Here's a SV fanfic challenge for ya: Story Dice. Write any of the standard TV show stock plots below, using the characters of your choice! Slash, het, humour, drama, anything you want!

  1. Amnesia
  2. Evil Twin/Prince and the Pauper
  3. Undercover as a (married or dating) couple (i.e. "The surburban episode")
  4. Temporary blindess
  5. Snowed into a cabin/trapped in a mine/locked in a freezer
  6. Handcuffed together
  7. It's a Wonderful Life
  8. Stakeout
  9. The High School Egg Baby

Answers to the challenge

Flying Pigs, Paper Hats, and Pretty Girls All in a Row
by paperbkryter
Lex and Lana. Handcuffs. The dumbest kidnapper in the known universe. Rated PG-13

Someone to Stand With
by Anastasia
What if one of Clark's gifts had come to him in another way? Rated PG-13

The Perfect Christmas Gift
by Phaze
Clark makes a Christmas wish that he may regret. Sometimes it's not a wonderful life. Rated G

The Morning After
by Phaze
Clark wants to get Lana a specail Christmas gift, and he needs Lex's help. Rated G

Officer Funboy: Male Stripper
by AlejandraDD
Years after being shot, an amnesic officer Phelan founds himself being the stripper in Clark's bachelor party. Rated PG-13