TITLE: 365 Days


AUTHOR: Alice Max


EMAIL: alicemax@dynacomm.ws




RATING: PG-13 - R (some graphic situations)


DATE POSTED: 1/31/02


DISCLAIMER: Paramount owns these characters but the story is mine.


SUMMARY: Set sometime in the sixth season when B’Elanna and Tom are still going through their 'on again, off again' relationship. Tom has a tendency to get bored with his job and usually is in competition with Nelix creating occasions to party down.  This story follows Tom throughout the year as he tries to keep his relationship with B’Elanna interesting and, at the same time, keep his sanity.



JANUARY (set during ‘Survival Instinct’)

 “Hey, B’Elanna wait up!” Tom yelled as he jogged around the corner of the corridor.


B’Elanna walked steadily down the corridor tapping on her PADD. Presently, she was engrossed in her daily schedule, which enabled her to filter out anything surrounding her, including the loud noise behind her. Tom raced to catch up to her, and upon reaching her, placed his hand on her shoulder to try to slow her walking pace. She continued her work, trying to finish her thoughts before she joined him in conversation.


“Well, did you come up with a New Year’s resolution yet?” he inquired a little out of breath.


“What resolution?” she muttered as she kept typing on her PADD.


“Your New Year’s Resolution.”


B’Elanna stopped dead in her tracks. Putting her hands on her hips, she confronted his ridiculous answer to her question. “What are you talking about?”


“Haven’t you ever heard of a New Year’s resolution?” Tom sneered strangely at her as if she was from another world (which she was).


“No and look Tom I really don’t have time for this.” she replied and continued her way. “I’m due in a department meeting in Engineering.” She abruptly quickened her pace to her destination.


Tom ran after her and spun her around to face him. “Listen you have a few minutes. Let me explain.”


B’Elanna was still annoyed with him but allowed him to proceed with his explanation. “The first day of each year on Earth, we make a goal to attain that year and resolve to honor that goal until it’s achieved. I’ve already made my resolution. I’d like you to join me this year and make a resolution for yourself.”


“I won’t have any time to write one down today,” she protested.


“OK then just think about your goals for this year and we’ll talk about this over dinner tonight.”


“Fine. Can I go now?” She glanced at his arms still holding on to her tightly.


“Sure. We’ll meet in the mess hall. Tonight.  01900 hours.”


B’Elanna smiled an acknowledgement as she resumed her walk to the Turbolift, shaking her head.




Tom Paris was known for many things onboard Voyager. Most of them were gender-specific. However, one thing that made him infamous to the crew was his persistence. This was a trait that B’Elanna frequently encountered in the past and especially at dinner this evening.


“Well? Did you give your New Year’s resolution some thought?”


“Oh that. Not really. I was busy all day today and I hardly had a chance to catch my breath. But I am thinking about it now.”


“I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours,” he coaxed with a glimmer in his eye.


“It’s a Deal. You go first.”


“OK. I resolve to become a better officer and a mate to you.”


Tom appeared statuesque, waiting for her reaction to his statement. B’Elanna thought his resolution was as silly as some of the Klingon rituals she encountered over the years. Of course he wanted to be a better officer to get his PIP back again. After his stay in the brig that was a logical goal. But resolving to become a better mate for her? Who was he kidding? That resolution would go right out the airlock with first obsession that came along.  Her response was to just nod and resume finishing her dinner. 


“And you Chief? What’s your resolution?”


“I’m going to try very hard not to put a dagger to your throat this year.”


Shocked by her statement but then realizing that it must have been some sort of Klingon code for her true resolution, he verbally translated her statement back to her. “Oh you mean that you’re going to try to control your temper this year.”


“No, I mean that I’m going to try not to kill you this year!”




FEBRUARY (set after ‘Pathfinder’)

“Computer, activate sonic shower,” murmured B’Elanna’s tired voice as she drowsily stepped into the shower stall. She worked a double shift yesterday helping Seven of Nine establish communications with the Alpha quadrant and the thought of doing that all over again today was depleting her energy levels.  Closing her eyes, she prayed to Kahlass to have the sonic shower spray her entire being with energy, or at least just enough to last until this double-shift duty was over.  Immersed in concentration, she was aware of every hot, steamy sensation covering her body. This deep cleansing was as close to a Klingon spiritual experience as her Human half would tolerate today. Suddenly she felt something touch her toes.  She quickly opened her eyes, looked down at the shower floor and jumped. Moving her feet back against the shower wall, she lowered her body to magnify her view of a single red rose at her feet. 


“Tom Paris!” B’Elanna shouted as she gave the command to end the sonic shower.  Quickly exiting the shower, she wrapped a towel around herself and proceeded slowly around the room, investigating every inch of her quarters for the perpetrator. “Computer, locate Ensign Paris.”


“Ensign Paris is on the Bridge.”


‘He wouldn’t have enough time to get away with this while he was on duty,’ she thought. ‘Then who could have done this?’




It was sometime between the lunch and dinner crowd in the mess hall. The quiet surroundings didn’t seem to bother B’Elanna as she sat alone today finishing Nelix's ‘soup de jour.’ It was the only chance she had to get away from her busy schedule in Engineering for a while to figure out who sent her the flower. She was deep in thought when Nelix approached her.


“Can I get you some desert, B’Elanna? B’Elanna?”


“Oh, no just a refill on coffee,” she said smiling at Nelix.


“Where’s Tom? I thought you two were having lunch today of all days.”


“He’s pulling a double shift today,” she said staring out the window into deep space. Her brain then absorbed the last part of Nelix’s statement. Glaring at him she replied, “What did you mean by ‘today of all days’?”


“It’s Valentine’s Day,” Nelix announced enthusiastically.


“Oh that explains it,” confirmed B’Elanna. Nelix had given her the clue she needed to arrest the culprit of this morning’s flower mystery. “A rose materialized in my shower today. And since you told me it’s Valentine’s Day, I can almost bet that it was sent by Tom.”


“He can be so thoughtful,” Nelix giggled with encouragement. “Oh by the way, he also asked me to give you something to enjoy with your meal.” Nelix quickly scurried to the kitchen and reached behind the counter to retrieve a box. B’Elanna’s energy level soon flew into high gear when she saw the mound of chocolate coming at her.


“He told me not mention his name but I didn’t see any harm, since you would have probably guessed who it was from.”


How sweet. He remembered that she had a fondness for chocolate covered cherries. That’s exactly the ‘pick-me-up’ she needed with the coffee chaser.  Remembering that she was still technically on duty, she downplayed her enthusiasm in front of Nelix. “Well, I guess one wouldn’t hurt,” she said as she bit into the thick gooey center. Chocolate was definitely an aphrodisiac for her and Tom was well aware of that.




Slipping into her quarters without a single beep from her communicator, she considered herself, at that moment, off duty. She summoned for the lights that brightly lit up the room.  Her laughter soon filled the air when she saw her stuffed animal, Toby the Targ, sitting on the couch with his paws wrapped around a bottle of wine.


“Computer, locate Ensign Paris.”


“Ensign Paris has just entered his quarters.”


A happy but wicked smile appeared on her face as she gathered her Valentine gifts and decided to join Tom in his quarters. The door swished open causing her to pause and locate a small last minute gift for him.




Tom Paris was just about to unwind after spending a grueling day of working a double shift on the bridge and with the Doctor. He stripped the top portion of his uniform down to his T-shirt when his door chime sounded.


“Come,” stated Paris.


Torres walked into the living area carrying all of his gifts in her arms.


Paris winked at her and said, “Uh-huh! Someone’s got a secret admirer.”


“Thanks for the Valentine gifts. That was so sweet,” she purred as she kissed him on the cheek. “I thought I’d stop by to give you your Valentine’s gift.”


“Oh, I see,” he remarked in a sexy voice raising his eyebrows. Is it animal, vegetable or mineral?”


“Actually, it’s all three.”


Placing all of the items in her hand on the nearest table she removed a rock-like object from one of her uniform pockets and a small candle from the other pocket. She then inserted the candle into the rock-like object and arranged all of the items on the table. B’Elanna then strolled over to Tom’s replicator and ordered tomato soup and salad for two with her replicator rations. Lighting the candle, she called for the lights to dim in Paris’ quarters.


“Um, this is nice,” Paris said approvingly. “I see the mineral and the vegetable but where’s the animal?”


B’Elanna lunged at him and bit him on the cheek claiming him as hers.

”I thought you’d never ask!”




MARCH (set during ‘Fairhaven’)

Michael Sullivan, Fairhaven’s most attractive bartender was glancing every few minutes (like clockwork) at the door of the pub waiting for his Katie to arrive. It was busier than usual tonight - probably because everyone in the pub was celebrating one of the most honored of all Irish holidays, St. Patrick’s Day. He knew Katie wouldn’t want to miss this event. The entertainment had begun as some of the gents in the pub serenaded the crowd with some old Irish folk tunes.  Their voices interrupted Michael’s wishful thinking, and he glanced at the empty glass in front of him. “Hey, Tommy me boy, would you care for another round?”


“Yah, why not? agreed Tom Paris. “Oh, and this time Harry’s buying,” Tom said as he slapped Ensign Harry Kim on the back.


“I am?” Harry looked dazed and puzzled. “Oh, I don’t think I better have another drink, Tom. I feel a little sick to my stomach.” Harry’s queasiness prompted him to cover his mouth with both hands as he loudly belched.


“C’mon Harry. You’ll feel better after this drink,” Tom assured him as he pushed the half-empty glass of green beer closer to Ensign Kim.


“Or unconscious,” rebutted a voice from behind them.


Tom laughed at that statement and turned around to face the voice. He glared at her from head to toe and noticed that she was in period costume.  Her hair was pinned back into a bun and she was wearing a long green dress flowing dress that extenuated her small waist. “B’Elanna! Is that you?” he questioned. Seeing through his intoxication, Tom confirmed the vision of loveliness standing in front of him was indeed Lt. Torres. “How the hell are ya?!”


“By the looks of things, not as good as you’re feeling right now,” she replied with both hands on her hips.


“Michael, make that three more beers and we’ll take them to that corner table, if you would be so kind,” Paris said, imitating a poor Irish accent.


“Three beers it is Tommy,” repeated Michael. “I’ll be bringin’ them over to you. By the way, do you know when Katie will be stoppin’ by?”


“No, Michael, I’m not sure,” Paris said. “But if she told you she would be here, you probably won’t have to wait much longer.”


“Tom, I really think I should be going,” Harry staggered as he took a few steps toward the door.


“C’mon Harry! The night is still young. Besides we need to protect this beautiful lady from all the routy men in here.” Tom was ogling B’Elanna so intently that he stumbled to a standing position. “Hey Michael, you really need to fix this stool. A man can get hurt in your pub just from standin’ up.”


Michael laughed and looked at B’Elanna. “I think your young man looks like he would be feelin’ no pain if he was hurt.”


“You’re right there,” B’Elanna muttered. Both Tom and B’Elanna tried to steady Harry before they embarked on their trek to the corner table.


“There now, that wasn’t so bad,” said Tom as he flopped himself into a chair. “A toast,” he exclaimed, encouraging Harry and B’Elanna to raise their beers, “to the most beautiful woman here tonight, B’El…B’Elanna….”


“…Torres,” she interrupted laughing.


“I’ll drink to that,” Harry slurred as raised the glass to his mouth. He suddenly stopped, his eyes glazed over and he collapsed on the table.


Tom lifted Harry’s head up by his hair, looking for some signs of life. “Good ol’ Harry. Never could hold his liquor.”


“I suppose we should get Harry back to his quarters,” B’Elanna said placing her beer on the table.


“Nah, he’ll be fine,” Tom replied taking another swig of beer. “He’s just sleeping it off.”


It didn’t take long for Torres to catch up to Paris’ amount of drinking. They were to a point that a silent challenge had been made between them to see who could outlast the other regarding their intake of green beer for the night. It never occurred to Tom that B’Elanna had two stomachs and could very well have been the winner of this contest.


Michael came over to their table several hours later with the intent of stopping the contest. “OK, the both of you, that’s enough for tonight.”


“We…can’t stop now,” slurred Tom. “I’m winning,” he argued in a routy voice pounding his fist on the table.


“The hell you are Paris. You’re about ready to pass out!” B’Elanna stood up quickly reacting so vehemently to Tom’s outright lie. Realizing that this sudden outburst was causing her to loose access to simple motor functions (like standing), she slowly eased herself back into her chair and waited for the room to stop spinning.


Tom was so oblivious to what was going on around him that he ignored her faux pas. “Just one more round Michael,” he pleaded.  Tom was straining his eyes trying to focus on the correct image of the four Michaels he was viewing. “I got her. I really got her this time.”


Michael just shook his head, grabbed both of their arms and forced them to stand. “There’s a cot in the back room. I think maybe you two should rest for a while.”


“Rest? I’m not tired. I couldn’t be more awake!” protested B’Elanna. She staggered a few steps then collapsed into Michael’s arms.


“Gentlemen,” yelled Michael, “I’m going to need some help here.”


With a little bit of assistance, Tom and B’Elanna were helped to the back room and placed on a large cot.


“You two are courting, aren’t you?” Michael inquired of Paris.


“Ah, yah. We’re practically married,” bragged Tom.


“Well, then I suppose you two sharing the same cot would be OK,” smiled Michael as he closed the door to the back room.


Tom looked at B’Elanna lying next to him. She looked so peaceful, almost like an angel, but the fullness of the dress she was wearing was taking up most of the cot. He decided to remove her dress to make her more comfortable and in the meantime create some extra room on the cot for both of them.


“Hey! Just what do you think you’re doing Paris?” B’Elanna pushed his hands away from her bodice.


“You’re awake,” confirmed Tom. “I was just trying to make you more comfortable but now that you’re awake we can leave the holodeck and return to our quarters.”


B’Elanna tried to sit up but she still felt her head spinning and fell back on the cot. “I think I should rest a bit before we leave.”


“Here let me loosen some of this clothing,” Tom said, pawing his way to unfasten her dress. Tom’s eyes grew wide as the dress uncovered a layer of undergarments he wasn’t expecting. She looked so feminine, so inviting in the white lacy pair bloomers and the sexy corset that surrounded her torso, exposing her cleavage and bronze-colored shoulders. Drinking in her beauty, he became intoxicated simply from listening to her moan and watching her change to another sensuous position on the bed.


“Wow, are you ever gorgeous,” said Tom breathlessly. He couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her and ravish her delectable body.



Tom woke to find the Doctor’s face hovering over him. “Where am I? Doc?”


The Doctor looked sternly at him and said, “You’re in sick bay recovering from another one of your drinking binges.”


“Oh, my head,” Tom cringed. “Can you keep your voice down please, Doc?”


“I would give you something for that hangover but your pain should be a good reminder to stay with synthahol the next time you binge,” he lectured.


“Thanks Doc for the advice,” Paris groaned sarcastically. He slowly sat up on the biobed and looked around Sick Bay. “Where are B’Elanna and Harry?”


“I’ve treated and released them to their quarters,” informed the Doctor. “You may go now Mr. Paris. I suggest you take a cold shower before your next shift.”


Tom sneered at the Doctor’s advice and decided to physically go to B’Elanna’s quarters and make sure she was OK. He sounded her door chime and a familiar voice allowed him to enter. He noticed the lacy bloomers and corset draped over a chair and vaguely remembered how sexy she looked in them last night. He tried to envision her standing in front of him wearing the lacy undergarments. Just then B’Elanna entered the room to greet him.


“That was quite a night,” she commented straightening her uniform.


“I remember laying on a cot in the pub. But just exactly how did we end up in Sick Bay?”


“Apparently Harry found us passed out on the cot. You were on top of me and your head was resting on my breast. Coffee?”


“Yah, thanks.” Tom reached to take the steaming cup of hot coffee from her hands. 


“Michael told Harry that it was OK for us to be in the same bed because you told him we were engaged to be married.”


Tom broke into a nervous laugh. “Well, I had to tell him something. The people of Fairhaven would have never understood our relationship. Besides your virtue was in jeopardy.” Looking directly at her with those big baby blue eyes he took a sip of his coffee.


“My virtue huh? So the only reason you told Michael we were engaged was just to share a cot with me last night. Is that right?” interrogated B’Elanna.


“Believe me B’Elanna, I had more on my mind last night than just sharing a cot with you.” Tom picked up the undergarments, looked at her and said, “I wanted to let you know how beautiful you looked last night at the pub, especially in these.”


B’Elanna’s memory was as fuzzy as Tom’s regarding last night and she exclaimed, “Are you telling me that ‘everyone’ in the pub saw me in those?”


“Oh, no, only me,” he reassured her. “But I wouldn’t mind seeing you in these again sometime soon.”


“Be careful what you wish for, Ensign,” she teased.


“In that case, why don’t you greet me at the door wearing these someday,” Tom said as he took her into his arms.


“You sound as if you see a permanence in this relationship, Ensign.”


“I would never be so presumptuous, Lieutenant.”




APRIL (set after ‘Blink of an Eye’)

“What’s this all about” B’Elanna asked Tom as they both entered the mess hall.


“Looks like most of the senior staff have been summoned by Captain Janeway and Naomi Wildman.” Tom whispered in her ear. “Except for Tuvok. He volunteered for bridge duty, since he believes social functions are ‘illogical.’


“I see Seven is here. I thought she would find this social gathering irrelevant.” B’Elanna whispered to Tom.


“The Doctor thought it would be a good social ‘lesson’ for her,” he said as they walked toward the group congregating in a circle in the middle of the mess hall.


“Thank you for coming everyone,” Captain Janeway announced.  “From time to time we could all use a break from our daily routine. Our Captain’s assistant, Miss Naomi Wildman, who is also our acting moral officer of the day, has researched a human holiday called Easter. She has planned an activity for us associated with this holiday called an “Easter Egg Hunt.”  Miss Wildman has written down the rules on this PADD that I will read out loud to you. Painted Eggs have been hidden around the mess hall. Each of the senior staff has their name on an egg. If you find an egg, that will end your hunt and the person whose name is on the egg will grant you one wish. Any questions before we begin?”


“I have a question,” Tom announced. “We only are allowed to find one egg?”


“Only one egg Mr. Paris. I don’t think I could bear two people being in your debt,” commented Captain Janeway.


Naomi gave the signal to start and everyone scattered in search of an egg.


Harry was the first to find an egg, Kathryn Janeway followed, then came Seven of Nine and last but not least Tom Paris.


Harry read Nelix’s name on his egg then proceeded to volunteer his wish. “Nelix, I want a hotdog with everything on it,” he said exuberantly. “At least I’ll have the taste of home if I can’t be home now.”


Tom was clapping out encouragement, “Here, here! Hey, Harry, do me a favor and save me a bite!”


When the clapping diminished, it was Seven of Nine’s turn to announce what her wish would be from the Doctor.


“I request that the Doctor decrease the social lessons. Some of them are irrelevant and are an inefficient use of my time,” she said quite smugly.


Everyone laughed and clapped except the Doctor. He was horrified at her wish. “Seven, I assumed that you believed these exercises were very beneficial to your integration into society.”


“Maybe I should have been more specific.” She walked over to him and handed him a PADD. “We could dispense with the singing lessons.”


“I couldn’t agree more,” chimed in Harry as everyone applauded.


Captain Janeway announced that she had a wish to be granted by Chakotay. “My wish is short and simple Commander. You once promised to cook me one of your favorite chicken dinners…no offense Nelix.“


Nelix giggled and replied, “None taken, Captain. In fact, I’ll probably be busy finding a recipe for a hot puppy.”


Everyone burst out in laughter. “That’s ‘hotdog’ Nelix and I’ll help you with the recipe,” chuckled Harry.


“Also as part 2 of my request….”continued the Captain.


“Excuse me, Captain,” interrupted Tom. “I thought those of us who found an egg receive only one wish.”


“Well, I am the Captain.” She turned to Chakotay and said in a low, sultry voice,  “With that chicken dinner - I wouldn’t mind sharing some of that vintage wine you’ve been hording …God knows where.”


Chakotay smiled at Kathryn and matched her sultry voice, “Ay, ay Captain.”


Everyone was now staring and Tom and B’Elanna, who were the last ones to reveal to everyone who had found the egg. B’Elanna threw both hands up in the air signifying she didn’t have an egg. The concentration of eyes now was directed at Tom. “Oh, sorry,” Tom apologized. “I found an egg with B’Elanna’s name on it.”


“Well, Ensign?” coaxed the Captain. “…and remember we have a young member of our crew present.”


“In that case, um, let me think,” he said as he circled his victim.


B’Elanna felt rather awkward at that moment and snarled, “Tom Paris!”


Tom grinned and turned to face the Captain. “Anything huh?”


“Mr. Paris we would all like to sit down to Mr. Nelix’s banquet someday,” replied Captain Janeway. In other words, let’s move it along, Ensign.”


“Yes, ma’am.” Tom replied. “I would like B’Elanna to do whatever I ask her to do, exactly as I request and no complaining will be tolerated.”


“Is that all, Ensign?” questioned the Captain.


“Not quite,” winced Tom as he glanced at B’Elanna’s stern face and crossed arms. “I’m requesting a weekend off so that she can fulfill my wish.”


“A weekend?” B’Elanna was furious. “Captain, you’re not going to let him get away with that are you?”


“She has a point, Tom,” confirmed the Captain. “The other wishes are not going to take an entire day to fulfill.”


“Alright, then, how about half a day,” said Tom willing to compromise.


“Does it have to be ‘exactly’ what you want or can it be within certain guidelines?” B’Elanna was indeed trying to shield herself from losing all of her freedom to Paris.


Tom walked over to B’Elanna tossing the egg up and down in his hand and spoke, “A compromise. We’ll both agree on the day but nothing else, Chief. You’re going to service me for one half of the day and no backtalk.”


B’Elanna was hoping the Captain would squelch this crazy wish of his but the Captain smirked and raised both hands as a sign of surrender.


B’Elanna, on the other hand, was not as willing to accept she had no choice but to honor Tom’s compromise. Spinning around to face Tom, she argued, “Tom Paris, if you think you can get away with this wish.  I’ll…I’ll never agree on a day!” She stomped out of the mess hall grumbling to herself.


“Captain, you could make this an order,” pleaded Tom.


“Yes, I could but I’m sure that you two can work this out,” she smiled. Turning toward everyone she said, “Well, let’s enjoy the feast Nelix has prepared for us. I’m sure that Lt. Torres will join us…. eventually.”


Nelix walked over to Chakotay and whispered, “Do you think Tom is going to get his wish?”


Chakotay smiled and said loud enough for Tom to hear, “Possibly. But it will be the last wish he’ll ever make!”




MAY (set after ‘Virtuoso’)

Tom walked over to B’Elanna carrying two large tropical drinks. The holodeck was open to all the crew to celebrate Voyager’s annual first of May or Lei Day event originated by Nelix a few years ago. Both Paris and Torres were on speaking terms again and they agreed that it would be better to avoid talking about Tom’s ‘wish’ at least until their relationship was strong enough to deal with that topic again. Most of the crew just assumed that they broke up and were together today only platonically. Tom was attempting to be on his best behavior and trying desperately not to spill the drinks on his favorite big daddy shirt.


“Here you go,” said Tom as he handed one of the gigantic drinks to her. “One Hawaiian punch a la Nelix.” As he sipped his drink, he couldn’t help but admire B’Elanna’s attire. She was wearing a short Hawaiian sarong that accentuated her bronze skin and slender figure.


“Looks delicious.”


Torres parted her full red lips and sipped the cool liquid through the straw. Savoring the flavor, she began playing with the straw around her mouth.


Paris cleared his throat and tried to concentrate on something else other than that luscious full mouth of hers. “I think they are starting the Luau,” said Tom as he continued to stare at her mouth, wishing he were that straw. “I’m starving.”


“So am I,” agreed B’Elanna.


At that moment, Paris wished things were back to how they once were between them. She looked stunning against the tropical backdrop. The gentle wind teased her sarong to reveal more of her shapely legs and combed her hair into a windblown fullness.


Vorik approached Paris and Torres, offering his greetings. “It is apparent that the Luau is about to commence. Lt. Torres, would you care to accompany…”


Before she could respond, Tom grabbed B’Elanna by the arm and firmly stated, “Not this time Vorik. She’s with me.”


Vorik stood dumbfounded as Tom quickly ushered B’Elanna out of range of the Vulcan.


“No need to raise shields 100% with Vorik,” Torres commented as she was being quickly led to her seat.


“How about 50%?”


“For a flyboy, you’re cute when you’re jealous!”


Tom was shocked that she would even consider he was exhibiting such an emotion.


“Who’s jealous?”




JUNE (set after ‘Memorial’)


After the last few days of what the Doctor diagnosed Tom’s symptoms as being ‘post-traumatic stress disorder,’ B’Elanna thought it would be a good time for them to get away from Voyager and take a short vacation. It was also a good time to grant Tom his wish in hopes that he would forget about the Nankan memorial.


“This is what I call fulfilling a wish,” sighed Paris as he leaned back in the ops seat resting his head in his hands. His eyes were fixated on his ‘pilot’ at the helm of the Delta Flyer. “It’s just like going for a ride on a summer’s day.”


“I’m so glad you find this very accommodating,” his pilot answered.


He detected a tinge of sarcasm in her response and knew he was going to ‘cross the line’ from pleasure to pain very shortly.  “Relax, Chief. This is a good time to review your piloting skills. Just concentrate on what you’re doing and continue with the flight plan I prepared for you. I want to see a few more emergency procedure maneuvers, he lectured.  “Some day these piloting skills might save your life on an away mission.”


“Hardly,” she mumbled through clinched teeth. “Listen, we have got to stop soon. We’ve been at this for hours and my entire body is starting to cramp.”


“OK, if YOUR’RE tired. We’ll take a break. We can stop for a while and have some lunch surrounded by starlight.”


B’Elanna just rolled her eyes at his poor attempt of applying humor to lighten up the situation. She was well aware that the absence of backtalk was included in Tom’s Easter Egg Hunt wish. The consequences were more than apparent to her when she agreed on a date. ‘It’s only a half of a day,’ she promised herself. You’ve been though a lot worse….but not much worse.’


“For lunch today, I would like a 3 lb. Lobster,” Paris commanded.


“Do you know how many replicator rations that will cost me?” argued B’Elanna. Tom looked at her crossly until she apologized. “Anything else I can get for you? How about a three hundred year bottle of wine?” She said sarcastically.


“Ah, no thanks. Just a beer,” he replied calmly.


He was definitely returning to the old Tom Paris again but at whose expense? B’Elanna was so steamed that she could have boiled the lobster by just glaring at it. She then realized that Tom’s order completely eliminated any replicator rations she had left to order lunch for herself. 


In the dining area, Tom’s eyes opened wide as she set the 3 lb. Lobster in front of him along with lots of melted butter and a frosty glass of beer. She stood in front of him and watched him devour his meal.


“Everything’s perfect, except you forgot the napkins and a lobster cracker.”


“Tom, I don’t have enough rations to replicate you anything else. In fact, I can’t even replicate myself some lunch!” She was hoping Tom would console her and lend her some of his rations.


“Here,” he said as he tapped out a code into his PADD, “there’s enough rations just for the napkins and the cracker.”


“What about me?” she questioned. “What about my lunch?”


“You can have whatever I can’t eat.” He then took the lobster and the beer to the sleeping area and remarked in a teasing way, “If you feed the lobster to me, you can have some of my lunch.” He stretched out on the bed waiting for her to comply.


She followed him to the sleeping area carrying a bowl of melted butter.  “Is there some special technique to feeding you and getting some lunch for myself?”


Tom removed the upper portion of his uniform, gazed at her with his sexy blue eyes and hoarsely said, “Well, you could try buttering me up!”




JULY (set during ‘Spirit Folk’)

“So there you are,” said B’Elanna as she walked over to where Tom was sitting in the holodeck. “I thought you would be running that Fair Haven program.”


“Hey, I was just testing this new holoprogram I created.”


“What is it?”


“Oh, it’s something I was going to take you to in a few days.”


“Tom, I’m sorry. If you want me to leave…”


“No that’s OK. Have a seat on the grass next to me. The best seat in the house, so to speak.”


“It’s pretty dark here isn’t it? Can’t you create some more light?”


“It’s supposed to be dark. I programmed it to be midnight.”


“So what happens at midnight?”


“Watch and listen.”


Tom and B’Elanna gazed up at the starry sky to observe a barrage of fireworks exploding right above them.  Each pyrotechnic display was more exciting then the previous one. The array of colors and shapes that sparkled throughout the sky was simply mesmerizing to her.


“Wow, this is incredible.”


“You think that’s incredible!” Tom challenged in a sexy low voice as he put his arm around her. He leaned in to give her a slow, long, wet kiss that sent sparks shooting through her in many directions. Suddenly the external firework display was not as breathtaking as the escalating internal firework display bursting in B’Elanna’s brain. In the heat of the moment, Tom broke the kiss to study her face. Her eyes were closed tightly, she was panting and her entire face was showing signs of reaching such wild ecstasy. Taking her excitement to the next level he whispered, “Wait ‘till we get to the finale!”




AUGUST (set during ‘Good Shepherd’)

Even though his chronometer informed him that summer was almost over, Tom thought it was a perfect time for a summer activity and a chance for the Borg children to interact with some of the crew. He was looking forward to the volleyball game at the beach he had scheduled in Holodeck 2 for 1300 hours today. B’Elanna, Harry, Nelix, Naomi Wildman and her mother, Icheb, Mezoti, Azan, Rebi and Seven of Nine were to be in attendance.  Seven, however, cancelled rather suddenly that day and Paris was in need of a last minute replacement. He interrogated everyone he could think of but the only off-duty personnel that agreed to join the group were the Delaney sisters.


‘The Delaney sisters in swimwear - Harry won’t be able to concentrate on the game! Who am I kidding? I’m going to be in big trouble when B’Elanna finds out. But if they play, that means we’ll have just enough people. This plan could work and then again it could get me killed.’ Tom thought as he wrestled with his conscience. ‘Nah, she wouldn’t dare break her New Year’s resolution!’


At 1200 hours, Harry was the first to arrive as Tom was securing the volleyball net. “So are you ready for some competition,” challenged Harry as he picked up the volleyball and threw it at him.


“Ha! You have no idea how true that’s going to be,” exclaimed Tom. “Seven cancelled at the last minute and the Delaney sisters are going to join us.”


“Alright! Way to go Tom!” cheered Harry. “I get a chance to beat you and score with them all in one day.”


“Well, if you think that beating me is the only punishment I’m going to receive today, I’ll be a lucky man,” smirked Tom.


The doors to the holodeck swished open to reveal several swimsuit-clad people entering the sandy arena.  B’Elanna was one of them wearing a sleek black one-piece swimsuit that Tom had given her to wear the last time they went to the beach. The Delaney sisters were the last of the group to make an entrance wearing very sexy bikinis. Harry’s jaw dropped as well as practically every male in the group, including Tom.


“Well,” spoke Tom, “since everyone is here. Let’s start by choosing teams.”


Harry’s team consisted of B’Elanna (who wanted to play against Tom also), Mezoti, Azan, Rebi and Meghan Delaney (who was Harry’s first choice).


Tom had Naomi and her mother, Icheb, Nelix and Jenny Delaney on his team.


The rules were explained and a practice round began that was friendly and fun for all. The next game was quite different and more of an “out-for-blood” effort exhibited by Tom and Harry. They were relentless, battling it out to see who would win the unspoken title of ‘champion volleyball player.’  At one point, time was called to scold Harry and Tom for failing to include all their teammates in the game. After that incident, the volleyball game once again became fun for everyone. Each side had won one game and it was time to play the tie-breaking game. Tensions were mounting as each member played to the best of their ability keeping the score even until the very last seconds of play. It was Harry’s turn to serve and his teammates were cheering him on to victory. At the receiving end was Nelix who closed his eyes and returned the ball over the net to everyone’s surprise. Harry saw a perfect opportunity to spike the ball and end the game. The ball flew at warp speed over to the other side just as Jenny and Tom were rushing toward each other to make the save. They collided but sent the ball over the net to win the game. Jenny tried to maintain her balance but lost her footing and took Tom with her as they both toppled into the sand -  Jenny laying on top of Tom as he held on to her.


Harry winced as he observed the scene, then looked at B’Elanna, who besides being a poor looser, was not about to allow Jenny to take home any trophies.


“Red alert,” yelled Harry as B’Elanna stormed over to where Jenny and Tom were laying.


“OK Delaney, on your feet,” ordered B’Elanna.


“Sorry B’Elanna,” said Jenny as Tom helped her off of him. “Tom, are you OK?”


“I’m fine,” he answered as he began to stand.


Jenny stared at Tom more closely and noticed that his forehead was bleeding. “Tommy, your bleeding…oh let me help you.” Jenny proceeded to move closer to him and was intercepted by B’Elanna.


“PutaQ!” shouted B’Elanna “Touch him and I’ll break more than just your hand,” she warned.


Meghan rushed over to where Jenny was standing and pushed her toward the exit of the holodeck. “I think we should be going.”


“Wait, I’ll walk you girls out,” said Harry.


As everyone was leaving the holodeck, Tom looked at B’Elanna and said, “For a Chief Engineer, you’re rather beautiful when you’re jealous.”


B’Elanna smirked at him and said, “You’d better believe it!”




SEPTEMBER (set after ‘Muse’)

It was just before dawn. The sun was rising, illuminating the picturesque view of the lush Mediterranean foliage turning its fall colors. In the distance B’Elanna could see snowy alpine peaks setting a very exhilarating but tranquil scene. ‘So this is the Lake Como holodeck program he wanted me to see. It’s so romantic. If I let him take me here several years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to resist him.’


“Good morning my first mate.” She turned around to catch Tom yawning as he climbed up the ladder of their sailboat. He walked over to her and placed a kiss on her cheek. “Beautiful isn’t it?”


“It’s lovely,’ she commented.


“You know this is one of my favorite things to do. Go sailing, anchor somewhere, spend the night on the boat and wake up to something like this in the morning. If only I could work this hobby into my day job,” Tom sighed.


“I thought you liked flying more than sailing.”


“I like both,” he replied, wrapping his arms around her. “As much as I like to…” Bending down to reach her ear, he whispered the reason why he brought her to Lake Como. She blushed into a smile that was as big as the morning sun.


“You are indeed a man for all seasons, Tom Paris. But I don’t think that last thing you whispered to me would be considered a hobby.”




OCTOBER (set during ‘The Haunting of Deck Twelve’)

Seven of Nine’s Personal Log, Stardate 53947.5


02000 hours: I departed from the Mess Hall after briefly listening to one of Mr. Nelix’s, as he described, ‘Voyager ghost stories.’  The four Borg drones choose to remain with Mr. Nelix who requested the light in the Mess Hall to resemble a ‘candle-lit’ room. I failed to understand why he requested the computer to comply using a metaphor instead of specifying the degree of illumination. As I exited the Mess Hall, I proceeded to follow Ensign Paris to Lt. Torres’ quarters on Deck 9, Section 12.  He covered his face with a mask and pushed the door chime. Ensign Paris proceeded to shout the phrase, ‘Trick or Treat’ and push the door chime simultaneously for approximately 30 seconds.


02010 hours: Lt. Torres opened the door and pulled Ensign Paris inside her quarters.


02020 hours: Sexual relations resume.


02100 hours: I entered Sick Bay and repeated that phrase to the Doctor. The Doctor smiled at me and I received 5 pieces of candy from him. I then asked the Doctor to explain why the phrase ‘Trick or Treat’ supplied me with candy. The Doctor informed me that the phrase is part of a Halloween tradition on Earth that originated possibly in the Fifth Century. It was believed on the night of October 31st the spirit world and the living could intermingle. Children would dress up in costumes resembling spirits and proceed door-to-door begging for food. In return they would promise to offer prayers for dead family members. Candy became a traditional holiday gift given to children who begged door-to-door. I then inquired if that phrase elicited a sexual response. The Doctor asked me to site an example. I reported to him that tonight at 02000 hours Ensign Paris had used that particular phrase when greeting Lt. Torres at her door. The Doctor responded by saying that any phrase would have a sexual connotation if Mr. Paris said it to Lt. Torres.


02300 hours: I proceeded to test the phrase on Ensign Kim. It is curious that I received candy and a sexual overture from him. This phrase merits further study.




NOVEMBER (set after ‘Unimatrix Zero’)

Captain Janeway clinked her glass with a knife to get everyone’s attention around the large table in the mess hall.


“Thank you all for attending this Thanksgiving dinner that Nelix prepared for us. We have a lot to be thankful for this year, the away team’s recent successful mission in preserving Unimatrix Zero. Tuvok, B’Elanna, and especially Seven. Good work. I would like to propose a toast to our continued survival in the Delta Quadrant and to all of the brave crewmen on board Voyager. I promise to bring you all home next year.”


“To the journey home,” Harry interjected.


“That’s quite a promise,” remarked Tom to B’Elanna. “Do you think she’ll do it?”


“Well, everyone thought we wouldn’t stay together this year,” B’Elanna whispered in his ear. “I guess anything’s possible.”


“Oh really?  I thought the odds were in our favor,” he replied.


“I hope you’re right,” she smiled. “You know how I hate to loose!”




DECEMBER (set immediately after ‘Drive’)

Personal log for B’Elanna Torres, Stardate 54058.6


He finally did it. He proposed to me in the Delta Flyer (of all places) seconds away from both of us dying from a warp core breech. Talk about the most suspenseful moment of my life! In retrospect, Tom Paris is the most exciting male I have ever met and I am honored that he chose me as the most important person in his life. It’s going to make this holiday very special to us. I know he was teasing me about stringing some broccoli above our heads when we kiss after Captain Janeway pronounces us husband and wife. Too bad Nelix didn’t have any mistletoe.  Well, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that all of our friends will be there. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, our wedding day, and to the rest of our journey together.



Personal log for Tom Paris, Stardate 54058.6


Mrs. B’Elanna Paris. That has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Well, it only took almost seven years for her to say yes to the idea of spending the rest of her life with me but, in retrospect, it was worth every moment even though she put up one hell of a fight. Maybe that’s what I like most about her. She has a passion for everything that interests her and I find that irresistible.  And while we’re on the subject, she is the most passionate woman I’ve ever met. I look at her and I think ‘Who cares if we don’t make it back to the Alpha quadrant. I found a home on Voyager and with B’Elanna Torres, my soon-to-be-wife. I’m one lucky guy!.’