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All submissions must be web-archivable files (.txt and .html or .htm). No word processing documents, please. Read and follow the Submission Guidelines before attempting to submit a story to the archive. Incomplete submissions, or submissions sent in the wrong format will be archived as is! If there is a problem with the formatting of a submission, please resubmit your story to the archive in the a readable format.

Please fill out form completely!

If your story is already on-line, and you wish it to be linked to the archive, enter the URL where your story is located:

Please tell me the title of your story:

Please tell me your email address:

Please tell me your name:

Please write a 50 words or less TV-Guide-blurb-like synopsis of your story,
beginning with when it is set (ie. After "Day of Honour" or "Six years after
they return to the Alpha Quadrant.") and please note
if it is a sequel or prequel to another story.

Example of a correct synopsis:
    Set after "Someone to Watch Over Me". Jenny and Harry break up, and everyone in Stellar Cartography schemes to get them back together. Meanwhile, Gamma shift begins to wonder if Voyager is haunted. Sequel to "My First Story"

Example of an incorrect synopsis:
    I wrote this story after listening to my fave song from my fave movie for the millionth time. It is a seven hankie story! I mean it!

DO NOT include the following in your synopsis:
  • Any kind of "hanky" rating. It's juvenile, and more importantly, it dictates to the reader what emotions they are meant to be feeling while reading the story. If you have written a good story, you should not have to TELL the reader they will cry. Either they will, or they will not.

  • Please do not note if it is any kind of challenge other than an "Archivist's Challenge" story (so that I know to put the story up on the Archivist's Challenge page if this archive).

  • Any kind of "character death" warning. Try surprising your readers. If you do feel it necessary to contain a warning (for example, if it is an NC-17 story due to rape, incest, gore, or extreme violence that a reader may find disturbing) then put a disclaimer at the top of the story. However, the MPAA rating should be sufficient to warn younger readers away from adult stories.

Please tell me the rating of your story:

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