Betty Phipps

Long AgoBetty PhippsA bit of Tom Paris's past is brought back after a crewmember commites suicide. Rated PG.
Tommy's TaleBetty PhippsArchivist's Challenge story. Tom explains his reason for escaping stasis during the month Voyager traveled through the nebula. Rated G.
The LetterBetty PhippsArchivist's challenge story. Tom's letter is intercepted by B'Elanna. Rated PG-13.
RescuedBetty PhippsB'Elanna and Tom deal with working different shifts but share the same feelings in love. Rated PG.
I Promise To....Betty PhippsB'Elanna dreams of Tom Paris dying and what life is like after he does. But is it really a dream? Rated PG.
Test Of TomBetty PhippsChristmas time on Voyager and Tom has been busy. Rated: PG
Under The DressBetty PhippsSet during the current season, this is a follow up to "Dress Up" in which Tom becomes one hot item of talk. Rated G
My Heart Will Go OnBetty PhippsStory takes place before "Message in a Bottle". Voyager finds a way home at the cost of a crew member. What will happen to those left to go on? Rated PG.
It's Just The RainBetty PhippsStory takes place in early 4th season. Tom is reflecting on the events of his life. Told in Tom's point of view. Rated G
Through the Eyes Of A ChildBetty PhippsSynopsis missing.
Night Of The AnimalsBetty PhippsThis story follows up "Dress Up". Set during season 5. Rated G
To Win, To Lose, To LoveBetty PhippsWhile passing by a nebula, strange things begin to happen. Only Harry Kim knows what to do Rated PG.
DressupBetty PhippsSet during the current episodes, Tom finds out what it is like to spend time with Naomi Wildman. Rated G
Admiral's SonBetty PhippsSet in late 4th season. A transporter accident sends Tom to a different destination. The crew struggle to find the cause and Tom struggles to hold on. Rated PG
Another TimeBetty PhippsTom spends time with his thoughts and the waiting for B'Elanna to regain consciousness from a accident. Rated PG.

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