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Author's Notes: Pure, utter smut. Absolute drivel. Chlark in the most basic, elemental, sexual form you can get. After all, it does involve swine.

Miss Piggy Had The Right Idea
by Maveness Delight

"In my next life I want to be a pig."

Clark looked up from the book he was perusing to see Chloe going through one of his grandfather's old agriculture books. They were hanging out in the loft, whiling away the hours until another summer day was done. Clark had been bored enough to actually pick up some old sci-fi novel of his dad's, and apparently Chloe had been bored enough to read a book about, well, pigs.

"Why do you want to be a pig?"

Chloe jumped, startled, and slapped the book closed.

"No reason."

The doe eyes. Whatever it was was quite juicy, obviously.

"Come on, tell."

"There's nothing to tell. Pigs. They get to lead a fairly lazy, pleasant life. Roll in the mud. Sleep, eat, defecate. Nice existence really."

"Before they're lead off to slaughter maybe. It pretty much sucks after that."

Chloe was getting increasingly nervous, if her fidgeting were any indication. Clark was pretty sure at that point that she hadn't meant to make that comment aloud, but now that she had, he was intrigued. It took a lot to get Chloe flustered. And a flustered Chloe was a funny Chloe. Pretty soon she would probably be bumping into things and dancing around nervously. Like a cricket in a frying pan. (Not that he had ever seen a cricket in a frying pan. That would be cruel.)

Chloe jammed the book under a stack and pushed to her feet. She made her way down the stairs, babbling nervously the entire way.

"Enough about pigs. Pigs are boring. Trivial really. You know, we should go to the Talon. Yeah, maybe get something cool to drink. A nice refreshment. Maybe harass a waiter. You know, those waiters really haven't been trained well if they can't take harassment from me. It'll be a test really. Lana will appreciate it, I'm sure. The chance to give her waiters experience in dealing with difficult customers that is. You can never have too much experience. Learning is good. Right Clark? Clark?"

Of course Clark was still up in the loft. As soon as she got to the top of the stairs he was over there, picking up the book and flipping to the section she had been so engrossed in. Luckily it was a fairly short book. And luckily the pages flipped open - much as they must have for Chloe - to a section that had been well read. The section about pigs and their mating habits.


Chloe's footsteps thundered as she raced back to the loft and snatched the book out of his hands. But not before he read what was probably the reason for her statement about wanting to be a pig.

"Can't you just let well enough alone?"

Clark just stood there dumbstruck for a moment.

"I wonder what that's like."

Chloe looked up, perplexed. She had been trying to pack the books back into an old trunk. Out of sight, out of mind, apparently.

"What what's like?" she asked suspiciously.

"You know...that," Clark said, coloring slightly as he hesitated.

"No, I don't know Clark. Why don't you tell me," smug tingeing her voice as she stood up, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow at him, slight grin on her lips.

"Chloe, you know. You read it too."

"How can I be sure of that Clark. You might have read something completely different from me. In fact, you may have some heretofore-unknown pig knowledge that could enlighten the whole world. So...spill."

"Chloe. You know exactly which part."

Chloe just grinned, happy with the turn of the tables. Having fun at Clark's expense was always delightful. An entertainment for all.

"The part about how sows shouldn't be allowed to fight amongst themselves as it overheats them and reduces fertility?"

Clark sighed, exasperated. "No."

"Oh, you must mean the part about how fetuses that die in the uterus are mummified and expelled at farrowing."

"Chloe." The threat was strongly implied. He'd get the book if need be.

"Ah. Now I remember." Chloe drew it out for dramatic effect. "You mean the part where a pig's orgasm lasts for 30 minutes."

Clark's blush deepened. "Yeah, that," he replied, his voice gone husky.

"Trying to imagine what 30 minutes would be like?" she teased, avoiding his eyes at the same time.

"Well, yeah. Sort of. But you know, it', difficult to..."

"To what?" Chloe asked, confused as to what he was getting at.

Clark shifted uncomfortably. God, they weren't really having this conversation, were they?

"Well, imagine...that long. Especially without, you know, um..."

Clark paused, lost for the right words, heck, any words.

"Without what, Clark? Just spit it out already."

Clark took a deep breath and blurted it out.

"Experience. Of any kind."

"You mean, like with someone?"

Clark sighed. Great. Now she was being obtuse.

"No, just...experience."

Understanding apparently dawned.

" orgasm?"

He was sure he was five shades of red now.

"Yeah," he huffed out, then glanced over at a stunned Chloe.

"You mean to tell me that you've But I thought all teenage boys with raging hormones, ma...well, you know."

Clark stuffed his hands in his pockets and tried to think of a way to stall. Or change the subject (which was what he should have let Chloe do in the first place).

And he just completely blanked. Nothing. Nada. He couldn't think of a single way to get off the subject at hand. Which meant his only solution was to answer Chloe.

"I', never."

Chloe looked thunderstruck. She was actually speechless for once. Amazing as that was, he would have preferred to go about it in an entirely different manner.

Chloe opened and closed her mouth like a fish for a few moments, obviously floundering for something to say. And she settled on...

"Why not?"

Why not? Wow. Good question. Lack of initiative? Lack of inspiration? Lack of the ability to look his parents in the eye after doing something so...okay, it was the embarrassment factor.

"I've never been able to lie to my parents well."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

Exasperated sigh. "Chloe, I've never really wanted to have a conversation know, with my mother. She's always been able to tell when I'm keeping something from her. So...if I don't do it, I don't have to talk about it."

Chloe stared at him for a moment. Just stared. Big brown eyes, boring to his soul.

"You're not human, are you?"

Clark blinked, his mind locking on the words. Oh god, she didn't know, did she?

Chloe continued. "After all, no normal, red-blooded, human, teenage male could resist something like that. We females tend to wait a little longer because of the guilt thing. But you Clark. You take this whole innocent thing to an art form. I mean, resisting the urge. That's hard. That's a lot to miss out on."

Clark looked at her hard. Did Chloe just reveal...?

"And you have a lot of experience from where?"

Doe eyes again. Ah ha! So Chloe did have something to hide. She had experience. From somewhere. Which, while interesting, he also found upsetting. Because, well, Chloe was female. And teenage females didn't have experience unless they had experience. And the thought of Chloe, doing...something. With someone. Other than him...

And apparently his face said everything he was thinking.

"Hey, I'm a woman of the new millennium! I don't worry about guilt. I can take care of myself, thank you very much."

And that just hung in the air between them for a moment. Chloe standing there, just a couple of feet away, admitting that she had...solved the problem on her own. And for some reason, he found that so hot. Incredibly enticing. Take charge Chloe, not afraid to go after what she wanted. That thought sent a shiver down his spine.

A visible shiver at that, because Chloe saw it. He could tell by the way her pupils dilated, and she shivered too. And started fingering the edge of her shirt nervously.

And then shut her eyes.

The invitation, it as just...too much. System overload. He took a giant step forward, closing the gap. She jerked a little, but her eyes never opened. Absolute trust.

He placed one hand on her hip, just below the indentation of her waist. Feeling the softness and curves that were all female. All Chloe. He rubbed for a moment. Taking the time to savor. Slide of cotton against the palm of his hand. Heat seeping through her clothes.

Clark tentatively cupped his other hand over her shoulder. Okay, awkward. Not the right spot. He ran his hand back, over her shoulder blade, down her back, stopping at the base of her spine. Pulling her closer in the process. Feeling all of that, all of Chloe, nestled against him. Shaking.

His gaze flew to her face. She still had her eyes closed, but she had taken to gnawing on her bottom lip. Her hands were currently fluttering just below chin level, as if she wasn't sure whether to wrap her arms around him or put her hands on his shoulders.

He took the hand from her hip and clasped one of hers, pulling it up to place it on his shoulder. The other one naturally followed his lead and settled for cupping his neck.

He gently cupped her face, staring for a moment. So lovely. Glowy skin and ripe lips. And a little furrow between her brows.

"Chloe, look at me."

Her eyes slowly opened, almost like it was a monumental effort. She focused on his chin, uncertainty written on her features. The realization that she was afraid to look him in the eye was confusing. This was Chloe. And him. They were friends. They should be comfortable here.

Except it was uncharted territory. Somewhere neither one of them had been before, and add that to the fact that they were going there together...needless to say, it had her spooked. Which wouldn't do at all.

So Clark leaned in and kissed her on the nose.

Chloe's surprised giggle lightened the mood exponentially. Her startled gaze flew to his, a small grin gracing her lips, a question in her eyes.

Clark grinned right back at her.

"This is me Chloe. Just me."

And that was all it took. The uncertainty and fear fled from her eyes, replaced by the mischievous and take charge attitude that characterized the Chloe he knew.

Much like that day at Kyle Tibbet's trailer, she grabbed his collar and pulled him down to her. Unlike that day, she stopped short of kissing him. Instead, she stared him in the eye, just an inch apart and threw down the gauntlet.

"So you've got me now farmboy. What are you going to do with me?"

Clark huffed a chuckle, just the barest hint of a laugh before he laid his lips on hers. A brief moment of shock, at the sheer alienness of kissing his friend, then a mixture of instinct and hormones took over.

Damp lips pressed and pulled, a faint suction during the first tentative moments. Chloe took the lead straight out of the gate, gliding her hand around to the back of his neck and pulling him closer. This elicited a delighted moan from Clark.

His very nerve endings were alive. While the thought of kissing Chloe had been an exciting and eagerly anticipated moment for only a short while now, this was so beyond what he'd been expecting. Beyond what he could have imagined, even with two other kisses to draw from. This was electric. Because they both were aware and here and both wanting this. The knowledge alone was intoxicating.

His lips slid along hers, pulling at her bottom lip. He briefly captured it with his teeth, sucking lightly and barely scraping it. Chloe gasped, moaned at the new sensations. Clark took the opportunity presented to him and took her mouth again, this time slipping his tongue in to lightly touch hers.

His tongue danced with hers. He grew bolder, pushing forward ever more purposefully. He had set up a deliberate, instinctual rhythm with his tongue, penetrating deeply. Chloe, not to be dominated so easily, pressed forward herself, tongue in play at all times, keeping the excitement and passion equal.

He was finding it hard to keep his hands settled in neutral territory. He wanted nothing more than to roam, to feel her. But while they were definitely going into new territory with whole-hearted gusto, he wasn't so sure just how far they were willing to take it. Actually, how far Chloe was willing to take it.

Chloe chose that moment to rip her mouth from his, gasping for air.

"Chloe, you okay?"

" breathe," she gasped, grinning up at him.

Which was what he did too. Her pressed so close to him, breathing so hard, her chest was spilling out over the top of her V-neck T-shirt. The effect was quite breathtaking and only served to spike his libido into overdrive.

His eyes, gone smoky with desire, rose from her breasts to her face, taking in the swollen lips, parted and rosy-wet, and her wide, expressive eyes. Eyes that at that moment left little to no doubt about what she was ready for. His mind boggled momentarily at the implications. It was quite possible that he and

Suddenly Chloe hit his chest with both hands, knocking him backwards and off balance. He stared at her, shocked, suddenly afraid. What had he done? Had he completely misread her? She had been kissing him back, hadn't she?

She stepped forward and pushed again, sending him stumbling backwards until the backs of his knees came into contact with the couch and he sat down hard.

"Why Clark, what a great idea. I'd love to get prone with you," Chloe teased.

Clark rubbed his chest and winced in mock pain as she walked to stand in front of him.

"Did you have to hit me so hard? I'm delicate you know."

Chloe grinned and sat down beside him, so close she was almost on his lap, which, really, she should have been come to think of it.

"I figured that the only way to communicate to a hormonally addled brain that I wanted to get more comfortable would best be illustrated by a show of force, as reason had already flown the coop. Besides, a big boy like you can handle it. Right?"

Clark bit his lip and responded in all seriousness. They needed to set a few boundaries here. He wasn't going to assume anything or make a move that she wasn't ready for, even if he really, really was. He glanced at his lap quickly. Yep, definitely ready. Clark then looked her in the eye.

"Depends on what I can handle and what's off limits."

Chloe stared at him, the enormity of what he was asking sinking in. She glanced away for a moment, staring at the opposite wall. She nervously twisted her fingers in her lap before finally looking back to Clark.

"Do we really have to discuss this? Why can't we just go with the flow, let things happen as they will."

Clark reached over and clasped both her hands in his, squeezing them gently.

"Because that's not the type of person I am. And that's not you either. We're friends Chloe. Good friends. There's a lot more at stake than what most teenagers who fool around have to worry about. I know you. And you know me. I waited this long to do...anything. So this means something to me. You mean something to me. I don't want to just fly by the seat of my pants. I have to know what's okay ahead of time. I can't take the chance of losing you, of us losing each other."

Chloe gazed back at him, her eyes soft and glistening. And then launched herself into his lap and planted her lips on his, kissing him for all she was worth, teeth clashing, lips pressed hard against his.

She pulled back and grabbed his face with both hands, staring him hard in the eyes.

"You know, a girl couldn't do better than you Clark. You may have your flighty moments, but you really are the most incredible guy on the face of the earth."

She leaned in and kissed him again, gently this time. He savored the contact, still a bit befuddled by her reaction.

She pulled back again and stroked her thumb over his lip, caressing the swollen flesh. She shifted to reposition herself, throwing her leg over so that she was straddling him, sitting on his knees, which shifted her skirt high on her thighs.

She took his hand in hers and placed it on her hip. She picked up his other hand from where it was resting on the couch and held it for a moment before raising it to her lips and placing a kiss on his palm. Then she looked him in the eye.

"For you Clark, anything and everything."

And placed his hand on her breast.

The weight was surprising, as well as the realization that his palm was full of Chloe's breast. He reflexively squeezed, feeling the give of her flesh. He couldn't look away from her. The fact that he was touching her like this. Oh god. Of course he couldn't resist cupping both breasts. He lifted, pushing them together, both hands full. The resulting cleavage was every boy's dream.

"You know, if you want, we can take my shirt off. It's a better view."

Clark didn't need to be asked twice. He grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled upwards, only stopping when her bra-clad breasts bounced free of the shirt. Oh wow. Much more enticing in the flesh than in a Victoria's Secret catalog. You could actually see through the white lace. Her pink nipples were puckered and quite visible.

"Clark. Do you think you could help me get the shirt all the way off? It's getting kind of hard to breathe."

In his excitement he had forgotten to actually remove the shirt, which was now covering her face and trapping her arms above her head. Embarrassed, he stripped it off and tossed it to the side.

Chloe shook her head and raked her fingers through her hair to get it out of her eyes. The wiggling caused her breasts to sway and bounce. Chloe stopped with her arms raised and looked hard at him.

"You're moaning."

His eyes snapped to hers, blinking at the intrusion on his perusal.


"You were moaning. We're not even touching and you're moaning."

Clark could tell he was blushing. He finally gets an opportunity like this and he's making an absolute fool of himself. Of course breasts bounce. You couldn't live in the United States and not know that breasts bounce. Baywatch had assured everyone of that. And here he was, getting overly excited just by breasts. He was never going to make it very far if he was getting this excited this quickly. His quiet had lasted too long. He could tell he was disturbing Chloe, but how do you tell your girl that you're overstimulated just by looking at her breasts? And what would happen when he had to actually take her bra off? He'd probably end up ripping it in two in his haste. Oh god. This had disaster written all over it.

And suddenly Chloe was reaching behind her and her bra was...gone. Naked breasts. Just there. In front of him. Chloe's breasts, naked and available for him to touch. Just him. Light pink aureoles, a smattering of freckles, and a mole on her left breast. Heavy and full and so inviting.

"That problem's out of the way, so there's less of a need to panic now."

"You could tell huh," he asked with a self-deprecating grin.

"Men have panicked over bras for as long as they've been in existence. Although I have the feeling your panic was more over seeing breasts than anything else."

Clark scrunched his nose and ducked his head.

"I guess this is all a bit more than I expected. I just, I'm having trouble...I just have a feeling this isn't going to be as exciting for you as it is for me."

Chloe scooted in closer and settled herself firmly on his lap, breasts brushing his chest.

"We're virgins. I don't think losing your virginity is ever great. For girls it rarely is. So don't put pressure on yourself to perform like you're a porn star. Just go for the best we can do, and we'll save wonderful for the next time."

Clark was surprised. "Next time?"

"What," Chloe asked indignantly, "you expect this to be a one-time thing? Do you play with your toys and then throw them out Clark? No. You play with them over and over and over again. Why all the work if you aren't going to reap the rewards."

"Good point."

"I know. Now, are we going to sit here all day, with me half-naked and talk? Or are we going to do something, because if there's just talking, I'm putting a shirt on."

"I'd say we're all talked out. No more talking. Let's just move this on along."

"Good. Shirt."

Clark was confused. Again. He sighed.

"Okay, I guess more talking because huh?"

"I'm a woman of the new millennium Clark, which means that along with taking care of myself, I am also equal opportunity. You're seeing boobs. I want chest. Now."

He grinned and leaned forward to pull his shirt over his head. This caused Chloe to lean back, putting his face in closer proximity to her breasts and causing her to shift further into his lap, grinding her pelvis against his erection.

He grabbed her hips, pulling her closer, anxious to maintain and prolong that bit of contact. As he ground his hips minutely against hers, his eyes latched on her breasts, all proud and full. The sight, right there in front of him, his for the taking...

"Uh uh. Naked. Now," she gasped. "I want skin. Then you can do whatever you want with them. But first I want to see you."

Their hands fumbled as they both worked to pull his shirt off. Clark managed to get the front untucked, rubbing against Chloe's stomach all the while, as she pulled the back out of his jeans. Together they stripped it over his head, then as he tossed it aside, Chloe wrapped her arms around him and brought their chests flush against each other.

Their groans were simultaneous. Soft, yielding against hard, firm. Chloe threw her head back and reveled in the contact. Clark couldn't resist the expanse of throat she exposed and immediately latched on to her neck, sucking and scraping at the tender flesh.

Chloe gasped and writhed above him. He slowly started working his way down, bending her backwards as he moved over the upper slopes of her breasts with his mouth. He shifted, using one arm to brace her lower back, silently thanking God that she was flexible. He inched lower and then suddenly there one was. Pink and puckered. Waiting for him.

He took a deep breath and then dove in. At first he just stabbed at it with his tongue. A delicate swipe along the lower slope. A lick on one side, then the other. Around the edges of the aureole. And then taking it all in his mouth. Sucking gently.

And it didn't seem to phase Chloe at all. No moans, no shifting around in his lap.

He varied the movements with his tongue, alternately sucking and licking.

Still nothing.

Light pecks at the nipple, then taking as much of the breast in his mouth as possible.

And she started to sit up.

He had just raised his free hand and cupped her other breast, taking the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, when she started the movement. It startled him, and he squeezed a bit too hard.

And Chloe moaned quite loudly, her nails biting into his shoulders.

Clark, startled, raised his mouth from her breast and looked at the other one. So apparently he could do something right.

"I'm not going to break Clark. You don't have to be gentle with me."

And he didn't. He should have realized. Okay, maybe not. But Chloe was passionate by nature, so she wasn't going to be all sweetness and light in bed. She lived hard, so she was going to play hard.

He leaned in again and latched onto her nipple, but this time he had a different strategy. Lightly at first, then with increasing pressure, he used his teeth to grip and tug her nipple. Chloe gasped and escalated her gyrations, grinding down on him harder and harder. He alternated between breasts, delighting in the sounds she emitted.

But when she sobbed, he pulled back.

Desperation was written all over her face. She grabbed him with both hands, brought his face to hers and devoured his lips. Her hands fumbled between them, going for his belt. She grappled with his belt, fingers clumsy in her haste. The bumps of her hands at his groin caused immense pleasure and fueled the urgency building in him too.

The belt went flying through the air as she finally got it free. A moment later she got the button undone, but the zipper proved to be a problem.

"Damn it! Why is the zipper on the wrong side?!"

Her hands were pressing firmly now against his dick in her haste to get his jeans off. But they weren't coming undone. And while he loved the feel of her against him there, he had to get free soon. Very soon. Like now.

He picked her up bodily and moved her beside him on the couch then jackknifed to his feet, quickly undoing the zipper. And realized that he still had his boots on. In his haste to get his shoes off, he tore the laces in two, not caring if Chloe saw or not. Now was not the time to worry about things like exposing himself as an alien. Sex was too important.

Once his shoes were off, he shucked his jeans and turned to Chloe, sucking air into his overheated lungs, trying to calm himself down slightly so he wouldn't go off immediately.

Chloe was sitting there on the couch, staring at his crotch, nibbling on her finger. She had to be the most delectable sight he had ever seen, skirt hiked high on her thighs, breasts heaving as she gasped for breath, eyes heavy with desire, lips puffy and swollen from their kissing, one finger trapped between them being sucked on while she stared at the tent in his boxers that was currently at her eye level.

It was all he could do not to come right then.

"You have on more clothes than me."

Chloe blinked hard and looked up at him. She didn't seem to be comprehending what he had said, so he leaned down, grabbed her under the arms and stood her on her feet. He unzipped her skirt and pushed it to the floor. She stepped out of it and stood there in her panties and combat boots, with him in his boxers and socks.

The giggle that escaped her lips was infectious. He started chuckling as well at the sight they presented. Two horny teens with barely a stitch on, but they had managed to keep their footwear. White tube socks and combat boots. Quite the combination.

"I think you better lose the boots. They could do some damage."

"Socks first. I never want it said that I had sex with a guy who kept his socks on. That's too geeky for words."

Clark grinned and slipped his socks off quickly. Then he knelt down in front of Chloe and began unlacing her boots. She gripped his shoulder for balance as he pulled first the right, then the left one off. He placed the second shoe to the side then looked up at her from his vantagepoint on the floor.

Slowly his hands started creeping up her legs. He ran them up the outsides of her thighs, thumbs gliding over her hipbones. She was wearing lavender satin panties that cut high on her hips, making her legs look miles long. Her hips were so lush, creating a sharp curve inward at her waist.

He slid his hands around to her ass and pulled her forward, laying his mouth on the little patch of skin above her panties but below her bellybutton. He nipped that area then laved it with his tongue, squeezing her ass at the same time.

Her hands were in his hair, kneading and pulling in time with the strokes of his tongue. Her legs started to wobble beneath her until he was almost solely holding her up with his hands on her ass.

Clark stood, wrapping his arms around her and guiding them back onto the couch. They lay down on the couch, Clark on top. Which immediately didn't work.

"I'm too big."

Chloe giggled and bucked her hips up against him.

"Well I can't judge too well on that considering, but I think it will all work out fine."

Okay, that was embarrassing. He could feel the blush heating his face.

"I didn't mean...that. I meant I'm too big to be on top of you. I could crush you. Plus this couch is not nearly long enough."

Chloe surveyed the situation quickly, then scooted out from under him.

"Okay, lie on your back."

He plopped down, doing as she said. He had a feeling he knew where she was going with this. Unfortunately, his head was leaning against the wooden arm on one end and his feet were propped on the arm at the other.

"Chloe, this isn't very comfortable. How about handing me that blanket."

Chloe handed him the blanket in question and he folded it and placed it beneath his head. Much better. Of course it wasn't like he would bruise or anything. It would still be uncomfortable.

As soon as he got settled, Chloe straddled him, settling herself atop his groin, and nestling. The friction was exquisite. So much so that Clark nearly sent her flying with an involuntary thrust upward.

"Don't make me get my spurs, Clark," Chloe gasped. Like she wasn't enjoying this too. Right.

And the sight of her breasts swaying above him. Wow. Just wow. He reached for them and promptly got his hands batted away.


"No. I can't think when you do that. And it's my turn. I want to explore some. You'll get more later. And better. So sit still and take it like a man."

And who could argue with that? Chloe started at his neck, lightly tracing his clavicle, first with her fingertips, then with her tongue. Nipping and licking, light and gentle.

She moved down his chest, taking her time to explore. Seeing what that patch of skin at his underarm would taste like. She used her thumbs to tease his bellybutton as she traced around his nipples with her tongue. Lazy figure eights. Teasing him.

And during all this, he shook. The shivering had started out as intermittent. Not constant. Just sporadic. The more she dallied, the more he shook. The light touches were killing him. And he loved it. The fact that she was taking her time with him, playing with him so gently. Like she was the strong one and he the one who needed sheltering, protecting, taking care of.

Like he was the one whose first time should be magical and memorable, a happy thought. And that shocked him. That she wanted to make this so special for him. That she wanted to give him such a gift.

It was as he had that thought that her lips closed around his nipple. He arched his back hard and cried out at the contact, thoughts scattering. The pleasure was too intense. If this was what Chloe had wonder he couldn't touch her right now.

God, he couldn't take much more. His hips had gone on autopilot and set up a nice little rhythm of rubbing that was quickly getting out of control. The need to be inside was overwhelming.

"Chloe," he moaned.

"Hmmm." Against his nipple. Oh god. That was good, coupled with a roll of her hips that took his breath away.

What was he going to say? The tug of her teeth brought it back quickly.

"Chloe. Please. More. We have to...oh god."

Chloe looked up from under her eyelashes as she nibbled at the skin below his bellybutton. Somehow she had managed to scoot down there very quickly. What added to the sensation was the fact that his boxer-clad erection was now settled between her breasts. A sensation that really just...there weren't words. At all.

Chloe smiled against his stomach, eyes playful, and grasped the waistband of his boxers, tugging lightly. She tugged a little harder, and he raised his hips to assist her. She stopped after pulling down a few inches, looked him in the eye.

"Are you sure about this? Cause I sincerely doubt there'll be any going back after this."

Doubts? Nope. There were definitely none for him. This was Chloe. That alone was worth it. He shook his head no and held his breath as she pulled his boxers down and off.

She stared at him for so long he started to get paranoid. There he was, stark naked, dick bobbing in the breeze while Chloe stared at him...What was she thinking? Say something! Anything.

"They look smaller on the Internet."

Clark blinked at her. She had...what?

"Are you done freaking out now, or should I get you a paper bag? It's okay Clark. I'm not running screaming here."

He laughed and scrubbed his hands over his eyes. Talk about being self-conscious. Wow. He had to work on that.

And Chloe had waited for that distraction. While he had his eyes still covered a small hand closed firmly around him. Squeezing and sliding and taking his breath away.

He quickly grabbed the back and edge of the couch, staring down at Chloe, kneeling between his thighs. Slowly jacking him while watching his face.

"Do you like this?"

He could barely even nod his head. All of his blood flow had gone south, completely leaving his head. The friction. He really should have done this for himself a long time ago. Granted, it wouldn't have been as good, but a fraction of this would still have been great.

"It's supposed to be better if you're inside me."

Clark gasped at the image that brought to mind. It was becoming a desperate need now. To be in her.

Chloe got off the couch and walked across the room. He lunged after her, nearly falling off the couch in his panic at her sudden departure.

She turned back with something in her hand. He barely had time to register the fact that she wasn't deserting him before she stripped off her panties and straddled his waist.

And he was staring at her, spread out above him. Tight nest of neatly trimmed curls. Glistening, plump lips. Very cushy. Lush. Decadent. And the smell that permeated the air. He hadn't thought about the fact that sex would smell, but that was definitely what it was. The smell of Chloe. Aroused Chloe. For him.

One finger reached out, gently probed, finding her to be very wet. He slid his finger down between the folds, finding a small nub there. He pressed gently and Chloe moaned. Remembering his lesson from earlier, he pressed again, but harder.

Her response was to pitch her head back and buck against his hand.

He pressed again and a high-pitched whine that sounded suspiciously like his name pierced the air. Her hips had set up a rhythm much the same as earlier. He was incredibly inexperienced, but he knew she was close.

He slid her back along his thighs. He groaned as his dick slid along her. How was he supposed to last like this? The sensations were already overwhelming and they hadn't even gotten to the actual sex part.

Chloe fumbled around for whatever she had gotten from her bag. That's when he realized what it was. A condom. God he was so stupid. At least this was one thing he had a clue about. Sex Ed at least taught this part.

He quickly ripped open the little packet and rolled it on. He would ask later why she had a condom in her bag. Right now there were more important things at hand.

Chloe moved up, taking him in hand and positioning him just so. He placed his hands on her hips, steadying her as she slowly sank down on him.

His eyes rolled back in his head as she surrounded him. The wet, tight enclosure of her vagina around him stole his breath. He tried to open his eyes when he heard her gasp and felt her tense around him, but it was hard.

Chloe stilled for a few moments then moved down some more. He suddenly felt the tensing of her muscles. This time he managed to get his eyes open and was met by a look of pain/pleasure on her face.


She just shook her head at him and blew out hard. She took a deep breath and then just...sank down. He could tell it hurt by the tears in her eyes. It was so hard. She was in such obvious pain, and here he was in heaven.

"Give me a minute," she gasped.

So he waited. He didn't want to hurt her. This wasn't worth it. She needed time then it would be okay. But this time...they'd done enough.

He had opened his mouth to tell her so when she raised her hips and started to move. At first it was slow and clumsy, but as the pain lessened, her pace increased. Clark could do nothing more than hold onto her hips and try to keep pace as she rode him.

The urge to speed up came over him quickly. He could feel a tidal wave of pleasure starting to sweep through his body as he slammed his hips up to meet hers. A final in, out, then the sudden release. He planted his heels, gritting his teeth, moaning incessantly, pleasure on every nerve ending.

Chloe continued to gyrate to the best of her ability above him as he climaxed. He slowly collapsed on the couch, gasping for air, as she whimpered, still in need.

He did his best to sit up, moving slightly against her. He wasn't quite soft yet, so he used a little motion while pressing against her clit and rubbing. She mewled, so close even he could feel it. He rubbed, pressing in a circle once, then latching on to her nipple just as he slipped out of her with his dick and entered with two fingers.

The simultaneous sensations caused her to climax. She arched her back hard, grinding against his fingers. He sucked and thrust until she sagged against him, then he slowly eased his fingers out.

He eased back on the couch, laying down with her on top of him. That had been the most amazing experience of his lifetime. He couldn't have imagined losing his virginity in any better manner. He went to tell Chloe that and noticed she had fallen asleep on his chest.

Oh well. Talking would come later. For now, this, the cuddling, the closeness. This was good.

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