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  • Daughter of multinational industrialist Sir Harry Hardwick (Rogue)

  • Has known Lex a very long time (Rogue)

  • Is an executive Vice President of Hardwick Enterprises (Rogue)

  • Her grandparents lived in a Welsh village (Rogue)

  • Propositioned Lex to help him bring down his father (Rogue)

  • Was caught by Clark and Amy Palmer sneaking through Lex's private files (Shimmer)

  • Was attacked and almost drowned by Jeff Palmer (Shimmer)

  • Sent her father information which lead to his purchase of Cadmus Labs (Leech)

  • Was livid when realised she had been duped, and the Cadmus purchase left Hardwick Enterprises open for a hostile take-over by LuthorCorp (Leech)

  • Slept with Lionel Luthor (Leech)

  • Lionel initiated the liaison (Leech)

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