Malcolm Reeve

Instant Replay, Part IMalcolm ReeveFollowing an encounter with an unexplained phenomenon, Tom Paris relives the past six years of his life, while B'Elanna and the Doctor race against time to save his mind from irreparable damage. Rating missing.
Instant Replay, Part IIMalcolm ReeveThings go from bad to worse for Tom. Will B'Elanna's skills be enough to bring him back to her? Rating missing.
Double Dealing 2: Witch HuntMalcolm ReeveTom and B'Elanna are torn apart by an unexpected inquisition. Rated PG-13.
Blood Lust 2Malcolm ReeveTom and B'Elanna face hidden dangers aboard the space station. Meanwhile, on board Voyager, Kim discovers a new threat. Jarek asks B'Elanna to make a difficult choice...will she ever return to Voyager? Rated: PG
Double Dealing 3: No Place Like HomeMalcolm ReeveTom and B'Elanna's love is put to the test as the crew of Voyager take desperate action to escape. Rated PG-13.
Double Dealing 1: SisperiaMalcolm ReeveTom and B'Elanna's relationship starts to suffer when an old acquaintance offers the crew of Voyager a deal they can't refuse. Rated PG-13.

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