Asking A Vampire For A Favor
by Grace

Scene: Crendall's, a bar in L.A

"Hello, Spike." Cordelia Chase said wearing a tight little black skirt. 

"Not one for dressing subtle are we ducks." Admiring Cordelia's legs.  Boy, did she have legs and knew how to use them. 

"You know Spike, there's a thing called manners. Are you going back to  Sunnydale?" Curious if he was going to really go back to that dump.

"Why, luv? What does it matter to you?" Never one to beat around the  bush. His sire liked her. Curious as to why she wanted to know this  informtion.

"Forgive me for being curious, Spike. Besides, I miss them." Well the  only one she really missed was Xander.

"Oh come on, pet. Tell the truth." Wanting to know the real reason,  why she was so curious as to what he was up to. 

"I miss Xander." Now, Spike would tease her constantly. She  just couldn't win.

"You actually miss that wanker." Unbelievable, she still had  feelings for him. 

"He's not a wanker. Xander is one of the sweetest people, I  know."  Remembering how he had bought her the prom dress when she couldn't afford one. 

"Fine, I'll keep an eye on him for you, ducks." What is  this? Everyone  wants a favor from him. Of course that dress she is wearing...

"Thank you, Spike. I really appreciate this." Kissing Spike  on the cheek. 

"Your welcome, luv." First Angel, now here. How was he going  to keep  an eye on both the slayer and that wanker of a friends  of hers.

Oh why him? Well, sooner or later he would arrive in Sunnydale.  Then the real fun could begin.

The End.