JoAnna Walsvik

Marrying In HasteJoAnna WalsvikAn alternate version of events that could have led to Tom and B'Elanna's marriage. It takes place about the time of "Drive." Rated G
ShmilyJoAnna WalsvikNaomi Wildman helps Tom realize that he has never told B'Elanna that he loves her, and the two come up with a plan for him to tell her in a very unique way. Rated PG
Voyager: Bzzz!JoAnna WalsvikA parody based on the game show "Bzzz!", with B'Elanna Torres as the contestant. Who will she choose: Tom, Harry, Tuvok, or Vorik?
ThoughtsJoAnna WalsvikA prequel to Questionsand Chakotay's Blessing. What Chakotay and Janeway reallythink about Tom and B'Elanna's blossoming romance.
QuestionsJoAnna WalsvikA sequel to Thoughts and prequel to Chakotay's Blessing. Upon hearing of the engagement between Paris and Torres, Chakotay has some questions for Tom.
Love Is BlindJoAnna WalsvikA terrible accident leaves Tom Paris completely blind. As he struggles to deal with his sudden disability, he finds a supportive friend in B'Elanna Torres -- and the beginnings of a romance.
The re Will Always Be A RainbowJoAnna WalsvikAfter a potentially fatal accident, B'Elanna Torres must choose between life or death. Warning: Extremelysappy.
Throwing Away The KeyJoAnna WalsvikAfter Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay have an argument, Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres team up with the goal of getting them back together -- and use some rather underhanded means to do so! Written in Tom Paris's POV.
Tell Me A StoryJoAnna WalsvikAn elderly Admiral Kathryn Janeway tells a story to her five-year-old granddaughter about her life on Voyager.
A Present for B'ElannaJoAnna WalsvikArchivist's Challenge Story. Tag to "Random Thoughts" and answers the question, "What's in the box?" It takes place a few days after "Concerning Flight."
The n And NowJoAnna WalsvikB'Elanna Torres' life has been a turbulent one, but she's put the past behind her now that she is happily married to Tom Paris and Voyager has returned to the Alpha Quadrant. Suddenly, however, her past returns with a vengeance, combining with an unexpected tragedy that attempts to mar the happiness she has found. Rated PG-13.
The RoseJoAnna WalsvikIt's Valentine's Day, and B'Elanna's lonely!
Gagh and Blood PieJoAnna WalsvikParody of Dr. Suess' "Green Eggs and Ham." Rated G.
ImpureJoAnna WalsvikPrejudice may be obsolete on Earth, but, as Tom and B'Elanna discover while on shore leave, it's alive and well on a planet in the Delta Quadrant. Rated PG.
The Name GameJoAnna WalsvikSet a few years in the future. While discussing names for their child, Tom and B'Elanna get creative. A dialogue only story. Rated PG
Romeo and Juliet: Voyager StyleJoAnna WalsvikTom Paris and B'Elanna Torres star in Voyager's production of "Romeo and Juliet," written by William Shakespeare; produced and directed by Tom Paris. Written in B'Elanna's POV.
Lost And FoundJoAnna WalsvikTom Paris never had the chance to tell B'Elanna Torres that he loved her before she died. Will he ever get another chance? Warning: Extremely sappy.
RobertJoAnna WalsvikVoyager discovers a human man stranded on a desolate planet in the Delta Quadrant -- a man that B'Elanna knows very, very well. Who is he and just what is the secret of his and B'Elanna's past? Rated PG.
DecisionsJoAnna WalsvikA round robin story written by myself and my good friends Serena and Jessica. B'Elanna's past comes back to haunt her as her long-lost father is found in the Delta Quadrant.
Chakotay's BlessingJoAnna WalsvikA sequel to Thoughtsand Questions. As Tom and B'Elanna are married, Chakotay gives the happy couple his blessing.
AloneJoAnna WalsvikSomewhere between the fourth and fifth seasons, B'Elanna is kidnapped by terrorists while on an Away mission. Escape seems hopeless when a rescue attempt by the Voyager crew fails... Rated PG.
B'Elanna's StoryJoAnna WalsvikThe story of how B'Elanna Torres met Chakotay and joined the Maquis. Written in B'Elanna's POV.
Daddy's Little GirlJoAnna WalsvikThree-year-old Katy Paris must learn "the facts of life" when her father, Tom Paris, is seriously injured.
Autumn LeavesJoAnna WalsvikWhen her feelings for Tom Paris threaten to overwhelm her, B'Elanna Torres tells him she just wants to be friends. But a holodeck program and a terrorist attack ultimately change her mind.
Family TiesJoAnna WalsvikWhy was Tom Paris so attracted to Raine Robinson in "Future's End"? Here's the answer.

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