Closet Time
by Wravyn

When Cordelia goes for a rendevous in the closet with Xander, she gets more than what she bargained for.

Disclaimer: Nice thought, but no.  They're not mine.

                 Cordelia looked around the crowded hallway, trying to make it seem casual.  She mustn’t have pulled it off very well, though, because her companions noticed.

                 “Who are you looking for, Cordy?”  Harmony looked at Cordelia and widened her eyes.  “Is it that totally hot new senior?  You know, the one that was checking you out at the Bronze last night?”

                 Cordelia blinked.  < What? >  She realized she must have been spacing, so she flashed Harmony a brilliant smile.  “Joseph?  Or was it Justin?  Anyway, he’s the one.  Weren’t his dimples the cutest things you’ve ever seen?  I couldn’t get him out of my mind.” < Liar, liar, pants on fire . . . > a taunting voice in her head chanted.  < You never even gave a second thought about Jimmy.  You were looking for him.  Xander. >  Cordelia ignored the little voice in her head.  There was no way she was going to admit that to Harmony.  Xander was a loser, for goodness sake.  Not acceptable at all.  Why would Cordelia Chase want to find him?  < You know why . . . >

                 Harmony was chattering on about something else now, and Cordelia forced her eyes away from the crowd and tried to listen politely.  “I love that new skirt of yours, Cordy.  It really is a flattering color on you.  But then of course, everything looks good on you.”

                 Xander or no Xander, Cordelia loved compliments, and she stopped thinking about him for a while as she preened at Harmony’s words.  “Daddy brought it back for me from Paris.  It’s very chic, don’t you think?”

                 Harmony nodded, as did the rest of those silly sheep.  “Even this horrible lighting can’t ruin the effect.  And lighting is so important to maximizing the effect of new clothes.  Jeffrey will love it.”

                 < Whatever. > thought Cordelia, her attention wandering again.

                 Just then, Harmony’s voice said snidely.  “What are you doing here, geek?  In case your puny little mind has forgotten, this is where the privileged hang out.  As us.  Meaning you have to go away.  Preferably now.”

                 “Oh, terribly sorry.  I didn’t know that us socially unacceptable dung beetles weren’t allowed to step into the space generally reserved for the snob squad.  Of which, you, Harmony, must be Vice President of, second only to our beloved Queen C over there.”

                 Cordelia turned around and saw the person she had been looking for standing a few feet away from her.  < Xander! >   He was glaring at Harmony, looking adorable as usual even in his tacky clothes.  Cordelia pushed away the thought immediately.  He just insulted her.  Xander Harris was only good for the occasional kissage.  And not even very good kissage.  < The boy has a mouth like a Hoover, but for some reason I don’t mind so much. >  What?  No.  No, no, no, no, NO!  It wouldn’t do for her to start developing feelings for him!

                 Harmony looked to Cordelia for some support.  The blonde looked indignant, and she clearly expected the head cheerleader to back her up.  “You heard her, Xander.  Just leave already.”  Cordelia knew her answer was not up to her usual level of banter with him, but her mind was a blank as she looked into Xander’s eyes.  < I am being unbelievably mushy today and I just can’t understand why. >

                 “Yes, your royal highnesses.”  Xander’s voice was sarcastic, but he smiled imperceptibly at her as he started to walk away.  He brushed past Cordelia and caught her arm.  “Utility closet, five minutes.  I have a surprise for you.”  She gave a small nod to show that she had heard and understood his message, and then yanked her arm away in apparent disgust.  For appearance’s sake only, mind you.

                 “Ew!  Get away from me, Xander Harris!  You’ll give me some sort of dweeby disease if you keep touching me like that!”

                 “The cootie deal.  Oh, that’s mature, Cordy.  Very third grade.”  Again he sent a small smile her way.

                 Cordelia glanced at Harmony and made a face.  Harmony gave her a sympathetic smile and looked at Xander coldly.  “Can you like, exist somewhere else?  Like someplace we’re not at?”  Sure that Xander would heed her words, Harmony deliberately turned her back to him.  Cordelia shrugged and did the same, but not before catching Xander’s eyes one more time.  < Cute eyes.  Very cute. >

                 Xander walked off, looking forward to their upcoming closet time.

                 * * *

                 Cordelia opened the closet door and glanced over her shoulder to make sure nobody was looking.  Entering cautiously, she shut the door behind her and reached up for the light switch.  A hand came out of nowhere to stop hers.  She jumped, startled, and dropped her purse, its contents clattering over the floor.

                 “Hey!  Xander, stop it!  Let go of me!”  The hand released her wrist and she rubbed it indignantly, glaring at the shadowy figure she could sort-of, kind-of see through what little light seeped through the sides of the door.

                 “So you don’t want any light, huh?  Well that’s good.  Cause it’s not like I want to see your dorky face anyway.”  The figure shook slightly in laughter, and moved away from her, towards the door.  “Oh, no, you don’t!  You didn’t have me come here for nothing, did you?” she asked, and launched herself at him.  She latched her lips to his and began kissing him frenziedly.

                 The man stumbled back a step, his arms automatically going around her to brace the two of them.  Her arms went around his neck, and she fingered the soft hair at his nape as she continued to try and coax a response out of him.  She could sense his hesitation, but she wasn’t about to stop what she was doing.  She was gratified when he finally got over whatever inhibitions he had and began kissing her more deeply.  He slipped his tongue between her lips and his arms encircled her waist.  Cordelia could feel every nerve in her body respond to his kisses.  < Wow, this is some surprise! > she thought eagerly.

                 One hand dropped to the hem of her skirt, and the other slipped beneath her top and massaged her spine gently.  She shivered in anticipation, or maybe it was just the cold hands, but when he started lifting her shirt up and off, she pulled away.  Head Cheerleader she may be, but she didn’t allow anyone to go beyond a certain point when it came to making out.  Even Xander.  “Quit it!  You know I don’t allow that with anyone, and especially not with you!  I am going to make out with you, but that’s all.”

                 He sighed in what could very well be frustration and reached for her again.  His hands stopped their intimate explorations (Cordelia felt a twinge of disappointment at that) and he tangled his hands in her hair instead as he pulled her to him.  “Hey!  It took me an hour to blowdry it like that!  Xander!”  He ignored her and proceeded to give her the most amazing kiss she had ever had.  When they finally went up for air, Cordelia was properly chastised.  “Wow,” she said, then kissed him again.

                 * * *

                 A half hour of acceptable groping later, Cordelia stepped out of the closet and smoothed her hair down.  She had gathered the things that had fallen out of her purse, and now pulled out her compact mirror and re-applied her lipstick.  < That was definitely the best kissing session I’ve had with Xander in a while, maybe ever! > she thought in satisfaction.  She stuck her head back in the closet.  “Thanks for the surprise, Xander,” she said cheerfully.  “You get better every time, but this was just wow.”  Xander had not moved from where she had left him, and he gave her no answer.  Slightly miffed, Cordelia began closing the door behind her.  She issued one more statement before she left, though.  “Remember, not a word to anyone.”

                 As she walked off, Cordelia began musing about their recent closet time.  < He may be a dork, but he does have his good points . . . hands . . . tongue . . . whatever. >  She smiled to herself and did not notice the figure walking towards her until she bumped into him.  “Watch it!” she said indignantly, and looked up to see who dared crash into her.  < Xander? >

                 “Where are you going, Cordy?  The closet’s that way.”  She stared at him in disbelief, which he misinterpreted as anger.  “Okay, okay, I’m know that I’m really late, and I’m sorry, but Giles wanted me to talk to him about something.”  When Cordelia began frowning, he attempted to appease her by handing her his surprise.  A bouquet of her favorite white roses.  “Look,” he said gently.  “I didn’t mean to stand you up.  I just wanted to give this to you because it’s sort of our anniversary today.”  She gazed at him in incomprehension, her mind still whirling with surprise and shock at seeing him out here.


                 “Of our first kiss.”

                 A smile broke out on her face, and she took the roses from him and inhaled their scent, unheeding of the stares that they probably received from the passing students.  “Oh, Xander . . . thank you.” she breathed.  “How sweet!”

                 “You can thank me in the closet, Cordy,” he said, smiling slyly.  He took her elbow and started ushering her towards the closet, but she yanked her arm away suddenly.

                 “So you weren’t in the closet at all?”

                 “No, I told you, I was with Giles.  Why?”

                 “But then . . . if you weren’t in there, then who was I making out with just now?”  She looked at him in confusion, her bewilderment mirrored in his eyes.  He had absolutely no idea who she was talking about.  But then again, neither did she.

                 * * *

                 Spike stumbled through the underground passages beneath the school in a daze.  < Bloody hell, > he thought.  < Even my dark princess doesn’t kiss like that. > He had only been hiding in the utility closet waiting for an opportune time to attack the Slayer.  And instead he became engaged in < what was that she had said? > making out in a bloody closet.  With the loudmouthed little cheerleader friend of the Slayer.  She had thought he was that annoying twit Xander, for crying out loud.  But he had to hand it to her.  She was a great kisser.  < Now how do I keep Dru from finding out? >


                 I know, I know, they have absolutely nothing in common besides maybe the height.  And it’s unlikely that Cordelia would have missed the hair and the stature and stuff.  But I needed to make it fit, so sue me.  Actually, don’t.