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Airdate: November 13, 2001
Written by: Michael Green
Directed by: Jim Contner
Transcript by: Debby A



Underwater, night. Glowing green meteor rocks litter the bottom. Rising toward the top of the lake, covered in an ice sheet, we hear music and kids having fun. A party is ensuing, scattered with teenagers, their vehicles, radios, and coolers. A campfire burns in the middle. Several couples are making out in the beds of trucks. Clark and Chloe approach.

Chloe: This is what I love about high school parties. People will gather anywhere as long as there's illegally purchase alcohol and even the *slightest* chance of hooking up.

Clark: If I recall correctly, you're the one who wanted to come to this party.

Chloe: Well, yeah, but (hedging)... I didn't know it was gonna be so cold. It's like twenty thousand degrees below zero out here.

Clark: I don't know. It doesn't feel that cold to me.

Chloe: What are you -- from an ice planet? It's freezing. I'm gonna go thaw out by the fire. (walks away from Clark) Have fun.

Clark looks around, sees Lana and Whitney cuddling on the tailgate of his truck. Sighs. Sean Kelvin approaches, looking toward where Chloe is seated by the fire. Sean: Hey, Kent. You're friends with Chloe. Is she flying solo tonight?

Clark (seriously): Believe me, Sean, you're not her type.

Sean: (looks back toward Chloe, smiling) Well, you'd be surprised.

Clark watches him head toward her. Cut to Chloe rubbing her hands over the fire to warm up. Sean approaches.

Sean: If you want, I could rub them for you.

Chloe looks up at him.

Sean: Well, nothing heats up the body like friction.

Chloe looks confused, then disbelieving for a moment.

Chloe (laughing): Wow. I can't believe you just delivered that line with a straight face.

Sean: Well, all I did was offer to keep your hands warm, Chloe.

Chloe: And he knows my name.

Sean: I've read your editorials in the Torch. (sits down next to Chloe) Pretty cool.

Chloe: Well, thank you, Sean. I sit next to Jenna in Bio class. (looks toward a tall, pretty blonde chatting with friends nearby) Remember, you dumped her last week?

Sean: It was mutual.

Chloe: So you're here trolling for fresh meat.

Sean: Don't worry, Chloe. I'm not gonna make a move on you. No matter how pretty I think you are.

Chloe smiles at the compliment. Whitney and other football players approach, ball in hand.

Whitney: Hey, Sean! Hail Mary's down by the lake.

Sean: (to players) Yeah! (to Chloe) Hey, can I get your number?

Chloe (scoffing): Why? You're never gonna call.

Sean: I'll call you tomorrow. I promise.

Chloe: Well, I won't hold my breath.

Chloe gets a pen from her pocket. Taking Sean's hand, she writes her number on his palm. Sean smiles at her, then leaves. Chloe smiles to herself. Cut to players jogging down toward the lake. A sign reads, 'Crater Lake: No swimming, no fishing, no skating by order of Kansas State Parks Department'.

Whitney: C'mon, Sean, let's go!

Sean: Hey, Whitney! Go wide!

Cut back to Chloe sitting by the fire. Clark sits down next to her. Lana, alone now, can be seen in the background in Whitney's truck.

Clark: Did you just write your phone number down on Sean Kelvin's hand?

Chloe: Don't sound so shocked, Clark. Guys do find me attractive even though I don't have raven hair and the initials, 'L.L.'

Clark: That's not what I meant. The guy's a dog.

Chloe: Clark, relax. (amused) I just gave him my number to get rid of him. Get Pete: the taxi's leaving.

Chloe gets up and leaves. Clark clearly feels better.


Lakeside, covered in ice. Whitney and Sean are tossing a ball around. Sean stands near the icy edge.

Whitney: So, what's with you and that Chloe Sullivan chick?

Sean: What do you mean?

Whitney: The girl from the Torch. You into her?

Sean: 'Nother notch, Dog.

Whitney: That's cold.

Sean mock bows. Whitney notices boys arriving with pizza boxes.

Whitney: Hey, hold on. Pizza's here.

Whitney throws the football back at Sean, but it goes over Sean's head to land on the ice.

Whitney: Sorry, dude.

Sean: Ah, go ahead. I'll get the ball.

The football skids to a stop on the ice. Carefully, Sean walks across the ice toward it. As he picks up the ball and heads back, he hears the cracking of ice under him. Three more careful steps and it breaks. He falls in the freezing water. Ice sheets block his way up. At the party, the players are having fun.

Boy: Hey, where's Sean?

Other Boy: He's probably in the back of some... (unintelligible)

Sean continues to hold his breath and pound at the ice, searching for a break in it. His struggles cease and he sinks into the green-tinted water.


Day. The football is frozen to the ice. A pale hand breaks through from underneath. Sean walks up the bank to the remains of last night's party. The leftover campfire still smolders. Obviously cold, he approaches it. He is literally blue, shivering. As he holds his hands over the fire, they return to a normal pink color. He leans closer, breathing in the heat, and his face returns to a healthy flesh tone, too. He smiles, pleased, looking at himself. Confused by what has happened, he leaves. The flame has been frozen solid behind him.




Kent farm, day. In the kitchen, Jonathan and Martha are working on an adding machine with lots of papers strewn around.

Martha: The distributor gets twelve-five...

She keys adding machine.

Jonathan: Mm-hmm. The feed bill over six months at five percent...

Keys adding machine again. Clark enters the kitchen unseen.

Martha: Plus the mortgage at eight point two... plus the harvester repairs... gives us...

Adds more.

Clark: $54,501.38

Both parents look over at him, startled by his appearance.

Jonathan: Hey, uh, son. (uncomfortable) Look, I'm sorry, we didn't mean for you to hear all that.

Clark: You don't have to protect me. Is it that bad?

Jonathan tosses Clark a pop-tart.

Martha (grimly): Yeah, it's pretty bad. We might have to take out a bank loan.

Clark: Another one? The interest alone'd put us at--

Martha: Clark... don't.

Clark: Maybe I can help. (puts pop-tart in toaster)

Jonathan: You already have. (smiles) Last season you saved us four part-time hands.

Clark: I'm thinking bigger picture. You know, forget about this whole high school thing. Try for a pro sports team. I could make a ton of money in endorsements.

His parents look unamused.

Clark: Just trying to lighten up the mood.

Martha: As much as we'd love to see your face on a cereal box, we'd settle for you getting to school on time.

Jonathan: Right.

Smiling cheesily, Clark grabs his jacket and exits at super-speed. The toaster pops up, and Clark speeds back to catch the pop-tart in mid air.

Clark: Forgot. (walks around counter to look at Martha's papers) That's sixty-five thousand two hundred--

Martha: Go.

Clark: ... and one.

Exits at super speed again.


Kent driveway. Clark, Chloe, and Pete are walking toward the school bus.

Clark: So, did Sean call?

Chloe: Negative. Not (quickly) that I was waiting by the phone or anything.

Pete: Maybe he got caught up. One time, my sister didn't hear from a guy for a week. When she called to tell him off, turned out his grandmother died.

Chloe: Ah, as much as I appreciate the spotlight here, I'm fine.

Clark: Well, you're probably better off. Sean's a total dog.

Pete: He's not that bad, Clark. (to Chloe) He's always been cool to me. (to Clark) Just because you can't get past your Lana crush, don't knock the rest of us for trying to make a Love Connection.

Chloe: I thought we were focusing on me, here.

Clark: I don't have a crush on Lana.

Pete: Then why don't you ask some other girl out.

Clark: Like who?

Pete: Like Chloe.

Chloe stops in front of them, exasperated.

Chloe: Okay, wait! I'm not some crash test dummy you guys can use to try out your dating skills. (to Clark) You -- if you like Lana so much, why don't you just get it over with and ask her out. (to Pete) And you -- stop acting like a Vegas bookie picks your dates. And both of you -- treat me better.

School bus arrives, and she gets on. Both boys stand around for a moment before hurrying on the bus, too.


Smallville High School. A bell rings. Sean Kelvin is sitting in the nurse's office, wrapped shivering in a blanket. A thermometer is in his mouth. His attention is captured by the nearby hot lamp bulb. He reaches out for it, but the nurse enters.

Nurse: This is flu season, young man. I don't even know why you came in today.

Sean: I felt fine this morning. Now, I can't get warm.

Nurse: Let's see. (takes out thermometer, which reads 38 degrees and falling) This can't be right. You're not a Popsicle. (puts another thermometer in his mouth) Let's try again. Here we go.

She puts her hand on his forehead. Sean closes his eyes and presses her hand harder to his head. Color begins returning to his face. He sighs in contentment. The nurse pulls back.

Nurse: Now you're giving me the chills. I'm sending you home.

Sean: Mm-mm. (stands up) I'm-- I'm actually feeling a little better now. (takes off blanket, handing it to her) Thanks.

Sean leaves. The nurse looks back at him, confused. She removes the thermometer from her pocket and looks at it, also confused.


Kent Farm. Martha is cutting wood with a chainsaw. As she swings it around, it barely misses Lex's approaching midsection.

Lex: Whoa!

Surprised, horrified by the near-miss, Martha shuts down the chainsaw.

Lex: I come in peace!

Martha: I'm so sorry! I didn't hear you.

Lex: I'm just glad you weren't welding.

Laughing, she puts the chainsaw down, removing her safety glasses.

Martha: What brings you out here in the middle of the day?

Lex: Those artichokes of yours. (picks up the chopped wood and tosses it onto the pile) I need about thirty of 'em if you got 'em.

Martha: Thirty? That's a lot of artichokes.

Lex: Yeah, I'm hosting a dinner tomorrow night for the local farming community. Just an informal talk about some financial options. A lot of farms in town are having money trouble.

Martha: Most people aren't looking for another loan.

Lex: I'm offering my role as an investor. Help people modernize and expand. (tosses more wood onto the pile, then looks out across the farm) This town once grew twenty percent of the corn in the state. Smallville was a heavy hitter. It just... lost the drive to stay competitive.

Martha: Or its connections.

Lex: If this town ever had connections, they wouldn't have named it 'Smallville'.

Lex walks back to stand in front of Martha.

Lex: Your husband hasn't exactly kept his feelings about me a secret. But I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on my proposal.

Martha starts to shake her head.

Lex: Even if you're not interested.

Martha: Jonathan doesn't hate you. It's just... your family's track record hasn't been the best in this town.

Lex nods in understanding.

Lex: Tell him I intend to change that.

Martha nods. Lex walks away. SCENE FIVE:

Smallville coffee shop, day. Lana is curled up, reading a brochure. Lex approaches.

Lex: That's a great exhibit. I caught it in St. Petersburg.

Lana looks up at him.

Lana (happily): Whitney and I are going to Metropolis tomorrow. I thought we'd check it out.

Lex: Ahh, trying to give the quarterback some culture?

Lana: It was his idea.

Lex: He figures one afternoon at the museum, he's off the hook for six months.

Lana: For someone who wants people to keep an open mind, you're pretty quick to judge.

Offscreen, someone calls out, 'Hey, Whitney'. Lex looks toward the greeting, then back to Lana.

Lex: What can I say? I just think you're with the wrong guy.

Lex walks to a nearby table. Lana looks after him, off-put by the conversation. Whitney approaches, smiling.

Whitney (to Lana): Hey! (kisses her) Everything okay?

Lana (recovering): Yeah! I was just checking out some stuff for us to do tomorrow.

Whitney looks confused.

Lana: Metropolis, remember?

Whitney sighs as realization sets in. Lana looks disappointed as he does so.

Whitney (sheepishly): Actually, some of the guys are pooling together and getting the fight on pay-per-view. It's tomorrow.

Lana: And you gave them your money already.

Whitney: Yeah. Hey, we'll go next weekend, okay? I promise.

Lana sighs.

Whitney: I'm really sorry, Lana.

Lana: Culture can wait.

Whitney: (winks at her) I'll make it up to you. (kisses her again) See ya.

As he leaves, Lana looks across the aisle to find Lex watching her, smirking knowingly. He gets up and leaves. She sighs again.


Exterior, street outside coffee shop. Clark is walking down the street. As he passes the window, he stops to look longingly in at Lana reading.

Lex: You know, she's free tomorrow night.

Clark turns to find Lex approaching. He smiles in greeting.

Lex: Hey, Clark. This is the perfect time for you to ask her out.

Clark: She's got a boyfriend, Lex.

Lex (scoffing): A high school boyfriend isn't a husband -- he's an obstacle. You know, I bet if you asked Lana to go with you to the Radiohead concert in Metropolis tomorrow, she'll say yes.

Clark: And if she says yes...

Lex: I'll give you the tickets. (whips out a pair of tickets and holds them up)

Clark looks at the tickets, then at Lex.

Clark: Why are you doing this?

Lex: You're like the younger brother I never had. I figure someone should benefit from my experience.

Clark: I can't just ask her out.

Lex: The hardest thing in the world is telling the girl you love that you like her.

Clark looks back in the window at Lana.

Lex: I'll raise the bet. You ask her in the next sixty seconds, you get the tickets and I'll throw in a round trip limo ride. Starting... (checks his watch) now.

With one more moment of hesitation, Clark grabs the tickets and walks quickly, determinedly to the door of the café. Lex watches him go, checking his watch and smiling.


Inside coffee shop. Clark approaches the seated Lana.

Clark: Hey, Lana, you busy?

Lana: Completely swamped. That's why I'm sittin' in a coffee shop, attempting to wade through a Russian classic. (points out cover of her book, Doctor Zhivago)

Clark is disappointed, looks uncomfortable.

Lana: That was a joke, Clark.

Clark (relieved): Ah. Good. (sits on a chair facing Lana) 'Cuz there's this thing tomorrow night...

Lana: Define 'thing'.

Clark: It's a concert. Radiohead, to be exact. And, I got a couple tickets.

Lana: (reaches out for the tickets) Wow! Where'd you get these?

Clark: (glances out the window) A friend. Something came up at the last minute. And I was wondering if you'd like to go. (awkwardly) You know, with me.

Lana: I'd--

Clark: Just as friends.

Lana (smiling): Definitely. I'd love to.

Clark is happy. Both grin at each other.


Smallville High. Pete, Chloe, and Clark are walking across the grass.

Chloe: Okay, let me get this straight. You walked in to get a cappuccino and walked out with a date with Lana Lang.

Clark: Well, it's not actually a date.

Chloe: Even with the 'just as friends' rider, I'm impressed.

Pete: How did you score the tickets?

Chloe: I'm guessing a certain follicly-challenged individual was behind it.

Clark: Lex hooked me up. Actually, Chloe, I have you to thank.

Chloe (skeptically): What did I do?

Clark: You were right. I just had to get it out there.

Chloe: Well, good. I'm glad.

Sean comes out of the building. He is slightly blue, cooling off, and rubbing his hands together. He spots Chloe and hurries over.

PETE (seeing Sean): Maybe this is your chance.

Sean approaches. Chloe glances at Clark, who looks away awkwardly.

Sean: Chloe. Don't I owe you a phone call?

Chloe: (assuming nonchalance) I guess so.

Sean: Well, what are you doing right now?

Chloe: I've gotta put the paper to bed. Maybe afterwards, we could--

Sean is already looking around the area. He sees Jenna leaving with her friends.

Sean: Jenna! Jenna, wait up!

Sean walks away while Chloe is in mid-sentence. Chloe is dumbstruck. Clark and Pete watch awkwardly, feeling bad, as Sean starts chatting up Jenna.

Chloe: Okay, I was playing barely-hard-to-get. What's the problem? Clark Kent gets a date with Lana Lang, and suddenly there's no luck left for the rest of us.

Pete puts an arm around her as they head toward the building. Clark watches Sean leave with Jenna.


Shower. Music playing on a shower radio. Jenna sings along. Steam fills the bathroom, escaping into the next room. Jenna hears a noise.

Jenna: Sean, is that you?

Someone is approaching silently through the bathroom. Candles are placed all around the bathroom.

Jenna: I've been waiting for you. I thought you might like to take a shower.

She turns off the music.

Jenna: Sean?

Still getting no response, she goes back to her shower. But the person now steps up to stand in front of the curtain. As he breathes heavily on the curtain, it ices up with each exhalation.

Jenna (coyly): Well, what are you waiting for? The water's nice and warm.

Sean doesn't answer, still breathing heavily on the curtain. Jenna gets concerned.

Jenna: Sean?

Sean pulls back the curtain. He is completely blue, parts of his face iced over. Jenna screams. She fumbles backward, knocking items to the tub floor.

Jenna: Sean... what happened to you?

Sean reaches up to grab the faucet. As he drains the heat from the water, it begins showering pellets of ice. Jenna shivers in the sudden beat of ice. She stumbles out of the shower, dragging the curtain with her for covering. She falls getting out, the curtain wrapped around her, and Sean stands over her.

Sean (sincerely): I'm sorry. But I don't know what's wrong with me.

Jenna looks toward the door, but Sean blocks it.

Jenna: Sean, you're really scaring me. (gasping, scared) What do you want?!

Sean: I (advances on her) just *want* to get warm.

Jenna is backed against the wall. Sean grabs her by both shoulders. She begins freezing, and Sean begins to pink up again. She gasps as the heat is drained from her. Sean leans down and kisses her, finishing the job of draining all her heat. He lets go, and her now-frozen body falls backward to the floor, shattering into pieces. Satiated by the heat, Sean walks past her, freezing the candles as he passes them, and leaves.



Kent farm, day. In the kitchen, Martha is ready to leave. Books and purse in hand, she stops to look at Jonathan working at the table. Tools and parts are spread across the table. Martha approaches.

Martha: It's bad enough you ride that motorcycle, but why do you have to repair it in the house?

Jonathan: Because if I didn't, you'd never have any reason to be angry with me.

Martha: I'll trade you. Do all the engine work you want, but come with me to Lex's.

Jonathan: We've already talked about that.

Martha: I talked. You grunted.

Jonathan: I thought that I was rather eloquent.

Jonathan: Sweetheart, the Luthors have sold out anyone who's ever trusted them. They don't know what it means to keep their word.

Martha: 'They' is Lex's father. Not him.

Jonathan, part in hand, stands, walking around the table.

Martha: Be honest, you've never seen him be anything but generous. (follows Jonathan into the kitchen) Arrogant and a little strange, yes, but he's been a good friend to Clark. We have to at least hear him out.

Jonathan: Why? (gets a rag and fiddles with the part some more)

Martha (earnestly): We need options, Jonathan. Our home is on the line, our farm. You don't have to like him to listen. Besides, um... I already told him we would come.

Jonathan looks up at Martha in surprise. Clark enters, smiling, and puts an arm around his father.

Clark (cheery): Hello, citizens.

Martha (flat): I'm not familiar with this child. Where's the moody one? Lives upstairs, runs real fast?

Clark: He's going on a date tonight. Not a 'date' date, but a concert.

Jonathan (smiling): Well, who just might this 'not a date' date be with?

Clark: Lana Lang.

Both parents are surprised.

Clark: Lex hooked me up with a couple of serious tickets *and* his limo.

Jonathan (knowingly): Oh, he did?

Clark: It's okay if I go, right?

Jonathan (sarcastically toward Martha): Well, I guess Lex Luthor has worked out all of our evenings for us.

As Jonathan walks back to the table, Martha rolls her eyes at him. Clark heads up the stairs.

Martha: Clark? (he stops) Isn't Lana still going out with Whitney?

Clark: She's not married, Mom.

Jonathan and Martha share a smile at their son's behavior.


Sean Kelvin's house. Sean is wrapped in a blanket, sitting by a fireplace. He is very blue and frosty. He dials a cordless phone, which rings once.

Bella: Hello?

Sean: Bella! Bella, it's me -- Sean.

Bella (annoyed): What do you want?

Sean tries vainly to light a match for the fire. It freezes immediately.

Sean: I thought we might get together. Uh, do something.

Bella: Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

Sean frustratedly tosses the match into a pile of other rejects.

Sean: C'mon, Bell, we were good together once. Sure, I mighta made some mistakes, but you know...

Bella: Save it for some other girl.

Sean: Bella... (dial tone) Bella!

Frustrated, he slams the phone down. Rubbing his hands together, he notices the phone number written on his palm. It is 555-0164.

Sean (thoughtfully): Chloe.


Kent farm, day. Chloe is sitting on the couch with her laptop. Clark approaches from behind with a plaid shirt.

Chloe (highly amused): Your online horoscope suggests that you try not to flaunt your excitement, which I know will be hard since you've been waiting for this date since like your first growth spurt.

Clark (less amused): I'll say this one more time, and then I'm printing up bumper stickers -- this isn't a date.

Chloe: All right. (shrugs) Just check Lana's outfit. If a girl wears something new to hang out with you, you know at least *she* thinks it's a date.

Clark: I thought you came over for fashion advice.

Clark holds out the plaid shirt on a hanger. Chloe turns her nose up at it.

Chloe: Burn that. What else you got?

Clark: (stops to think) I'll check the laundry basket.

Clark walks away. Chloe chuckles softly. Her cellphone rings.

Chloe: Hello?

Sean: Hey, Chloe--

Chloe (surprised): Sean. Hi.

Cut to Clark going through the laundry basket on the table. Chloe approaches.

Chloe: Guess who just called me? Sean.

Clark: (going through clothes) Did he apologize for blowing you off?

Chloe: He said he wasn't feeling well. (puts phone down)

Clark: Chloe, I saw him go off with Jenna. (discards a shirt) I guess she made him feel better.

Chloe: Well, he.. he promised it was completely over with her.

Clark: (suddenly smiles) You like him, don't you?

Chloe: He may be a little intellectually-challenged, but he's really hot. Besides, he begged to get together tonight. Just to talk. So I told him he could bring me a coffee at the Torch.

Clark: Sounds like a date.

Chloe (quickly): It's not a date. It's a fact-finding mission to see if he deserves a date.

Clark: I just don't want to see you get hurt.

Chloe: Don't worry, Clark. I figure if you can take a risk with Lana, I can take a shot, too.

Chloe pulls out a blue shirt from the basket.

Chloe: Uh, blue's a good color on you.

She holds the shirt up to him, smiling.

Clark: Really?


Lex's mansion, night. Jonathan and Martha, hand in hand, are shown into the library by a staff member. Jonathan has put on a sport coat for the occasion. They look around warily. Lex is standing by the fire, drink in hand.

Lex: Welcome. I'm delighted you decided to come.

Martha: (overwhelmed) Your house is very...

Lex: Large?

Jonathan: To put it mildly.

Lex: The word 'restraint' doesn't exist in my father's vocabulary.

Martha (confused): I'm sorry, are we... early?

Lex just smiles.

Jonathan (unhappily): I think we should go.

Martha: Wait, wait, Jonathan... (stops him with a hand on his arm) just because no one else came.

Jonathan: That is, if anyone else was even invited.

Martha: Oh, I don't think Lex would--

Lex: Actually, I would. I did. But only because I knew you wouldn't have come otherwise.

Jonathan gives him the cold shoulder. Martha senses Lex has made a bad move.

Lex: I know your farm's in trouble, Mr. Kent.

Jonathan looks over at Lex sharply.

Lex: Small town.

Jonathan: (approaches Lex) So you thought you would just take advantage of my family's problem.

Lex: No. I thought I could help.

Jonathan looks over at Martha.

Jonathan: Well, then I guess we're here to listen.

Lex smiles and takes another sip of his drink.


Lex's limo starts up and drives away from Lana's house. Clark, in his blue shirt, is playing with the buttons. Clark: I've never actually sat in a limo before tonight.

Lana: I did once. Nell got one to take us to the ballet. But it wasn't as nice as this.

Clark: Beats another night of defensive reading.

Lana glances over at him sharply.

Clark: You've done it since we were kids. Whenever the world gets disappointing, you retreat into a book. (when Lana doesn't answer, he gets quieter) There are worse things.

Lana (shaking her head): No, you're right. It's just... easier than dealing with my own life, you know what I mean?

Clark: (nods understandingly) I do the same thing with astronomy. I look at different worlds and wonder if my life would be better there.

Lana: You always seem to understand what I'm trying to say. How come you know so much?

Clark smiles broadly.

Clark: Magic.

Lana doesn't answer to that.

Clark: You don't believe in magic.

Lana shrugs. Clark glances around the limo.

Clark: I'll show you.

Leaning forward, he grabs a deck of cards from a pocket. He shuffles them quickly as Lana watches, amused. He fans them out for her.

Clark: Pick a card.

Lana: All right.

Lana picks a card and holds it face-down to her chest. Clark concentrates and uses his X-ray vision to see what the card is.

Clark: Three of hearts.

Lana laughs, impressed. She shows the card to Clark.

Lana: Full of surprises.

As she hands the card back to him, his hand brushes hers. It lingers, and they share a look. Then it becomes uncomfortably personal. Lana pulls back.

Lana: This is weird, huh? I felt like I had to explain tonight to Nell.

Clark: I spent the better part of the day convincing people this was *not* a date. (cagily) How about Whitney?

Lana (not happy): I didn't tell him.

Clark: You feeling guilty about that?

Lana: (shakes her head determinedly) He's hanging out with his friends, and I'm hanging out with mine.

Clark: Exactly.

Lana picks up a remote control and turns the TV on. It's the KRAC news.

Reporter: ...declined comment. And in Smallville tonight, (a picture of Jenna appears beside him) police are seeking seventeen-year-old Sean Kelvin...

The name catches Clark's immediate attention. Both watch, amazed and confused.

Reporter: ...after the mysterious death of fellow Smallville High student, Jenna Barnum, whose body was found early this afternoon...

Lana: Oh my god.

Reporter: Kelvin was last seen leaving the--

Clark climbs up toward the driver and yells at him urgently.

Clark: Stop the car!


Chloe is working in the Torch office. Her modem connects, and she checks her watch, unhappy. She hears a noise outside the office. Confused, she gets up. As she opens the door to the hallway, she hears another noise.

Chloe: Sean? Hello? Is that you?

Coming into the hallway, she sees a giant red arrow pointing at the floor in front of the lockers. Yellow rose petals are strewn in a trail leading down the hall. Intrigued, Chloe smiles.

Chloe: Okay, this is interesting.

She begins following the flower trail around a corner, enjoying the mystery.


The limo has stopped in front of the beanery. Lana and Clark get out. Lana is putting her jacket back on.

Lana: Clark, what's wrong?

Clark: Well, it's complicated. Can you hang out here for a while? I want you to be safe.

They walk across the sidewalk to nearer the tables.

Lana: Safe from what?

Clark: I promise I'll explain when I get back. Will you wait for me?

Lana: Sure.

Clark (earnestly): I just want you to know that this is the best non-date that I've ever had.

He smiles apologetically before rushing off. Lana stares after him, confused.


Chloe is following the flower trail. She approaches the pool area. There is a sign on the door that says, 'Come in please.' After peeking in, she goes inside hesitantly. The pool area is completely empty.

Chloe: Sean? What's goin' on? I agreed to a cappuccino.

No answer.

Chloe: If you think I'm skinny-dipping with you, try again, buddy.

Sean closes and locks the door behind her. She turns around to find him blue and shivering.

Sean: I'm sorry, Chloe. (intensely) I don't have a choice.

Chloe (scared): What happened to you?

Sean: I can't stay warm.

As Sean approaches her, Chloe backs away slowly.

Chloe: Well, why don't you just sit by a fire?

Sean: Because I only get a quick fix. Body heat lasts longer.

Sean makes a move toward her, but she falls in the pool behind her. Splashing and sputtering, she surfaces. Sean smiles menacingly and heads toward the edge. Chloe begins frantically swimming for the opposite side. Sean calmly crouches at the edge and puts his hands out over the water. The water's heat begins leeching into him and an ice sheet forms on the pool. It spreads toward where Chloe is just reaching the opposite side. Sean is enjoying the fix of heat. As Chloe tries to climb out, the ice reaches her, trapping her leg. She tugs futilely at the ice holding her still. Sean starts to walk across the ice toward her.

Sean: I promise it won't hurt, Chloe.

Still terrified and tugging, Chloe spots Clark approach the pool door and jiggle the handle.

Chloe: Clark!

Clark pulls the door open and runs across the deck to Chloe.

Chloe: Clark, help!

Clark: You okay?

He reaches her.

Chloe: My foot's stuck.

Clark punches through the ice and frees her leg. Sean seizes the opportunity and runs to Clark, grabbing him by the arm. Clark smacks Sean, throwing him across the icy pool. Clark turns his attention back to Chloe, who didn't see him throw Sean. He helps her up. Clark: You okay?

Clark helps the limping Chloe to the door and pushes her through it.

Clark: Go! Run!

He turns around to the pool, but the whole place is empty now. Sean is gone.



The Torch office. Chloe is seated at her computer, still wet. She's wearing Clark's jacket. Clark brings her a cup of hot coffee and sits perched on the edge of the desk.

Chloe: Did I thank you for that rescue yet?

Clark: I heard about Jenna on the news and I didn't want you to be next.

Chloe: (darkly amused) I finally find a guy I like and he turns out to be homicidal.

Clark: You deserved a lot better than Sean even before he... tried to kill you.

Chloe: That's sweet. (grimaces) I think.

Clark: Any idea what happened to him?

Chloe sets her coffee down and turns her attention to her computer screen.

Chloe: The only similar thing I can find is a medical condition where there's damage to the thermo-sensitive cells in the brain. The person literally can't stay warm. It's like a permanent case of hypothermia.

Clark leans over her chair to look at the screen.

Clark: So Sean's getting his heat where he can take it.

Chloe: Yeah. Preferably from high school girls.

Clark paces a couple of times behind the chair.

Chloe: But, I mean, you saw the pool. You take heat out of water, you get ice. He's like a-- he's like a battery that can't hold its charge. I...I think we should call for help.

Clark: I'll take care of that. We need to get you home.

Clark gathers Chloe up and escorts her from the desk. She stops him with an earnest hand on his arm.

Chloe: You--you have to believe me when I say that almost getting my heat sucked was not a passive-aggressive attempt to ruin your date.

Clark: (kicking himself mentally) Lana.


The Beanery. Pete and a girl come inside. The place is busy.

Pete: (gestures to a table) Let's sit right here.

GIRL: 'Kay.

He pulls out her chair as she sits at a table. He sees Lana nearby, book out, stirring a spoon idly in a hot drink.

PETE (to girl): I'll be right back.

GIRL: 'Kay.

As he approaches Lana, he sighs loudly.

Pete: Shouldn't you be fifth row center right about now?

Lana: (smiles) Hey, Pete.

Pete: (looking around) Where's Clark?

Lana: I don't know. He saw that news report about Jenna and he suddenly said he hand to run off.

PETE (seriously): I heard that, too. I always thought Sean was a good guy. Guess we don't know people as well as we think.

Lana: You've been friends with Clark for a long time. Is he always so...

PETE (smiling broadly): Clark-like?

Lana smiles back, and agrees.

Pete: Sometimes he's totally there and you think you know everything about him. And then there's this part that's...

Lana: Mysterious.

Pete: Yeah, that's it. Clark Kent, International Man of Mystery.

Lana: Well, whatever it was seemed important.

Pete: I can't believe there's anything more important to him than you.

Lana looks as though she doesn't know what to say. Before she answers Pete's comment, Whitney enters the coffee shop.

Whitney: Lana. What are you doing here?

Lana: Just reading.

Whitney (smiling at her): Pretty dressed up to be digging into a book.

Pete: (moving to leave) I'll catch up to you later.

Lana: Pete, why don't you take your date for a spin in the limo?

Pete stops near his table. At the mention of the limo, Whitney turns, surprised and confused, toward Lana.

Pete: (smiles) She's not a date, she's just my friend.

Lana: Either way, I won't be needing it.

Pete: Ooh, (considers it, then laughs) thanks.

Pete and the girl get up and leave.

Whitney (to Lana): What were you doin' in a limo?

Lana: Just hanging out with a friend. Could you take me home?

Whitney agrees, but senses something odd is going on around him.


Power substation, same night. Sean approaches, freezing again. He grasps the padlock to the gate and holds it until it freezes and shatters. He goes inside, looking at the power equipment.


The Beanery. Clark enters, rushed, looking around for Lana. She is nowhere to be seen.

Clark: This can't be happening.

The power browns out, flickering on and off. Patrons look around in confusion. Clark looks around knowingly.

Clark: Sean.

Clark leaves the coffee shop.


Power substation. Sean has ripped open a box and is holding two power cables, electricity dancing around his body. He groans as the electricity moves through him, presumably with its heat.


Lex's library. Jonathan and Lex are standing around talking, Martha seated next to Jonathan. Jonathan has a drink. The power begins to fluctuate. They look around confused. The lights come back on again.

Lex: Guess the generator works. The power must have blown. (to Jonathan) Where were we?

Jonathan walks to the nearby desk.

Jonathan: I believe you were explaining how you could single-handedly save the family farm.

Martha (chiding): Jonathan...

Lex: It's okay, Mrs. Kent. I understand your husband's skepticism. (turns toward Jonathan) Your farm's drowning in debt. We both know it. All I'm trying to do is offer you a hand, but you keep slapping it away.

Jonathan: I learned a long time ago from a man much smarter than myself that you need to solve your own problems.

Lex: Your father lived in different times. And he had his share of help.

Lex walks across the room. Jonathan eyes him warily.

Lex: Seems government subsidies carried him through a number of lean years.

Lex picks up a file from his desk. Intrigued, Martha gets up. Lex hands the files to her and Jonathan, who look through them, surprised.

Martha: Where did you get these?

Lex: It's a matter of public record.

Jonathan eyes Lex unhappily.

Lex (defensively): I'm making a business offer. I had to do my due diligence.

Jonathan (coldly): Why are you so interested in our family, Lex?

Lex walks away from them, across the room, his back to the Kents.

Lex: Your son brought me back from the dead, Mr. Kent. When he reached in and pulled me out, he gave me a new life. (turns back toward Jonathan) Your father put his family's future over his own pride. Are you willing to do that?


Whitney's truck, driving along a back road. Music is playing. Whitney looks across the cab at Lana, sighing unhappily. He's stewing about something. Lana stares out the window, also unhappy.

Whitney (reluctantly): I know this is probably one of those times I should just let things go, but... I'd kinda like to know what's going on.

Neither looks at the other.

Lana: You went out with your friends, so I went out with Clark. He invited me to a concert.

Whitney: So you two were just hangin' out.

Lana: Right.

Whitney: Is this some kind of test to see what I would do? Why didn't you just tell me?

Lana: (looking over at Whitney) Because I knew you'd overreact.

Whitney (upset): You went out on a date with another guy, and I'm overreacting.

Lana: It wasn't a date. Clark's a friend, that's it.

Whitney starts to say something, but Lana yells.

Lana: Whitney, look out!

In the headlights, a person is waving in the road.

Whitney: Sean!

Whitney slams on the brakes.

Whitney: Hold on!

Sean dives out of the way as Whitney's truck skids off the road into the ditch. Glass shatters. Sean stands up again, cold and in pain. He looks toward the truck, then heads off the other direction. Cut to interior of truck. Smoke is coming out of the hood. The back window has shattered. Lana and Whitney look around, shocked.

Whitney: Lana, are you okay?

Lana: My ankle hurts. I think I twisted it. (looks back toward road) Where did Sean go?

Whitney: (frantically unbuckling his seatbelt) I don't know, but I gotta get you somewhere safe.

Whitney gets out his side and hurries around the back of the truck to help Lana out her side. She is limping, and he supports her. They climb back onto the road.

Whitney: You all right? (looks across the field, where lights can be seen in the distance) C'mon, over there. Those lights are over at the Luthor house. It's just down the road.

They head toward the lights.


Lex's library. Lex is stoking the fire. Jonathan and Martha are sitting across the room together.

Martha: So you would give us the latest farming equipment and technology.

Jonathan: All in exchange for our independence.

Lex: My influence would be minimal, but existing, yes. It's a partnership.

Jonathan: We could get a loan.

Lex walks to the drinks tray and pours drinks.

Lex: Or you could allow me to help you get to the point where you never need someone like me again.

Martha (to Jonathan): I'll admit it looks generous.

Lex turns, carrying two brandies (?).

Lex (confidently): It is.

Jonathan: Which begs the question, "What does Lex Luthor get out of all this?"

Lex hands the drinks to the Kents.

Lex: I believe there's profit to be made. I'm not exactly in the charity business.

Jonathan (snidely): Like father, like son.

Lex: Take some time to think about it. (Lex walks back to pick up his drink) I'm sure you'll see the benefits outweigh your other options. (Toasts with glass) To the future.

They are interrupted by the door opening. Someone lets in the limping Lana and Whitney. Everyone stands, surprised by their arrival.

Martha: Lana!

Whitney: She's okay.

Martha (worried): Where's Clark?


Clark rushes in super-speed through the woods. He stops at Whitney's crashed truck, looking around worriedly. He opens the driver's side door and checks inside, but it's empty. As he's looking in, Sean grabs him on the arm. Clark yells as his heat begins getting sucked out of him. As he falls to the ground, Sean pinks up. Sean looks evilly down at Clark, on the ground.

Sean: Thanks for the warm-up, Clark.

Sean looks up, seeing the lights of the Luthor mansion down the road. He smiles, heading off in that direction. He steps over Clark -- we now see he's a Clarksicle on the ground, frosty and blue.



Lex's library. Whitney and Lana are sitting by the fire, looking slightly awkward with each other. Lex brings them some hot cocoas.

Lex: This kid sounds dangerous. I've got the gate down and the alarm on. You're staying here until they find Sean. (looks meaningfully at Lana) Sorry about your date.

Lana and Whitney exchange odd looks at the statement. Across the room near the desk, Jonathan hangs up a phone.

Jonathan (quietly, to Martha): No. I'm still gettin' the answering machine at home.

Martha (earnestly): Remind me I don't have to worry.

Jonathan (whispering): He's Clark, Martha.

The power starts flickering. They all look upward at the lights.


Outside Lex's mansion, Sean has his hand on the generator. He's soaking up the power, getting a fix. But the generator quickly freezes over and stops working.


The Clarksicle is still on the ground near the crash site. One ice-encrusted hand begins to slowly move. A small puff of breath escapes and Clark's eyes pop open. He takes a great gasp of air, surprised and coughing.


Lex's library. Lana and Whitney look worriedly at each other. Candles and firelight fill the room. Lex enters by flashlight.

Lex: Here you go.

Lex hands Jonathan one of two flashlights in his hand. Jonathan turns it on.

Jonathan: Thanks. I'll go check the front gate.

Jonathan leaves, Lex protesting after him.

Lex (to the departing Jonathan): It should be secure.

Martha has the other flashlight.

Martha: I'll check the generator. Where is it?

Lex: It's on the side of the house, but I can get it--

Martha walks hurriedly away, grabbing her coat from the couch, leaving Lex with the kids. Whitney puts an arm around Lana. Lex sighs.


Martha is on the side of Lex's house. She jogs down an embankment and finds the generator housing by flashlight. She bangs at it with the butt of her light. It's frozen solid. Sean approaches from behind her, frozen blue again.

Sean (smiling menacingly): Hello.

Startled, Martha turns. In the flashlight beam, she sees Sean.

Martha: Are you Sean?

Sean (still smiling evilly): Yes, ma'am. (he approaches Martha)

Martha (scared): What do you want?

Sean: Who, me? I just wanna get warm.

Clark runs toward them in super-speed.

Clark: Get away from her, Sean.

Martha: Clark...

Clark walks in front of Martha, facing Sean.

Clark: Go in the house, Mom.

Martha hesitates.

Clark: Go, now.

Martha jogs up the embankment, looking worriedly over her shoulder at them.

Sean (incredulous): That's your mom? She's hot! (laughs)

Clark: Sean, you have to get to a hospital.

Sean: Oh, what are they gonna do? Put me under an electric blanket? I need heat, Clark. Contact. That's the only thing that's gonna work for me. Every person's another fix.

Clark takes several steps closer to Sean.

Clark: You're not gettin' into that house.

Sean: Who's gonna stop me? You? (feigns being cold) Ooh, brrr!

Sean takes a swing at Clark, who ducks and grabs a pipe from the generator housing. He clocks Sean with it, sending Sean flying backward across the clearing. Clark drops the pipe and runs toward where Sean will land. Sean crashes into a big piece of garden statuary, breaking it on the ground, as he lands. As Clark approaches the clearing, he sees the broken ornament, but Sean is gone. He looks around, including across the lake nearby. Sean jumps Clark from behind. They struggle, Sean trying to suck Clark's heat. Trying to throw Sean off as his heat is being drained, Clark flips them both to the ground. Sean lands on top of the weakened Clark.

Sean: I don't know what it is about you, Clark. (happy) I haven't felt this good in two days.

Clark eyes the lake beside them.

Sean: And when I'm done with you, there's your mom, your dad... and Lana...

Clark (angry): I'll never let you hurt them.

With a super-shove, Clark throws Sean off him. Sean hurtles through the air to land in the middle of the lake. Immediately, the water begins to freeze over. Clark gets up and sees it happening. As he reaches the water's edge, the whole lake freezes over. He stares in. Sean is frozen, trapped beneath the ice.


Kent farm. In the barn, Jonathan is working on his motorcycle. Lex enters.

Lex: Good morning. I heard you took out a bank loan today.

Jonathan: Did you?

Lex: After our conversation the other night, I was, frankly, surprised. (leans on a worktable) You despise me that much?

Jonathan: Believe it or not, Lex, (walks around the bike toward Lex) some things actually have nothing to do with you. (walks back around the other side of the bike) I decided to bet on my family.

Lex: You're betting with Clark's future. I'm just trying to ensure it.

Jonathan: So am I.

Lex: With the bank? They'll kill you with interest while waiting for you to fail.

Jonathan (seriously): At least with the bank, I know where I stand.

Lex: I know you don't believe me, but I genuinely want to help you.

Jonathan just nods.

Lex: When you change your mind, my offer still stands.

Lex leaves the barn.


Smallville High. A shrine to Jenna is set up. Candles burn, and flowers and personalized notes fill the wall and table around a big picture of a smiling Jenna. Chloe leaves a candle, staring thoughtfully at the picture. Clark and Pete approach.

Clark: You okay?

Chloe: Yeah. (clearly not okay) The memorial service is tomorrow.

They all look reflectively at the shrine.

Chloe: Just think, y'know, that could have been me. (sighs) All because some guy expressed a modicum of interest in me. (chuckles darkly) I thought I was stronger than that.

Chloe moves away from the shrine. Pete rubs her back comfortingly as they begin walking down the hall.

Clark: Everybody's searching for their soul mate, Chloe. It's not a sign of weakness.

PETE (amused): I can't believe both your dates went straight to hell and I ended up with the limo.

Clark: How was that?

Pete: Sweet. I've already hooked up with another date for next weekend.

Chloe: I'm swearing off men.

Clark: We're not all bad.

Pete: Maybe you should just swear off heat-sucking horndogs.

Pete pokes Chloe in the tummy until she laughs and pushes him away.

Chloe: Yeah, well, the next time a guy asks me out, I'm definitely doing an in-depth background check.

Clark stops as he spots Lana at her locker down the hall. Pete and Chloe follow his line of sight.

Chloe: C'mon, Pete. Clark will catch up with us later.

Chloe nods to Clark, and she and Pete leave. Clark takes a moment, then heads over to Lana.

Clark: Lana!

Lana turns, surprised.

Clark: Hey, how's your ankle?

Lana: It's better, thanks.

Clark smiles.

Lana: You never came back the other night.

Clark (awkwardly): Well, I-- I did, but you were gone. I'm sorry. I wanted things to work out differently.

Lana (reassuringly): Don't worry about it.

Clark: I was thinking maybe we could, you know, try again sometime. How 'bout Saturday?

Lana: Whitney's taking me to the city. He's got the whole day planned. (amused) I think our non-date freaked him out.

Clark: What'd you tell him?

Lana: The truth. That we're just friends.

Clark is disappointed. He nods silently. The bell rings.

Lana: I have to go.

She closes her locker and starts to leave. Clark turns around and calls her name, stopping her.

Clark: Lana... Why *do* you go out with him? Whitney, I mean?

Lana thinks for a second, gathering her thoughts.

Lana: Because whenever I need him, he's there. Guess he makes me feel safe.

Clark is speechless. Lana turns and walks down the hall. Clark doesn't move, as she walks away and the hallway empties until he's alone.

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