liz barr

Title Author Description
Announcement Liz Barr Janeway and Chakotay make an announcement about their relationship, much to the bemusement of a group of junior officers. Rated PG-13
Borgicide Liz Barr Seven of Nine is evil. Seven of Nine must die. And if the Great Bird isn't going to answer their prayers, then a group of junior officers will just have to take matters into their own hands... Rated PG-13
Cold Hands, Cold Heart Liz Barr Susan Nicoletti and Kathryn Janeway, infatuation and music lessons. Rated R
Matchmaking Liz Barr A group of junior officers meet to discuss their ongoing attempts to get Janeway and Chakotay together. Rated PG-13
A Minor Discipline Problem Liz Barr Captain Janeway makes a discovery, and someone will have to pay. Set some time before "The Haunting of Deck 12". Sequel to "Matchmaking". Rated PG-13

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