In the Name of Science
by Melissa Flores

TEASER: Forced to be Giles' guinea pigs, Cordelia and Spike have a chance to commiserate yet again.
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"Now, what exact type of pain do you feel?"

Giles gazed at her, his glasses glinting as he peered into the hazel pupils, his eyes squinted.

She sighed, trying with all her might not to say one word as she rolled her eyes and leaned back from the unwanted closeness.

"We don't need the make out." She retorted. Giles looked surprised and cocked his head.

"Hardly." He rebutted. "But if you want to know how to -"

Cordelia drowned him out, preferring instead to let her eyes wander around his apartment while he droned on endlessly about learning about the visions and using the knowledge to help and her responsibility.. blah, blah blah.

Ever since he had found out about her inheriting these damn visions he had insisted on her coming down so he could study her, try and figure out the mysticyscim of them, try and understand what happened to her.

He said it was for her own good, that she should be curious, that it was her responsibility to know, and Angel agreed. Either that or he was just trying to get rid of her for a while.

She didn't give a damn about any of that. She bore the damn trauma, the headaches and the splintering pain because Doyle had given them to her as a parting gift, because she knew Angel needed them and as a result needed her. And it felt good to be needed, to honor Doyle's memory.

But it didn't meant she wanted to be a damn Guinea Pig about it, either.

Her eyes drifted to the blonde vampire that sat at the couch halfhazardly flipping through channels.

Memories of her last encounter with him flooded her and she felt herself wince. What the hell did she do the last time she was here?

This was Spike! Not a make out buddy!

Luckily, it seemed the vamp didn't give a damn about the tonsil hockey they had played. He had barely said a word to her since she had come in, and she was grateful for that. All she wanted to do was forget about it, Angel would kill her if he ever found out and even SHE knew how dumb it was to be sucking face with William the Bloody.

Course it would have been easier to block out if he wasn't such a damn good kisser.

"Cordelia, the pain?"

She shook herself to find Giles staring at her, waiting for an answer.

"Right, well, the typical mind numbing, painful, blanking out in flashes type." She said, shrugging. "I could go on, how many words are there for agonizing?"

Giles held his breath, closing his eyes as Cordelia leaned back, crossing her legs as she studied him.  She was getting to him.  She could see that.

She smirked. Served him right for turning into Dr. Strangelove on her.

"Just wants an excuse to stare into your eyes, love." Spike called out as he walked up to them.

"You stay out of it." She snapped, not even looking at him. Spike grinned,  raising his hands in surrender as he walked back to the couch.

"I wouldn't make a sound, Spike." Giles said, not looking as he prodded at Cordelia's face. "You ARE next."

Spike stiffened, and glared at the older man, while Cordelia gave him a triumphant smirk.

"Behave. Both of you." He added, glaring between the two of them.

Cordelia cocked her head. "It's not like he can do anything,except maybe whine me to death."

"Talking about the pot calling the bloody kettle black." Was his reply.   Cordelia's snorted at the look of disdain on Spike's face, as he pouted and crossed his arms. "We already KNOW what happened to me." He muttered. "And I don't bloody like to be reminded of it."

"True, but the question is HOW." Giles reminded him, keeping his attention on the woman's temples now.  "Buffy's confused enough as it is, what with this Riley boy-"

"Yeah, what's with that? Isn't he the one that put this thing in Spike?"

"We don't know that for sure."

"Can you stop poking me?" She snapped, snatching his hand away. "You're going to poke my eyes out."

"Well if you sit still I won't." Giles retorted. Cordelia rolled her eyes, and huffed but obediently remained still.

Spike watched the scene in amusement and grinned. She glared at him, and he only smiled wickedly.   "Face it, vix." He drawled, crossing his arm and using the remote to change the channel again.  "We're both bloody guinea pigs in this damn house."

"I'm not a pig." She retorted, seemingly highly offended by the look on her face.

"You are certainly not." Giles agreed. "Maybe he is, but you are not."

"Good." She said, smiling as she made the motion to get up. "Then I can go."

Spike snorted, she ignored him.

"Cordelia." The warning note in Giles' voice made her look at him. "Sit." He said, pulling her back down.

She groaned, looking at him beseechingly as he got up to look at a book. "Giles." She whined. "I'm tired.  Why don't you play with Spike?"

"Sod off, Cordelia."

"Shut up Spike."

Giles rubbed at his temples sighing in well noted frustration. "Cordelia the longer you keep yapping the longer this will take."

Spike grinned at Cordelia who glared at him as Giles once again began searching her eyes.  "Yeah right." He said.  "It's all in the name of science." he began in a sing song voice.

"Spike, shut up." Giles and Cordelia both spoke at the same time.

Cordelia glanced at Spike, saw him looking at her and felt herself shiver involuntarily. What was the matter with her? This was a killer guy? She had to stop thinking those icky impure thoughts, because they were going to drive her crazy.

When her eyes met Spike's a second time, she pulled away from Giles hastily. "Look, can we just say it's magic and be content? Leave it?  Oooh!  Or we can ask the oracles! Give them your tweed jacket-" She trailed off, musing to herself as Giles looked  a tad exasperated.  "Wait... no.  They'd kill you if you gave them THAT ugly thing."

Giles sucked in his breath and muttered curses as Spike turned up the volume. "Knotting Hill's on." He said, cocking his head.

"Oh! I love that movie!" Cordelia said, trying to crane her neck to see the screen.

"Are you bloody out of your mind?" Spike returned, his arm over the seat as he turned back to look at her.  "Hugh Grant is a bloody prissy! I'm  ashamed to say he's bloody English!  If I could I'd suck him dry."

Giles tried to get Cordelia's attention but she turned to Spike immediately. "Why bother? I mean, wouldn't you rather drain someone cooler? Like say..... Oooh! Antonio Banderas!"

"Cordelia-" Giles caught her arm, but she shook him off.

"Why would I want to drain Antonio Banderas?" Spike asked, his face horrified at the thought.

"He's hot!" She said, and he rolled his eyes."And we already know he'd make a cool vampire!"

"Are you daft?" Spike snorted. "That movie was terrible! There is no way-"

"Will you two just be QUIET!" Giles finally snapped, causing both the vampire and the May Queen to jump.

"Geez." Cordelia muttered. "Let me go, then I'll shut up." She bargained.

"It's no use vix." Spike grumbled. "You're bloody stuck. Next thing you know you'll be tied up in the bloody lieu."

Cordelia's face registered shock. "You were?"

Spike nodded.

Her eyes turned a surprised gaze on Giles. "How did you pee?"

"Oh, for goodness sakes, hold still." Giles said, grabbing her head and bringing it closer.

There was silence, as Spike turned off the television and sat in the empty chair next to the pair. He studied them both, and then announced, "Giles has a floozy."

Cordelia straightened away again, her eyes catching Spike's, and finding them twinkling mischievously, smiled herself. "You have a  floozy?"

"Olivia is NOT a floozy." Giles retorted.

"Well they shagged like bunnies." Spike responded calmly.

"Did they now?" Cordelia cocked her head at Giles. "Giles?" She began in a patronizing voice. "Did you use protection?"

"Bloody hell!" Apparently that was the last straw for Giles because he suddenly stood, marching to the door and opening it, "I'm going to get another book. Now you two shut up and behave." With that, he walked through leaving with a slam.

Cordelia and Spike looked at the closed door expectantly.

"Victory." He proclaimed.

Cordelia shrugged. "Nah. He's just going to regroup."

There was silence, Spike trying hard not to look at her and barely succeeding. She wasn't pacing, and he didn't want to look at her for fear he would find her looking at him and then there was no telling what he would do.

She had to have worn the blasted skirt. Like he hadn't had enough trouble trying not to remember just how gorgeous she was.

Damn vixen.

"Don't think that kiss meant anything, cause it didn't."  He snapped.

Her eyes widened, she looked surprised as she turned to study him.

Spike looked a little disturbed, but merely looked away. See if that cut the strings from whatever the bloody hell this was.

Apparently, it didn't work, because when he finally looked at her, she looked slightly amused, a small smirk on her face.

"Testy, aren't we, impotent boy."

He turned his eyes widened for just a second before they narrowed wickedly. "I think we established the last time you were here I was anything but, vix."

"What kiss were YOU talking about?" She returned, her eyes glinting with challenge.  "Cause the one *I* got was just average."

He huffed crossing his arms and refusing to look at her.

There was silence, and then she began again. "Listen, Spike, if you're worried about crushing my pour witty little heart-"

"I couldn't give a rats ass about your-"

"Don't worry about it." She continued. "I did the lust thing with Xander. I'm not going down that road again."

"Yeah, and you bloody fell for the moron."

She raised an eyebrow, her face unreadable for a moment. "I fell for Xander because he was brave and strong, and sweet. You qualify for none of those."

His eyes widened as he took in the insult she had just given him. He opened his mouth, and huffed, closing it again.

"At least my nickname is cooler."

She smirked, turning away before keeping the conversation going. "There are more than a thousand reasons why I don't need a blond bimbo."

BIMBO?! "Listen, you bloody chit-"

"Starting with the fact that you are a soulless creature of the night who would snap my neck without a second thought."

He closed his mouth. Well, that was true enough, she had a point.

"The second being, you paint your fingernails. I hate that."

He found his gaze drifting to the chipping black polish on his nails.

"Thirdly, what is WITH the faded jeans and red shirt ensemble?! I mean, are you afraid of a little variety?"

His eyes widened. Oh that was it. No one insulted his bloody wardrobe. "You think you're perfect?" He snapped angrily. "At least I was man enough to fight for what I wanted. You just let Xander slip right through."

Something about that was too much, even Spike knew that. He watched as her face became unreadable, felt his stomach sink when her eyes flashed and her jaw tightened and her back straightened.

When she began to speak, her voice was low, tight, and deadly. "And where did it get you, peroxide?" She said icily. "From what I can tell, we're still in the same exact place, except maybe I have a little dignity."

Their eyes met and held, and despite himself, Spike felt himself smiling. "You haven't lost your spirit, love. I'll give you that."

She didn't bat an eyelash, the irony  and utter obviousness of the situation making perfect sense to her. "I haven't forgotten who you are. I know that if you ever got rid of that thing in your head you'd be gone in an instant. And you'd probably kill us all. Including me."

His smile faded. "What makes you so sure?" He snapped. Something about her lack of faith in him bothered him.  Granted, it was probably true, but he wasn't quite ready to admit that to her, to anyone. The look of disdain in her eyes unnerved him, and he didn't like it, not at all. "If you're so bloody abhorred by me, then why did you kiss me back?"

Her face didn't change, she merely sighed, leaning back in her chair and closing her eyes. Spike watched the way her eyelashes seemed to kiss the skin underneath her eyes as she said slowly. "I don't know. Cause it felt nice. Cause you're cute. And cause I wanted it as much as you did."

He felt the beginnings of a smirk on his face at her candidness. "Least you admitted it. Any normal chit wouldn't have."

"I'm not a normal chit. I'm Cordelia Chase."

That she was. Spike was quite sure he had ever met anyone like her, and he let his eyes wander down her legs, felt the stirrings of arousal in him once more. "And what if I wanted to kiss you again?"

Her eyes opened, her body stiffened slightly.  "I'd say no."

"No strings attached. Just a kiss."

"There weren't any the first time."  She remarked flatly.

He saw the way she turned from him, could smell the desire.  "but you want me to."

"I'm not stupid Spike." She snapped, looking away.

Dammit. She wasn't supposed to say no. And it wasn't supposed to affect him this much. "Suit yourself." He said without emotion.

He waited for a minute, and didn't feel his attraction dissipate. His posture was relaxed, he looked almost bored, but every nerve seemed on fire, awareness of her causing his entire body to go rigid.

He tried not looking at her, but it didn't seem to work, and he felt himself smother a growl in frustration.

The seconds ticked away, and finally he couldn't' t stand it anymore. Turning to her, he rose. "Changed your mind yet?" He asked in a pained voice.

"Oh, completely." Was the husky answer, and they met each other in the middle, mouths and hands on each other instantaneously.

He groaned when her tongue pushed inside his mouth, found himself growling and pulling himself closer, sliding his hands around her back and pushing her heaving chest against him.

At the sensation of her soft body against his hardening one he shuddered violently. "What the hell is this?" He groaned.

"I don't know." She whispered. "But don't stop."

"No chance of that happening." He remarked, grinning as his lips searched hers hungrily.  She moaned, her hands running through his hair in an effort to keep his lips on hers.

Suddenly she pushed away. "Okay, wait. No. This is bad."

"No strings." He growled, trying to reach for her. She stepped back, arms out in an attempt to ward him off.

"Right. Good. But no strings to what?"

She waited for his answer while Spike ran his hands distractedly through his hair, trying to gain his senses back as he fumbled for a decent answer so he could kiss her again.

"Well.... this all started because we found one thing in common, right?"

"Right," she confirmed. "Pity party big time."

He nodded, closing his eyes to keep from looking at her.

"So what do you say, for every thing we have in common, I get to kiss you senseless."

She gazed at him even, one perfect arch of an eyebrow raised as she crossed her arms.  "You're rating yourself awful high, aren't you?" She finally asked.

He let a smirk caress his features, as his eyes opened. "What, for thinking you and I might just have more in common?"

"No, for thinking you can kiss me senseless. I was quite aware of them the last time."

He felt the smirk widen into a smile at the cold gaze.  Dammit, but was she gorgeous when she looked like that. All cold, and icy, and completely seductive.

"Is that a challenge?"

"It's a dare."

He took it.

Grabbing her hands, he hauled her against him, kissing her passionately and harshly,  found her doing the same.

Cupping her face with his hands, he slid his fingers along the curve of her neck, and felt the kiss slow down. His touch became gentle, the kiss slow, lazy, but no less passionate.

It seemed almost.... tender.

Her lips caressed his once more, before their faces inched apart.

Her chest was heaving against him. He held her close, sliding his hands along the bare skin of her lower back feeling the tingling as he slid the fingertips across the smoothness of it.  Her arms loosened, but didn't let go completely as they slipped to his chest.  Her eyes were closed for a minute, as he watched her, her moist, swollen lips, the soft wisps of her hair falling back into place.

She took another moment to breathe, to recover, and when her eyes opened, they were bright, the hidden shimmer of desire now quite apparent, the quiver of her lips curving into a slow sexy smile assured him he had not kissed her senseless.

If anything he'd heightened them.  Spike felt his chest shudder when her fingernails raked along them, pulling away, and his hands tightened around her waist, not quite ready to let her go.

Damn these brunettes, there was something about them, the way they undid him, the way he had somehow stopped thinking of her as prey and as something else entirely. It wasn't normal, she was food.

Gorgeous, with sparkling eyes and a dazzling grin, and a retort that could bring a man to his knees, but food.

He used to believe that.

Her eyes searched his, not quite certain what had just happened and not quite wanting to find out.  It almost killed him to keep his face immobile to keep from smiling, from panicking at what had arisen within him.

Bloody hell, she could probably feel the other thing that had risen.

Her head cocked, and the soft breath of hers landed on his neck, warming the spot just under his jaw.

Not trusting himself to venture a word, he instead waited for her to speak.

She licked her lips, catching her breath and she breathed out in a husky tone, "We're not going to let anyone know about this, right?"

He felt his form stiffen, forced a look of placidness on his face.  "You ashamed of me?" He teased.

"Duh! Well, aside from the emotional trauma I'm gong to experience when I realize what the hell I'm doing, Angel and Wesley will probably commit me to an insane asylum if it ever catches on."

"Don't worry, vix." He whispered, one finger sliding along her cheekbone, feeling the muscles tense under the tip as it traveled to her lips.  "I'm not the sort to kiss and tell."

"Good." Was her soft reply. Spike finally allowed himself a grin, when she unconsciously pressed against him, so closely he could feel her heart beating against his own chest.

"Just do me one favor, luv."


And he cocked his head, a small grin on his chiseled features. "Smile for me, ducks."

Not even she could have been prepared for the kiss she received when she did.


Giles put his hand on the doorknob, mentally closing his eyes and bracing himself for having to deal with Cordelia Chase and Spike in the same room.

Cordelia's new powers had confused him, and it was quite obvious she was still having trouble dealing with them.

It didn't seem fair somehow, that she was stuck with them. She had always been such a normal girl, the most normal out of all of them, and through a simple twist of fate she had now become just as supernatural as the rest of them.

If anyone had told Giles that he would have Cordelia Chase the seer, and Spike the impotent vampire in his house for tests he would have laughed in their faces.

Next time he would make sure they were by themselves, separating Cordelia and Spike.  He had learned that lesson well enough, when they ganged up on him, they were quite the formidable pair.

Sighing, he opened the door to find them sitting on the chairs, not even looking at each other.

Both looked completely bored, Cordelia frustrated and Spike, rather grouchy.

"Well." He said breezily, glancing down at the book. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

"Speak for your bloody self." Spike growled, for the moment allowing his frustration to vent in the words. "I would have bloody killed her if is-"

"Oh, shut up." She cut him off disdainfully, rolling her eyes.

Giles looked up, eyeing the two of them before rolling his eyes and looking back at his book.  "Cordelia, Angel called, he needs you back in Los Angeles. We'll continue this another time."

Her eyes flew to Spike, and suddenly she burst into laughter.

Giles looked up, momentarily confused as he saw a tick in Spike's jaw before he looked away.  "Didn't notice anything particularly funny about that, but... all right." He said after a minute.

Cordelia, mustering some sense of composure smiled, and nodded to Giles. "Right, okay. I'm going. talk to you later."

"Later, vix." Spike said lazily.

"Not you." She shot back, not even looking at him as she patted Giles on the arm. "Him.  Bye Giles."

He watched her with narrowed eyes as she walked to the door, saw Giles back was to her, and then smiled, a sincere dazzling grin that made Spike stare in wonder.

"Bye." She mouthed, winking as she closed the door.

He felt himself grinning like an idiot before realizing it and clamping his jaw and shutting his mouth.

"Well, at least you didn't kill each other." Giles said quickly.

Spike glared at him, but didn't say a word, preferring instead to watch the closed doorway.

Bloody hell.

This was damned unnerving.

Two years ago he was the meanest asshole around. He killed every day and  loved it.

He still wanted that.

But now, here he was, being prodded like a middle school experiment with people before he would have loved to suck dry.

And now he had an understanding for a kissing contest with one of the most gorgeous vixens he had ever met who had a hell of a pair of lips on her.

He chuckled under his breath.

The things he put up with in the name of science.