Disclaimer: Hannah and Emma are mine, J and C are Paramount's.

Dedicated to my ickle sisters for running around pretending to be Voyager ensigns and therefore giving me the idea for this fic.


by Rel

Ensign Emma Deene sat eating her - well....would you call it lunch? It looked more like Naomi's playdough. Sighing, she pushed another spoonful of the vaguely fishy concoction into her mouth. "Hi Em!" Her fellow ensign, Hannah Scully sat down with her tray of equally disgusting looking goo. "What's it like?" Hannah asked cautiously. Emma grimaced in answer. "Normal then." Hannah grinned and bravely took a spoonful of the sludge.

"Errrugh!" was all she could manage.

Em grinned. "I warned you."

Hannah recovered enough to ask, "Heard any new gossip?"

Em shrugged.  "Ens. Paris and Lt. Torres spent most of the morning 'doing reports' in her office."

Han eyed her sceptically. "Really doing reports or...you know."

Em shrugged again. "Personally I think they were actually doing reports but..."

Hannah cut her off. "That'd be a first wouldn't it?"

Emma grinned. "It's quite funny actually, all the speculation that starts when they're together."

Hannah nodded. "Nothing remotely funny down in security except Gemma Hull trying to flirt with Tuvok - which has its moments."

Em chuckled. "It's not so long ago you had a bit of a thing for Vorik."

Hannah sighed. "Only about 5 years, let it go already! I don't know why I liked him but I don't now, OK?"

Emma raised her eyebrows. "You wouldn't admit you liked him now.." Hannah opened her mouth to protest, but Emma was to quick, "...even if you did because Megan Delaney found out and everyone started calling you 'Logic Girl' and asking you if you had a thing for pointy ears."

Hannah blushed. "God, that was embarrassing."

Emma giggled and Han looked annoyed.  "Anyway...you can't talk about crushes - you've had one on Freddie Bristow for years!"

Emma turned scarlet and hissed. "Not so loud!"

Hannah's attention however had been caught by the captain and the commander sitting on the far side of the room sharing a private joke. "Look at those two! Almost enough to make you believe in true love again isn't it?"

Emma glanced casually over. "Them? You think they're going out?"

Hannah sighed and shook her head. "No! I think they're very much in love but too blind to see it."

Emma chuckled "Hannah Scully, a hopeless romantic. Who would have thought?"

Hannah hit her lightly on the arm. "I am not! But look at the way she's looking at him and the way she's touching his arm... don't you think they obviously adore each other. See, look!!! Did you see that?"

Emma looked confused. "See what?"

Hannah gave her a look of  disbelief.  "The look he just gave her! He had 'I love you' written all over his face."

Emma looked sceptical. "You're reading too much into it, Han. They're friends but that's all as far as I can tell."

Hannah was getting frustrated. "Are you blind or something? It's so obvious!!!"

Emma grinned "You're so sure, fine. I'll make you a bet. If they go out I'll give you half of my replicator rations."

Hannah's eyes glinted. "Fine, ensign - you got yourself a deal."

They reached across and shook hands as the captain and the commander exited the mess hall, side by side...

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