Moonlit Flirtation
by Elektra

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 SERIES: My Destiny Series, Installment 9

RATING: Rated PG-13 for language.

 SUMMARY:  The ninth installment of the My Destiny Universe.  Doyle and Cordy flirt over the telephone.

*Ring, Ring*
                Cordelia hurled a pillow in the general direction of the telephone.

                 "No, sleeping, go 'way" she muttered sleepily.

                 *Ring, Ring*  The phone chirped insistently.

                 Cordelia looked at the clock beside her bed through sleep blurred eyes.  She groaned.  Who the hell was calling at 4:30 in the morning?  She climbed out of bed, straightening her lacy confection of a nightgown as she walked to the dressing table that held the telephone.

                 "This better be a major fashion emergency," she barked into the telephone.

                 "Hey Toots."

                 "And it is."

                 "Ouch, Babe, way to go for the jugular."

                 She grinned as she walked back to her bed.

                 "You wish."

                 "No," he said, "actually, that would be more of Angel's kinda thing."

                 Cordelia rolled her eyes.  "Ok Doyle, as much as I'd like to think this is a social call, why are you calling me at 4:30 in the morning."

                 Doyle grinned as Cordelia's sugary sweet tone betrayed her irritation.  Cordelia might be many things, but sugary and sweet weren't two of them.  Not that I mind that, he thought wolfishly.

                 "Why don't you think this is a social call?"

                 "Doyle, you've been avoiding me for the last four days.  It's now-" Cordelia fumbled for her alarm clock but stopped as she heard a groan on his end of the line.  "Was that a groan?"

                 Doyle cleared his throat.  "Ahem, uhh, no, you must be hearing things."

                 Cordelia frowned.  "Anyway, as I was saying before I was so  rudely interrupted, it's now 4:39 in the morning.  You're totally disrupting my beauty sleep.  If this was a social call, I sure hope the hell you'd have more sense than to call me this early in the morning!"
                 "Toots, you get any more beautiful and you'll be lethal."

                 Cordy blushed.  "Flattery will get you nowhere, Whistler."

                 "Ach, back to that again are we?"

                 "Yes, and we'll stay that way until you finally tell me the real reason why you're calling."

                 "Alright, alright, you win.  I'll do anything to hear my name emanating from those luscious lips again."

                 "Get on with it or you'll never have anything to do with these luscious lips again."

                 "Aww, Toots, that's not playing fair."

                 Cordelia grinned.  "Whoever said I had to play fair?  You're the one who told me that I should be using my feminine wiles on Angel."

                 Doyle groaned.  "Well, I was stupid.  You should ignore that particular piece of advice.  Anyway, the reason I'm calling is to find out if you've bothered to talk to the Boss about going to the Black Widow on Saturday."

                 Cordelia sighed.  "You really have been out of the social loop for a few thousand years haven't you.  Don't you know you never ask someone to go out more than two days in advance?  If you do, you look totally needy.  Please, that is so not my style.  I've got it covered."

                 "Cordelia," Doyle whined, "this isn't a joke.  He needs to be there."

                 "And I'll get him there.  What, losing faith in my charms already?"

                 Doyle shook his head.  "Not humanly possible, Toots."

                 "Your point being?  You aren't human, remember?"

                 "True, but it applies nonetheless."

                 Cordelia snuggled against her pillow and allowed herself to bask in the warmth of his words.  "I'm glad," she whispered.  She struggled against it, but a small yawn escaped from between her lips.

                 "Ok, well, I think that's my cue to be letting you go.  Before I do, please do me a favor Toots and close your window blinds.  You're apt to give some poor old window washer a heart attack walking around like that."

                 Cordelia gasped and spun around on the bed to look at her windows.

                 "Wh-where are you?"

                 Doyle grinned.  "Wouldn't you like to know."

                 "I don't believe that you can actually see me right now," she said with false bravado.

                 "Care to test me?"

                 "You wish!"  With that, Cordelia stepped from the bed.  This time she let her nightgown fall where it would.  It bunched in a few strategic locations, leaving the long expanses of her thighs uncovered.  She heard a sharp intake of breath on the other end of the line.  Ok, she thought, he really can see me.  She blushed briefly before yanking her nightie back into place.

                 "Was that an invitation?"

                 Cordelia smirked.  "Here's a hint Doyle.  Next time, call me the day after you kiss me and maybe, just maybe, if my social calendar isn't too full, I'll try to fit you in."

                 Doyle growled deep in the back of his throat.  "You promise?"

                 "You'll just have to wait and see."

                 Having said that, Cordelia promptly hung up the phone and pulled her blinds.  She scampered back to her bed, flung the covers over her head and let out an excited squeal.  I haven't felt like this since Xander, she thought.  She settled back into bed in hopes of getting a few more hours of beauty rest before beginning her day.

                 Cordelia sighed into her pillow and murmured "Doyle" before falling asleep.

~~*~~ Fin ~~*~~