Jan F.

It's Not Easy Being KlingonJanFA speculative view of B'Elanna's early life before leaving for Starfleet Academy. Rated G.
HighJanFA story set in the Fifth Season as Tom contemplates the nature of his love for B'Elanna and their relationship in the past few turbulent months. Rated PG
Vignettes From a Pregnancy -
the First Trimester
JanFAn exploration of a happy accident - how will Tom and B'Elanna cope with a little Parisite? Rated PG-13
Tom's BirthdayJanFB'Elanna uses the holodeck to make sure Tom has a memorable birthday, as Tom reflects on the changes in his life that B'Elanna has made. Set a few years after their marriage. Rated NC-17
TornJanFRicky tells the story of her romance with Tom before and after Caldik Prime. Warning: If you don't believe the Drunk Tom of Non Sequitur existed this is not for you Rated PG-13.
Up There Tom!JanFTom wants to try a new sport - but B'Elanna picks one that he's never tried before. Can he survive with so little padding? Rated PG
Bedside MannerJanFA story exploring a fantasy of B'Elanna's and Tom's new responsibilities in Sickbay (not necessarily in that order). Set sometime after 'Scientific Method'. Rated NC-17

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