Maryann Hopson

The Memory of You: Book TwoMaryann HopsonSequel to The Memory of You: Book One. B'Elanna returns to the holodeck to play the holoprogram from "The Killing Game". Reprising her role as Brigitte, B'Elanna learns what would have happened to Brigitte, Bobby and many of the other characters if the holoprogram hadn't been interrupted during the episode. Rated PG-13
Tom Takes A Lickin'Maryann HopsonSet sometime between "Worst Case Scenario" and "Day of Honor." One night at Sandrine's, Tom Paris shares a story from his childhood with B'Elanna, Harry, and Capt. Janeway. Afterwards, Tom Walks B'Elanna home. Rated PG.
The Memory of YouMaryann HopsonThe story of Bobby and Brigitte, from the episode "The Killing Game." Rated PG-13.
Family GhostsMaryann HopsonSequel to "Tom Takes A Lickin'". Set a month later, between "Revulsion" and "Scientific Method." Tom and B'Elanna spend an evening together, and Tom tells her more about his childhood. Rated PG-13.

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