Ulterior Motives
by Elektra
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SERIES: My Destiny Series, Installment 3
RATING: Rated PG-13 for language.
SUMMARY:  The third installment in the My Destiny Universe.  Cordelia and Doyle make plans for a trip that will change Angelís life forever.

Cordy grinned and dropped the receiver into its cradle.  What do you know, she thought, three hours and heís still going strong.  Cordy shook her head in disbelief.  Living for over two hundred years must really warp your sense of time.  She couldnít imagine sitting around for over three hours singing the same song.  Well, unless it was that new Ricky Martin song.  Or maybe something by one of those boy bands.  That would be ok, especially if you could watch the video at the same time.  Cordy sighed.  She really needed to get out and date.
                 "Yeah, like this Hellmouth will ever give me any time to do that," Cordy muttered.
                 "Give you time to do what Toots?"
                 Cordy shrieked.  How the hell did he get in here, she thought.
                 "Whistler!  God, what are you trying to do, kill me?"  Cordy glared at him until she remembered the hazards that came along with making that particular facial expression.  It wouldnít do to encourage the development of a, she hesitated to even think the word, wrinkle.
                 Doyle chuckled to himself as he watched Cordy carefully shift into a blank expression.  Sometimes he really thought the girl needed serious psychiatric help.  Doyle smirked; of course he didnít actually mind messing around with her head.  Watching her try to hide behind her veil of self-absorbed, shallow behavior was really quite interesting.  ĎCourse he couldnít let her know that.
                 "Now, now, you know about using the ĎGí word.  When youíre living with a bunch of demons, you donít.  How many times do I have to tell you to call me Doyle, anyway?  Whistler isnít a name; itís a class of demon."
                 "I donít really care about that right now.  How in the hell did you get in here?  I know damn well I locked that door after Angel left."
                 Doyle grinned enigmatically.  "Now, Toots, I canít go telling you that.  Iíve gotta keep some secrets or all the mystique will go right out of this relationship."
                 Doyle winked.
                 Cordy looked at him suspiciously, "You canít just appear wherever you want, whenever you want, can you?"
                 Doyle just looked at her and wiggled his eyebrows.
                 "Ewwwww, youíre a dirty old man, uh whis-, uh supernatural thingy!"  Cordy wrinkled her nose in disgust.  Wait, she thought, he can just appear anywhere.  Oh my god, Iím never going to be naked ever again!  Cordy tugged at the miniscule hemline of her mini-skirt suddenly feeling a little over exposed.  She looked at Doyle out of the corner of her eye.  He was cute in a Ďspecies-other-than-humaní sort of way, but there was no way that she was going to pull a Buffy.  If there was anything that sheíd learned in the last few years, it was that demons and humans could co-exist rather well as friends.  It was only when you threw a little passion into the mix that it became volatile.
                 "Ok," Doyle said smugly, "enough with this flirting, whereís
the boss?"
                 "Flirting?  Excuse me, flirting?  I *do not* flirt with," Cordy gestured at him weakly, "supernaturalÖ uhhhhÖ thingies."
                 Doyle smirked, "You seem to have an affinity for that word today.  Anyway, youíre in denial; I can see that.  Donít worry about it.  Youíll come around.  I have that affect on women."
                 "Oh, you mean the ones with three heads and a tail that you hang out with?  Can you say shocker much?"
                 Doyle grinned; she really was cute when she resorted to high school speak.  Musta pushed a few buttons, he thought.  She didn't slip into that often anymore.
                 "Ok, enough of the jokes.  Honestly, whereís Angel?  I need to talk to him."  Doyle said.
                 "Well, unless you feel like popping into a tin can, youíre just going to have to wait."
                 Doyle looked at Cordelia with a confused expression.  "A tin can?  Oh wait, you canít mean Ė"
                 Cordelia grinned.
                 "No way, heís stuck in the elevatorÖ"
                 "Again!"  Doyle and Cordelia finished the sentence together and proceeded to break out into gales of laughter.
                 "You should hear him," Cordelia giggled.  "He sitting in there singing some song about how elevators should stay away from him.  Heís been doing it for the last three hours."
                 "Is he going to be out anytime soon?"
                 Cordy shrugged.  "Iím not really sure.  The guys wonít be able to get here until the next shift starts at 5am.  After that, your guess is as good as mine."
                 Doyle looked at his watch.  "Ok, so that gives us at least an hour and a half.  Thereís something that Iíve got to talk to you about.  It concerns the boss but itís probably best that we talk first."
                 Cordelia looked at him.  "Is something wrong?  Is he ok?  Heís been really down lately.  He canít get his mind off Buffy.  Is it the demon?"
                 "Well," Whistler said.  "Itís something along those lines.  See, the powers-that-be have decided that itís time for Angel to start working with another partner."
                 Cordy wrinkled her brow.  "Umm, Why?  Heís doing a great job all by himself.  I mean itís not exactly like weíre dealing with the same kinds  of people or whatever you want to call them that we were dealing with in Sunnydale.  Our clientele is mainly human.  He can take most of them pretty easily all by himself."
                 "Well, you see, itís not exactly about performance, though it always helps us when there are a few backups in place.  Theyíre more concerned about his emotional health.  See, if he gets too depressed, heís not going to be doing the best job at controlling his demon and the last thing we need right now is Angelus running around free."
                 Cordy nodded, "That makes sense.  Why do I have the feeling you arenít telling me everything                   though?"
                 Doyle grinned.  "Iím a Whistler, hun.  We never tell anyone everything.  Itís the nature of our beast.  Who do you think taught the boss all his tricks, anyway?"
                 Cordy smirked, "So youíre responsible for cryptic guy.  That makes sense.  I always had the feeling that heíd been taught that.  When you get close to him, you learn pretty quickly that he really isnít all that cryptic.  Heís pretty transparent, actually."
                 Doyle nodded.  "Thatís the nature of his soul.  Anyway, you know and I know that heís going to fight getting involved with a new partner Ė"
                 "No kidding.  I remember the one time I suggested going out with him on a case; he nearly bit my head off.  No pun intended."
                 "Thatís what I figured.  Anyway, I have a plan to get around his concerns, and I need you to back me up."
                 Cordy looked at him as if he were suddenly wearing last seasonís fashions.  "Me?  What do you think I could possibly do?"
                 Doyle grinned.  "I need you to use your feminine wiles."
                 Cordy looked at Doyle in disgust.  "Ewwww, I mean I find Angel totally sexually attractive but thereís no way.  Weíre friends Doyle and you know that.  Thereís no way Iím going to risk my friendship  with Angel just to party in his pants for awhile.  Where have you been?  Donít you know that?  Besides, hello, Angelus?"  Cordy huffed, more than a little put out.
                 "Toots, that isnít what Iím talking about."
                 Cordy looked appropriately embarrassed for her outburst.
                 "What I need you to do is to convince him to go to the Black Widow tomorrow night."
                 Cordy perked up.  The Black Widow was the most exclusive nightclub in that section of LA.  It took a lot of connections and just the right look to get into that place.  Sheíd been itching to go ever since it opened two years ago, but she could never find the right person to take her.  Angel would be the perfect ticket inside.  Women always found that brooding, mysterious exterior so attractive.  Hell, the rest of him wasnít exactly hard on the eyes either.  If she remembered correctly, they even had a female bouncer at the door letting people in.
                 Doyle grinned.  He could practically see her rubbing her hands together in excitement.  For all of that sophisticated exterior that she liked to present, she really was still just a little kid inside.
                 "So youíll do it?"
                 Cordy smirked.  "Try it your way first and then Iíll pull out the big guns."  Cordy said, crossing her legs.
                 Doyle bit back a groan.  If those werenít the big guns then he didnít want to be in the bossís shoes when she went to work.  Doyle grinned.  Those legs couldnít be legal anywhere outside of the state of Nevada.
                 Cordy noticed his admiring glance at her legs and flushed.  Why did she have to wear this skirt today, she wondered, and why was she getting so embarrassed?  Cordy tugged at the hemline of her skirt once again.
                 Whistler grinned.  "Sounds like a plan.  Iíll be back a little later.  The last thing I want to do is try to talk to him when he finally gets out of that rat trap."  With that, he turned to leave.
                 "See ya."  Somehow, Cordy felt slightly disappointed that he wasnít going to wait around for Angel to get out of the elevator.
                 Doyle pulled open the front door but paused before stepping out into the early Los Angeles morning.
                 "Oh Toots, by the way, donít worry," Doyle gestured at her mini-skirt.  "Itís not like I havenít already seen it before."
                 With that said, Doyle winked and walked out the door.  Heíd made it about three steps before he heard itÖ
                 "YOU WHAT?!  I am so never being naked ever again!í
                 Doyle laughed.  She was such an easy mark.  He couldnít wait to see her again.
                 ~~*~~ Fin ~~*~~