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  • Reporter for the Metropolis Inquisitor. Tried to blackmail Lex, using Lex's sealed juvenile records he obtained through his brother. (X-Ray)

  • Lex put Roger on the payroll to investigate how Clark rescued him. (Hourglass)

  • Lex closed the investigation, and Nixon passed along photos of Lionel sleeping with Victoria Hardwick (Leech)

  • After Carrie Castle's piece on Lex ran in the Journal, Nixon returned to Smallville, taking the initiative and convincing Lex that he needed Lex's money and influence in approaching Eddie Cole, a crop duster who saw a ship crash during the meteor shower. (Obscura)

  • Lex warned Nixon that not only were the Kents off-limits; they were under his personal protection (Obscura)

  • Nixon witnessed Clark rescue Chloe Sullivan and Lana Lang from Deputy Watts (Obscura)

  • Nixon blew up a truck with Clark Kent inside, to verify the boy's powers, and then broke into the Kent's storm cellar and videotaped the ship before he was discovered and chased out into a tornado by Jonathan Kent (Tempest)

  • Nixon was shot and killed by Lex Luthor when he attempted to murder Jonathan Kent and kidnap Clark (Vortex)

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