veronica jane williams

Title Author Description
Gleamin' the Tubes Veronica Jane Williams The children are up to something on the ship. Rated G
Matchmaker, Matchmaker Veronica Jane Williams Little Naomi sees her playmates Elizabeth and Jamie with their Daddies. She wishes she could have one to lift her up high. Her choice? Mr Carey. But will it work? Rated G
Naomi's Tears Veronica Jane Williams Naomi is distressed, and her mother has to find her first before offering her young daughter comfort. Rated G
Under the Bamboo Tree Veronica Jane Williams Joe is still trying hard to woo Sam Wildman, but she is still wary of committing herself to a new relationship. Naomi tries to get her mom to take notice of Joe Carey. Sequel to "Matchmaker, Matchmaker." Rated G

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