TITLE:  Doyle's Princess
AUTHOR:  Isa Bedigian
SUMMARY:  Doyle talks about his love
SPOILER:  S4 rumours
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decides to give them to me, that would be nice.  =) 

    From the first moment I saw her, I thought she was beautiful. The long  
black hair, tousled just enough that even straight, it had a great fullness 
about it.  She flips it over her face and smiles through it, this amazing 
smile.  Her sexy teeth shining through those perfect red lips.

    If I didn't know a manly guy named Angel, that would be the way I refer 
to her. She's almost Goddess-like though.  The look of an Angel, the secrecy 
of the Devil, the passion of Venus DeMilo.  Cordelia has it all, and then 

    Cordelia - I'd call her Sweetness but I can tell she'd slap me - walks 
around like she owns this place.  It's cute really, she seems to possess the 
world and yet she's flat broke, according to Angel.  I like a woman in need 
that refuses to admit it.

    "Angel!" I hear her yell from the next room.  "Help!"

    "What is it now?" he's trying to remain calm, but I can tell she's 
annoyed.  He leaves and I sigh.  Why doesn't she just call 'Doyle!!!' now and 
then?  I'll aid her in *any* way she requests.

    "I can't use this mouse," she complains.  "My nails wanna catch on it and 

    I watch Angel try to keep his human face as he hooks a new mouse up for 
her. I'm beginning to think 'Princess' is the word for her.  Doyle's 
Princess.  Yep, sounds good.