TITLE: The Sweetest Dreams


AUTHOR: Alice Max


EMAIL: alicemax@dynacomm.ws






DATE POSTED: 4/31/02


DISCLAIMER: Paramount owns these characters but the story is mine.


SUMMARY: This is the adult version of “Sweet Dreams.” The story is set during Season Two’s “Persistence of Vision.” As a result of the Botha’s intervention, Tom and B’Elanna hallucinate about their secret passions.



She’s got to be stopped. If she succeeds in initiating the resonance burst they’ll gain control of their ship again.


“How’s it going down here?


“Not good. I can’t get a response from anybody.”


“I want you with me.”


“You aren’t Chakotay.”


“I’m the Chakotay you want me to be. The one who loves you. This is what you want isn’t it? The secret you’ve been keeping? You want us to be together. And we CAN be.”


It’s working. Concentrate on her passion - a more intimate setting perhaps.


“I have to help the others.”


“I want you. I’ve always wanted you.”



“You feel the same way too?”




“Then stay with me and let me love you the way you should be loved. tIqwIj Sa'angnIS (I must show you my heart).”


“Ahhhhh, I needed to hear you say that. I’ve wanted you to touch me like this for so long.  Ahhhhh, this is wrong, Chakotay! I know this could never happen because you and I know we are creatures of honor and duty. I want you to make love to me but I have to face the fact that you wouldn’t take that risk – not as long as we are on Voyager!  You would never walk away from your command. This is wrong!”


“Your right B’Elanna, I can’t risk making love to you while we’re still on Voyager.  Let’s go away together – just the two of us. I want to be your mate. That’s what you fantasized about, isn’t it?”


“Ahhhh yes! HIchop, bang. (Kiss me, love).”


“I’M the only one you can confide your innermost secrets to. There’s no one else.”


“No. . .NO, this isn’t right.”


She’s resisting again. Wait. . .it’s not the commander she really wants in her bed. It’s the helmsman.


“What are you doing here? Where’s Chakotay?”


“Com’on Torres. You know as well as I do that Chakotay can’t satisfy both your Human and Klingon side,” Paris smirked as he pinned her hands down on either side of her with his hands. “Deep down inside you’re looking for someone just as rebellious as you are. Someone who isn’t afraid to take risks - who isn’t worried about what people think or concerned about your sorted past because he has one too. Someone who isn’t afraid to fuck you the way you need to be fucked!”


“PutaQ! Get your hands off of me!” Struggling to break free, B’Elanna hesitated and started panting when she felt Paris clutch firmly at her wrists. She was amazed at how easy it was for him to match her strength and even surpass it. Her panting increased in duration and volume when she realized that Paris had managed to verbally ricochet characteristics she secretly desired in her ideal mate. “Ahhhh, let go of me!”


“Not until you admit that you want me – more than Chakotay – more than any other man you’ve ever known!”


Torres glared at him with disgust and allowed herself a few moments to gain control of her breathing. Gathering up some saliva, she spat in his face. “Pig! I’ll never admit that to you!”


“We’ll see about that!” Paris leered at her and proceeded to lower himself over her body. Reaching up to entwine his fingers with hers, he gripped them tightly causing Torres to pant again in anticipation of his next move. Looking deep into his steel blue eyes, B’Elanna could hear her hearts throbbing a duet of excitement and her lungs panting out a silent cry for that long awaited first contact. Gradually, a heady aroma filled her nostrils as he made his descent to touch her receptive, flaming-red lips. His kiss ignited her passion, culminating into one blazing display of emotion.


“That kiss certainly tells me that you’re interested in me,” Tom remarked, looking deep into her smoldering brown eyes. Releasing the grip on her wrist, he moved his hands down to feel the dampness between her legs, smiled and said in a husky voice, “You want me to make love to you. Your body is no longer hiding that secret.” Torres squirmed as his hand followed the wet trail from beginning to end. “Face it B’Elanna, you’ve picked up my scent and you want me as your mate.”


Their burning lips came together to spark yet another blistering kiss that caused them to both moan in unison from the sensation.  The intensity of the kiss quickly consumed them as their hands roamed, in reckless abandonment, over each other’s body. In the heat of their lust for one another, Torres caught Paris off guard and rolled him over onto his back. She was surprised at his lack of resistance to her sudden urge to control him. Copying his technique, she straddled him and pinned his wrists down on the bed while she laughed at her achievement. Looking deep into his clear azure blue eyes she sensed as if she could almost read his thoughts.


“You want me, don’t you?”


“Oh yea – more than anything I’ve ever wanted before,” confessed Paris.


“jachchoHmeH 'Iwraj penaghtaH (Mate until your blood screams),” she exclaimed as she clasped her hands on either side of his face and challenged him to match the forcefulness of her kiss.


Paris accepted her challenge by pulling her on top of him and, in a bruising kiss, wrestled victoriously to gain control of his lover’s body again.


Straddling her, he tore through her uniform like a hungry animal tearing the flesh off of its prey. Torres gasped in excitement as his mouth eagerly devoured one of her breasts - sucking and biting her blushing peach nib to an erect tautness. His breathing became heavy as he turned his attention to her other breast. Torres growled her appreciation of his savage-like technique and pulled desperately at his uniform to try to remove it.  Suspending his ministrations momentarily, Paris hastened her attempts to disrobe him by ripping the cloth off his body with such fervor that she could have sworn he was secretly part Klingon.


Both trying to catch their breath, their bodies heaved their lascivious desires while ogling each other’s naked physique.  As a result of this long-awaited foreplay, B’Elanna was feeling quite intoxicated by the musky aroma that permeated the air and purred,  “Meqlo boH qa mech (I smell the burning of your blood).” Torres grinned noticing he too was aroused from all of these sensations.


Paris released a solemn moan when Torres opened her legs enticing him to bond with her.  He pounced on her, threw her legs over his shoulders and impaled her with a sudden thrust. She could feel him move so deep inside her that her Human part nearly swooned from the excitement. Her Klingon side, however, reveled at his expertise and shouted encouragement for him to continue: “deeper. . . HARDER. . . FASTER!”


Knowing he had complete control of her, Paris smirked at her commands and hammered her to the edge until she was screaming for release. Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore – Paris bit her on the cheek, claiming her as his. At that moment, Torres’ release came like a warp core explosion, cascading though her body and replacing any doubt she had about Tom Paris with gratification.


* * *


The helmsman is the only crewman left on the bridge to intercept. Deal with him!


“. . . you usually manage to make a mess of everything you do.”


“Let me say something I’ve always wanted to say – get out of my life!”


“I’m just telling you what you already know. When the going gets tough, you crumble.”


“Not anymore. NOT ANYMORE!”


“You don’t really believe that. In your heart you believe you’ll fail again. And of course you will. You can’t do anything right. You’ll fail. Why even try?”


“NO! I’ve changed Dad. Being on Voyager has changed me. I won’t listen anymore to what you have to say to me!”


He’s resisting. Stop him!


“Tom, what your father is saying is untrue. That was the old Tom Paris.”




“Yes, Tom, it’s me Kes. You HAVE changed and I’m proud of you. So very proud of you. I have also changed my mind about us.”




“Ever since that day I fell into your arms during that training simulation, I wanted to kiss you.”


“What about Neelix?”


“Neelix will have to understand that I have made my decision to be with you.”


“You have? That’s just great. You win Dad! I can’t do anything right! I made a mess out of my friendship with Neelix and with you. Huh! That’s all I do is fall head-over-heels into impossible relationships.  Please go away.”


Do something – the helmsman is gaining control again!


“Don’t you think you’re being a little to hard on yourself?”


“Lt. Torres. Where’s Kes?”


“She ran back to Neelix. Good riddance,” she said caustically as she took a seat next to him on the bridge.


“And why do you say that?” he challenged pressing in codes on his Navigational Control Panel.


“Because Paris, she’s a child. She doesn’t know how to give you what you need,” Torres countered as she reached over and punched a button on his console.


“Oh and I suppose you know what I need!” he snapped, glaring at her.


“I know you don’t need to be disappointed again involved in another dead end relationship,” Torres smirked.


“Huh! You’ve got that right,” Tom agreed. “What makes you an authority on how I feel anyway?”


“Paris, don’t flatter yourself. You’re not as complicated to read as you think you are. In fact, I’ve noticed a change in you since last year.”


“For the better?”


“Yes, for the better,” Torres retorted as she stood up and walked over to where he was sitting. “It must have been quite a change if it caught my attention,” she remarked as she sat on his lap.


Paris moved to put his arms around her waist and inquired, “So you don’t think I’d crumble when the going gets tough?”


She put her arms around his neck and replied, “My human side was ready to give up when we were captured by the Vidians. You were the one that gave me strength to go on. I’ll never forget that. You didn’t let me quit fighting for survival,” she said as she placed a kiss on his cheek.


It was comforting to know that someone didn’t consider him a failure – not by a long shot!


“B’Elanna I have something to confess to you,” he said as he lowered his head for a moment.  I wanted to do more than just help you – I wanted to take care of you. Raising his head to meet her coffee-colored eyes he said, “In the cell, I wanted to do more than just touch your face. When you confided in me, I needed to be close to you – to hold you in my arms and make everything right again.”


“You made it possible for things to be right again, Tom Paris,” she whispered as she leaned in to gently kiss him. Paris responded with a heartfelt kiss and held on to her tightly.


“I’ve wanted to do that for so long. I just didn’t know if you would kiss me back,” he admitted to her.


“I’ll do more than kiss you back, Tom,” B’Elanna purred as she stood to face him. She gently wedged her body between his legs and kneeled before him, her face now eyeballing his crotch.


She looked directly up at him while her hands made quick work undoing the portion of his uniform that contained his growing erection.


“B’Elanna we’re on the Bridge for God sakes,” he said through clinched teeth, staring down at her. Paris looked around the Bridge for any signs of movement from the crew. It seemed that all of them were motionless except for Torres and him. Trying to concentrate on the navigational controls, he suddenly jerked in his chair when he felt her hands grab hold and start to play with his cock.


“Isn’t this one of your fantasies? To have a beautiful female crewmember pleasure you underneath your console while you’re on duty?”


“AHHHH, oh yea,” he replied as Torres proceeded to crawl under the console, leading Paris by his shaft. “I daydreamed about that. . . ahhh. . . quite often. . . but I NEVER imagined it would be YOU doing this to ME,” he asserted, rolling his eyes to the back of his head while B’Elanna ran her mouth up and down his shaft.


“How did you. . . oh honey, yes, right there. . .know. . .what was I going to say? Ahhhh! B’Elanna stop!”


Torres reappeared from underneath the console and commented, ”You know, Paris, you’re right. This is one of your fantasies – but it’s not one of your fantasies about me.” She crawled to a standing position, then slapped both of her hands on either side of his shoulders and began to push him to the floor. Paris yelped and found himself on his back, in his bed, being passionately kissed by Torres. She broke their kiss and raised her head to face him in his dimly lit quarters.


“B’Elanna, your ridges are gone. You’re human!”


“Tom, make love to me,” she pleaded.


“PutaQ! Get your hands off of him,” shouted the Klingon female as she grabbed the Human female and threw her off of Paris. “This one doesn’t want just you – he wants both of us to satisfy him. Isn’t that right, Paris?”




“YOU want US!”


“I must be dreaming,” confirmed Paris.


“Ever since the Vidians split us in two, you wanted to know what it would be like to have two halves of the same female pleasure you. Well, now you have your chance,” the Klingon Torres teased as she ran her fingernail down his cheek.


“This can’t be happening,” Paris whispered as he blinked to focus on the two females.


“She’s right,” agreed the Human Torres. “You’ve fantasized about what it would be like to make love to me – to make love to US! I know you’re probably comfortable with me but you’re not sure how my Klingon side would react to human love-making.” The Human Torres looked at her counterpart, then at Paris and spoke with fresh insight: “So enjoying both of us at the same time would definitely make it easier for you to see the difference.”


“He wants ME more than YOU, PutaQ,” the Klingon female spat in the direction of her opposite. “You’ve always wanted an aggressive female with a little more bite than what you’re used to, aye Paris,” the Klingon Torres growled as she slapped his arm.




“Leave him alone,” yelled the Human Torres.


“And YOU’RE going to stop me? HA! YOU who pleaded with him to make love to you? Let’s see how long it will take you to plead for you life!


“Ladies, Ladies,” Paris interrupted with a nervous laugh. “There’s plenty of me for the both of you.”


Both of the females stared at each other, then smiled at Paris and moved in the direction of his exposed erection. The Klingon Torres and Human Torres looked at each other, nodded and then began to run their tongues on either side of his shaft causing Paris to flinch in response. He sighed, closed his eyes and began a series of soft moans, reacting to their hands cupping to message his balls while their tongues continued to work his entire shaft.


When the foreplay stopped momentarily, Paris opened his eyes to find the Human Torres looking directly at him while her hands slowly caressed his manhood. Releasing a joyful moan, he marveled at the way the Human Torres made him feel as she tenderly touched her full red lips to the tip of his shaft causing some of his fluid to moisten her lips. She then opened her mouth, eased it around the tip and glided up and down his shaft in slow deliberate movements. Paris propped himself up on the bed to watch her ministrations and also to enjoy the view of the Klingon Torres ripping the clothes from her body. He had never seen a naked Klingon female (or fucked one for that matter) so his excitement was growing (as well as his erection) by the minute.


“So Paris, you like what you see huh?”


She had a more defined, tight build (that even surpassed his muscular frame) and her physique was rather rigid (not soft like her Human counterpart). “You want me, don’t you,” interrogated the Klingon Torres as she ‘eyed’ his physical response.


“Oh yea,” he gasped. He never knew a female to be so confident, so blunt, so barbaric that it bordered on vulgarity. She had all the qualities that seem to complement his alleged ‘lowbrow’ attitude.


“Did you know Paris that Klingon females have voracious appetites?”


“So I’ve heard. . . Ahhhh,” he yelled as his senses were just about to overload.


“Not like that human female PutaQ over there,” she sneered, pointing her finger at the Human Torres.


“Look at how pathetic she is, trying to service you,” she shouted as she pushed the female away from his erection. “Go over there and disrobe.” 


Ripping through his uniform with her nails she purred, “I’m going to give this human pleasure like he’s never known.” Looking up at him, she stripped him free of clothing in a matter of seconds.


“Hey, take it easy there,” he exclaimed. “It’s going to cost me more replicator rations to get a new uniform!”


“Ha! That should be the least of your concerns,” she snarled running her nails up and down his torso. “You and I know that you have a wild side no female has yet to satisfy. Until now.” The Klingon Torres grabbed his cock and started working it with her mouth, grazing and nipping at his shaft with her teeth.


Paris was going out of his mind with pleasure. He was amazed that the she managed to stimulate every nerve of his manhood in, what seemed to be, such a short span of time. She sensed that he wanted to prolong this pleasure and continued to hold him close to the edge - teasing him constantly until he was ready for one mind-blowing experience. The Klingon Torres took pride in the fact that she had Paris where she wanted him and could make him climax at any moment of her choosing.


During his struggles to stop this urge for release, Paris tried to transfer his attention to the Human Torres. He watched in awe as she slowly (and in a rather shy way) removed her clothing. She was all woman – tanned skin, exotic face, firm breasts, curves where they should be, shapely legs, and slender fingers that tried to cover up her blushing nudity.


She was close enough to the bed to hear Paris sigh, “God you’re so beautiful,” admiring her body from head to toe.


“You’re not just saying that, are you,” she asked as she

reluctantly moved her hands away allowing him to view all of her.


“No, I’m not just saying that to be nice B’Elanna,” Tom retorted as he ogled his intentions to her.  “That body. . . oh, those legs. . .I’m starting to cum just looking at you,” he moaned as he reached out to stroke her thigh.


“Oh, B’Elanna you feel so good – both of you – I can’t take much more of this – Ahhhhh!”


The next sounds Paris heard were distant ramblings that became more recognizable by the moment.


“Tom, wake up. Tom. . . can you hear me?”


“Wha? Where am I?”


“You’re in your quarters, Tom. You passed out. Are you OK?”


Paris blinked to focus on a hazy image of a Human/Klingon B’Elanna Torres stoking his forehead and smiling at him.




“Yes, Tom. Can you hear me?”


This time, Paris blinked to find himself on the Bridge, sitting at his navigational console. He jerked in his seat, pushed his chair away from the console and looked down at his crotch. Relieved to see that his uniform wasn’t torn, he abruptly glanced around the Bridge observing the crew waking up as from a deep sleep.


“Yah, sure, Lieutenant. I can hear you,” Paris replied.


“The Botha’s control over us is gone. You should have navigational control back,” confirmed Lt. Torres.


Take us out of here, Mr. Paris,” ordered Captain Janeway.


“Yes, Ma’am.”


* * * *




“Tom. Mind if I walk with you?”


“Sure but I’m only going as far as the Turbolift.”


“I thought I’d use the Holodeck tonight. Care to join me? It’s a boxing workout program I created. It might tire us out so that we can get some sleep.”


“Sleep! Huh! I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that tonight and not think about some alien trying to invade my mind.”


“As I said, it might be the kind of diversion you need to take your mind off of what happened today.”


“Thanks for the invitation but in a way I don’t know if I want to stop thinking about what happened today – at least part of it anyway. It was just something I hadn’t thought of in quite a while. It seemed so real and well,. . . I guess I’ll see you in the morning.”


“In a way, I know what you mean. What we experienced was similar to a ‘Vision Quest’ and that indeed requires some thought interpreting all the signs. Good night Lieutenant.”


* * * *


“Captains log supplemental: We have no explanation for the mysterious disappearance of the telepathic alien. We can’t even be certain that he was actually here. He seems to have left us with any number of unanswered questions.”


“I’m surprised to see you here, Captain. Isn’t this the day that you’re usually in the Holodeck with your novel?”


“I thought, after our recent experience that I’d take a break from fantasy for a while.”


“I don’t blame you. I think that it had quite an impact on all of us. Do you think it’s true? That the alien was reading our minds? Creating them just from our own experiences?”


“It seemed that way. He had an uncanny ability to bring thoughts out into the open. Why?”


“It’s just I experienced something I’d rather not admit.”


“I know. Me too. But in a way maybe he did us all a favor. Maybe it’s better to. . . look those feelings into the eye and to keep them locked up inside.”


“I guess I’ll have to think about that. Well, I have an early watch tomorrow so I’d better turn in. Good night, Captain.”


“Good night B’Elanna. Sweet dreams.”


“Thanks, you too.”