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You have to know this is my FIRST story written in English and I’m really not quite good with that. So please don’t laugh about my terrible grammar and English, this is just my first try! If you do, I want to read something from you in German J! Thanks and enjoy reading!


The story is set after “Revulsion”, after B’Elanna returned to Voyager (and after THE KISS J).


Disclaimer: Yeah, Paramount got them all! Episode, characters, ship everything. But the story is my one!!


Just say you love me


As Voyager’s chief engineer B’Elanna Torres made her way to engineering, the only thing she could think of was Tom Paris.

She fell in love with him first moment they met. But until now, she never had the courage to admit this, even not to herself. But now everything’s changed. She’d told him about her feelings. There was no way back.

The sound of the turbolift doors open interrupted her thoughts. As she stepped in, she decides, no more thoughts about that situation anymore.

“Deck four.”, she said, leaning against the wall of the turbolift.

By the way, he’d kissed her. Her was returning her feelings. Or wasn’t he?

B’Elanna smiled as she noticed that concentrating on the work she’d got to do was impossible.

She didn’t know why she was worrying, she’d done her part for an upcoming relationship with Tom, now it was his turn.

She closed her eyes in contentment. Everything was great. She’d finally admitted her feelings for Tom and he was returning her feelings. It was really strange that she was dating with Tom Paris, the man she’d called a pig several times before knowing better.

Suddenly her eyes opened and a thought ran through her mind. He hadn’t even told her the most important three words! He hadn’t told her he loves her!




Tom Paris stood in front of his mirror, looking closely to his appearance.

Tonight was his first date with B’Elanna Torres. Well, it wasn’t really their first date, they’ve been dating before, but tonight, it was something different.

They were a couple now. He just couldn’t believe, B’Elanna Torres was his girlfriend, finally, after so many failed tries of getting her attention. 

How long he’d been waiting for her to say those three special words? He didn’t know.

He checked his outfit a last time, his blue shirt, which fit perfectly to his blue eyes and black trousers, then went over to his replicator, ordering a red rose for his Love and for this special evening.

But, had her commentary on sickbay really been an invitation? Perhaps she was on duty right now and not thinking about a date with him.

“Computer, locate lieutenant Torres.”

Lieutenant Torres in her quarters, the computer answered.

Tom smiled. It had been an invitation.

He took the rose and made his was to the quarters of B’Elanna Torres.




Come in.” sounded from the inside of the room.

The doors switched open.

Tom held the rose behind his back, searching for his B’Elanna as he didn’t see her immediately.

She came out of her bedroom, wearing a beautiful reddish dress which almost took his breath away.

“B’Elanna you look so beautiful.”

She smiled, a little shy. She’d never worn such a dress before. And nobody had ever told her that was looking beautiful.

Staring at her, he’d almost forgotten the rose. He went closer, presenting it to her.

“Oh thanks, it’s beautiful.”, she said and took the rose.

“So are you.”

He was really nervous. So was she.

“I missed you so much.”, he finally said.

“Tom, it’s just two hours ago we met last time.”

“It seemed like days to me.”

A little hesitating, she leaned forward in order to kiss him. He also came closer, slightly brushing her lips with his. As he placed his hand on her cheek, their kiss deepened a little.

But B’Elanna stopped their kiss, she wanted to take it slow.

“Want to sit down?”

Tom just nodded and sat down on her couch. She sat right next to him and he placed one arm around her, pulling her close.

“I was so afraid of loosing you.”, he said.


“As you were beamed into sickbay. The doctor called me and said, you were injured. I didn’t know what…”

“Shhh”, she laid her finger on his mouth, making him shut up. “I know.” She snuggle in his embrace.

“B’Elanna, please promise me you’ll never leave me.”

“I can’t promise that. But as long we’re alive, we’ll be together.”

“I haven’t told you that yet, but I love you B’Elanna, with all my heart and soul. And I can’t imagine living without you anymore.”

Those words brought tears into her eyes. She couldn’t tell how lucky she was hearing him saying this. He said it. He said he loves her.



“This is the last warning, if you don’t go right now, I’ll never let you go anymore.”

He grinned.

“I think I can live with that Torres!”

She grabbed his neck and pulled him down to her, kissing him.


THE END (for me to write, not for their night J)


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