1. Please limit your signature files to 2 lines. If your sig is longer than your message, then it's a PROBLEM.

2. Whenever possible, do NOT post one-line messages, particularly of the "me too" variety.

3. Please keep all posts on-topic for the particular forum you are in. For example, Round Robin posts go in the Round Robin folder, No spoilers in the spoiler-free forum, etc. And remember, this is a Voyager board. Please keep all posts as VOY related as possible!

4. Show the proper respect for your fellow fans. There will be no flaming, no character bashing, and no fanfic bashing based on personal preferance. Either you discuss your POV intelligently, like an adult, showing respect for other's opinions, or you don't. post. here. period.

5. Please do NOT post multiple times to the same thread in a row, but try and combine your responses.

6. Follow the personal photo guidelines (no files over 25k, no personal icons over 10k please!)

I'm not always able to read every thread on this forum. But I do my best. And when I see violations of the posting guidelines, I will ask the poster in question to either play nice, or go home. And I will ban folks if I have to.

Recently, I have also been made aware of users creating "sock puppets", i.e. other identities with which to reply to their own topics, defend their views by pretending to be another sympathetic person, etc.

Sock puppets will not be tolerated. Users posting from identical IP addresses (a unique identifier with very very few exceptions, and I know what those exceptions are!) will be banned. No exceptions. No bending of the rules. This kind of behaviour is juvenile, tiresome, and overall, not welcome in this community.

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