One HeartFeverPretend for a moment that when Obrist beams Chakotay and Tom off the Krenim ship in "Year of Hell--Part Two" that he beams them to the ship that B'Elanna and Harry are on and you're set to go for this short piece. Rated PG-13.
The ProposalFeverSequel to my story "The Courtship." Rated NC-17.
Home Is Where the Heart IsFeverVoyager retrieves messages from home following the Doctor's mission to the Alpha Quadrant in "Message in a Bottle." Will Tom's family send a message to him? Rated PG-13.
Cupid's ArrowFeverA light-hearted romp in celebration of Valentine's Day where an alien that looks suspiciously like Cupid manages to hit home with his Arrows of Love. Rated PG.
FeverPitchFeverMy version of "Blood Fever." Written three months before that episode actually aired. Rated NC-17.
The CourtshipFeverSet after "Blood Fever." Will a stubborn Tom Paris be successful in "wooing" B'Elanna Torres, despite the obstacles in their way? This story is a prequel to my story "The Proposal." Rated NC-17.
The FlareFeverWritten in response to a challenge on the PTF mail list about Nostril Flaring of all things. Rated NC-17.

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