MasqueradeCheile and Amy Michelle BitterA Halloween story. Neelix decides to throw a costume party. Rated PG.
Seo SíoraíochtCheile"Gravity" coda. Tom finally gets to see B'Elanna after two months. They share an evening together. B'Elanna meets Noss. Noss' thoughts on P/T. Rated NC-17
Into the NightCheileA "Random Thoughts" coda. One possible answer to the question "What's in the box?" Rated NC-17.
Love, B'ElannaCheileA letter written by B'Elanna, in which she reveals her deepest feelings.
MourningCheileAlternate "Before and After" scenario. What if B'Elanna had died during the Krenim attack. An insight on Tom's thoughts. His point-of-view.
MemoriesCheileAlternate universe story. Synopsis missing. Not yet rated.
Human TouchCheileCoda to "Nothing Human". B'Elanna deals with her feelings regarding the fact that Janeway went against her wishes. Rated NC-17
Little MatchmakerCheileSynopsis missing.
Some Things Are ForeverCheileTakes place after "The Gift". While exploring a desert planet, the away team finds a mysterious circle. Strange things begin to happen, prompting B'Elanna to confess her love for Tom
Jealous IntentionsCheileTakes place shortly after "Real Life". Tom and B'Elanna are together, but Sasha Harrington wants Tom for herself--and will stop at nothing to get him... Rated PG.
Love and HonorCheileThey ended "Day of Honor" so abruptly. This is what I think would have happened afterwards. They may get to it, but I got to it first! :)
The ProphecyCheileWhile at a fair with his family, sixteen-year-old Tom Paris is approached by a fortune-teller. What she reveals may actually come true.
Snow Kessik MorningsCheileWinter's approach brings back B'Elanna's memories of her father. rated PG.
As Long As You Love MeCheile"Vis a Vis" coda. Steth's words bring back memories B'Elanna would sooner leave buried. Rated PG-13
Beloved B'ElannaCheile14 part series by Cheile. Rated PG.
Dark SurroundingsCheileArchivist's challenge story. Tom explains to B'Elanna why he hates small, dark places. Rated PG.
Forgive and ForgetCheileBased on the spoilers for the rumored episodes "Message in a Bottle" and "Hunters", the crew gets messages from their loved ones back home. Rated PG.
An Nollaig na GraCheileVoyager's crew celebrates Christmas. Rated PG.

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