Legal Drinking Age

AUTHOR: Ragna (Obsessive-Compulsive Spike)
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SPOILERS: Set in the Angel series.
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AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is the sequel to Study Date. Enjoy.



"I hate gigs in LA," Brandon muttered, hauling out the band's equipment from the van.

"I still say we need a roadie," Oz said, helping Brandon out. Devon sat morosely in the front seat.

"Hey, Devon. What's wrong, man?" Jason asked.

"Does anyone realize what today is?" Devon said, looking out the front window of the van.

"No," came the group answer.

Devon shook his head. "Never mind." Standing up and going into the club, he hurriedly went to the bar. Flashing his id, the barkeep handed him what he ordered.

"My first beer. Legally, I mean," he muttered, turning around and slamming into a female, spilling the beer all over her.

"Hey! Watch it! That was a Gucci dre-- Devon?"

He looked up, and saw right into Cordelia's eyes.



After an uneventful set, Devon scanned the crowd for her. Unsuccessful in the attempt, he went back to the bar.

"Hey, you," the barkeeper said, causing Devon to look up. "That brunette you ran into asked me to give you this." He handed him a small business card. On one side was the number for a private detective agency.

On the other was, scrawled in red ink, was a phone number.

Smiling slightly, Devon went to the pay phone and dialed. After two rings, someone picked up. "Hey...Cordelia?"

"Devon! Glad that dam barkeeper can do something right. What are you doing in Los Angeles, other than being with the band?"

"Celebrating my birthday."

"Really? Have any plans?"

"No, not really. Do you?"

"Is this you asking me out?"

"Yeah, Cordy, I think it is."

"Sure, then. Meet me outside in twenty minutes." Devon smiled, hanging up then, and went to the band.

"Guys, go back to Sunnydale without me. I'll be along later. I promise."

Oz nodded. "Take it you saw Cordy, right?"

"Yeah. How'd you guess?"

"I knew she was here. Asked her to show up tonight."

Devon looked at him. "Why, man?"

"Thought it'd be a great birthday present for you."



Twenty minutes later, Cordelia walked around the corner. And Devon started to stare in appreciation. She'd changed her dress and pulled her hair up but she looked as beautiful as usual.

"Hi," he said with a grin.

"Hi. Um...I got another call and I have to check into work real fast. Is that okay?"

Devon nodded. "Lead on."



"Amy! Angel! Doyle!" Cordelia yelled as the unlocked the door to the private detective agency.

"What, what, what?" came a slightly slurred voice. "Cordy?"

"Doyle. Are you drunk again?" she asked, then glanced around. "Don't even answer," she added as she caught a glimpse of empty 40's littered around his desk. "Where's Angel and Amy?"

"Amy' the library, and Angel's on assignment at the Viper Room. Watching out know." Doyle said, looking up.

Cordy shook her head. "And you stayed here and got wasted. Typical."

"But you love my anyway, right?"

She smiled a little. "I tolerate you. Possibly like you. Definitely don't love you."

He pouted. "And I thought I meant something to you."

"That's just the alcohol talking, Doyle. When you sober up, you'll say you never liked me at all. At least not in that way. Need me to run any errands before I jet for the evening?"

He shook his head. "No, my pretty. And your little dog too," he added with a cackle. Cordelia rolled her eyes and took Devon by the arm.

"Come on. He's always that nutty when he's drunk."

Devon looked back at him and shrugged. "Okay, I'll trust you on that one."



"Home sweet home," she said, opening the door to her apartment.

Devon looked in. It was nothing like her place in Sunnydale. It was a good apartment, but it wasn't well furnished, and it looked a little on the cheap side. But it was obvious she did her best to make it seem otherwise.


"You mean it's not what you expected, but I'll take it as a compliment." She grinned and tossed her keys on the table near the door.

"So," Devon asked, looking around. "Are you seeing anyone?"

"Not really, no," she said, thinking back to when she was cramming for her Shakespeare final. "Well, I guess. I mean, he comes here to LA often, but he lives in Sunnydale."

Devon nodded. "It's not Oz, is it?"

Cordy laughed a little and shook her head. "No. And it's not Xander, either. I don't think you'd know him."

"So that means no fooling around tonight?"

She nodded. "None. Whatsoever. Doesn't mean we can't have a decent time, though. Who knows? Maybe you'll find someone while you're here."

Devon grinned. "Now that would be a good birthday present."



The Viper Room was as loud as usual. There wasn't a live band right now; Dogstar had just finished it's set, and there wasn't another band for the rest of the evening.

Cordy stood and looked at the bouncer. "I need to see Angel. He's with me," she added, pointing to Devon. The bouncer nodded and let them in.

"I wish I had that kind of influence," Devon said, scanning the room and nodding appreciatively as David Bowie's "I'm Afraid Of Americans" blasted through the club.

[johnny's in america,
low-tech's at the wheel
no-one needs anyone,
they don't even just pretend
johnny's in america]

Devon was pulled onto the floor by a voluptuous blonde who just started dancing with him. He kept glancing around for Cordelia and finally saw her talk to a dark haired guy he recognized from hanging around the Bronze a few years ago.

He kept nodding as Cordelia talked to him, and Devon watched in amazement at her simple gestures and small smiles or frowns.

[i'm afraid of americans
i'm arfraid of the world
i'm afraid i can't help it
i'm afraid i can't
johnny's in america]

The blonde got bored and went off to find better, more attentive company. Devon started heading through the crowd to get towards them.

He watched the dark haired guy, probably Angel, put his hand on her shoulder to keep her from falling over as someone bumped into her.

And he felt slightly jealous.

[johnny wants a brain,
johnny wants to suck on a coke
johnny wants a woman,
johnny wants to think of a joke
johnny's in america]

As he got closer, he picked up snippets of their conversation.

"...I mean, Doyle's all plastered. Again. It's not a good idea for him to be alone."

"That's a good point, Cordy, but I can't leave. Where's Amy?"

"Doyle said at the library. I'm here with Devon, but I guess I can help that dumbass demon sober up."

[i'm afraid of americans
i'm arfraid of the world
i'm afraid i can't help it
i'm afraid i can't
johnny's in america]

Devon moved closer, but still far enough away so they wouldn't think he was eavesdropping.

"Devon? That singer from Oz's band?"

"Yeah, Devon. Today's his birthday. Oz asked if I'd hang with him for the evening."

"So I take it Oz doesn't know about Spike."

"No, he doesn't. No one except you guys here and Buffy. We've been pretty quiet about it."

Devon looked at the ground. She really was taken. That thought was more depressing than anything else.

[johnny's in america,
johnny looks up at the stars
johnny combs his hair and
johnny wants pussy and cars
johnny's in america]

Angel nodded. "Does Devon know?"

"I told him I was sorta with someone."

"Oh. I wouldn't tell Spike you said you're 'sorta' with someone."

She smirked at him. "I wouldn't. But I mean, he's in Sunnydale, I'm here. If he comes here, I'm afraid I'll have to compete with Dru. And if I go there, that means no more school and I get to deal with Xander."

Devon backed away and melted into the crowd again.

[i'm afraid of americans
i'm arfraid of the world
i'm afraid i can't help it
i'm afraid i can't
johnny's in america
god is an american]

Sitting down, he looked up and saw Cordy heading towards him. "Hey. Sorry I have to cut this short."

Devon nodded. "I eavesdropped, so I know. You happy?"

Cordy sat down. "Yeah, I guess I am. I mean, I'd be happier if I had a boyfriend who was actually here."

"But you like him a lot, don't you."

"Yeah, I do." She stood up again, and kissed Devon on the cheek. "I have to go. Look...I have to go down to Sunnydale in a few days. Want to hang a bit while I'm there?"

Devon thought about it. "Why not?"

Cordy smiled. "Well, happy birthday," she said as she turned to leave.

Watching her walk out the door, Devon went up to the bar and ordered a beer. "Yeah, happy birthday to me," he muttered.