Log 3: The Mirrors of RyaLannaWith the help of Bahne, Voyager may finally find Lt. Tom Paris - and discover the chilling truth behind Bahne's warning to be "be prepared" when they find him. Trapped on the planet of Rya, B'Ellana and Chakotay must race to find Tom before Rya is destroyed by its tectonic shifts - and receives very unexpected help. Continuation to Log 1: Santiago's Legacy and Log 2: The Children of Surelis Rated PG-13
Santiago's LegacyLannaSet somewhere in the early fifth season, Voyager is forced to go through the Mytis Cluster when Lieutenant Tom Paris goes missing after a routine supplies mission. They go looking for him, but no one is more desperate than B'Ellana Torres. Rated PG-13.
Second ChancesLannaVoyager becomes the center of an inter-dimensional battle when two alternate versions of Tom Paris appear onboard the starship. Takes place after Season 7's "Drive". Rated PG-13
AssassinLannaAn AU story. What if Tom never joined the Maquis? Disillusioned with the Federation, Tom flees to a non-Federation planet where his life takes a chilling turn. Rated PG-13
For Those Who DepartedLannaOver 40 crewmen died from the Maquis and Starfleet factions. On the eve of their burial, Paris contemplates the deaths he had witnessed in his life. Rated PG
The Children of SurelisLannaSequel to "Santiago's Legacy" Voyager finds a clue to Lieutenant Tom Paris' whereabouts when they are saved by a mysterious & secretive race called the Binoms. Led to Surelis, the Binoms' homeworld for repairs, they find unchallenged proof that Lt. Tom Paris was there - but would they find him? Rated PG-13.
A Small StepLannaSet 50 hours after "The Caretaker". Tom Paris must deal with the implications of being onboard Voyager. Especially when most of the crew rather see him dead. Rated PG

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