the know, to tell them what I knew about Harry. The police were there.

Clark: Well, it's a missing person's case. It's not unusual.

Lana: That's not the reason.Harry Bollston's real name is Harry Volk. He was a murderer, Clark.

Clark: (Surprised) A murderer? Why would they let someone like that stay here?

Lana: Because it happened 60 years ago, when he was 17. I guess they figured he was just a harmless old man who moved back to his hometown to die. Back in the 40's, he was studying to be a concert pianist. He was up for a full scholarship to the Metropolis Conservatory. But his teacher recommended somebody else.

Clark: So he killed his teacher?

Lana: No. He said the teacher killed his dream, so he killed the teacher's dream. The man's son.

Clark looks concerned, as we see Harry's older picture again.

Cut to a shot of a televised football game. We pull back to see a man in his mid forties, sitting at his kitchen table watching the game.

Jim: (Yelling at TV) Come on, come on! Throw the ball, throw the ball! Watch the blitz! Yes! Yes! Ha-ha! You got it!

The electricity crackles, then the power goes out in the house.

Jim: (Frustrated, getting up from table) Damn it! Circuit breaker...

The man walks to a side table and pulls out a flashlight. He turns it on, and heads for the phone. As he picks up the reciever, he hears a knock on the door. He aims his flashlight at the back door, and we see Harry standing at the door. He's dressed like a uitility worker, smiling and holding a clipboard.

Jim: Can I help you?

Harry: Evenin'. Sorry about the trouble sir. We got a faulty line about a mile down the road. I just wanted to make sure your circuit breaker hadn't been fried.

Cut to a scene inside the house. Harry is holding up a reader to the circuit box, poking around at the wires while the man aims the flashlight at the box.

Harry: (Conversationally) Anybody else at home?

Jim: Nah, I'm divorced.

Harry: I saw the name on the account was...uh...Jim Gage. Any relation to a Randolph Gage?

Jim: Well, I'd say so. He was my father. He passed back in '93.

Harry: I remember reading his obituary. It said he opened the first car dealership in Smallville.

Jim: (Smiling and impressed) In 1935! You've got a good memory.

Harry: Thanks. I had a lot a lot of time to kill.

Harry turns away from the circuit box and heads toward his toolbag, as Jim remains standing next to the circuit box.

Jim: We've got three dealerships in three counties now.

Harry opens his toolbox, which is almost empty. He reaches in and pulls out a length of piano wire.

Harry: Sounds like your father left you a bright future.

Harry smiles coldly and pulls the piano wire tight, like a garrote, between his hands.}

Cut to a shot of Cassandra. She looks up as she hears footsteps, and we see Clark hesitate at her door.

Cassandra: Are you going to come in or not, Mr. Kent?

Clark looks surprised that she knew it was him.

Clark: (Curiously) How do you do that?

Cassandra: When one sense goes, the others get...heightened. Oh, I must admit, after yesterday...oh, I thought I'd never see you again. (Points to a chair next to her) Sit.

Clark smiles and takes a seat next to her.

Clark: What you told me, I can't get out of my head.

Cassandra: Imagine how I feel. When it first started happening, I, uh...I thought it was a curse. I kept getting snapshots of things I couldn't control.

Clark: When did they start?

Cassandra: When I first lost my sight. It's funny--I woke up that morning, like any other. Then the meteors came. One hit a field behind my house. The flash burnt my optic nerves.

Clark: (Guiltily) I'm sorry.

Cassandra: It's not your fault.

Clark still wears a guilty expression, because he knows the truth.

Cassandra: It's amazing how one moment can change your life forever.

Clark: (Hesitantly) My friends and family, they think that you're...

Cassandra: (Amused) A fraud, huh? (Chuckles People are afraid of the unknown, Clark. They only want to know if everything's gonna turn out all right. I can't guarantee that. What I can show you are signposts on your journey. What you do with them is up to you.

Clark: (Seriously) I've got so many questions in my life. I just want some answers.

Cassandra: (Patting the space on the bed next to her) Closer.

Clark gets up from his chair and sits next to her on the bed.

Cassandra: Now...take my hand.

Clark does so. He stares at her curiously for a moment as nothing happens, then looks concerned as their clasped hands begin to shake.

A bright flash opens to reveal Clark, kneeling outside with his eyes closed. Thunder crashes, lightning flashes. Clark is soaked from the rain, which is coming down in sheets. He opens his eyes, and looks around. We see he is in a cemetary. The gravestone in front of Clark reads "In memory of Jonathan Kent. Beloved Husband and Father". Clark looks shocked and upset. He turns and sees the gravestone next to his father's reads "In memory of Martha Kent. Beloved Wife and Mother." The lightning and thunder continues to crash, the rain continues to pour as Clark looks around wildly, extremely upset. He sees another gravestone. This one reads: "Peter Ross". More lightning flashes and Clark turns again. He sees another headstone, which reads "Chloe Sullivan". As the storm continues and Clark looks around, he's confronted with another headstone, reading "Lana Lang." As Clark cries out "No! No!" we pull back to see Clark is on his knees in the center of a seemingly never ending mass of headstones, which spiral out from him as far as the eye can see. Clark screams "NOOOOO!" in anguish, before the scene fades out in a bright flash, and we see Clark yanking his hand away from Cassandra and leaping off the bed.

Clark: (Anguished) No!

Cassandra: (Upset) You saw that too?

Clark zips out of the room at super speed.

Cassandra: Clark!

Cut to a scene of Cassandra, putting her face in her hands, very upset by what she and Clark have seen.

Cut to a shot of the Kent farm in the morning light. We go inside to see Clark coming down the stairs, his parents following closely behind.

Martha: Clark, maybe you were having some kind of hallucination.

Clark: (Insistent) It wasn't a hallucination. It was a glimpse of the future--my future.

Jonathan: And you saw an endless graveyard?

Clark: Like I was the last person on earth.

Jonathan: (Perplexed) Look, son...I don't know what you did or didn't see, but come on--you gotta consider the source.

Martha: Your dad's right. We don't know anything about this woman.

Clark: I know she lost her vision in the meteor shower.

Jonathan: (Sarcastically) Oh, uh, and that makes it so she can predict the future?

Clark: Is it so crazy? I get hit by a car and I'm fine. I walk through fire and I'm OK. What's next?

Martha: (Concerned) You can't let this one image--whatever it means--consume your whole life.

Clark: What if it is my destiny? To out live everyone that I love? I don't wanna be alone!

Clark walks across the kitchen, away from his parents, obviously upset. Jonathan sighs, and he and Martha step behind their son to offer words of comfort.

Jonathan: Clark...I don't know what your future holds...

Clark turns to face his parents.

Clark: (Hopeful) I think this woman has the answers.

Jonathan: (Matter of factly) The only person who controls your destiny is you.

Clark: (Upset) Well right now, I don't feel like I have control of anything.

Clark walks off, leaving his parents with concerned looks on their faces.

Cut to a shot of the braille edition of the Daily Planet. We see Cassandra's hands pass over the page. As the camera pulls back, we see she's sitting in an outside garden/sitting area at the retirement center. We also see Lex is approaching her from behind, twisting a small flower between his fingers that he picked from one of the plants.

Lex: (Unsure) Cassandra Carver?

Cassandra: (Continuing to read her paper) Do those expensive shoes come with a name?

Lex: (Glances at his shoes, then smiles) Lex Luthor.

Lex sets the flower down next to Cassandra's newspaper.

Cassandra: (Curious, but unimpressed) Oh. Of Luthor Everything Incorporated?

Lex smiles, amused, and walks around the table, across from Cassandra.

Lex: More or less.

Cassandra: And what does the savior of Smallville want with an old blind woman?

Lex: (Friendly) You seem to have made a real impression on my friend Clark.

Cassandra: (Bemused) So, you came to see for yourself?

Lex takes a seat across from Cassandra.

Lex: Clark's not stupid. If he says you know things, there must be something that made him think that.

Cassandra: (Seriously) What gives me the're not here for stock tips, Mr. Luthor?

Lex: (Leaning across the table) Please. Call me Lex. I was hoping you could give me some insight into Clark.

Cassandra: And you call him a friend, do you?

Lex: He saved my life...but he's also a mystery.

Cassandra: (Chuckles) Most people are. That's what makes them interesting.

Lex: (Seriously) I'm willing to treat this as a professional service.

Cassandra: (Shaking her head) Save your money, Lex. I can't tell you about Clark...even if I wanted to.

Lex smiles tightly, more than a little annoyed.

Cassandra: I can only tell the future of the person I touch. (Holds her hand out to Lex Hmmm?

Lex: (Sitting back, uncomfortable at the prospect) I don't need to know my future.

Cassandra: Why? Because your father already has it mapped out for you?

Lex: (Leans forward, speaks with intensity and slight anger) I believe we make our own destiny.

Cassandra: And don't you want a glimpse of...what it is you'll make? Maybe I'll see your friend Clark....or maybe I'll see something else.

At this point, Lex is both very angry--although controlled--and also very sure this woman is a fraud. He stares at her intensely for a long moment.

Lex: (Cooly) Goodbye, Miss Carver. It's been enlightening.

Lex's tone indicates it's been anything but. He rises from the table and heads toward the exit.

Cassandra: (Calling back to Lex) Come back again, hmm? When you're ready.

Lex continues to walk toward the exit without looking back or even acknowledging that he heard Cassandra.

Cut to a shot of Smallville High. We go inside and see Lana staring at something on the wall, obviously upset. We hear a door open behind her.

Clark: (Entering the room) Chloe, what...

Clark stops when he sees Lana inside the Torch office.

Lana: (Turning to face Clark) She's not back yet.

Clark: (Nervously) Lana, what are you doing here?

Lana: Chloe called me too. She said she had some info on Harry. When I got here, I started looking around. I found this.

Lana turns and disbelievingly indicates the Wall of Weird.

Clark: (Quietly as he walks toward the WoW) Chloe calls it the Wall of Weird. She believes everything strange in Smallville started with the meteor shower.

Lana: How about you Clark? Do you believe that?

Clark: Yeah, I guess I do.

Lana nods, then walks closer to the wall.

Lana: (Upset and angry) Does that include me? I'm up there with a three headed calf and the monster from Crater Lake.

We pan to the wall to see the cover of Time Magazine, featuring a three year old Lana dressed in her princess costume, crying her eyes out, displayed prominently on the wall.

Clark: The stuff on this has nothing to do with you.

Lana: Remember when you said people keep their darkest secrets hidden?

Clark nods.

Lana: (Sadly) Mine's out there for all the world to see. It's hard when everyone knows your tragedy. They treat you differently--like you're gonna break.

Clark: (Sympathetically) I'm sure they just feel bad and wanna help.

Lana: I know. But all they do is remind you of the most painful moment of your life. (Slightly angry) How would that make you feel, Clark.

Clark: (Sadly) Like I wish I could go back and erase that moment from time forever.

Lana and Clark stare at each other for a moment, before Lana chuckles bitterly.

Lana: I thought high school would be different...that I could finally start putting it behind me. But everywhere I go... (Looks to the wall)...there it is. Maybe I should just accept my destiny. All I'm ever gonna be is a little girl in a fairy princess costume who lost her parents.

Clark: (Sweetly) I don't see you that way.

Lana: I know you don't, Clark. You're the only one who doesn't.

Clark and Lana stare at each other for another moment, before Lana turns and leaves the Torch office. Clark watches her go sadly, then turns to look at the wall.

Cut to a shot of the window of Clark's loft, lit up against the starry night sky. We go inside to see Clark sitting inside the loft on the edge of his desk, staring--although not through his telescope--toward Lana's house with a concerned expression on his face. We hear footsteps coming up the loft steps, and the sound of it breaks Clark out of his reviere.

Chloe: Clark, we got your message.

Pete: Hey where were you? What happened? I thought we were all supposed to meet at the Torch.

Clark: (Apologetically) I'm sorry. I didn't mean to blow you guys off.

Chloe: Will the lovely Miss Lang be joining us?

Clark: No, I think she had enough weirdness for one day.

Clark indicates some papers under Pete's arm.

Clark: What've you got?

Pete: (Unfolding the newspaper under his arm) A guy was found dead in his house. He was blindfolded and strangled with a piano wire.

Chloe: Which is the same signature Harry Volk used in 1945.

Clark: (Studying the paper) Sounds like a copy-cat.

Chloe: A copy-cat of a murder that happened 60 years ago, two days after the original killer happened to disappear? I don't think so.

Clark: Harry's in a wheelchair, Chloe. Not exactly in prime condition to go on a crime spree.

Chloe: (Handing Clark a square of paper) Well, I found this picture of Harry from the 40's.

We see Chloe has handed Clark a yellowed page of newspaper, on which a picture of Young Harry appears. Clark grabs his jacket and the three friends start down the loft steps as Clark studies the newspaper.

Clark: (Surprised) It looks like the kid we saw in The Beanery.

Pete: Maybe he's got a grandson or something.

Chloe: Or...maybe it's Harry.

Clark: I don't think we should start looking for time machines just yet.

Chloe: OK, fine. Where do you think we should start.

Clark: If someone is following in Harry's footsteps, maybe they sent him some fan mail.

Cut to a shot of Harry playing some classical music, lost again in the music. We pull back and see he is playing the old piano inside The Beanery, while Zoe straightens up some things on the counter. She walks over to Harry, who is intently listening to one note. He taps the key repeatedly.

Zoe: (Friendly) We close at 9:00, Mozart.

Harry: (Sighing) Your piano needs tuning.

Zoe: That's because nobody's played it in years.

Harry: Hmmm...

Zoe: (slightly annoyed) You wanna settle up?

Harry: (Hopefully) Can I get one more coffee?

Zoe rolls her eyes and sighs.

Zoe: Don't you have somewhere to go?

Harry: (Good-naturedly) Ah, come can clean up to the sounds of Chopin.

Zoe smiles, and walks away shaking her head.

Zoe: (Chuckling) I guess.

Zoe returns to the front and locks the door, and Harry resumes playing classical music on the piano.

Cut to a shot of Clark, Chloe and Pete hurriedly walking down the hall in the retirement center.

Chloe: (Worriedly) What happens if someone sees us searching Harry's room?

Clark: How about we don't get seen?

Cassandra: Clark, is that you?

Clark stops as he sees Cassandra walking slowly toward them from a sitting area down the hall. She waves Clark over. Clark turns to his friends, who are looking at him with confused expressions.

Clark: (Pointing down the hall) Harry's room his down the hallway. I'll meet you there.

Pete and Chloe continue down the hall, while Clark heads toward where Cassandra is waiting inside the sitting area.

Cassandra: (Concerned) The other night you left in a hurry. (Indicates the two chairs next to them) Sit.

Clark sits down, and Cassandra sits across from him.

Cassandra: I..uh.. (Clears throat) ...I hoped you'd come back.

Clark: (Guiltily) I'm sorry. (Seriously) You saw that...whatever it was.

Cassandra: (Taking off her glasses) I always see them. The question is, how did you?

Clark: I don't know. Wasn't I supposed to?

Cassandra: Nobody ever has.

Clark: (Confused) Why me?

Cassandra: Because, we both know... (Lowers her voice)'re not like other people.

Clark's eyes widen in fear.

Clark: (Very nervously) Sure I am.

Cassandra: No Clark. I've seen you...before we ever met. More than once, I've touched people, and I've seen such pain and despair and...but then you were there, and the pain was gone.

Clark looks surprised and overwhelmed.

Cassandra: I think that's your destiny, Clark--to help people. To save them from fear and darkness.

Clark: (Considers this) How?

Cassandra: Well, that's for you to figure out. You can fear the future, can embrace it.

Clark is silent as he thinks about what Cassandra has said.

Cassandra: (Holding her hand out to Clark) The choice is yours.

Clark stares at her outstretched hand for a moment, considering his options. He looks at Cassandra, who is waiting patiently, and makes his decision. He reached out and grasps her hand. Instantly, we see a flash, and a series of images rapidly unfold: a screaming young blonde woman being attacked. An overturned car on fire, a child clutching a teddy bear trapped in a burning house. The young blonde woman grasping at her throat then lying in the street her face filled with fear. An injured man trapped beneath the overturned car, glass shattering, a closeup of a silver unicorn pendant, the child inside the burning house as the flames climb higher, the young blonde woman looking scared. We flash out and see Clark, looking very concerned as he lets go of Cassandra's hand.

Clark: Who are they?

Cassandra: People who need your help.

Clark: (Confused) How am I supposed to help them if I don't know who they are?

Cassandra: I'm not a radio--I don't pick up continuous transmissions. That's all I have.

Clark: (Thinking) I'll figure it out.

Clark gets up, his mind still on the visions.

Cassandra: Clark...your secret is safe with me.

Clark smiles, then heads off to find his friends.

Cut to a shot of Chloe and Pete, rifling through Harry's belongings. Pete is going through Harry's dresser drawers, while Chloe is going through a box of newspaper clippings sitting on Harry's bed. Clark enters the room and shuts the door behind him.

Clark: You guys have any luck?

Chloe: (Shaking her head) No fan mail. Just a bunch of old news clippings from The Smallville Ledger...obituaries, articles. Chloe hands each of these to Clark to look at,

Pete: (With a few papers he found in the drawers) The guy's been obsessed with Smallville for 50 years.

Clark's not listening, as he's staring intently at an article Chloe has handed him. We see the article's headline: "Local Waitress Saves Customer With Heimlich Maneuver". Alongside the story is a picture of Zoe, holding a plaque honoring her acheivement.

Chloe: Clark, is something wrong?

Clark: (Softly) It's her.

Chloe: (Trying to see the article) It's who?

Clark: I gotta go.

Clark drops the article on the bed and hurriedly leaves the room. Pete picks up the article, and we get a close-up shot of the necklace Zoe is wearing in the picture--the silver unicorn pendant from Cassandra's vision.

Cut to a shot of Harry reflected in the shiny tabletop at the Beanery. He's writing something in a foreign language on a napkin. He flexes his fingers as he writes, as though arthritis is bothering him.

Zoe: (Removing her apron) Thanks for the serenade. But unless you're sleeping here, which you're not, I'm heading out.

Harry approaches her, holding out the napkin.

Zoe: (Curiously) What's this?

Harry: They don't teach Greek in school anymore?

Zoe takes the napkin.

Harry: It's Euripides. The sins of the father are visited on the children.

Zoe: (Impressed) You play Beethoven and you speak Greek? (Smiles) Real cute. What's it got to do with me?

Harry: Actually, Zoe Garfield, quite a bit.

Zoe looks a bit scared.

Harry: Your grandmother--Eve Garfield. She died last year, right? (Whispering threateningly) I was meant for big cities and great concert halls...that was my destiny...

Zoe starts backing up, very scared now.

Harry: And your grandmother--she helped kill that future. And now...

Harry pulls out a length of piano wire and wraps it around his hands, tightening it like a garote.

Harry: I'm gonna kill yours.

Harry rushes forward, trying to wrap the piano wire around Zoe's neck. She gets her hands up between her throat and the wire and tries to fight Harry off, crying out "No!" As she does so, her unicorn pendant comes off the chain and falls to the floor. Suddenly, the front door of the Beanery shatters as it's kicked in. Harry whips around, yanking Zoe in front of him as he faces the door, and grabs large butcher knife from the counter.

Clark: (Rushing through broken door) Let her go!

Harry holds the knife up to Zoe's throat.

Harry: Ah-Ah! Don't move! Don't move!

Zoe wimpers as Harry, using Zoe as a shield, crosses around Clark and heads out the door. He gets outside and suddenly, Clark is in front of him. Harry glances back, shocked, to where Clark had been previously standing.

Clark: (Threateningly) I said let her go.

Harry glances down the street and sees a large delivery truck speeding down the street.

Harry: Didn't your parents teach you to respect your elders?

As the truck approaches the Beanery, Harry hurls a screaming Zoe out into the street, directly in the path of the truck. She rolls over and screams as she sees the headlights approaching.

Clark speeds over to where Zoe is and throws himself on top of her, sheilding her from the truck. The driver tries to stop, but he's going too fast. He runs right over there, and from underneath the truck we see sparks as the bottom of the truck scrapes along Clark's back. The truck passes over them and we see they are unharmed, except for the back of Clark's jacket, which is singed and smoking.

Driver: (Leaping from cab) Oh no!

The driver runs back to where Clark and a crying Zoe are getting up. Clark hands Zoe off to the driver.

Clark: Take care of her.

Clark then leaves to find Harry. Once he's out of sight of the driver and Zoe, he zips at superspeed around a corner and stops, looking for Harry. He scans the alley, but there's no sign of Harry. He turns back toward the front of the alley, and suddenly Harry is behind him. Clark turns quickly, just as Harry plunges the knife toward Clark's heart. We go into Matrix style slow motion as the knife hits Clark's chest and the blade immediately shatters, sending pieces of metal flying out in all directions, leaving Harry just holding on to the handle. Harry looks shocked. We go back to regular speed as Clark grabs Harry and throws him in the air, where he lands on a parked car, shattering the windows and blowing out the tires. Harry groans, blacking out, as Clark runs over and stares at him angrily.

Cut to a shot of the Kent farmhouse at night. We go inside and see Clark and Jonathan are sitting at the table, drinking coffee. Martha has apparently just gotten off the phone and joins them.

Martha: Zoe's gonna be OK. But that truck driver could have sworn he hit you. (Off Clark and Jonathan's worried looks) Don't worry--he's not asking any questions.

Jonathan: Is that kid in jail?

Martha: No, he's in the hospital overnight for observation.

Clark: Does Zoe know why he wanted to kill her?

Martha: (Shaking her head) She's just grateful you happened to come along.

Jonathan: Is that what you told the police?

Clark: (Dryly) I figured they wouldn't want to hear I got a vision from an old blind lady.

Jonathan just looks at Clark, aware that the comment was directed toward his earlier doubts about Clark's claims regarding Cassandra.

Martha: (Concerned) I'm not sure how I feel about Cassandra.

Clark: Mom, she's my friend. She told me my destiny was to help people.

Jonathan: You don't think she knows your secret?

Clark just looks at Jonathan, then looks down guiltily...a silent "yes". Jonathan and Martha exchange worried looks.

Jonathan: I don't think you should see her anymore.

Clark: (Insistant) If I hadn't gone to see her, Zoe would be dead.

Jonathan: (A bit sternly) Your destiny may be to protect people, but ours is to protect you, and that's gotta come first, OK?

Clark just looks at his father, understanding but upset.

Cut to a night shot of the fountain outside Luthor Manor.

Clark: (Voiced over the shot of the manor) My mom said you called?

We hear floodlights flipping on, and see an empty room...empty except for the battered Porche--dented, and with the roof torn off-- sitting in the center of the floor. Lex and Clark enter the room.

Clark: Is this the Porche from---I don't understand. Why do you still have it?

Lex: (Circling the car) I once read about a rich man who survived a hotel fire. He hung onto the ledge for an hour before the fire department rescued him. Afterwards, he bought the hotel...always stayed in that room. When they asked him why, he said he figured fate couldn't find him twice.

Clark: (Studying the car) I thought you didn't believe in fate?

Lex: I don't... (Coming around to stand next to Clark on the drivers side) But everytime I look at this car, I wonder.

Clark just looks at him with an innocently questioning look on his face.

Lex: I had a team go over this thing inch by inch. They tell me there's no way the impact could have ripped open the roof like this.

Close up of the destroyed roof.

Clark: (Shaking his head) They must have made a mistake.

Lex studies Clark for a long moment.

Lex: Do you remember anything about the accident?

Clark turns and meets Lex's gaze, not backing down.

Clark: No, just that I pulled you out. That's it.

Lex: (Sort of disbelieving) I thought that you might be able to tell me more.

Clark: (Shrugs, continuing to meet Lex's gaze) I'm sorry.

Lex gives Clark a small smile and walks back to the front of the car.

Lex: It's a little strange to be walking around when every shred of evidence says I should be dead. An unsolved mystery, I guess.

Clark: (Looking inside the car) Maybe fate has something else in mind for you.

Lex turns back to Clark, smiling dryly.

Lex: (Dismissive) You've been spending too much time with your friend Cassandra.

Clark: (Continuing to study the car's interior) Well, at least she doesn't dwell on the past.

Lex stares at Clark somewhat coldly, and Clark looks up and smiles.

Clark: Lex, you're alive. The question you need to ask yourself now is, where do you go from here?

Lex turns back toward the car, considering what Clark has said.

Cut to a shot of a policeman walking down the halls of the hospital. He stops a doctor who is walking down the hall.

Police Officer: I'm here to pick up the kid from the Beanery assault and take him into custody.

Doctor: (Looking at a chart) Right...the young John Doe. He's all yours. We got him locked up in here. I checked on him this morning. He's sleeping like a baby.

The doctor turns and opens the door. Inside the room, we see Young Harry has been replaced by Old Harry, who is lying in the bed, handcuffed to the side of the bed.

Harry: (Weakly) Help me...

Cut to a shot of Lana and Clark walking along the koi pond bridge at the retirement center.

Lana: The police questioned Harry all morning. He said he was kidnapped by this kid who was obsessed with his old case.

Clark: (Disbelieving) So somehow in broad daylight, this kid got out of handcuffs, smuggled Harry inside, and chained him to a bed?

Lana: That's the official story.

Clark: It may be official, but it doesn't make sense.

Lana: You could always add it to the Wall of Weird.

Clark stops, suddenly feeling sick. He looks over the bridge and sees the koi swimming around a group of meteor rocks. Clark takes a couple of deep breaths to steady himself.

Lana: (Worried) Clark, are you all right?

Clark: (Sounding nauseous) Not really. I think I'll go to Harry.

Clark heads back toward the retirement center, clutching his stomach in pain, as Lana watches worriedly.

Cut to a shot of a record playing classical music on a record player. A hand removes the needle from the record. We see that it's Clark, inside Harry's room.

Clark: (Conversationally) You know, I found a picture of Zoe Garfield in a box under your bed.

Harry: (Lying in his bed) And who are you?

Clark: Clark Kent, but we've already met.

Harry: (Indignant) How dare you go through my belongings!

Clark: How do you explain the pictures?

Harry: Why do I need to explain it?

Clark crosses the room and grabs a chair next to Harry's bed, turning the chair backwards and straddling it. He crosses his arms over the top and stares calmly at Harry.}

Clark: You know what Harry? I think you and this kid are the same person.

Harry: I'd say you have a very active imagination.

Clark: (Evenly) I don't know how you did it, but I know it's you.

Harry: You said your name was Kent? Grandfather Hiram, father Jonathan? Funny...I don't remember you on the family tree.

Clark just continues to stare calmly at Harry, Harry's words having no effect.

Clark: (Evenly) I'll be watching you.

Harry chuckles nervously, never taking his eyes off Clark.

Harry: (Ringing the call button) Nurse...nurse. Help me, somebody. Help.

Clark and Harry continue to stare at each other. As a nurse enters the room, Harry takes on the posture of someone in pain.

Harry: (Weakly) Oh nurse, he's harassing me. Haven't I been through enough.

Clark continues to stare evenly at Harry, not fooled by his act.

Nurse: I think you should leave, young man.

Clark: (Getting up, still keeping his eyes on Harry) Don't worry, I'm going.

Harry watches Clark from the corner of his eye as Clark leaves.

Cut to a shot of the koi pond. Harry is rolling his wheelchair around the bridge. He rolls over to a section where the broken railing is crossed off with police tape--the same area where Harry fell into the pond. He gazes over the edge, his eyes eager. From beneath the surface of the pond, we see Harry and his wheelchair tip over into the water, and hear the crackling of electricity.

Cut to a shot of several large stacks of newspapers being slammed down on a desk. We see Chloe is the one responsible, as she, Pete, and Clark are inside the Torch office. Pete is working on a nearby computer, while Clark goes through a file cabinet.

Chloe: (Sighs) This is everything I could find on Harry Volk. The Ledger carried stories on the trial, the murder, the name it.

Pete: Is anybody watching this guy?

Clark: (Looking through some papers in the cabinet) Lana's got an eye on him.

Chloe and Pete exchange a look that says they don't have much confidence in Lana.

Clark: (Without looking up) I heard that.

Pete: What exactly are we looking for.

Clark: (Closing the cabinet and crossing the office) I dunno. There's gotta be a connection between the people Harry's going after.

Chloe: In Zoe Garfield's statement to the police, she said that Harry accused her grandmother of killing his future.

Clark sits down at a desk. As he does so, Lana quickly enters the office.

Lana: Harry's gone. They found his wheelchair out by the koi pond half an hour ago.

Clark: (To Chloe) I saw meteor rocks in that pond.

Chloe: At least now we know how he's doing the time warp.

Lana: What do you mean?

Clark: (Hesitantly) I'll explain later. (To Chloe) We gotta figure out who he's gonna kill next.

Chloe: (Concerned) Clark, take a look at this.

Chloe hands Clark an old issue of the Ledger.

Clark: What is it?

Chloe: It's a list of the jurors that worked on Harry's trial.

Clark: (Reading) Rudolph Gage, Eve Garfield... (Realizes) He's killing the descendants of the jurors that convicted him.

Pete: Talk about not letting it go.

Clark's eyes widen as he studies the list more closely.

Lana: (Concerned) Clark, what is it?

Clark: Look at juror number eleven.

Clark hands Lana the paper. As she takes it, we see the list, including juror eleven.

Lana: Hiram Kent. Wasn't that your grandfather?

Clark: Harry's gonna kill my dad.

Cut to a shot of Martha Kent, looking out to door of the Kent house at a person standing on her porch. She opens the door.

Martha: Can I help you?

Cut to a shot of Harry--young again--standing on the front porch. He's again dressed in the uniform of a utility worker.

Harry: Yeah, got a report about a gas leak. You, uh, mind if I come in?

Martha: Gas leak? I don't smell gas.

Harry: Your husband called about it earlier. he around?

Martha: He'll be back shortly. Umm..where's our regular gas man, Curt?

Harry: Vacation.

Martha: (Nodding) Oh, that's right. Um...would you excuse me a minute?

Martha closes the door, and goes back into the kitchen. She picks up the cordless phone and starts dialing as she walks away from the door and crossing into the dining room. Her face takes on a shocked look as she hears nothing but static on the line, as if the line's been cut. Harry comes in through the dining room door, holding a length of piano wire in his hands.

Harry: Curt isn't your regular gas man, is he Mrs. Kent?

Martha: (Scared) Wha...what do you want?

Harry: (Shrugs nonchalantly) To kill your husband.

Martha: (Shocked) What did Jonathan ever do to you?

Harry: Nothing... (Angrily) ...but his father did.

Harry starts to come after Martha. She reaches behind her and grabs a flower vase off the hutch next to her. She smashes the vase over Harry's head, and he falls to the floor, stunned. Martha takes advantage by running for the door, grabbing her car keys on the way.

Martha bursts out of the door and runs around the house toward her car. Inside we see Harry getting up. Martha gets to her car and starts to unlock the door, but as she looks down, she sees all four of the car's tires have been flattened. She looks around for a place to hide and runs toward the barn as Harry stumbles down the steps of the house.

Cut to a shot of Harry wandering around inside the dark barn. He knocks several things off a work bench before finding a large machete knife on the table. He takes the knife and calls out to Martha.

Harry: Come on Mrs. Kent! I'm too old for hide and seek!

Cut to a shot of a scared looking Martha, huddled inside the empty grain silo. We hear grinding, and cut to a shot of Harry sharpening the blade of the knife on an electric knife sharpener. Inside the silo, Martha looks for an escape route other than the door she came in. She sees a small vented window close enough to climb out of, but as she approaches it, Harry thrusts the knife through the vent.

Martha: (screaming) Jonathan!

Harry opens the door to the silo and steps inside, closing the door behind him.

Harry: You can't save him, Mrs. Kent.

Harry steps inside and whistles quietly. Circling each other inside the silo, and he waves the knife at her. Martha reaches out and grabs a chain hanging in the center of the silo. The chain releases the grate near the top of the silo, allowing the grain stored at the top to come spilling down onto Harry.

Harry: (Shielding himself) Ahhh!

Martha tries to take advantage of the fact that Harry is blinded by the corn dust, and rushes past him toward the door, but she's not quick enough. Harry reaches out and grabs her legs, sending them both toppling to the floor with the grain raining on them. Martha kicks Harry in the stomach and tries to scrabble over the rapidly mounting grain toward the door, but again Harry catches her, and pulls her back. Martha screams and begins kicking and punching Harry, but he manages to hang on to her. They both are coughing as the dust from the grain makes it hard to breathe.

Cut to a shot of Jonathan's truck coming up the driveway. We see a blur, and suddenly, Clark is standing in the driveway in front of the truck. Jonathan slams on his brakes to avoid hitting his son.

Clark: Dad! Are you OK?

Jonathan: (Climbing out of the truck) What are you doing? What's the matter?

Clark: (Worried) Where's Mom?

Jonathan: I don't know. What's the matter with you?

Clark: Somebody's trying to kill you.

Jonathan: (Looking around, confused) What?

Clark looks around, and sees his mother's car. He focuses his eyesight, and sees that the tires have been flattened. He turns to his father, very worried.

Clark: He's already here.

Cut to a shot inside the silo. Martha is coughing and choking on the grain dust. She and Harry are nearly buried by the falling grain, and are struggling weakly to get out. Both of them lose consciousness and are covered completely by the grain.

Clark superspeeds around toward the barn, with Jonathan coming up behind him. Clark focuses his X-ray vision toward the silo and sees two skeletons inside, one obviously female. The female form is still moving, but barely.

Clark: (Upset) No!

Clark rushes to the side of the silo and rips open the door that Martha and Harry entered through. Grain, which is no longer falling from the top of the silo, spills out the door as Clark and Jonathan climb inside. They dig through the grain, trying to find Martha.

Jonathan: Martha! Martha!

Clark: Mom! Mom!

Jonathan: Martha, come on! Martha!

Clark finally uncovers Martha. He hands her off to Jonathan who starts CPR.

Clark: Come on Mom! Breathe!

Jonathan: Martha!

Suddenly, Martha begins gasping for air and coughing. Jonathan helps her sit up.

Jonathan: Are you okay?

Martha: (Gasping) You think...I'd ever leave you two alone?

Clark: Oh man.

Martha reaches out and embraces both Jonathan and Clark tightly.

Martha: (Pulling back to look at Clark) Cassandra was wrong, Clark. Nobody's gonna die.

Clark looks around, and notices Harry's hand sticking up from the grain. It withers and goes from a young hand to a very old hand as Harry dies.

Cut to a shot of Cassandra sitting in her room at a desk working on a puzzle. The sun is streaming in her room, so it's obviously the next day. She pauses from her puzzle and listens to the approaching footsteps. She looks toward the door, where we see Lex striding in, smiling and carrying a large bouquet of white roses.

Cassandra: (Getting up from her desk)'re the last person I expected to walk through my door.

Lex: (Holding up the roses) I come bearing gifts.

Cassandra: (Chuckles) So did the Greeks.

Lex grins and enters her room further.

Lex: I wanted to take you up on your offer.

Cassandra: Hmm...I thought you controlled your own destiny.

Lex: (Seriously) I do. But certain things have happened in my life. Signs I don't want to ignore.

Cassandra: What kind of signs?

Lex: I lived when I should have died. There must be a reason for that. You see, I don't want to do good things. (Pauses) I want to do great things.

Cassandra: Well you don't need me for that.

Lex: (Slightly mocking) What's the matter, Cassandra? Are you afraid of what you'll see?

Cassandra sits in a nearby-overstuffed chair.

Cassandra: (Indicating across from her) Sit.

Lex pulls out the ottoman beside Cassandra's chair and sits on it, across from her, the roses still in his hands.

Cassandra: (Chuckles) You've been warned.

Cassandra holds out her hand. Lex looks at it for a second, then sighs and takes it.

A bright flash opens up to the presidential seal on the floor of the Oval Office. We pan up and see Lex, clad in a white suit, standing behind the desk in the Oval Office, looking very Presidential. In a fast forward motion, we see Lex walk over to a set of glass doors leading outside. He opens the doors and looks out. Another bright flash opens and reveals a closeup of Lex's eye. As we pull back, we see Lex, clad in his white suit, standing in the middle of a field of sunflowers with mountains in the background. He looks around, then leans over to sniff one of the flowers. He then brings his black gloved hand up to caress the sunflower. As he does, the sunflower withers and dies. Soon, the entire field has withered and died, leaving Lex standing in a field filled with human bones. Lex looks around, amused. The sky blackens, lightning flashes, and thunder rumbles. Suddenly, the dark clouds become blood red. Lex looks up, studying the sky. As he does several drops of blood land on his suit. He looks confused for a moment, and holds up his arms. We see only one of his hands is clad in a black leather glove, while the other is not. He looks up as the blood raining from the sky falls on him, covering his face and his suit. He holds his arms up, almost embracing the blood rain as it falls, completely covering him.

Another bright flash pulls up back to the present, and we see Cassandra's wide, unseeing eyes as she stares blankly ahead, not saying a word. Lex waits, but finally can't wait anymore.

Lex: (Leaning forward, still holding Cassandra's hand) What did you see?

Cassandra does not answer. Her face remains unchanged.

Lex gives a nervous half smile...then his face clouds. He looks fearful, and almost sick as he realizes Cassandra is dead. He pulls his hand back. Breathing heavily and sweating, Lex gets up and takes several steps back, still staring at Cassandra with a look of horror on his face. He glances down and realizes he's still clutching the flowers. He drops them, and we see them fall in slow motion to the floor.

Lex: (Still backing away slowly) I need some help in here! (Backing toward the door, wiping his hands on the front of his coat) Somebody!

A nurse comes in as Lex rushes out the door. He walks toward the windows overlooking the grounds, still wearing an expression of horror, and still wiping his hands on the front of his coat nervously. He stares out the window, taking several deep breaths in an attempt to calm down.

Cut to a shot of the nurse checking Cassandra's pulse. She reaches over and closes Cassandra's eyes. We turn to see Clark entering the room, looking very worried.

Nurse: (Upset) I'm sorry son. She's gone.

Clark looks at the nurse, shocked for a second, then looks sadly at Cassandra's body.

Clark: (Amazed) She saw it.

Nurse: Saw what?

Clark: (Sadly) Her future.


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