Little Yellow Smiley Faces

Hello every one. This is my first fanfic and maybe a little disjointed but otherwise I hope you like it. I have been a P/T fan since the first season before I even knew it was called P/T.

Title: Little Yellow Smiley Faces

Synopsis: Set after day of honor and before “Drive,” Tom declares his love for B’Elanna while standing in the corridor half naked and in front of half the people on deck nine section twelve.

Standard Disclaimers I don’t own these characters Paramount does and I am not making any money off of them.

Rated: PG-13(for partial nudity and sexual suggestions

Note: this is my first fanfic and maybe a little disjointed but otherwise I hope you like it. I have been a P/T fan since the first season before I even new it was called P/T. This story takes place after “Revulsion” but before “Drive” doesn't really matter where in there. Warning it is just a tad cliched.

Little Yellow Smiley Faces

His night had been going good, a nice dinner, a little foreplay and they were just starting to get hot and heavy when he found himself in the corridor with nothing on but his boxers, and B’Elanna had locked the door behind him.

“B’Elanna open up, what’s wrong what did I do?” Tom asked practically pleading with her. “Well” B’Elanna replied “If you can’t figure that out, then I can’t help you.”

“Come on B’Elanna let me in,” now he really was pleading with her. There was no answer, so he started to try all the tricks he had learned when in prison to get in the door. B’Elanna was having none of it , she wasn’t the best engineer in the quadrant for nothing.

That’s when he got desperate and started banging on the door. When he finally gave that up he started pacing. And thinking.

‘What did I do wrong this time?’ he wondered. ‘They had had their fights before, it wasn’t always his fault but he could usually figure out what he had done, it may take a while but he would eventually apologize and they’d be stronger than ever.’ While he was contemplating his sorry state, he didn’t hear the foot steps on the deck, but he did hear the giggle followed by a gasp and turned around to see Samantha Wildman clasping a hand over her daughter Naomi’s eyes. When Tom turned Sam saw his face go bright red and a sheepish smile appeared on his face, she returned it hastily and quickly sped off down the corridor, Naomi in tow.

‘Shit,’ Tom thought, ‘If Sam and Naomi were up and about, that meant shift change would be coming soon, he had to think quickly, he couldn’t wander the halls, or call anyone (namely Harry) to help since he’d left his com badge on the floor of B’Elanna’s cabin along with his uniform. ‘

‘Ok, ok,’ he took a deep breath. ‘Just before it happened he was kissing and nuzzling B’Elanna’s neck and she was nibbling at his ear and whispering ... damn that was it he got it, it was so simple ... she had whispered “I love you Tom” and he had just as usual had answered with action instead of with words. He figured actions spoke louder than words to a Klingon anyway, but on the other hand B’Elanna was only half Klingon and did not appreciate that half as much as he did.’

‘Ok, maybe he was a little afraid to say THOSE WORDS, especially to her, the one woman that he had cared this much for, (since before even he realised it) and who loved him so much in return. This was his first real relationship, like ever and he did love her. Say it damn it, just say it. Okay deep breath.’ “B’Elanna” he started quietly and paused. ‘Why did he always find himself so speechless around her?’ again “B’Elanna I...” He could here the turbo lift doors opening he had to get this out quickly. Again “B’Elanna I lo’...” He could hear footsteps now, what seemed like millions, come on “...’ve you” There he said it. ‘Few’ he thought, ‘any minute now we’ll be making up.’

Nothing, ‘Maybe that wasn’t it, maybe she didn’t hear, or care?’

At this point he didn’t care about the people he new were staring at him from behind, he wanted B’Elanna to realize that he loved her, and he didn’t care who else new. He started louder this time. “B’Elanna, I, Thomas Eugene Paris LOVE YOU, “ he turned to the crowd and eyed them, challenging them to dispute his love.

“That’s right I, Thomas Eugene Paris love B’Elanna Torres.” That’s when the doors finally opened. “Tom?” he turned around and looked into his lover’s eyes for what seemed like the first time in a long while, “I love you B’Elanna” she smiled and dragged him back to her into cabin.

All the crew members who had witnessed this spectacle, or blessed event or miracle, whatever you want to call it, couldn’t help but smile, that is until the growling and moaning and crashing started inside the cabin, and everyone beat a hasty retreat.