Ronda Sexton

Starry SkiesRonda and PJSTom and B'Elanna spend some quality time together under the stars. Rated NC-17
Letter From the AdmiralRonda Sexton One of two possible letters from Admiral Paris to his son.
Letter From DadRonda Sexton The otehr of two possible letters from Admiral Paris to his son.
Happily Ever AfterRonda SextonSequel to "Enchantment Continues." Tom and B'Elanna's are expecting their first child.
Home, But Not AloneRonda SextonSet after Unimatrix Zero 2. B'Elanna recovers from her experiences aboard the Borg Cube. Rated PG-13
Thirty Days and BeyondRonda SextonSet during "Thirty Days" and "Counterpoint". A look at how Tom copes with the events and after effects of "Thirty Days." Rated NC-17
Our First ChristmasRonda SextonTom and B'Elanna celebrate their first Christmas as husband and wife. Rated G
We All Need a Little TLCRonda SextonWhen B'Elanna's period wrecks havoc with her body and emotions, Tom lends a hand. Rated PG.
Lost and FoundRonda SextonFrom the Voyager being declared missing to meeting Voyager's EMH, Owen Paris has time to reflect. Rated PG
Distant MemoriesRonda SextonSet after "One". Tom tells B'Elanna the reason he is not comfortable in small enclosed places. Rated G
Extreme Close UpRonda SextonSet at the end of "Extreme Risk". B'Elanna and Tom talk about her recent behaviors. Tom recalls their past. Tom and B'Elanna rediscover each other. Rated PG-13
Fear and ComfortRonda SextonTom and B'Elanna spend a final evening together before she goes to the Borg cube in Unimatrix Zero 1. Rated PG-13

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