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The Characters

Richard Mayhew (Gary Bakewell)
Richard came to London three years earlier, and settled into the role of young urban professional relatively comfortably and relatively quickly. He acquired a finacee, Jessica, on a trip to the Louvre while on holiday in Paris, and has never since been able to convince her he is not the sort to actually go to gallerys of his own accord. He collects trolls, works in a securties firm, and is a very nice young man.

Everything changes when he meets Door, and he is set on the adventure of his life.

Door (Laura Fraser)
The Lady Door is the only surviving member of the House of the Arch. Her life remains in danger from the men who murdered her family, and she is on a quest to discover why.

The Marquis de Carabas (Paterson Joseph)
An intriguing, dangerous, mysterous and romantic figure whom you ought not to trust but cannot seem to get along without. He is is not a man you would want to be indebted to, but almost everyone is.

Hunter (Tanya Moodie)
The greatest hunter in all of London Below, she is hired on as the Lady Door's bodyguard. But her passion in life is to hunt the Great Beast, a mythic creature that haunts her dreams and Richard's nightmares.

Old Bailey (Trevor Peacock)
This old gaffer is as much a part of London as anything. He's happiest alone on the rooftops of the crumbling old buildings with his birds, but it drawn into the plot against Door against his will by the Marquis.

Messrs Croup and Vandemar (Hywel Bennett and Clive Russell)
They are everything you have ever feared lurks in the shadows waiting to devour you, made flesh and blood and teeth and bone. These walking nightmares are the villians of the piece--but they are not acting on their own.

The Angel Islington (Peter Capaldi)
An angel who makes its home in the Underground, it is at the centre of the mystery.

Episode Guide

When he abandons his fiancee to help an injured woman on the streets of London, Richard Mayhew finds his life turned upside down.

"Knight's Bridge"
Lost in a bizarre fantasy realm beneath London, Richard does his best to stay alive - and find Door.

"Earls Court To Islington"
Richard and Door make the dangerous journey to meet with an Angel named Islington to find out vital information regarding the killer of Door's family.

In order to gain a desperately needed key, Richard undergoes an ordeal at the hands of the Black Friars - dark priests hidden beneath London.

"Down Street"
While Richard, Hunter and Door make the return journey to Islington, Old Bailey embarks on a vital mission to save de Carabas.

"As Above, So Below"
Lost in the labyrinth beneath London, Richard, de Carabas and Hunter must face the Great Beast of London - if they are to rescue Door.