Title Author Description
Emotional Resonance Neetz Sequel to "Making Memories." Another view of the episode "Hunters." Ever wonder about that letter Janeway reads at the beginning? Rated PG-13
Friends and Family Neetz Sequel to "Uncle Joe." Something's bothering Joe Carey and B'Elanna repays her debt while learning a little more about her friend. Rated PG-13
Making Memories
(or A Very Carey Christmas)
Neetz Sequel to "Mars, Bars, and Vintage Cars." Christmas past brings a Christmas present for this future Christmas on the Starship Voyager. Rated PG-13
Mars, Bars and Vintage Cars Neetz Sequel to "Friends and Family." Joe Carey and Tom Paris go on a routine away mission, end up in a struggle for their lives against the forces of nature and find they have more in common that they would have thought. Rated PG-13
Uncle Joe Neetz B'Elanna suffers some unexpected side-effects from an allergic reaction... and it could prove more than Joe Carey can deal with! Rated PG-13

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