Ensigns: Fair Haven

by Rel

"Emmie." One of the locals tipped their hat to Ensign Deene as she walked past.

"Why does everyone shorten everyone's names around here?" Ensign Deene asked moodily. She didn't want to be here, this town was too corny; straight out of a book.  Which was exactly why Hannah probably liked it.

"Oh shut up! You have to get into the spirit of things!"

Esn. Deene rolled her eyes. "If you mean dressing up in that stupid outfit and running around pretending to be a primitive villager... I'd rather not."

Hannah looked insulted "Hey! It took me ages to find the replicator pattern for that dress, thank you!"

Emma sighed. "Sorry, but this is stupid! Everyone looks like, like -  god knows what."

Hannah's eyes sparkled. "Don't let the doc hear you saying that or you'll be saying prayers of forgiveness for the rest of the trip home!"

Emma rolled her eyes. "He looks especially awful. Have you seen him as a priest? Jeez!" She shook her head "And does Harry Kim look a idiot in that straw hat or what!"

Hannah laughed. "You're right about that!" Emma didn't laugh at her own joke but instead glared rudely at someone else who'd just shortened her name. "Will you stop it! This is supposed to be fun! Lets go to Sullivan's; you'll like that, it's quite like Sandrine's but without the sharp tongued bar maid." She grabbed Emma's arm.

"Now, Sandrine's: there's another waste of time...." began Emma before Hannah put her hand over her mouth in an attempt to shut her up.

They entered the bar and sat down ordering drinks and giggling at the doc's

priest outfit.  Tom moved away from the bar to a drunk sitting in one corner. They couldn't hear the conversation so Hannah leaned over and asked a stout man sitting in front of them, "What's going on?"

He chuckled

"Michael Sullivan's girl Katie O'Clare has run off somewhere and he's drinkin' away his problems."

Hannah turned back to Em looking shocked. "What? What?" Emma asked seeing her face.

"Everyone around here does call the captain 'Katie O'Clare' right?"

Em thought for a moment. "Yeah, I think so.  Why?"

Hannah shook her head in disbelief. "Because he just called the captain Michael Sullivan's 'girl'."

Emma shrugged "So?"

Hannah stared at her. "So! That means she's dating a HOLOGRAM!"

Em shrugged again. "Her life. Unless this means you've lost the bet."

Hannah waved a hand dismissively.  "Forget the stupid bet! Think how awful this will be for the commander!"

Emma rolled her eyes. "Purlease! You're imagining things, Han! They are just friends!"

Han tossed her hair "That's what you said about Paris and Torres but I was right then."

Emma glared. "I........" Just then a bar fight broke out and a glass went flying over Emma's head. She ducked but Hannah didn't move. Em slid off her seat under the table "Get down you idiot!!!!" she yelled at Hannah.

They walked back to their quarters later. Hannah was slightly bruised but

insisted she didn't need to go to sickbay "I am FINE! How many times do I have to tell you?"

Emma sighed "I TOLD you to duck!"

Hannah ignored her. "Anyway, the big question: why on Earth would Capt. Janeway want to date a hologram when she's got herself a perfectly good first officer?"

Emma looked thoughtful. "The ability to delete your boyfriend when you have rows, the ability to alter him to suit you... actually its not a bad idea. I think I'll go program myself one! Besides," she said "We're not on earth."

Hannah sighed impatiently. "Holograms aren't real, they're only illusions."

Em shrugged. "Life's only as real as you think it is. Your perception of what's real is defined by who you are.  Personally I think given room to progress Holograms could be as real as we are. Like the Doctor." Hannah still looked annoyed  so Emma decided to take a different approach.  "Look, you were just telling me what a 'cute' couple the Doctor and Seven would make right?"

Hannah nodded. "Then tell me how is the captain dating what's his name is different? You're just biased because you want her to like Chakotay, well, wake up Hannah, you can't control everyone's lives, much as you'd like to!"  The words were harsh and Hannah got angry.

"I just want everyone to be happy."

Emma's sighed. "The Captain is happy so let it be, no point in trying."

Hannah sighed. "Fine. you win, I'll try and stop match making!"

Emma grinned "Good! Now come on I have some replicator rations I didn't spend on a stupid dress so I'll get us some coffee and chocolate cake." Hannah cheered up a bit. "Thanks Em."

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