“Till Death Do Us Part?”


By:    Katherina Rosellini


E-mail:  rosellini23@hotmail.com


Rated:  P/G 13


Date:  January 2002


Synopsis:  After spending their lives together, the time has come to say farewell.


Thank you to Brigid and BR.  My ultimate beta-babes!  You’re quicker than McDonald’s and much more accurate.  ;-)  My heartfelt thanks….for everything.




“Till Death Do Us Part?”





I hold your hand in mine.  Your fingers are cold, limp, yet you squeeze lightly trying to get my attention. 


I avoid looking at your face.  It's aged like my own.  Your hair has grayed, your body thinned, but I don't mind.  There are wrinkles around your eyes and you've developed smile lines over the years, but that's okay too.  It just reminds me that I was the one you chose to grow old with. 


It's so hard for me to look at you.  I know you've found peace.  You've accepted the next stage of your life, but I can't look.  Not yet.  I'm not ready yet. 


I can't let go.  I should be the one to go first.  I'm the one who put my life in danger over and over again.  Taking it for granted, but things have changed.  We’ve changed.  I’ve changed.  I lived my life for you…for us.



I feel your ring slipping off.  I push it back on and remember the moment I placed it on your finger so many years ago.  We were so young, so in love.  I sit here reminiscing about moments we've shared.  Nights we spent on the holodeck making love on the beach or just taking a walk.  Our days off we spent in bed, never leaving it but for nourishment every now and then. 


Watching TV in our new home when we got back to Earth.


Holding my breath when you left on your first Starfleet mission.  Trying not to let you see the pain in my eyes.  You were only gone for a week, but it might as well have been a lifetime.   I counted every minute you were gone…every second.  I hated being apart from you.  You knew it.  You never left me again after that...until now. 


You ask me to look at you, but I still can't.  If I do you'll say your good-byes.  I can't handle that.  I can't let you say good-bye.  You're ready.  I know that.  But I'm not. 


I can feel your hand brushing my leg; you’re too weak to lift it up to touch my face.  I take a deep breath knowing this is it.  This is the end of our life together. 


You promised to love me till death do us part.  I just never thought you'd be the one to part first. 


I know I have to look at you now.  To face those eyes that are able to see so deeply into my soul.  I get lost in them with just one glance.


Those words keep coming back..."till death do us part." 


You whisper my name--it's time. 


As I gaze into your eyes I no longer see the person I grew old with, but the young woman I first kissed in a secluded cave.  I see the youth and beauty that has filled my life with love throughout the years.  I drown in your eyes while pledging my eternal love to you once again. 


You whisper with your last breath, "I will wait for you in Sto-Vo-Kor." 


You won't have to wait long--for my heart is already there, B'Elanna.  It's waiting for you.  “Till death do us part?”  No…not even death can keep us apart.


The End