Kyla: It's the legend of Naman. My ancestors have passed down this story for generations. (There are primitive drawings on the wall) They said it had been written in the earth long ago, but nobody ever knew where it was until now. Thank you.

Clark: Sure, no problem.

Kyla: You don't understand. My grandfather's been searching for this wall his whole life. It was prophesied that Naman would fall from the skies in a rain of fire. (She shines her light on a crude drawing of a man falling from the sky) They say that Naman will have the strength of ten men and will be able to start fires with his eyes. (There is another drawing of a man shooting fire from his eyes) It probably sounds silly.

Joseph: According to the legend, a man came from the stars and fell in love with the mother of our people. Out of that forbidden affair, the Kawatche people were born.

Clark: Do you know which star he came from?

Joseph: The legend only tells that he left one day and flew back into the sky, promising he would send another.

Jonathan: And that would be this Naman person you've been talking about, right?

Joseph: Yes. Of course, that was 500 years ago. He's a little late.

Our people don't have a written language. I've seen a symbol here or there on artifacts, but never in a pattern before.

Just ‘cause something's a myth doesn't make it not true. Here. (She takes his hand and points his finger to the sky) Do you see the bright one right there? If you follow the stars around it, it makes the shape of a wolf's head. (She puts his hand down on the window ledge and rests her hands on top of it) See how one of the eyes is missing? Our ancestors say that there used to be a star there. That's where Naman came from.

It promises that one day Naman will protect the entire world.

It's Ziget. He's like a brother to Naman. (There is a drawing of a creature with two heads) Legend has it, one day he'll turn against Naman, and together they'll be the balance between good and evil.

She takes a picture of it.

Clark: (Seeing a picture of a woman with a turquoise square beneath her) Who's that?

Kyla: It's the woman he's destined to be with. (Kyla touches the wall and we see the same turquoise square on her bracelet. Clark notices) That was handed down through the women in my family. I don't even know how old it is.

The visitor from the stars supposedly brought special green stones, and they had really strange effects on the people. That's when they said the first skinwalkers appeared.