not what I usually look like, but who could resist? Tara LJC O'Shea has been waiting for an excuse to use this photo (taken Hallowe'en, 1992) for ages and is glad to finally have a place to put it!

Why 'LJC'? Because back in 1992 she got her first email account and, noting the sheer number of Slartibartfasts at U of I, decided to use Lady Johanna Constantine as her net-name, since that was and is one of her favourite recurring characters from Sandman. Over time, it was shortened to 'LJC' and has stuck to the point where there are probably more people out there who know her as LJC than there are people who know her as Tara.

Of course, there was the whole Net.Trenchcoat.Brigade thing as well ("'Don't tell Neil', huh?") but that's a long story.

Tara is a freelance webdesigner, illustrator, and writer of non-fiction (paid) and fiction (unpaid, unless truffles count) and occasionally writes about herself in the third person. She has way too many webpages, and keeps finding excuses to create more.

If you aren't frightened enough yet, a peek at my (ljc's) little corner should finish the job.

Or you can head back to the very small but quite significant neverwhere page. As for what is signifies, she hasn't figured that part out yet...

hi unca neil :)