Final revision of Camping Trip CWWPBOBO\=mBINBOBOqdHHHHHHqHq  q-ZDana ConnollyfBLOM!` x(HHR[ (hh t2 HK'd5So l/c q(phH/H/cyD  q0[\NPDSET$kDE(q qqpp pX(pD @+`6pA?pL@   p  7 c    &  % & 'A 'P * . 1D 7 7( ;[ > > E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E    ? #          W  n       E E E uquqq p~pppnp8p!p$p(p,p0l{p3p7p;A\p>pB#|puP/T, K/7, J, C By Dana They had planned a camping trip on the holodeck for the three couples to bond, but they had to convince Seven to come along with them. They packed everything they needed for the trip and headed for the holodeck. As they arrived at the camp site, Seven looks around at the trees and woods that surrounded them in a state of hesitation. Tom this is beautiful. BElanna said hugging him. Yeah Tom, its perfect for once. Chakotay added smiling. I don't think Im going to like this. Seven mumbled to herself. BElanna overhearing her comment looks over at her and said, Seven relax, it will be fun. You do know what fun is right?. BElanna and Tom starting setting up their tent like Chakotay and Kathryn was doing. Seven watch and learn. Tom said as he started setting up stuff.BElanna rolled her eyes at her husband as he continued, Harry and I will show you what to do. Tom said Okay. she answered almost trembling. Seven, you will be expected to pull your weight as everyone else on this trip. You can't expect everyone to wait hand and foot on you all the time. B'Elanna said to her undoing a pack. Seven looked at BElanna and her face just fell. Well Lieutenant, I never volunteered to come on this trip. So please don't lecture me. Seven yelled backat her. B'Elanna's smile faded from her face and started to make a smart aleck retort just as Tom covered her mouth with his hand. Seven turned around just in time so that they wouldn't see the tears starting to run down her soft milky white cheek." I have to go set up my tent." Seven said as she bolted away. They all looked at each other. What did I say? BElanna asked. It might of been that comment you made about pulling your own weight B'El. Harry said. What???" she asked in surprise. She continued on defensively "Well it wasn't meant in a bad way. I was just telling her that on a camping trip we all pull our own weight. I know she hasn't been on one before, and she does have a tendency to be a bit bossy, so...... BElanna said as she looked over at Seven just sitting there in front of the parts to make the tent. Tom shook his head as if to tell her not to continue that train of thought. Harry goes over to where seven was setting up the tent. Lets just set up our tent. Seven looks up at Harry. Seven are you ok? BElanna didn't mean it in a bad way. She didn't comment, her gaze just went to the ground.Harry took the hint and they continued setting up the tent in silence and as soon as it was finished Seven went inside BElanna walked by Harry and Seven's tent. BElanna say something to her. Harry voiced to her."What do you want me to say huh?""Tell her that you didnt mean it" Harry pleaded. Well not now she's sleeping. B'Elanna edged stopping to talk to him. So when she's awake, you can. Harry reasoned. BElanna shrugs but goes over to the door of the tent and listens to see if she could hear if Seven was sleeping. But all she heard was sobbing. Seven? BElanna asked cautiously as she entered. Then it stopped. Yes Lieutenant? Were off duty, you can call me BElanna. Well BElanna, how may I help you? she asked coldly. If you are going to talk to me like that..." BElanna started to say. She sighed and started over. "I was going to apologize but if you don't want it...... she said trailing off leaving the next step up to Seven. I accept your apology. Seven replied back. After about four minutes there was no answer. Seven?? BElanna asked. She leaned over to the sleeping bag and saw Seven asleep. BElanna shakes her head and mouths to Harry who peeped in, I tried. At that moment Seven started to mumble. BElanna stops and looks at her. Seven continues to mumble. No, stop that. BElanna looks at Harry. Harry went over and rubbed her back and snuggled up next to her. BElanna touched Harry on the shoulder and grinned as she left the tent. Night quickly came and everyone built a fire and sat down. BElanna snuggled up to Tom and whispered, Lets try doing some match making. Who?Harry and Seven? BElanna nods. Did you see how Harry snuggled with Seven back in the tent? Yeah. But.... Tom started, maybe they are already together. I thought I saw them doing the nasty in one of your Jefferies Tubes in Engineering, I thought I should come get you so that we could watch. "Thomas Eugene Paris! I am not a voyeur! she said trying to hit him. He moved away laughing. Um maybe Seven and I should go get some firewood since we are running low on twigs"Harry said. The others gave him a strange look and then look at each other. But they said nothing. "Okay, come on Seven. I think you are right, I don't want there to be blood shed over the lost of the fire knowing B'Elanna's behavior. Seven said tossing her head at B'Elanna. BElanna gives her a deathly stare. Seven smirks and they walk off into the woods. They would make a good couple, if only they would allow it. Tom commented to the others."Or if I don't hurt her first." BElanna muttered to herself. Tom overheard her statement and burst out laughing. She gave him a withering look. Meanwhile, Seven and Harry arrived in the woods and they start to pick up sticks. Seven goes to pick up this one large stick but cries out in pain. Harry rushes over to her. Seven are you okay? My shoulder hurts.she said flirtingly. Harry starts to massage it. Ensign, I mean Harry that feels good. She purred as she turned to face him and she moves closer. Harry kissed her gently And Seven started to kiss him back. Harry undid Seven's shirt. Harry, here?she asked giggling Only if you want to but you know...... he said grinning as she launched herself at him . They rolled down on the grass laughing. Back at camp... What's taking them so long? BElanna asked everyone antsily. They probably got lost, come on BElanna lets go find them. Tom said laughing. They head off in the direction Seven and Harry went two hours ago. They stopped when they heard groaning. What the hell was that? BElanna asked gripping onto Tom. BElanna, honey relax. They stop in their tracks to see Seven and Harry on the ground. Oh my gosh, BElanna whispers as she blushes. That's a sight. Lets go back to the camp. Tom said whisking her away. Seven was enjoying this. Harry, think its all right to do this here? Yeah, no ones here. Its okay. Harry reached into his pocket. Did you have your booster this month? Seven nods." Great." he said smiling. BElanna and Tom got back to the camp and BElanna started talking to Janeway. We just found Seven and Harry going at it. Going at it? Janeway asked in disbelief. Yeah as in making out and everything else. BElanna explains to Janeway as she chuckled. No way! " Oh yeah. I guess I shouldn't be calling Harry, my *little* buddy anymore" B'Elanna said with a smirk. Janeway looked very interested as she and BElanna got up and snuck away. Oh man, Chakotay should we stop them?Tom asked lying down on his air bed by the fire. No, let them learn for themselves that spying is wrong. Even if we try to stop them... They will do it anyway. Tom finished laughing. BElanna and Janeway were hiding behind a bush where they had a perfect view. Seven was on top of Harry and they were rocking back and forth Seven and Harry were groaning. This is so unexpected. Janeway said covering her mouth to stop her nervous laughter. BElanna sneezes and Seven looks up and whispers to Harry. What's that?BElanna and Janeway stay quiet and they look at each other shocked. Probably the wind, are you okay? Yeah Im okay. Seven replies back as she kissed him. They go back at it. This time BElanna starts laughing, Seven stood up. Seven and Harry quickly covered themselves with their clothes. Damn it BElanna, now shes going to detect us. Kathryn whispered to her Excuse me but if something is funny I laugh. B'Elanna whispered back defensively. Janeway shakes her head. A shadow falls on them and they look up to see ice blue eyes looking at them. Uh.....Hi Seven. BElanna mumbles. What are you two doing lurking in the bushes? We were looking for something?? Janeway said looking at BElanna. What were you looking for? Ummm..... my bathing suit? Yep thats it, it fell out of my bag a while ago. Seven looks at them as they stand up. Did you find it? No, it actually might be back at the camp.Uh Harry. Tom and Chakotay need to talk to you I think Okay, see you back at the camp. Harry said kissing Seven as he left. Okay. Seven said realizing that they saw the whole thing with Harry. She asked them casually hoping it was just paranoia. So did you see what happened between Harry and myself? BElanna looked at Kathryn who nodded her head. You did? Seven asked as she was starting to feel mortified in front of her crew mates. Oh, its all right Seven. Both BElanna and I have done it before. Getting caught that is. Sometime the mood just takes over. Tom and I once got caught in the Jefferies Tube. The poor Ensign. BElanna laughed. Were you both undressed? Seven asked. Not quite yet, we were each starting to take off our pants when Ensign White crawled through. The look on her face was priceless.The mood was broken so we didnt continue. But I remember another time that was more embarrassing we were in the Captains ready room, BElanna started. Oh really? Well Tuvok..... Janeway laughs. Sevens head started pounding, she put a hand to her head and she went down. Oh my Kahless! BElanna exclaimed. Seven are you okay? Seven moans but doesnt wake up. Janeway starts yelling for Chakotay, Harry, and Tom. They come over and lift her up.She was like a rag doll in their arms. Harry touches her cheek. Seven, come on wake up. Seven mumbles at Harry but doesnt open her eyes We have to get her to sickbay. Harry scoops her up and gently rushes her to sickbay. They follow Harry and seven to sickbay, but wait outside in the hall. In sickbay... The Doctor was scanning her. Her ocular implant was malfunctioning, glad you brought her in. What were you doing on the camping trip that made her pass out? Uh nothing, she just got too overwhelmed. Too overwhelmed, how? None of your business. Seven mumbles. Oh, youre awake? Yeah, if you dont mind I would like to continue with the camping. Sure after I fix your implant, it will only take 5 minutes. Okay. The Doctor scans her again. Seven could I ask you a personal question? Yes Doctor, what is it? He goes closer to her and whispered in her ear. Were you engaging in sexual activities? Seven blushed. Why would you think that? It was just a hunch. Can you fix me so I can get back to the camping trip. Seven you know you arent supposed to be having sex. Doctor you arent in control of me. Seven yelled back. The Doctor fixes her and she starts to get off the biobed and Harry puts his arm around her waist to help her get off. The Doctor looks at them and makes a smug comment. Ensign Kim, I suggest you take it easy with her. What the hell is that suppose to mean? Ensign you know what I mean. Thats enough, you have no business knowing about our sex life. If you dont announce it all the time, I wouldnt! Announce it?! Harry and the doctor were arguing and failed to notice Seven tumble to the floor. Just then Janeway walks in and sees Harry and the Doctor arguing. She goes over to them. What is going on here? Harry yells first. The Doctor is butting into stuff he has no business butting into. Harry, Im right here. You dont have to yell. Sorry Captain, but he has no right to. I do if it has to do with the health of my patient. What does sex have anything to do with it?! Stop it you two! But Captain...........? Stop it, Doctor its none of your business. Lets leave it at that. Both the doctor and Harry quieted down. He goes over to BElanna and Tom out in the hall. He has no right. This time BElanna speaks out. Harry please, youre giving me a headache.she said rubbing her temple Okay... but do you agree? BElanna puts her head on the wall. STOP IT HARRY! Harry looks at her. Sorry.he said Its okay..Just dont yell" BElanna. said moaning a bit. Harry goes back into sickbay and immediately spots Seven laying on the floor all sprawled out. Do{c! They look at Harry running over to Seven who was sprawled out on the floor. Oh my gosh, Seven! The doctor scanned her again. I have to do surgery, she is having some difficulties with her implant right now. I would say so, if you fixed her right then she would be fine right now! Ensign Kim, the Doctor can handle it and she will be just fine. Stop blaming him. Janeway says to Harry as she puts an arm around him. Tom walks into sickbay with BElanna in tow. BElanna was holding her stomach. Is BElanna okay? No apparently shes feeling nauseous, Ill just treat her. Tom said as he injected her with the medicine and kisses her. Ensign Kim, why dont you help her by going to lie down. I think you might need the rest since you will have a houseguest in a few hours The Doc says to Harry. Upon hearing this , B' Elanna suggested to Tom, Lets clean Harrys quarters before they arrive. It would be a welcome surprise " Okay who are you and what have you done with my wife???" Tom asked. She hit him lightly on the hand " Keep talking and you will be sleeping on the couch tonight" He kissed her "Well maybe not if you keep kissing like that" she said giggling. Tom laughed. Harry helps Seven off the bed and puts an arm around her waist. His hand lightly touches her butt. Harry. Seven whispers. What, dont you like that? Harry asks. She nods her head and they walk out the door to Harrys quarters. Both getting puzzling looks. They enter the quarters to find it clean. Harry mumbles to himself. BElanna and Tom. He helps Seven lay down on the bed, and Seven puts her hand to her head. Are you all right? Yeah. Seven said snuggling up. Back in BElanna and Toms quarters... Janeway was watching Miral when they came in. He tucked her in, it was so sweet. BElanna finished telling the story to Janeway who was cradling Miral. BElanna goes over and kisses Mirals forehead. So what should we do now? Tom asks Janeway. Give them a care package. A care package?both husband and wife asked Yeah, you know the romantic type. Oh. Tom and BElanna said in unison. Janeway hands Miral to BElanna and goes over to the replicator. One adult care package Janeway 03. A big basket materializes and she handed it to Tom. Tom whats in there? BElanna asks looking inside. Dont know. They stop and look inside. Chocolate sauce? Strawberries, and whipped cream? Toys? Underwear? BElanna laughs. Theyre going to have fun. " Janeway 03?? Captain, what do you and Chakotay...." Tom saying breaking off as B'Elanna nudged him. Yes they are BElanna, now why dont you and Tom deliver it while Chakotay and I watch Miral.Janeway said ignoring Tom. They look at each other then Janeway and said in unison, Okay. They sta\rt to walk out the door. Then Tom whispers to BElanna, Any excuse to be alone with Chakotay. They wont be alone they will have Miral with them. Exactly. Tom grinned. BElanna smacks his shoulder. Tom! They approach the door and put their ears to it. Hearing nothing. We should just ring and run. BElanna said to Tom. Great idea. Tom said putting the basket down. BElanna rings the bell and they bolt down the corridor towards their quarters. Seven stirs. Harry opens the door, upset that the door bell woke up seven. He looks down to see a care package on the floor. What is it, who is it from? Seven asks from the bed. A care package from Tom and BElanna. He picks it up and brings it to Seven in the bed and they look through it. " Well are you up to it???" Harry asked with a smirk after looking through the basket. " I think I can" she giggledas she waved the sexy lingerie in his face. In the mess hall a few hours later... BElanna, Tom, and Miral were getting up to leave. BElanna stands up and lightly pats Miral on the back to burp her. Tom wipes Mirals mouth and they start to head of the mess hall when they bump into Seven and Harry on their way in. So how did you two like the aphrodisiacs, like you two needed them. And did you get too close to the vacuum Harry?Tom asked seeing a love bite on Harry's neck. He turned to his wife, " Sweetie, we need to get them a dermal regenerator. I mean after all Seven looks as hungry as you are" he said tongue in cheek. B'Elanna glared at him.Ha ha very funny." "No Harry he thinks he is. That is the part where we are supposed to laughB'Elanna countered. Seven looks at Miral nestled in BElannas arms. Is she asleep? No, she just ate and is wide awake. Why? No reason, |just wondering. Did you want to hold her? Seven quickly shakes her head and replies, Not right now. Okay, see you guys later then. BElanna said as she and Tom walked out of the mess hall arguing. Harry turns to Seven, Is it that obvious? As he points to the hickey. No, I think he was just being sarcastic.Seven said evasively. They sat down and they started to eat. Just then Naomi walks into the mess hall, and walked over to them. Hi Seven. Hi Uncle Harry. Hi Naomi, whats going on? Harry asks the young girl. I heard Seven was sick, is she better? Seven turns to the young girl and replies, Yes I am, but how did you hear that I was sick? Naomi shrugs. I dont know, I just overheard the part after you and Harry were getting close on the camping trip. It's all over the ship They stare at each other speechless and then yell, BELANNA AND TOM! ZNDSET.Hp6*DSET.H'_M@p   006*DSUM'Dana ConnollyHDNISTYL n DSTYLppxpppppp|E  =   <         ^ HASH $(( (( (#  L:Qhjazo}Bod  CHARp   "        F HASH    R CELLp "HASH j GRPHp "HASHvl RULRpy@4HASH@. LKUP   $NAMEDefault Default SSHeaderBodyFooterFootnoteFootnote IndexDFNTM HelveticaGenevaTimesMCROMCROoBlNoBlNBBARBBARMARKMRKS MOBJWMBTETBLXDSUMQ4HDNIQcSTYLQmMCRO[oBlN[BBAR\MARK\WMBT\9ETBL\EMMfP/T, K/7, J, C By Dana They had planned a camping trip on the holodeck for the three couples to bond, but they had to convince Seven to come along with them. They packed everything they needed for the trip and headed for the holodeck. As they arrivDana Connolly"=TEXT=AuthTEXT AppleWorks 5MMfulJfTEXTpnot2STR >o<$