Paris/Torres Stories


Gagh and Blood Pie JoAnna Walsvik Parody of Dr. Suess' "Green Eggs and Ham." Rated G.
The Gentlemen of the Club Annette Welsh-Shinya Spoilers for 30 Days. It's Tom Paris' turn to host 'boys night out'. Rated PG
The Getaway Amy Bower Sequel to "Dear Starfleet." The crew is back on Voyager, but will they make it to the Delta Quadrant? Rated PG
Getting into Trouble Katie Rubberband fight on the bridge of Voyager. Sequel to "Regrets." Rated PG.
Ghost Lover Marleena After an away mission goes wrong, B'Elanna is haunted. Takes place in the second season. Second in the "Haunted Voyager Series." Rated NC-17
Gift of Hope J.D. Synopsis missing.
Glimpses of the FutureRFKB'Elanna Torres discovers a device that enables her to see the future. Set during Seasons 1, 7 and in between. Rated R
GoDiane BellomoEleventh Challenge: "What was the end of 'Endgame' like from B'Elanna's point of view?" B'Elanna's having some trouble in Engineering, and it's got nothing to do with the warp core. Rated PG
The Good Samaritan Katherine Leonard Set in early fifth season. Lt. Paris recalls being saved by the kindness of a stranger seven years before. Rated PG-13
Goodbye... Neetz An addition to "The Gift." The crew of Voyager bid a final farewell to Kes. Rated PG-13.
Gossip Jane Griffen Fooling around in Engineering after the events of Infinite Regress, the engineers joke about B'Elanna having an affair with Seven. Things don't go too well when Tom overhears and mistakes the conversation for something else. Rated: PG
Gotcha! PJ in NH Set in the 1st season. Tom Paris has been tied up and gagged... Rated R
Gravity Coda Mary Lennox Synopis: A coda to "Gravity" as Tom returns after months of missing B'Elanna only to discover only two days have passed for her. Rated PG-13
Grease Monkey Barbara Watson A drabble using twelve of the most cliched words in NC-17 P/T fiction in a totally G-rated story. (No offense to any writers who have called upon these words in their writings...) Rated G
The Greatest Man A'Lehsen Paris Set toward the end of the sixth season. Voyager gets home, but for Tom it's too late . . . Rated PG
The Green Green Grass of Home Veronica Jane Williams Set end of fifth season. Voyager has reached the Alpha Quadrant. Tom is back home after five years and reflects on the joys of being home again. Rated G
Grief seema A coda to "Extreme Risk." B'Elanna tries to come to terms with the lost of the Maquis and her subsequent self-destructive behavior. Rated PG
Growing Up Jan Monroe This is the third of the Emotional Baggage stories. Tom and Janeway come to terms. Implyed P/T. Set after 30 days. Rated PG
Grudges and Friendships (Schisms 1) Niels van Eekelen Set in an AU directly after a slightly changed "Caretaker". Chakotay, the loyal Starfleet officer, and Tom Paris, the Maquis, don't get along very well, and B'Elanna Torres gets caught in the middle. Rated PG
A Guilty MistakekatieA fatal away mission causes a sudden death but can Tom Paris over come the guilt or is it to late? Rated PG-13
The Guy Next Door Jennifer Lee Companion story to "Field Notes." Takes place shortly after "Gravity," then continues on through "Equinox." Rated PG
The Hand That Binds SleepyInNJ Voyager encounters a friendly planet with horrible secrets, how will these secrets affect B'Elanna? Rated R.
A Hand To Hold Voyagerbabe Sometimes, the most important thing after a tragedy is just having someone there. Rated PG-13
The Happiest Place on the Holodeck Julie Evans Set in the middle of the fourth season, after Tom and B'Elanna's romantic relationship has been firmly established. Rated PG-13.
Happily Ever After Ronda Sexton Sequel to "Enchantment Continues." Tom and B'Elanna's are expecting their first child.
Happy Holidays Cheryl Set a few months after Q and the Grey. Q believes he has a little debt to repay, and he does it in true Q fashion. Rated PG.
Harbour Lights Annie M Set early in season 7. Tom's in a reflective mood. Rated PG-13
The Hardest Thing Danae Bowen Tom has come in contact with an alien infection and is left with the hardest decision he's ever made. Rated PG.
He Wore a Pair of Silver Wings Briar Rose Set after "Blood Fever" but before Tom and B'Elanna are a couple. Tom has a birthday and B'Elanna gives him a present. Rated PG
Hear Baby Cry Sean Clark-McCarthy Set 1.5 years after "Revulsion." B'Elanna Paris is pregnant and has a BIG decision to make. The rest of the crew gives her advice on what to do. Will she take it? Rated PG.
Heart to Heart Juli Evans Set near the beginning of the 5th season. Paris and Chakotay are stranded together in a shuttlecraft. Rated PG
Hello, Operator... Daddy, Is That You? PJ in NH Sequel to Hello, Operator, set in the middle of the 7th season. B'Elanna's call comes through. What does she have to say to her father? What does her father have to say to her? Rated PG
Hello, Operator... PJ in NH Set during seventh season. What would would Tom say to his father in a 10-minute call from home? Rated PG
The Helmsman's Logs - 2371L.E. JonesThe first in a collection of Tom Paris' personal logs during Voyager's seven years in the Delta Quadrant. Part 1 focuses upon the ship's first year, 2371. Rated PG-13
The Helmsman's Logs - 2372L.E. JonesThe second in a collection of Tom Paris' personal logs during Voyager's seven years in the Delta Quadrant. Part 2 focuses upon the ship's second year, 2372. Rated PG-13
The Helmsman's Logs - 2373L.E. JonesThe third in a collection of Tom Paris' personal logs during Voyager's seven years in the Delta Quadrant. Part 3 focuses upon the ship's third year, 2373. Rated PG-13
Her Broken Heart Danae Bowen B'Elanna must come to terms with losing the one she loves. Rated G.
Hey, Starfleet! Veronica Jane Williams Set during "Caretaker". First Season. Sequel to "My Green Age." B'Elanna converses and muses on the bridge of Voyager while the Captain is making her speech. Rated G
Hidden Emotions II A New BeginningPeggy SchultzA sequel to Hidden Emotions. Can Q help B’Elanna to change the future? Takes place during the events of Day of Honor, and seven months after Hidden Emotions ended. Rated PG-13
Hidden Talents The BratPack Set around the beginning of Season Five, The Captain orders the entire crew to perform in a talent show. Rated PG-13
Hidden Elisabeth Kuijl After B'Elanna breaks up with Tom, he is sent into an emotional depression. Rated Rated PG-13
Hidden Tracy Sobieski What Lurks in the Darkness. Sequel to "Blaze." Rated NC-17
Hidden Tracy Sobieski What Lurks in the Darkness. Sequel to "Blaze." Rated PG-13
High Noon, Too Soon LA Koehler Joe Carey's friends find some closure when B'Elanna, Chakotay, and Michael Ayala clear out Joe's quarters after his memorial service. Rated PG-13
High JanF A story set in the Fifth Season as Tom contemplates the nature of his love for B'Elanna and their relationship in the past few turbulent months. Rated PG
His B'Elanna Brigid Companion piece to "Two B'Elanna." What was happening on the real Voyager with the other B'Elanna. Rated PG
His Father's Son Veronica Jane Williams Post fifth season. Set in the Alpha Quadrant. Voyager is home. After almost ten years Tom Paris and Owen Paris come face to face. It is the moment everyone had been waiting for, or dreaded. How will the meeting be between the two? Sequel to "Reflections." Rated G
His Idea Emily Gardner B'Elanna packs and thinks about Tom. Takes place three months after Day of Honor
History Lessons Amy Bower Voyager, a nebula, the holodeck and the Cubs... Rated PG
Holding B'Elanna Julie Evans Coda story to "Random Thoughts." That missing final scene between Tom and B'Elanna (with only a small amount of angst thrown in). Rated PG-13.
Holding Tom Julie Evans Tom feels the need to make amends for his actions in "Alice," despite the fact that he was acting beyond his control, and that no one, least of all B'Elanna, blames him. Set a few days after the conclusion of "Alice." Rated PG-13
Holodeck Date: Captain Proton Jennifer Lee Archivist's Challenge story. Takes place during fifth season sometime between "Thirty Days" and "Bride of Chaotica!" Tom, B'Elanna, Harry, and Seven play "Captain Proton" on the holodeck. Rated: PG
Holodeck Date: Velocity Jennifer Lee Takes place after "Hope and Fear." Tom, B'Elanna, Harry, and Seven play Velocity on the holodeck. Rated: PG
Home for Christmas Julie Evans It's Christmas Eve on Voyager, the sixth to pass for the crew. The senior officers have gathered to share an evening, and some memories together. Set several weeks after the events in "Pathfinder." Rated PG
Home Is Where the Heart Is Fever Voyager retrieves messages from home following the Doctor's mission to the Alpha Quadrant in "Message in a Bottle." Will Tom's family send a message to him? Rated PG-13.
Home, But Not Alone Ronda Sexton Set after Unimatrix Zero 2. B'Elanna recovers from her experiences aboard the Borg Cube. Rated PG-13
Home Katie Davidson Set after Pathfinder. Tom and Owen's thoughts on what was said. Rated PG
Home star angel 23 years after Voyager's return home, Tom reminisces about their arrival and how his daughter turned out. Rated G
HoneymoonLessaTom and B'Elanna heat it up in the back of the Delta Flyer. This short story picks up where "Drive" leaves off. Rated NC-17
Honor Satisfied Dangermom An epilogue to "Day of Honor"--canon-based, not part of the "Daybreak" series. Rated G.
The Honored Ones Riley Mackenzie Disaster strikes Voyager. Takes place late in the fifth season. Rated G
Honor's Promise Lily "Day of Honor" sequel--what I thought happened after they faded to black. Rated NC-17
Hopes and Fears Pamela Blotnicky Tom is injured in a terrible accident on an away mission. The crew is worried they may loose a good friend and B'Elanna is devestated. Set after "Scientific Method." Rated PG-13
A Hot Cup of Coffee Katherine Leonard Paris is trying to keep the promise he made to the crew in "Worst Case Scenario." Rated PG-13
Human Mating Behaviour Dave Rogers Archivist's Sixth Challenge story: What did Tom and B'Elanna argue about that lead to Tom giving her roses? Prequel to "Someone to Watch Over Me" Tom and B'Elanna provide Seven with a rich source of data for her project. Rated: PG-13
Human Touch Cheile Coda to "Nothing Human". B'Elanna deals with her feelings regarding the fact that Janeway went against her wishes. Rated NC-17
Humanity 101, part one Lindsay Penner Seven is still having trouble interacting with others on Voyager. Tom and B'Elanna come up with a very complicated holodeck story to help her learn about human relationships, and Harry takes her down to the holodeck to help her out with the program. Rated R. Rated R.
Humanity 101, Part Two Lindsay Penner The holonovel continues, complicating things for Seven and Harry further.... Rated R.
Hunters (Missing Scene) Heather Missing scenes from "Hunters." Rated PG.
Hyperspanners at DawnStarburstSet after “The Q and The Grey,” and spans the events in “Macrocosm.” A sequel to Briar Rose’s story “Civil War of Words.” Rated PG
I Ain't Missing You Krystal Banzon Archivist's Chalenge Story. Tom acutally gets the letter sent by his father, and shows his reactions to it. Set inbetween "Message in a Bottle" and "Hunters." Rated PG.
I Believe Vanessa M. McCormick Archivist's Challenge Story. Rated PG.
I Cried Alicia Tom and B'Elanna each deal with the consequences of their recent divorce. Set four years after Course: Oblivion, assuming that the marriage was the real thing. Rated PG-13
I Do, Cherish You Amy Elizabeth Set after DOH. About the importance of the phrase, I love you. Rated G
I Do Setika My version of the P/T wedding. Rated R
I Got the Girl lullaby_psyche Spoilers for upcoming 'Lineage'. drabble, with Tom reflecting on the lady of his life Rated G
I Hope You DanceBrigidTom sings at Harry's wedding. Rated PG
I Left My Heart in San Francisco... Jennifer Lee Takes place immediately after the 5th season episode "In the Flesh." A night on the town... in the San Francisco of the Species 8472 habitat! Rated PG
I Promise To.... Betty Phipps B'Elanna dreams of Tom Paris dying and what life is like after he does. But is it really a dream? Rated PG.
I Think I Love You Cherry Vu Set after "Mortal Coil". Tom comes up with a unique way to apologize to B'Elanna after a fight. Rated G.
The Ice Cream Incident Timina A quiet afternoon in Tom Paris' quarters in which Tom surprises B'Elanna Torres with a dish of vanilla ice cream. A practical joke by B'Elanna leads to a confession of deeper feelings by both parties. Rated PG-13.
Ice Katherine Leonard "Displaced" from B'Elanna's POV. Rated PG.
Idle Gossip 2 Dax Sequel to "Idle Gossip." B'Elanna, Tom and Harry are trying to find out why the Captain looks a little down and the Commander is up on cloud nine.
If Only She KnewEmily HomeKathryn's POV. She and Tom have broken up and she is watching Tom and B'Ellana across the holodeck while listening to music. Rated PG
I'll Be There LoTuS Set after a P/T marriage, while Voyager is still in the Delta Quadrant. Rated PG
I'm What?! K'Elanna B'Elanna is pregnant, but can the crew survive... Rating PG.
Images in Silver Veronica Jane Williams Fifth season. This story is a coda to "Course Oblivion" and also the sequel to "Etude in E Major". The rare phenomenon of "hearing" and "feeling" what their mimetic counterparts went through before they died, plagues the crew of Voyager, esp. B'Elanna, Chakotay and Tom. Rated G
Impure JoAnna Walsvik Prejudice may be obsolete on Earth, but, as Tom and B'Elanna discover while on shore leave, it's alive and well on a planet in the Delta Quadrant. Rated PG.
In Fire and Ice Aurora Khan Set a few years after "Extreme Risk", Tom and B'Elanna's relationship seems to have reached a standstill. How the universe will end, from Tom's perspective. Rated PG
In My DreamsPeggy SchultzB'Elanna's reaction to the events before, during, and after the episode "Investigations". Rated PG-13
In Pursuit of a Sensation jenn Sequel to "Manipulation", set after "Someone to Watch Over Me". B'Elanna learns there are worse things than a commitment. Rated PG-13
In The Dark: Faith Has Led
Him Through It
Synbou Following *It Happened One Night*, Tom finally wakes up, but what does he remember? Will he be able to answer everyone questions? Rated PG
In The Dark: He Could See The Light Synbou After being hit by an energy wave, Voyager's crew assess the damage. Rated PG
In The Dark: He Found His Way Home Synbou Following *The Night Turned Cold and Fidgid*, Chakotay finds Tom in an other reality. But, is it based on Tom's past or a fantasy. Rated PG
In The Dark: It Happened One Night Synbou Following *He Found His Way Home*, Chakotay goes back in Tom's reality in order to convince him to come home before it's too late. This time with some additional help. Rated PG
In The Dark: The Night Turned
Cold And Frigid
Synbou Following *He could see the Light*, Voyager encounter a spatial anomaly who's effects put the crew to sleep and wake up Tom. Rated PG
In The Midnight Hour Dangermom Set in the "Daybreak" timeline, after "The Course of True Love." To quote the old song, love is strange! Rated: R
In the Mists of Khitomer Liz Archivist's Challenge. Set on Khitomer in the early days of the Klingon-Federation peace agreement. Two young people watch as their lives collide, with consequences they never imagined. Rated PG-13.
In The Shadows Of The Heart Voyagerbabe When they are captured and tortured for the amusement of an alien race, Tom and B'Elanna must confront their need for revenge. Rated R
In The Space of Seven Days Jenn Set sometime after 30 Days. Tom learns how to practice moral compromise, and the crew learns right along with him. Rated NC-17
In Whatever House I Enter Tracy Sobieski Takes place early season seven. Answers the question, "How far has Tom's medical training taken him?" Rated G
Independence Day Denise N. Rodier Meditation with Tuvok brings about unpleasant dreams for B'Elanna. Rated PG-13.
InfatuationAlice MaxThis is the missing part to Season Seven’s “Nightingale.” B’Elanna tells Tom about Icheb’s crush on her. Will the “green-eyed pusshog” (to quote Neelix) rear its ugly head? Rated PG-13
Inner Landscape Annie M Set during and between early-mid season six episodes, B'Elanna, Tom and Chakotay try to come to terms with the issues and unsettled conflicts standing between them.... Rated R.
Innocence Unveiled Alys Landale Part Four of the Fates Series. Voyager is finally on the road back to home, but first they must perform one last task before they can leave Imperial Space. And that task includes keeping a certain Resistance officer in custody for the Empire. But Captain Landis allow this to occur? Rated PG-13
Insanity Sarah Written with Margaret: Two fans end up on the Voyager set. Rated PG
Inside Out Dangermom Late one night, Tom Paris thinks about the state of his life on Voyager. Rated R
Insomnia Elisabeth Kuijl Set almost at the end of season six. After a run- in with some aliens Tom Paris finds himself in a vicious cycle of work. Rated Rated PG-13
Inspiration jtd Set one month after "Day of Honor". Tom has prepared an anniversary dinner, but B'Elanna is held up in engineering. And when she finally arrives, she's in dire need of some inspiration... Rated NC-17
Inspiration Julie Evans Reactions to Harry and B'Elanna's return to Voyager. Mostly Tom's. Set immediately after the episode "Muse." Rated PG-13.
Inspiration Liz Response to Archivist's Challenge: a hunky-dory coda to "Muse." Tom finds that a walk in the limelight will change anyone's soul—at least for a while. Rated PG
Instant Replay, Part I Malcolm Reeve Following an encounter with an unexplained phenomenon, Tom Paris relives the past six years of his life, while B'Elanna and the Doctor race against time to save his mind from irreparable damage. Rating missing.
Instant Replay, Part II Malcolm Reeve Things go from bad to worse for Tom. Will B'Elanna's skills be enough to bring him back to her? Rating missing.
The Intercom Alicia Tom and B'Elanna get intimate in the turbolift..but what part will the intercom play? Rated R
Intermezzo Veronica Jane Williams A coda written in response to the episode "Counterpoint". A month after they left Devore space, Captain Janeway still ponders on that kiss. Tom and B'Elanna decide to help as she alienates herself from crew and in particular, their first officer. A sequel of sorts to "Too Late The Hero". Rated NC-17
Intimate RelationsDeedeFollows "Someone to Watch Over Me", in the aftermath of Seven's study, Tom and B'Elanna ponder their relationship. Rated R
Into the Looking Glass Julie Evans Sequel to "Down the Rabbit Hole". The alternate B'Elanna finds herself standed on Voyager in a concurrent timeline. She must try and adjust to her new situation, and decide whether to tell that timeline's Tom Paris just what she is 'expecting'. This story takes place just after the episode "The Gift." Rated PG-13.
Into the Night Cheile A "Random Thoughts" coda. One possible answer to the question "What's in the box?" Rated NC-17.
Into The Woods Dangermom Set after the events in "Displaced." Tom and B'Elanna go on their first...well, let's not call it a "date," okay? Immediately follows "Turn Around" Rated PG.
Introductions Dangermom A "missing scene/coda" for "Endgame." Written a few hours before the finale aired, based on spoilers and speculation. Just a quiet family moment, before everything changes. Rated G
Irish Pigs or When Irish Sties are Smilin' PJ in NH B'Elanna pays a visit to Sullivans, and takes up the sport of arm wrestling. Rated PG.
Irrelevant Discourse Voyagerbabe While learning the fine art of gossip, Seven of Nine hones her observational skills on a certain helmsman. Rated PG-13
Irrevocably TiedDeedeTom and B'Elanna thought that they had already been through it all, but adjusting to life in the Alpha Quadrant turns out to be the most difficult challenge, ultimately testing their marriage and their love. Rated PG-13
Isolation PJ in NH Radiation nets, stasis chambers, and Tom. How does he survive when he's the one that has to take care of Voyager when the rest of the crew are again forced to use the stasis units? Rated PG
The Itch Diana Cabana Takes place some time between 4th and 5th season Voyager. A random story about being caught in an akward situation and discovering little secrets about the one you love. Rated PG
It's A Baby, Not A Warp Core BreachBella AzzurriSo B’Elanna’s going to have a baby. She’s had the baby. What next? Post Lineage & Endgame. P/T with a smattering of J/C UST. Rated G
It's All In The GameAlice MaxWhat ever happened to Freddy Bristow? This story explains his fate after Tom confronted B’Elanna about her relationship with Ensign Bristow during Season Three’s “The Swarm.” Rated PG
It's Just The Rain Betty Phipps Story takes place in early 4th season. Tom is reflecting on the events of his life. Told in Tom's point of view. Rated G
It's Not Easy Being Klingon JanF A speculative view of B'Elanna's early life before leaving for Starfleet Academy. Rated G.
It's Not The Gift Dave Rogers First Archivist's Challenge story: What was in the box? Coda to "Random Thoughts". Although the engrammatic purge was interrupted, can anything make up for what B'Elanna has lost? Rated: PG-13
It's Only Love Neetz An epilogue to "Revulsion." At the end of the episode (you know, the one with THE KISS), B'Elanna invited Tom to her cabin later. Did anyone maybe want to know what happened? Here's my opinion. Rated: NC-17
I've Seen A Dying Eye Krystal Banzon Synopsis missing. Rated PG-13
Jealous Intentions Cheile Takes place shortly after "Real Life". Tom and B'Elanna are together, but Sasha Harrington wants Tom for herself--and will stop at nothing to get him... Rated PG.
The Jefferies Tube Joanna Set after the sixth season. B'Elanna and Neelix's latest creation don't hit it off well. Rated PG
The Journey HomeLizA young writer has been hired to write the official account of Voyager's journey. The Paris-Torres family do not give an easy interview. Rated PG-13
Journey's End Veronica Jane Williams Set mid-fifth season. The homecoming for some of the crew is not the joyous reunion they thought. Some on board relationships began to show cracks that widened. Tom and B'Elanna part ways after their return to the Alpha Quadrant. Will they overcome their problems and reunite? Rated NC-17
Judgment D'Alaire What if there hadn't been an Array? Set a few weeks after the equivalent Caretaker, and then 9, 18, and 27 months after, this story examines one possibility, concentrating mainly on the shifting fates and psyches of Paris and Torres. Rated R.
July Morning Veronica Jane Williams Set mid-5th Season. A story written in poetic prose. Tom reflects on his love for B'Elanna. Rated G
Just a bit Jealousy?D'Orba SandelsA missing scene from "Equinox" concerning the dinner and Tom's jealousy. Rated PG
Just Being There Neetz This story is a coda to the episode "Real Life." I really liked the scene near the end with Tom and the Doctor, but I wanted more. Rated PG.
Just Let Me Be In LoveMaquis LeaderTom loves B'Elanna but knows that sooner or later he'll screw it up. For tonight he just wants to be in love. Rated NC-17
Just Say ItDiane KlepperAs the Paris family is about to leave Voyager to start their new lives on Earth, B'Elanna wants Tom to tell her something Rated PG
Kathryn Janeway's Flying Circus P/T Collective Set before "Night." Voyager hits a vast area of empty space and the captain decides the crew needs a little entertainment. Rated PG
Kayana Annie Set before Day of Honour. A bit of shore leave on a supposedly harmless planet goes terrible wrong... Rated G
Kidnappers K'Tara Set five years after Day of Honour. B'Elanna and Tom are married with children, but a surprise visit from Q has bad consequences. Rated PG.
The Kidnapping Of Tommy ParisDiane KlepperAfter Tom wakes up from a bad dream, he tells BE'lanna about a woman who saved his life when he was kidnapped when he was nine years old. Set after "Lineage". Rated PG
Kids Saria Set inbetween "Revulsion" and "Scientific Method" After an unfortunate encounter with the captain B'Elanna's forced to beam down to a planet alone to look after 3 young children and becomes probably the first Klingon baby-sitter in history. Rated G
The Killing Game: Aftermath Julie Evans Coda story to the Killing Game. Rated PG.
A Kiss From a Rose Subha Rajaram Set "Random Thoughts", Tom shows up at B'Elanna quarters to present her with the gift he bought on Mari. Rated G
Klingon Drinking Songs & MusicalsBella AzzurriPost-Virtuoso and Memorial. B'Elanna knows more than a few Klingon drinking songs. Rated PG-13
Klingons Never Cry B'Renda Tom must help B'Elanna to deal with her past to perserve their relationship. Takes place Fifth Season, shortly after "Someone To Watch Over Me." Rated: PG-13
Klingons Linneas Ishara Set after fourth season. After getting home, Tom disappears on a secret mission, leaving B'Elanna with a note and wondering if he'll ever come back. Rated PG
Last Evening On Voyager

Julie Evans Set five years from "Caretaker." This story is about what kind of adjustment it would be for the crew to return 'home' to the Alpha Quadrant after all their time being stranded together on Voyager, particularly what kind of adjustment it would be for Paris and Torres and their relationship. Rated PG-13.
The Last Goodbye Cheryl This story takes place sometime during the fourth season. Tom Paris is alone on a dying shuttle with only a few minutes left to leave those he cares about a message. Possibly a one hanky story. Rated PG.
Last Words Subha Rajaram This story takes place in the alternate universe described in "Before and After" the day after B'Elanna Torres and Kathryn Janeway are killed. This is also assuming that this is how the events would have played out without Kes' temporal jumping around. Rated PG.
Lasting Effects Julie Evans B'Elanna and Tom deal with the aftereffects of B'Elanna's near-death experience. Set immediately after the events in "Barge of the Dead." Rated PG-13
A Late Night at Sandrine's Jane Tom Paris winds up at Sandrine's in the middle of the night, and ends up spending it with none other than Voyager's chief engineer. Rated PG
Leaps of Faith and Logic Julie Evans Reflections, ruminations and actions taken after Voyager received a distress call and arrived at the site to find the residual debris of a destroyed ship, and no survivors. A coda to the episode "Course: Oblivion". Rated PG-13
Legacy Revisited A.Blunt Alternate Universe. Takes place a month after Legacy, and Tom is still coming to terms with memories that arose previously. Assumes that Tom and B'Elanna are still fairly new in their relationship. Rated PG-13
Legacy A.Blunt Alternate Universe. An incident on Voyager causes Tom to look back on a similar one, in his past. Rated PG-13
A Lesson in Flying Jule Evans One day on Voyager, a day when, among other things, Tom gives the kids a lesson in Flying. Set shortly after the episode "Good Shepherd." Rated PG-13.
Lessons Chris Dionne Set after Scientific Method Seven of Nine asks B'Elanna to assist her in learning how to socialize, while they wait for Tom and Harry to come off shift. This leads to interesting times for both couples. Rated NC-17.
Let Me In Annie L. An in-between scene as it might have happened in the episode of Vis a Vis, after everyone was returned to normal, and before the scene in the garage. Kind of old, but I need the practice. Rated G.
Letter From Dad Ronda Sexton The otehr of two possible letters from Admiral Paris to his son.
Letter From the Admiral Ronda Sexton One of two possible letters from Admiral Paris to his son.
The Letter Betty Phipps Archivist's challenge story. Tom's letter is intercepted by B'Elanna. Rated PG-13.
The Letter Summer Synopsis missing. Rated PG.
Letters to NeelixBarbara WatsonAn original short story set exactly five years after the Voyager series finale, ENDGAME. Starfleet’s only permanent ambassador to the Delta Quadrant is now receiving his own private monthly datastream. Two of his old friends have a lot to tell him about the changes in their lives and the lives of the rest of their friends. Rated G
Letting Go Kat B'Elanna gets over a loss... Rated PG
Liberty to Love PJ in NH AU story where both the Maquis ship, the Liberty, and Voyager survive the Caretaker's array explosion, but neither ship knows the other has survived. Tom ends up on the Liberty and finds love with B'Elanna. Rated R
Light as a Feather Chasmina Torres and Paris inventory some unusual currency. Rated PG-13.
Lineage Addition>.KivaSet after the end of Lineage. Tom comforts B'Elanna as she deals with her feelings about the pregnancy, and what she revealed during tlhe confrontation in Sickbay. In the process, Tom reveals his own worries about impending fatherhood. Rated G
Lines in the Sand Seema While Torres deals with the after effects of her time on the Borg cube, the crew of Voyager discovers that they are closer to home than originally thought. This is a sequel to "100 Days." Rated PG-13
Lingering EffectsCourtneyTom struggles to come to terms with B'Elanna's death in the days following a tragic accident. Set in what would be the late fifth season. Rated PG.
A Little Love Story PJ in NH A pictoral little tale of Tom and B'Elanna and their road to love and happiness. Rated PG-13
Little Matchmaker Cheile Synopsis missing.
little yellow smiley faceskerry Set after day of honor and before “Drive,” Tom declares his love for B’Elanna while standing in the corridor half naked and in front of half the people on deck nine section twelve.
Living History Katie Grist A story set about five years after Voyager gets home. B'Elanna and Tom mess with the mind of a poor museum co-ordinator.
Living In A Moment Heather Based on the song of the same title. Just a cute little love story about the important moments we live for. Rated PG-13.
Living with the Lie LA Koehler B'Elanna helps Naomi come to terms with the loss of herself on Quarra. And perhaps B'Elanna comes away from the experience richer, also? Part of the Circle One story ring of Workforce codas, posted on Liz the Whiz' homepage. Rated PG
Living Kirsten Clemmensen Synopsis missing.
Log 3: The Mirrors of Rya With the help of Bahne, Voyager may finally find Lt. Tom Paris - and discover the chilling truth behind Bahne's warning to be "be prepared" when they find him. Trapped on the planet of Rya, B'Ellana and Chakotay must race to find Tom before Rya is destroyed by its tectonic shifts - and receives very unexpected help. Continuation to Log 1: Santiago's Legacy and Log 2: The Children of Surelis Rated PG-13
Log Entries: Addendum J. Toner Archivist's Challenge story. After the events of "Hunters," B'Elanna updates her personal log about Voyager's contact with the Alpha Quadrant. A sequel to "Log Entries." Rated PG.
Log Entries J. A. Toner Set a few days after the events of "Day of Honor" and "Revulsion," B'Elanna Torres reviews her personal log entries to trace the evolution of her feelings for helmsman Tom Paris since both first arrived on Voyager. Rated NC-17.
Long Ago Betty Phipps A bit of Tom Paris's past is brought back after a crewmember commites suicide. Rated PG.
Long Day Laura Watkins Set during the 6th season. Tom gets off double bridge duty... Rated PG-13
Looking Down Isabelle S. Set after Standing Over The Sea. Kathryn has a disturbing vision of a possible future. But, can she do something to prevent it? Rated PG
Looking For Miss Elizabeth Veronica Jane Williams Post fifth season, Alpha Quadrant. Six months after Voyager's return. While on a visit to the Smithsonian, Admiral Owen Paris is critically injured after an attack, and his granddaughter, Elizabeth abducted. Voyager is assigned to help the distraught parents, Tom and B'Elanna, look for Elizabeth. Sequel to "His Father's Son." Rated PG.
Losing a Hero Jan Monroe Sequel to "Unforseen Consequences." Rated PG
Loss Riley Mackenzie How does the crew of Voyager handle the loss of one of their own? Rated PG
Lost And Found JoAnna Walsvik Tom Paris never had the chance to tell B'Elanna Torres that he loved her before she died. Will he ever get another chance? Warning: Extremely sappy.
Lost and FoundRonda SextonFrom the Voyager being declared missing to meeting Voyager's EMH, Owen Paris has time to reflect. Rated PG
Lost But Not Forgotten Annie Set at various times throughout the series. Tom and B'Elanna try and cope with the fact that maybe they have been forgotten. Rated G
Lost in the Shadows lullaby_psyche mid sixth season. Tom is affected by the events of 'Alice' more deeply than is realised. Rated PG-13
Love and Honor Cheile They ended "Day of Honor" so abruptly. This is what I think would have happened afterwards. They may get to it, but I got to it first! :)
Love and War - Part I T'Kalara After the fifth season: Tom and B'Elanna fight, and he reads her novel. Rated PG
Love is All We Need A'Lehsen Paris Set a day after "False Assumptions". B'Elanna's POV. B'Elanna and Tom have a talk. Rated PG
Love Is Blind JoAnna Walsvik A terrible accident leaves Tom Paris completely blind. As he struggles to deal with his sudden disability, he finds a supportive friend in B'Elanna Torres -- and the beginnings of a romance.
The Love Letter Khameleon After lunch with the chief engineer, Freddie Bristow finds a PADD containing a letter which is seemingly the answer to all his dreams. Set sometime after the Swarm. Rated PG
Love Lost Ariel Shaw Synopsis temporarily misplaced.
The Love Trap Pamela Blotnicky Set shortly after the sixth season. Janeway comes up with asneaky plan to get her chief engineer to take some time off and Tom Paris gets some R&R at the same time. Rated PG-13
Love, B'Elanna Cheile A letter written by B'Elanna, in which she reveals her deepest feelings.
Lover ManRFKA curious B'Elanna Torres stumbles upon an illicit love affair that involves Voyager's Chief Helmsman. Set during mid-Season 1. A bit dark and angsty. Rated NC-17
Loving Flavius Veronica Jane Williams The tenth story in my AU Reincarnation Series, Another Time. Also the fifth story in the "Roman Centurion" Saga. Flavius and Eleni have returned to Alexandria and are happy with their adopted daughter and their handmaiden Neziah. Or what could make it even better? Rated NC-17
Lullaby D'Alaire Set in the equivalent end of fourth season: When B'Elanna is gravely injured, Tom goes to some personal extremes while realizing the nature of the commitment he'd made to her. Rated PG-13

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