TITLE: Made for Each Other

AUTHOR: Alice Max

EMAIL: alicemax@dynacomm.ws


RATING: NC-17 (graphic descriptions and sexual situations)

DATE POSTED: 11/30/01

DISCLAIMER: Paramount owns these characters but the story is mine.

SUMMARY: Set immediately after "Revulsion." Tom and B’Elanna end their longest flirtation in Starfleet history and begin their first evening of romance. I thought it would only be a good story to tell at the year’s end.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I thought that I had just one story for P/T fan fiction. My bad. Here's another.


‘I need to get this day behind me,’ B’Elanna mumbled as she reached the final passageway leading to her quarters. The Doctor had recommended that she take tomorrow off to recuperate from the injuries she received on board the Serosian ship. She was about to gain access to her quarters when the door immediately shut in front of her almost bruising her nose.

"Computer, what the hell is going on here?" she yelled banging her fists on the door.

"Access denied." The computer responded.

"Computer open this door authorization Torres-Alpha-Two."

The door swished opened and B’Elanna continued to grumble her way to the bathroom. She peeled away the layers of clothing and tossed them one by one into the refresher. Stepping into the shower she verbally gave the order for the sonic shower to help her wash the day away. Her body began to feel the pulsating, warm rhythm of the shower steaming her clean. She walked over to the wall of the shower and placed both hands on the wall as she began to relax. That warm, comfortable feeling sparked a jolt of tension when she heard the door to her quarters chime.

‘Just great!’ she said sarcastically. B’Elanna answered with the word ‘Come’ but the computer was not responding to her command. "Computer, end sonic shower." Her anger was steadily climbing as she wrapped a towel around herself and marched toward the door. She manually opened the door and found Lt. Paris standing there, smiling, with a beautiful bouquet of violets in his hand.

"Well, if I knew our date was going to be this informal I would have worn my robe!" Tom was pleasantly surprised at his date’s attire. ‘Wow, she is full of surprises,’ he thought to himself. ‘This is going to be an interesting date.’

"You’re early Lieutenant. I just stepped into the sonic shower." B’Elanna said looking quite annoyed at the situation.

Hoping to prove her wrong, Paris said authoritatively, "Computer state the time."

"The time is 0..1900 hours."

"And we made plans to meet in my quarters at 01900 hours," B’Elanna said softly so that Tom could barely hear her.

"This is unbelievable. Well, this wasn’t the first thing that went wrong tonight!"

"Wasn’t the first thing? Tom asked. "What happened? Oh, first of all, can I come in?"

"Sure." Torres apologized as she moved to one side allowing Paris to enter. "I had trouble accessing my quarters before you came in and then again when you were at the door."

"Sounds like a glitch in your access program. Nothing that can’t be fixed tomorrow." Tom said rather nonchalantly as he looked around her quarters to locate a vase for the violets. "Why don’t you finish up in the sonic shower while I find a something to put these flowers in."

"Good idea. I’ll be back shortly." B’Elanna turned away from him and attempted to make a graceful exit. Tom couldn’t resist watching the towel reveal more of her tanned skin with each step she took. Just as the towel was sliding off of her body, she reached the bathroom door. Tom strained his neck for a better view of her slowly emerging backside. That suspenseful moment ended abruptly as she disappeared out of the room. ‘Easy there,’ he smirked to himself, ‘You’ve got all night to see more of her.’

She activated the sonic shower and stepped in hoping to calm down a bit but that same relaxed feeling did not overwhelm her this time. Her thoughts were directed at Tom whom she envisioned was now snooping around in her quarters, touching her things and trying to find out more sorted details about her. That mental picture gave way to a series of thoughts darting around in her brain. ‘This shouldn’t have happened! That was stupid of me not to realize how late it was. I had this evening planned and now the whole thing is going to be a disaster!’ The more she thought about it, the more anxious she became. She started panting to try to catch her breath. The panting escalated to a combination of wheezes and coughs. The sounds emanating from the bathroom traveled to reach Tom’s ears and prompted him to appear at the bathroom door asking her if she was all right.

"I’ll be OK Tom…just…" The wheezing intensified making it difficult for her to catch her breath.

Tom burst into the bathroom and entered the shower fully clothed. He gently molded B’Elanna into a kneeling position with her head bent toward her knees. After a few moments she began to breathe normally. "Thanks Paris," she managed to blurt out, "Maybe getting together this evening wasn’t such a good idea."

"Computer end sonic shower," Tom said firmly. He took B’Elanna’s chin in his hand and positioned it toward his face, "You’re not kicking me out before I had dinner are you?" That sentence produced a laugh from both of them. When the laughter stopped, B’Elanna noticed her tension was melting away. She continued to look directly at Tom and found herself floating in the blue recesses of Tom’s eyes. At that moment, their lips met in a passionate kiss. Tom’s hands were gently roaming over her body easing her to a standing position. He stopped to take in her beauty - scanning all of her from head to toe. She suddenly blushed feeling the eyes of one Lt. Tom Paris, the resident ship’s womanizer, ogle her.

Studying every curve of her body and grinning like a hunter lusting after his prey, Tom removed his wet clothes and draped them over the shower door. The sight of Tom coming toward her in all of his naked glory was enough excitement to make her hearts pound right out of her chest. He grabbed her shoulders and squeezed her up to meet his lips in another sensuous, wet kiss. She felt her hands move around his waist and up to his shoulders. Her nails raked down his back causing Tom to moan out of the kiss.

"You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into, Paris," B’Elanna warned.

"Listen Torres, I told you a while ago that I wouldn’t mind seeing your scary Klingon side again. Well, I’ve been doing my homework and your Klingon mating rituals don’t frighten me. In fact, I’ve got a scary side too."

Without hesitation, Paris grabbed Torres and flung her into the corner of the shower. B’Elanna’s hands stopped her from being slammed into the walls. Moving closer to her, Tom pressed his body up against hers. B’Elanna gasped as he entered her by thrusting one finger quickly in and out. He repeated the action, adding a second finger, then a third finger. As his fingers were moving faster and faster, in and out of her, she felt the hardness of his manhood at the base of her spine. His hard cock impaled her with one quick thrust replacing his fingers. B’Elanna raised her head to the ceiling and let out a growl that came from the lowest portion of her diaphragm. Tom hands reached around and found her breasts, squeezed them and pinched her nipples. Excitement was building up within him as he continued to push his penis deeper and deeper into her. The continuous friction caused B’Elanna to scream out an encouragement to her date prompting him to go faster.

Tom was the first to climax, vocalizing a shout of praise for reaching such ecstasy. It really didn’t take a lot of work on his part to reach his climax. He was aroused from the first moment he saw her naked body in the shower. Maybe it was the stimulating way her spinal ridges massaged against his chest or her spicy sent or her melodic throaty sounds as she responded to his touch that caused such frenzy. Quite frankly, all of his senses were at red alert before he entered her. His mind was also experiencing an overload of sorts – flashing back to a time before B’Elanna’s declaration of love for him. All of those months of being close to her, catching her intoxicating sent, and the numerous heated verbal battles between them that resembled some kind of strange foreplay raced through his brain. His love for her grew with each passing day and so did his respect for her. Several weeks ago he felt proud that she noticed his metamorphosis over the past months into someone that she could respect. And tonight, yes tonight would be the turning point in their relationship. The longest flirtation in Starfleet history would finally reach closure with them. Finally, he had the chance to free some of his emotions, his fantasies and dreams he accumulated about this female. It was all that he hoped it would be and more!

She felt him shudder as he released his juices inside her. Tom leaned on top of her back still holding on to her. B’Elanna followed minutes later experiencing a series of small tremors just before her orgasm. As she reached the peak or her orgasm, she raised her head up to the ceiling and yelled Tom’s name in joyous celebration. Gradually she exhaled and moved lower and lower down the shower wall taking Tom with her. They huddled together in a fetal position against one side of the shower wall trying to regain a regular breathing pattern.

B’Elanna was the first to speak. "I kinda like this scary side of yours."

Tom said breathlessly, "Oh you do, do you? Can you stand?"

Tom helped her up to a standing position and they exited the shower to dry themselves. B’Elanna wrapped herself in a towel, as did Tom.


B’Elanna nodded her head. "If I had more time I would have planned something for us to eat."

"Relax,I have some replicator rations. Dinner is on me. Have you ever had pizza?"

"I don’t think so. What is it?"

"Lady, you are in for a treat," exclaimed Tom as he placed his order for one round pizza with double cheese and double pepperoni. B’Elanna curled up on the couch listening to Tom hum as he balanced the pizza on top of two plates walked over to where she sat and placed them on the table in front of her. He then returned to the replicator to order a bottle of wine (Ktarian Merlot 2282 to be exact) and two glasses. He brought the wine and glasses over to where she was sitting, poured the wine, and handed one of the glasses to her.

"A toast," Tom began as he moved closer to her, "to Captain Janeway for letting me have the night off so that I can spend it with you."

‘To Captain Janeway," B’Elanna repeated as she raised her glass to meet Tom’s, then sipped her wine, reacted favorably to it and set the glass on the table.

"What is that smell?" she questioned wrinkling her nose.

"This, Torres, is a pizza. It contains all of the basic food groups and is one of my favorite gourmet meals." Tom placed a piece of pizza on her plate and said "Here, try some Chief."

B’Elanna elevated the plate to her nose, sniffed it, and then watched Tom raise a piece of pizza to his mouth and take a huge bite. She proceeded to take a small bite and commented, "mmmm, this is really delicious." Both of them ate in silence, savoring each bite (and each other’s company). It could have been that B’Elanna skipped breakfast and lunch today that made her devour her first, second and third piece of pizza in such haste. Tom noticed how many pieces she was consuming and said jokingly, "When you know what you like, you sure have a voracious appetite."

B’Elanna stopped eating and just stared at him. "What’s that suppose to mean?"

"It’s a joke. I couldn’t help notice how much you enjoyed the pizza," Tom said attempting to explain.

"Oh. I thought you were talking about more than just the food."

"Well, that comparison did cross my mind."

"Pig!" B’Elanna’s temper flew into high gear as she flung the rest of her wine in Tom’s face.

"What did you do that for?" Tom said trying to wipe himself clean.

"Tom Paris. You are a sarcastic, self-absorbed, pig. This was all a test to you, wasn’t it?"

"Test? What are you talking about?"

"This was a test to find out if the rumor was true - that Kingon females have the most voracious sexual appetites in the galaxy. The test is over. You can leave now!"

"Now wait a minute," Tom held her arms trying to get her to calm down. "You’re overreacting. I came here tonight to be with you. B’Elanna, I find you fascinating and I’m crazy about you."

"Liar!" yelled B’Elanna as she spat in his face and escaped his attempts to grab her. She heard just about enough of his analysis. The Klingon part of her was encouraging her to attack now and ask questions later. Her eyes searched for anything nearby to throw at him. She picked up one of the wineglasses and threw it at his head. Tom ducked as it hit the wall in back of him. He rose to look at her in disbelief regarding what she had done. The attack continued when she spotted another object to use as ammunition. She picked up the vase containing the violets he had given her this evening and hurled it at him. Tom quickly moved out of the way of the incoming vase as it crashed into the wall again, inches away from his head.

"That’s it, Torres. No more Mr. Nice Guy."

Paris lunged at her and tackled her to the ground making Torres release the chair she had in her hand ready to toss at him. B’Elanna fought his grip but before she was set free, Tom pulled the towel she was wearing away from her body. He then saw her in all of her nakedness crawl to a standing position and sprint towards her bedroom. Tom sprang to his feet and ran towards the bedroom carrying her towel in one hand.

"You’re going to get it, Paris," warned B’Elanna.

"Not before I give it to you," he challenged.

They circled the bed in a ‘cat and mouse’ chase until B’Elanna executed a wrong move and ended up in Tom’s arms again. He pushed her down on the bed and before she could resist, he was sitting on top of her, holding her hands down on the bed.

"Now are you going to behave yourself so that I can talk to you?" Tom was looking for a positive response from her but she was too angry to even speak to him. "Guess not," he muttered.

She panicked when she felt one end of her towel tightened around her wrists while the other end was secured to the bed board. Struggling to release herself, she was painfully aware of how close Tom was to her. He had an erotic quality to his sent that was affecting her senses with every breath that she took. Her attempts to set herself free soon became less and less. Glaring at him and flaring her nostrils, she finally surrendered to his intoxicating muskiness.

"There, that’s better," Tom said with a sigh of relief.

"Give it to me, Paris," B’Elanna teased with a heady voice.

Surprised at her demand but delighted at her change of heart, Tom’s reply was his standard phrase: "Yes ma’am!" He wasn’t sure, at this point, what they were fighting about. Anticipation was at the forefront of his emotions and he was eager to honor her wishes.

B’Elanna closed her eyes and felt her body melt into Tom’s kiss. His tongue parted her mouth and danced with her tongue using a non-verbal language only they were able to understand. Tom broke the kiss and proceeded in his usual lovemaking ritual by kissing and licking the body starting with her cheek and working down. B’Elanna continued to close her eyes fearing she would divulge more of her true feelings if she saw those sexy baby blue eyes of his. She tried to withhold as many reactions as possible. ‘It was too soon,’ she thought, ‘for him to realize he’s the one that I want to share my most intimate secrets with.’ Her need for Tom to be inside her grew stronger with each kiss she felt from her flyboy. This need was also showing her impatience with his extended foreplay. She wanted some action from him and she wanted it now.

Torres opened her eyes to observe Paris nibbling at her nipple. "What are you doing over there?" she said firmly.

Tom stopped long enough to look up at her and reply "Enjoying myself?"

"Then show it," she demanded.

Tom was indeed enjoying his tour of B’Elanna and wanted to explore more, since this was one of the first opportunities he had to make his dreams become reality. Caught between his enjoyment and her demand, he opted for a bold action by filling one of her breasts in his mouth. He then bit down hard into the tanned skin. B’Elanna was not entirely prepared for such a response from the helmsman. His actions caused her to arch her back and growl with delight. Paris pulled back to taste the salty essence of his date and was shocked to find that bloody teeth marks now encircled her breast.

"B’Elanna, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you that way." Tom was a little embarrassed by his actions and hoped she would forgive him.

"You talk too much flyboy. Give it to me now, Paris!" B’Elanna wasn’t the least bit concerned about what Tom had done. In fact, she was happy to see him exhibit some aggressive lovemaking techniques.


Lt. B’Elanna Torres was unlike any other female he had been with. Other love interests would have enjoyed his expertise and wished only to see his gentle side. Not B’Elanna. His thoughts focused on something that B’Elanna said to him in the caves on Sakari. "Just let it happen." It was time for him to unleash his wild side. She’s the kind of female that would honor his inhibitions.

Tom ran his tongue lazily down her body until he met her centre and placed a feather like kiss. His fingers traced her opening and parted her lips. He began licking, sucking, and even biting her clit in an attempt to elicit a primal response from her. Paris couldn’t help but notice that her Klingon genitals seemed larger compared to the human female. He was delighted (and rather relieved) that she looked more human than Klingon. The helmsman did not want to be at a disadvantage since he was so close to observing her cum. As he continued his ministrations, Tom smelled a different aroma in the air. The sent of cloves and honey filled his nostrils. He also became aware of how wet he was making her in such a short period of time. Paris fought to control his urge to plunge inside her at that moment. He needed to satisfy one more curiosity and watch her climax but first he needed focus some attention on his situation before he exploded. Touching her cum with his fingers, he quickly ripped off his towel and lubricated his growing erection. He slowly smeared her juices over his plump penis and pinched his shaft. His other hand was continuing to vibrate her cilt until she started to twitch as a prelude to her orgasms.

B’Elanna was astounded that Paris had succeeded in resurrecting more sensations than she had felt in a long time. In her opinion, the rumors of his lovemaking prowess didn’t do him justice. Tom’s persistence caused Torres lost all control and experienced waves of orgasms in all intensities and lengths. How could she have ever doubted that Tom couldn’t give her such pleasure!

Bringing B’Elanna to such ecstasy was a cue for Tom to penetrate her now and satisfy his own primitive needs. As she descended from her last climax, she could feel Tom’s balls spanking her bottom to a rhythm that the helmsman was controlling. She wanted to touch him but she couldn’t free herself from the restrictive towel wrapped around her wrists. She wanted to ask Tom to release her but judging by the distorted look on his face, he had other things on his mind. Tom spoke briefly to her, at this time, about how incredible she felt and then announced to her that he going to cum inside her. She felt him pause, tense his muscles and explode into her. He dropped on top of her and lay there motionless for a minute. Tom then honored her unspoken request and untied her hands. He lowered his head to meet her check and sank his teeth in the fleshy part of her cheek drawing some blood. That action created another lengthy orgasm for B’Elanna to experience. Tom rolled off of her on to his side and, resting on his elbow, studied her reactions as she came down slowly from her climax.

"Hey. You know you’re an incredible lover," he said in amazement.

B’Elanna was smiling internally at Tom’s candidness. She never experienced so many orgasms before in one joining but she wasn’t about to tell him that. At least not yet.

"You’re not so bad yourself flyboy," she said rolling over to her side to face him and mimick her bed partner’s position.

Tom gazed into her chocolate brown eyes and said quite sincerely, "I’d like to spend the night with you."

"I’d like that."

They dimmed the lights and spooned together. It felt so natural for Tom to be holding her. All fears about what tonight would bring were gone and replaced by a sense of peace and contentment. He was drifting off to sleep when he heard B’Elanna’s voice in the distance say: "Oh by the way, thank you for the violets. I’m sorry about what happened to them."

Tom acknowledged with a moan as they both cuddled in hopes that their dreams would contain fragments of this evening’s experience.


He thought it was an erotic dream or could it have been part of last night’s activity? Many times he thought of how wonderful it would be to have B’Elanna pleasure him. He woke very early the next morning to see a very unusual ‘wake-up call.’ Lifting his head to get a better view, he saw B’Elanna licking his shaft, from the base to the tip, like a lollipop.

She sensed an observer. B’Elanna raised her head to look at him and replied, "Good Morning." She then kissed the tip of his shaft lightly.

"Hello," he said calmly. "Just can’t get enough of me, can you?" He was hoping that remark wouldn’t find him left for dead at the Doctor’s doorstep.

Instead of reacting to that comment, Torres chose the ignore it. "I thought I’d return the favor…for the flowers, the dinner and, you know," she continued with a mischievous smile on her face "…and give you something that you might enjoy."

"Please don’t let me stop you," Tom said encouraging her to continue her payback. "You know this is really going to cost you."

"I’m sure that I’ll be able to make it up to you," she said convincingly.

"You’re sure about that?" Tom couldn’t resist the urge to verbally spar with her again. His urge was short-lived when he stopped short of his next comment to pay her a compliment on her technique as she massaged his balls. "Oooo, that was nice," he moaned and shifted into a more comfortable position.

"I also did my ‘homework’ before last night. Your other so-called dates on this ship were more than willing to offer their opinions of you and some tips."

Paris winced at her last remark. "I didn’t know you liked listening to gossip." He then blurted out with a nervous laugh, "You’re not going to believe all that they told you about me, are you?"

"That’s why I had to find out for myself," she said and resumed moving her tongue up and down his shaft.

"Oh, I see. So this is a test to find out if what they told you about me is true." Tom countered with a sarcastic rebuttal to the statement that triggered her temper last night.


"Yes ma’am?"

"Shut up."

B’Elanna made sure that she had the last word by relaxing her jaw and taking Paris’ entire shaft into her mouth. Slowly she began moving up and down his erection, rubbing her teeth lightly on his sensitive underside. ‘Paris is right,’ she thought, ‘I’m as curious about him as he is about me.’ Using her hands, mouth and tongue she brought new meaning to the definition of ‘blow job’ etched in Tom’s mental database. B’Elanna was determined to show the helmsman that Klingon women have incredible stamina and since she was Chief Engineer, her technical expertise was also something to be admired.

Paris was also determined to make this payback last as long as possible. Although he was amazed at her technique and the way she was making him feel, he tried not to concentrate on her erotic gestures. That was just way too much sensory overload and he wanted to mentally record each moment (for playback at another time). He just closed his eyes, enjoyed the experience and issued a silent prayer that he wouldn’t die until this was over. This entire experience was indeed a test of will and endurance. Unfortunately, there had to be a winner. Tom lost. He, however, thought that was the best payback her had ever received.

Torres was exhausted. It was a price she had to pay for winning that round. She flopped on the bed next to her flyboy, who, by the looks of things, was out like a light.

"Computer, state the time,"

"The time is 0400 hours."

Torres snuggled up to Tom’s ear and without warning marked him on the cheek.

"Ow! What did you do that for?" Tom said half-asleep, touching his cheek and feeling blood trickle down his hand.

"You’re mine Paris and don’t forget it." She said smugly and she reached around to cup him possessively.

"I won’t forget." Paris took her other hand, kissed it and placed it close to his heart.


B’Elanna woke to the sound of tones from a PADD beeping out a message.

"Good morning," said the cheerful voice of one Lt. Tom Paris.

"Morning. What time is it?" she yawned.

"0600 hours."

"What are you doing up so early….and dressed?" she questioned.

"Me? Oh I’ve been up for nearly an hour. I fixed your access problem. It was a simple fix although it beats me why that happened in the first place," Tom said energetically.

B’Elanna got out of bed, put her towel around herself and walked over to where Paris was standing. She put her arms around his neck and said," You’re cheek. I’m sure I bit you there last night."

"You’re right. You did. I found a dermal regenerator in your bathroom and used it on my cheek," Tom said as he gently kissed her cheek wound. "Maybe you should do the same before you leave your quarters."

"You’re right. What we do after hours is nobody’s business. And we certainly don’t need to advertise the fact that we had a date last night. By the way, thanks for fixing the access problem." She stopped to plant a kiss on his cheek. "What do I owe you?"

"Let’s just say you are paid in full and my gesture was a …what did they call it in the twentieth century…" Tom paused shortly to search for the word, "…a tip."

"I had a nice evening. "Maybe we should do this again sometime."

"My place. Tonight. 020 hours. I’ll bring the dermal regenerator."

"You’re on."