Jane Griffen

Changing TidesJane Griffen & Caitlin RoseA Voyager/X-Files crossover: Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, two FBI agents from 1999, mysteriously appear on the holodeck when Tom Paris, Heather Whitney, B'Elanna Torres, and Harry Kim run a holonovel. Assisted by the rest of Voyager's crew, the two agents must try to find a way back to their time -- or remain aboard the USS Voyager permanently. Rated PG
Not A Shred Of HonorJane GriffenA little sequel to the episode A Day Of Honor . Rated Pg.
My Best Friend's WeddingJane GriffenAlternate Universe. Five years after the episode Caretaker and a year after Voyager has found a wormhole leading to the Alpha quadrent. After not seeing him for five months, B'Elanna gets a message from Tom on Earth. And he's getting married . . . Rated: PG
GossipJane GriffenFooling around in Engineering after the events of Infinite Regress, the engineers joke about B'Elanna having an affair with Seven. Things don't go too well when Tom overhears and mistakes the conversation for something else. Rated: PG
SparksJane GriffenJena Hamilton stumbles upon something she never knew before and in haste Heather Whitney and Harry Kim try to explain it to her before she goes straight to the people she's talking about! Whitney also decides that Seven should see two people kiss...
Wishing You Were HereJane Griffenset twelve years into the future and after Voyager arrives in the Alpha Quadrant. Four months after Cmdr. B'Elanna Torres-Paris goes on a classified mission and doesn't come back, Voyager's old crew gets back together and sets off to the Gamma quadrent to find out what the Dominion is really up to Rated: PG
Wedding Mix-UpJane GriffenWhisked into another reality due to a temporal phenomena, B'Elanna Torres (along with Janeway, Whitney, and Seven of Nine) is shocked to find herself at her wedding reception...with her husband Harry Kim. Rated G.
AlwaysJane GriffenB'Elanna Torres briefly attends Voyager's crew's reunion after being in the Alpha Quadrant for two months. Rated PG
Closing TimeJane GriffenFour junior officers share gossip while sitting at a booth in Sandrine's... Rated PG
First EncounterJane GriffenWhen Cadet Torres gets lost during her first day at Starfleet Acadamy, another cadet offers to show her around Rated: PG

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