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Screen Caps Courtesy of Debchan
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Smallville Fact Checker: (Note: Character names/spellings are taken from the Official WB website, where possible. Some information gathered from The Smallville Ledger* and The Smallville Torch* (school paper). Also, the re-broadcast of the Premiere ep, (which is the only version I have on tape) was edited, leaving out some bits. I saw it, but I didn't tape it. Any facts from there that I've missed, please let me know at maygra@wordsmiths.net.

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*Just a note: I'm taking the Ledger and the Torch as canon until they directly contradict something in the broadcast episodes. They will be marked as sources, so if you want to disregard, hey...I'm just the geek with the website. <G>

Screen Caps by Debchan
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Updated 12/6/2001
General Facts: Episode/Source Comments:
1. The meteor shower hit Smallville in 1989, during homecoming. (October) Premiere .
2. The series starts 12 years after the meteor shower (or 2001, homecoming.) Premiere The credits actually say "Today" so erring on the side of broadcast dates...the series starts on October 16, 2001 in the US.
3. Creekside Foundry was hit in the meteor shower. Metamorphosis It seems to have been hit pretty hard and was probably abandoned shortly afterward as no sign of any real clean up from the strike, is seen.
4. Smallville's population is 25,001 at the time of the meteor strike and is the "Creamed Corn Capital of the World" Premiere .
5. In 2001, the population of Smallville is 45,001 and is the "Meteor Capital of the world." Premiere .
6. The Field where the chosen "Scarecrows" are strung up, is called Riley field. Premiere It might be postulated that there is a farmer named Riley somewhere in the general area and his farm isn't too far from the high school.
7. The Smallville Farmer's Market is open every Saturday from 8 a.m.. to 1 p.m.. Classifieds:
Smallville Ledger
8. The previous principal's name was Rupert Giordano (before Kwan) he left for the greener pastures of the Topeka School System. The Smallville Torch .
9. The coffee shop in Smallville is called the "Beanery" Hothead .
10. Yet another coffee shop...Talo? Cool .
11. Metropolis is pretty close to Smallville, close enough to go on a date. Cool .
12. We know that Clark hangs out at night, that the teenagers in Smallville congregate sans adults. Cool .
13. The Price of a cup of regular coffee at the Beanery is $2.75. Specialty drinks range form 1.25 (small. Espresso) to 3.25 (for a large shot in the dark.) Hourglass .
14. The Metropolis Music conservatory closed in the 1970 Hourglass .
Clark Kent: Episode/Source Comments:
1. The Kent's home phone number is 555-0145 they Live on Hickory Lane, Smallville, Kansas. No house number. Premiere .
2. Clark has a very cool computer -- which he scans very quickly (or he has a serious eye twitch problem) Premiere .
3. The Kents grow organic produce. Metamorphosis .
4. Jonathan Kent has the spaceship Clark arrived in, buried in the storm cellar. Metamorphosis .
5. The truck Lex gives Clark is (at best guess) a Ford F-250 Superduty, est. cost $30,000. Premiere Best Guess courtesy KN's husband. <G>
6. Clark is a member of the Philosophy, Astronomy, computer and Key Clubs at school The Smallville Torch.
7. Clark recently rebuilt his father's 1952 classic Ford Tractor (most issues of that tractor were red and white) The Smallville Torch.
(Web search on farm equipment for sale or rent)
8. When Clark and Lana meet and talk in the cemetery, the moon appears to be full or nearly so Premiere In actuality, on October 16, 2001, there was a new moon over most of the US. (It was full on October 16, 1997, though. Hmmm.)
9. Clark and Pete Ross played with Greg Arken as children, until they were about 13 or 14 years old. Metamorphosis This is a little odd bit of dates maneuvering. Clark states that Greg stopped calling he and Pete to play after 7th grade, when his parents got divorced. It's possible he was a year older or a grade ahead of Pete and Clark, because otherwise, based on standard enrollment ages, that would have made it oh, the year before the series starts -- which Clark doesn't say -- not "last year", but "after 7th grade". It seems as though it had been while -- so I'm having some trouble making Clark's supposed age fit the facts we have.
10. Clark reveals to Jonathan that the meteor rocks are what affects him Hothead But he doesn't say much else. However, he does still have enough strength to throw rocks at the Sauna door -- until he passes out -- but it only takes him a few seconds to recover once he's away form them. He's also sweating, but that could be from the steam of the sauna as opposed to a reaction to the meteor.
11. Clark knows he's adopted. Hothead Okay, so maybe he knew before Jonathan told him about where he came from, but this is the first time Clark says it.
12. Clark's assigned Crows jersey at practice is #89 and is assigned to play tailback. Hothead .
13. Clark, because of his gifts, was not allowed in playgroups or to play little league as a child. Hothead .
14. Clark first tells Pete that he knew Tina's mother was in the cabinet because he can see through the door, and Pete scoffs, but then when Pete asked what he thinks happened, Clark says broken neck -- which Pete stares at him for...then Clark jokes it off... X-ray Significant only because I think Clark really wants to tell Pete about his superpowers.
15. We know that Clark can tell his parents that he's going somewhere without actually *asking* them to go first. Cool .
16. Clark appears to have some gift at being able to math calculations very quickly in his head. Cool Either that or he's snooping in his parents bank records
17. Expresses a fear of being left alone Hourglass .
18. Lies to Lex about emembering anything else from the accident -- without flinching, hesitation or dissembling . .
Lana Lang Episode/Source Comments:
1. Lana was three when her parents were killed. Premiere She was also dressed up as if it were halloween.
2. Lana's Aunt Nell gave her the meteor necklace on the day she officially adopted her niece. Metamorphosis .
3. The meteor fragment Lana wears is part of the meteor that killed her parents. Metamorphosis .
4. She is a Cheerleader, homecoming Queen in 2001, on the Equestrian team and Volunteers at Smallville Nursing Home; cheerleading squad took first place at summer camp; 4-H State Fair Red Ribbon - Horsemanship 14-18 The Smallville Torch.
(Yes, homecoming queen. Ostensibly as a freshman.)
5. When Lana was ten (1996) she went to Metropolis for a riding competition and she and her aunt stayed with the Luthors. Her first impression of Lex was memorable, but not necessarily favorable. Metamorphosis .
6. Lana's Aunt Nell Lang is a member of the garden club and runs a flower shop in downtown Smallville. Metamorphosis Apparently, everyone who is anyone in Smallville is a member of the garden club.
7. Lana's Parents names were Lewis (1957-1989) and Laura (1959-1989). Premiere .
8. Lana's Aunt Nell sold the Luthors "a ton of land". Premiere In response to Whitney expressing amazement that she (Nell) was "in with the Luthors."
9. When Clark and Lana meet and talk in the cemetery, the moon appears to be full or nearly so. Premiere In actuality, on October 16, 2001, there was a new moon over most of the US. (It was full on October 16, 1997, though. Hmmm.)
10. Lana loses her job at the "Beanery" the same week she gets it. Hothead Extrapolating again. If game nights are Fridays or Saturdays and the Coach sees Clark catch and throw on the following Monday, and expects him to play in the Game Friday -- and at his first practice, Lana has gone to work as a waitress.
11. Lana's Mother and Aunt were both cheerleaders in school. Hothead .
12. Lana's mother was the Valedictorian of the class of 1977. The speech began with "I never made a difference here. Maybe my children can." The full address was apparently controversial enough for the school not to reprint it in the school paper. X-ray .
13. Lana is no longer wearing her Kryptonite necklace all the time Cool Postulation: After hearing her mother's graduation address, Lana no longer needs externals to remind her. (Plus, Clark falling over his feet every time he gets near her would get old fast .)
14. Lana's grandparent (?) moved to Smallville 1938, took over a couple of dustbowl farms when land was cheap. Hourglass .
15. Lana thought getting into highschool would let her start putting her past , and the death of her parents behind her. Hourglass .
Lex Luthor Episode/Source Comments:
1. Lex claims his mother gave him the lead box before she died -- supposedly the lead lined box was made from St. George's armor. Metamorphosis .
2. The Luthors own the "Metropolis Sharks" professional football team. Premiere .
3. Lex was nine when the meteor hit -- which makes him 21 at the time of the series. Premiere .
4. Used an Asthma inhaler as a child Premiere .
5. Lex's Porsche (the one he arrives on scene in) has a vanity plate "LEX" registered in Metropolis U.S.A. The date is "01". . I'd swear that Porsche changes color. When Lex arrives at Luthor Corp Fertilizer Plant No. 3, it looks kind of pale silver-blue, but during the wreck, but the car he's driving when he hits the fence wire looks dark blue -- as the car goes into the river it's silver blue again. Could be a trick of the light but it was weird.
6. The truck Lex gives Clark is (at best guess) a Ford F-250 Superduty, est. cost $30,000. Premiere Best Guess courtesy KN's husband. <G>
7. Has a private fencing instructor named Heike or Heidi Premiere I'm guessing she doesn't live in Smallville and I'm really none to sure on the name -- that's what it sounds like.
8. Drinks cappuccino Hothead Well, that's what he orders (and doesn't get) at the place Lana works.
9. Apparently had a thing with "Dominic's" sister. Hothead But we don't know what kind of thing...
10. Lex graduated summa cum laude with a BS in biochemical engineering from Princeton and is on hiatus from his graduate work at Yale. Luthor Corp Website .
11. Lex has a juvenile record, including some incident at Club Zero in Metropolis. X-Ray .
12. States his father is "Obsessed" with the Daily Planet. X-ray I'm assuming that is the same Daily Planet, in Metropolis that the adult Clark Kent eventually goes to work for.
13. there is a Lake on the Luthor property. Cool.
14. Lex has a manservant/butler Cool But we don't know his name yet.
15. all indications are that Lex is left handed & he drinks his scotch neat Cool Go Zoe <G>
16. Lex tells Clark he had experts go over the wrecked Porsche and they said the impact couldn't take the roof of like it did and Clark lies. Hourglass .
17. Lex's new Porsche has a vanity place that says "LEX1" Hourglass .
Whitney Fordman Episode/Source Comments:
1. Plays Quarterback of the Varsity Football Team, (the Crows). He also plays on the Basketball and Baseball team. The Smallville Torch .
2. Orders Pay Per View fights with his friends. Cool .
Chloe Sullivan Episode/Source Comments:
1. Editor, The Torch writer, Writer, The Smallville High Yearbook Committee. Clubs: Young Authors' Club, Journalism, Computer The Smallville Torch
2. Chloe is working on her "semi-annual" rant on "Where are pour Priorities" and transcribed the previous year's Graduation speech. X-ray Which argues for the fact that Chloe has been in high school prior to the current year -- and is possibly a year or so older than Clark and Pete.
3. Can swim. Cool .
4. Chloe's father's name is Gabe. he is the Plant manager at Luthor Corp Fertilizer plant 3 Craving .
Peter Ross Episode/Source Comments:
1. Athletics: Varsity Football. Clubs: Journalism, Key Club, Torch Photographer. Recent Achievements: Participated in high school state academic decathlon The Smallville Torch .
Jonathan Kent Episode/Source Comments:
1. Played defensive tailback for the Smallville Football team in High School. Metamorphosis
Well, he says he hasn't seen a defense like that since he played. <G> . Clark is assigned to play Jonathan's "old position" during his brief stint on the football team.
2. Met Martha in Metropolis. Hothead .
3. Jonathan is terribly sentimental. Hothead "Son, I am happy when you wake up in the morning." 'nuff said.
4. Jonathan's father also played football Hothead .
5. Martha and Jon think that Clark can't be hurt, that there's no need to worry if he's out late. Cool .
6. The Kents needed to take out a bank loan to cover debt. Cool .
7. Jonathan's father's name was Hiram Hourglass .
Martha Kent Episode/Source Comments:
1. Can't have children................................................................. Premiere This is kind of a supposition based on the conversation she and Jonathan have leaving Smallville right before the meteor shower.
2. Lived in Metropolis until she met Jonathan, got swept off her feet and returned with him to Smallville. . Originally, I had that Martha and Jonathan had known each other since at least the beginning of high school, which I thought was logical from the conversation they had in the kitchen during Hothead. I've since been informed that sometime in the first 13 eps, we'll discover that Martha isn't from Smallville after all...
3. Knows her way (by implication) around a fuel powered generator. Cool .
Lionel Luthor Episode/Source Comments:
1. Gave Lex a model set of the siege of Troy to teach him strategy. Metamorphosis .
2. The newspaper being read by Lionel Luthor reads "Queen Industries CEO Missing, Presumed Dead." . According to Kryptonsite, this may be a reference to Oliver Queen, comics' "Green Arrow."
3. Has apparently published books on tape. Hothead .
4. Lionel Luthor's toady #1 is named Dominic. Both Luthor and Lex call Luthor's assistants "drones". Hothead .
5. Graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Chemistry from Princeton. Holds dual Ph.D.s in biochemical engineering and macro economic modeling from Yale. Luthor Corp Website .
6. Is Chairman and CEO of Luthor Corp, an international agribusiness conglomerate. Luthor Corp Website .
Episode/Source Other characters/Ep facts Comments:
Premiere: Jeremy Creek:
1. Was the chosen "Scarecrow" in 1989. After the Meteor shower, he was found in a coma in the cornfield, suffering form a massive electrolyte imbalance. He didn't wake up until the power in the institution he was in went out, 12 years later. He did not appear to have aged at all during that time.
End of Episode: Alive, aged (we surmise) and likely to be sent back to the mental health facility.
Premiere: Nell Lang:
1. Lana's Aunt and legal guardian. We're assuming by her name that she is Lana's father's sister.
2. Apparently had or still has a thing for Jonathan Kent.
Metamorphosis: Greg Arken:
1. Greg Arken didn't move to Smallville until after the meteor shower
2. Greg's parents got divorced while he was in the 7th grade
3. Greg's Mother is/was a member of the Garden club with Nell Lang.
4. Greg crashes on what looks like Rural Route 19, Kansas.
(4) I think that's a RR sign rather than a state road, but I could be wrong...Kansas is kind of a rectangle
1. The Smallville Torch
James Kwan (Principal, Smallville High School)
1. As of the airing of "Hothead" October 30, 2001, Principal James Kwan had been Smallville's principal for 6 months. He was the former Metropolis High Assistant Principal
2. Kwan threatens to suspend the players the Monday following the game in the opening teaser.
3. Kwan drives a straight shift sedan.
End of episode: Still in hospital but expected to recover.
Hothead Coach Walter Arnold
1. Coach Walter Arnold has been teaching/coaching at Smallville High for 25 years. He's won 199 games in that time (or his team has). He's called Coach Walt.
2. The Smallville High School Alumni association gave the coach the sauna five years before this episode.
3. There were 7 members of the Crows involved in the cheating incident.
4. Other Team members of the Crows are Donner and Trevor (the one who reported the cheating)
End of Episode: Engulfed in flames at the High School locker rooms.
X-Ray Tina Grier (sp?)
1. Was born with a soft bone disease that doctors expected would kill her before she grew up, but it cleared up after the meteor shower.
2. Her Mother's name was Rose and she owned an Antique store in Smallville.
End of Episode: Unconscious under a tree a the Smallville cemetary.
X-ray Roger Nixon (Nicks?)
1. Works for the Inquisitor
2. Has a brother who works for the juvenile court in Metropolis.
End of Episode: Alive, and apparently working for Lex.
Cool Sean Kelvin
1. Played football.
2. Played the field.
3. Should have taken up ice hockey. (Okay, it's a cheap shot. We didn't get much on him)
4. His ex girlfriend's name is Jenna Barnam.
End of Episode: Encased in ice at Lex Luthor's lake
Hourglass Cassandra Carver
1. Lost her sight and gained her clairvoyance when the meteors fell and her optic nerve was seared by an impact flash.
Harry Volk
1. Goes by the name Harry Volston in the retirement center.
2. Was up for a full scholarship in the Metropolis conservatory in the 1940's.
Zoe Garfield
1. Works at the Beanery. (It says so, right on her apron.)
Jim Gage
1. Son of Randolph Gage (who was one of the jurors at Volk's trial).
2. Owns three car dealerships.
End of Episode:
  • Cassandra is dead, cause unknown, after seeing Lex's future
  • Harry is last seen, buried in loose corn in one of the Kent's grain silos.
  • Zoe is alive and well
  • Jim is dead, blindfolded and strangled by piano wire.
  • Craving Jody Melville .
    Speculative Comments: Episodes Back up data
    Smallville has an abundance of people who routinely carry flashlights. Premiere
    1. Lex has one in his car when he finds clark in the cornfield in the Premiere.
    2. Jonathan has one in his back pocket when he's in the barn working on the tiller blades and Clark gets one from somewhere in his "Fortress of solitude" when he and Jonathan are looking for Greg.
    Clark's age: I have a problem with the fact that most Freshmen are 14-15 years old, and Clark, in no way, looks that young. My speculation is that he's actually 16-17. Guessing that he may have been anywhere from 3-5 years old when he arrived on Earth, probably spoke another language -- it's possible that he is a year or so behind in school. Sixteen minimally, possibly even 17 at a stretch. Now, Lana, Chloe and Pete, I can buy being 15-16. Premiere None and generally I dislike mixing characters and actors, but I'm really having a hard time buying actor Tom welling as a 15 year old, even an unusually tall one.
    Clothes: You have to kind of guess that the Kent's do okay in the Organic Farm business, the way Clark goes through clothes. They do seem remarkably durable, though. Premiere
    Clark shreds the sleeve of his flannel shirt and undershirt in the Premiere. In Metamorphosis, he takes on the fireball with some singeing -- which is possible. A quick flash of intense heat may not immediately cause clothing to catch fire, but it will char the fibers to the point they will disintegrate shortly thereafter. (Still would have been nice to see his back <G>).
    Clark's powers as "Superboy": Which he isn't yet, in terms of the series, but because it came up, this is what I recall from the comics and the series and all that Jazz - starting with what we've seen in the series:

    Invulnerability: His body is impervious to most things, like blows, bullets, heat, fire, crushing, solar radiation, chipper-shredders, and being struck by Porsches at 60 mph, re-entry and impact into the earth in a really tiny spaceship.

    Speed: The boys is fast. You know the line "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound." At some point in the comic series, he broke the speed, light and time barriers. I don't actually recall who won the race when he got into it with The Flash, though.

    Strength: Plenty strong, locomotives and all that. In the comic incarnation, he lifted a truck off the Kents when they met him. He could crush coal into diamonds, stop planes in mid air (and not drop them) and keep meteors from slamming into the earth.

    . I'm only including here what we've actually seen demonstrated or mentioned in the series. That he reads super-fast (or more quickly than any human can learn to do) we can only speculate, on at this point.
    Accidental Death or Fatal Justice?
  • Premiere: If you don't count the people who died in the meteor shower (and the only ones we absolutely know about are Lana's parents) the three guys Jeremy Creek Went after may have survived the attacks. And Jeremy did too -- although he regained a few years. and then there's Lex...who did die but came back.

  • Metamorphosis: Mrs. Arken succumbed to her son's altered instincts. Greg himself is most likely dead...or he may get resurrected by the colony of insects that scattered after he wa crushed.

  • Hothead: Principal Kwan will Survive, so will Trevor. But the Coach is gone...so, Clark, Accidental death or Fatal Justice?

  • X-ray: Rose Grier takes the accidental death fall. Many people are scared.

  • Cool: Popsicle boy kills Jenna, manages to scare Chloe and causes Whitney to crash yet another truck. Lana gets an twisted ankle. Sean returns to the ice from whence he came.

  • Hourglass:
  • All Eps Through "Cool" Clark's Scores:
  • Premiere:
  • 2 dead at pre-show. (Lana's Parents)
  • 1 dead and broguht back. (Lex)
  • 3 injuries. (Former Smallville HS football players)
  • 1 recovery (Jeremy)
    • Clark is 0 for 6
  • Metamorphosis:
  • 2 dead. (Mrs. Arken and Greg)
  • Whitney gets minor injuries.
  • Lana gets webbed.
  • Clark is 1 for 2 (Okay, he didn't kill Greg, but he didn't save him either.)
  • Hothead:
  • 1 dead. (Coach Arnold)
  • 1 serious injury. (Principal Kwan)
  • 1 minor injury. (Trevor)
    • Clark at 1 for 1 and this was less of a save than with Greg.
  • X-Ray:
  • 1 dead. (Rose Grier)
  • 1 injury serious enough for "Tina won't be able to hurt anyone again." (Tina)
    • No scoring
  • Cool:
  • 2 dead -- or three. (Sean, Jenna, Sean again)
  • No serious injuries to linger.
    • I'm thinking Sean died twice: Once when he became popsicle boy and Clark wasn't there to save him, then when Clark tossed him into the lake -- and Clark didn't try to save him.
    • We aren't scoring for wrecked cars and trucks...but we are up to 4: Lex's porsche. Greg's VW Beetle. Whitney's Truck. Whitney's other Truck (although it may just need body work. I wouldn't want to be paying his insurance rates.)
  • Hourglass:
  • 2 dead - Jim Gage, killed by the Villain of the Week (VotW), and Cassandra Carver who died of more or left natural causes.
    • No scoring
  • Craving:
  • 1 dead deer

  • Scoring:
    Accidental Deaths involving Clark: 1 (Greg)
    Fatal Justice involving Clark: 2 (Coach Arnold and Sean)

    . . .
    Eventually I hope to have either synopses or transcripts for the eps, but for now, this section is mostly for episode stuff that doesn't really fit in any other category, like soundracks, or observations, air dates, miscellany.
    Episode Information Comments:
    Written by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar
    Directed by David Nutter
  • Aired October 16, 2001 (rebroadcast as a two hour movie with "Metamorphosis" with edits on Sunday Oct. 28th in my area)
  • In which we meet Clark, his parents, Lex, Lionel, Lana, Whitney, Pete and Chloe and establish all pertinent relationships in a pretty nifty package. We have Clark establish the following super powers: Speed, Strength and invulnerability.
    Written by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar
    Directed by Michael Watkins and Philip Sgriccia
  • Aired October 23, 2001
  • In which Clark's further weakness in the face of Kryptonite is revealed.
    Written by Greg Walker
    Directed by Greg Beeman
  • Aired October 30, 2001
  • Lex, Lana and Clark meet at the Beanery on a Thursday night.
  • The continuity of this episode in relation to the others made me a little nuts. Clark joins the team in the 2nd to the last game or therabouts, and since the previous week was homecoming -- that makes for a really short football season. However, someone pointed out to me that the WB may have aired these out of order for some reason (order of shooting continuity) which means, originally this ep would have shown later in the season. Otherwise, if you take the timeline as aired, then there's a few weeks between the Premiere/ Metamorphosis and this ep...but I guess either way, there would have been.

    Update: I got a note from a Friend (waving at KR) who pointed out that in X-Ray, Tina mentions that first Lana quits the cheerleading squad and then is cleaning up the garage -- meaning "X-Ray" was to air after "Hothead"....which means these eps are in order at the vey least

    Powers revealed: We also get to see the precursor to the ability to fly and that Clark has a pretty accurate throwing arm, be it footballs or rocks.

    Written by Mark Verheiden
    Directed by James Frawley
  • Aired November 6, 2001.
  • Power revealed: x-ray vision and the durability of his clothes. (Yet again.)

    We also discover that Lex can be quite the manipulator and is probably not someone you want to cross unless you have nothing to lose.

    Written by Michael Green.
    Directed by Jim Contner
  • Aired November 13, 2001
  • I have not nearly the wit of Omar at MightyBigTv.com. , but I liked this ep. We learned that Clark can be rendered unconscious, feel pain -- as in serious pain and not queasiness or momentary lack of breath. He can do math really fast in his head.

    Other that that: The willing suspension of disbelief adage is getting pushed to its limits. Whitney is totally an airhead (possible) to not notice that one of his friends like vanishes. Granted Sean was under the ice, but still...

    Written by Doris Egan
    Directed by Chris Long
  • Aired November 20, 2001.
  • Finally an episode where Clarks clothes sustain some damage!. the back of his jacket is torn and scorched from the friction of the truck when he's protecting Zoe.
    Written by Michael Green.
    Directed by Phil Sgriccia
  • Aired November 26, 2001
  • More General Info:

    Most US public Schools use the following Age/Grade arrangement. It can vary slightly state to state, and when a child is born is important. Also, in some smaller communities "High School" often starts in the 8th grade -- the 8th graders are called "Sub-Freshman" or "Subbies" so, it's possible that Clark and his friends, who seem to be pretty established, if still awkward, have been there for a year. It also seems likely that Chloe may be a year older or a grade ahead of Clark and Pete, since she is already Editor of the school paper when the series starts, a post usually reserved for upperclassmen.

    The break down would be that Elementary School is grades 1-7 and high School is grades 8-12.

    Grade 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
    Age 6-7 7-8 8-9 9-10 10-11 11-12 12-13 13-14 14-15 15-16 16-17 17-18