The PriceNeetzA compilation of missing scenes from "Random Thoughts." Tom's fears for B'Elanna's fate bring him into confrontation with the captain. Will they be able to resolve things? Rated PG-13.
Goodbye...NeetzAn addition to "The Gift." The crew of Voyager bid a final farewell to Kes. Rated PG-13.
Three WishesNeetzAn alien gift could change Tom's life forever. But will it be a blessing or a curse? Rated PG.
It's Only LoveNeetzAn epilogue to "Revulsion." At the end of the episode (you know, the one with THE KISS), B'Elanna invited Tom to her cabin later. Did anyone maybe want to know what happened? Here's my opinion. Rated: NC-17
Uncle JoeNeetzB'Elanna suffers some unexpected side-effects from an allergic reaction... and it could prove more than Joe Carey can deal with! Rated PG.
Over the EdgeNeetzFollowing the events of "Blood Fever", a misunderstanding brings Tom's life crashing down around him. Rated PG.
Worst Case Scenario
- Missing Scene
NeetzOkay, that's not much of a title, but this little scene takes place near the end of the episode between Seska's demise and the gathering in the mess hall. Rated PG.
Memories After MidnightNeetzSome memories, and some fears, grow larger in the night. P/T (the beginnings). This is a tag to "The Chute." Rated PG.
PortraitNeetzSynopsis missing. Rated NC-17.
Making Memories
(or A Very Carey Christmas)
NeetzThe fourth story in the "Carey On" series. Christmas past brings a Christmas present for this future Christmas on the Starship Voyager! More Joe with Tom and B'Elanna, too! Rated PG-13.
Pieces of DreamsNeetzThe nightmare of a childhood memory makes Tom realize he still has some issues to deal with material of a sexually explicit nature. . Sequel to "Over The Edge". Rated PG.
Mars, Bars and Vintage CarsNeetzThe third story in the "Carey On" series. Joe Carey and Tom Paris go on a routine away mission, end up in a struggle for their lives against the forces of nature and find they have more in common that they would have thought. Rated PG-13.
Just Being ThereNeetzThis story is a coda to the episode "Real Life." I really liked the scene near the end with Tom and the Doctor, but I wanted more. Rated PG.
The TestNeetzTom and Tuvok are in for more than they bargained for on an away mission that turns into a test of friendship and compassion.. Rated PG-13.
Emotional ResonanceNeetz"Carey On" No. 5. Another view of the episode "Hunters." Ever wonder about that letter Janeway reads at the beginning? Rated PG-13.
Friends and FamilyNeetzA "Carey On" story. The sequel to "Uncle Joe." Something's bothering Joe Carey and B'Elanna repays a debt while learning a little more about her friend. Rated PG-13.
Careful What You Wish ForNeetzA character study of two people who look back from one moment in time to the events that brought them there. Rated PG-13.
...And I Will Do No HarmNeetzA crisis in sickbay forces the doctor to make a deadly choice. He's already lost one friend. Will he lose another? And if he does, can anyone convince him he isn't guilty of murder? Rated PG-13.
Demon SoulNeetzYes, it's another of my infamous "missing scene" pieces. B'Elanna must face a Tom Paris who isn't Tom Paris... or is he? What does she see through the windows of *his* blue eyes? Rated PG-13.

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