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"Jerry 2.0"
Writer: Dave Johnson
Director: Leslie Libman
Air Date: 10/29/03

This week's ep featured a slick new saga cell prior to the tease, and the look of the show was quite sleek. While not the strongest episode, plot-wise, the character development (and Kyle in civvies. Hello, nurse!) more than makes up for it. Deputy Director Lou Beckett was the pleasant surprise of the week—just as I was starting to think her character was getting a bit one-note, we're treated to some fantastic character development. Judith Scott positively nailed all of her scenes, and I look forward to more of her prickly relationship with Director Skerrit—and not just because I was a WISEGUY and HIGHLANDER fan. Unfortunately, Drew Tyler Bell as Jerry was not quite so subtle or restrained. Granted, the kid was written to be a tool, but Bell went to 11. I hid behind a pillow, cringing, during his barroom boasting and gave an evil little malicious cheer when Militia Dad beat the crap out of him.

However, the core of the episode is Chris Gorham's standout performance as Jake. Gorham showed a lot of range—from silly antics and child-like glee at being singled out by Bossman, to just breaking my heart when Jake realised his kid brother would die if the NSA got their way. The writers are handling the Sarah/Jake/Diane triangle remarkably well. Rather than drawing the High School "geek crushes on cheerleader, who barely knows he exists" plot out forever, they have instead made it all about character development. Two months ago Jake would have been doing cartwheels had Sarah laid one on him—however, last night Jake seems hesitant about their change in status. It's such a relief and pleasure to see adult relationships handled in an adult way, rather than with SMALLVILLE-esque melodrama.

Quotes of the Week:

Jake (to Kyle): "Lou has a boss?"

Jake (to Kyle and Lou re: Caleb): "We might have a connection since I was the one who captured him and we're closer in age than you guys. Not that you're old, or anything... You look great."

Jerry (re: Sarah): "You can't land the plane if your little brother's sleeping on the airstrip."
Jake: "I'm not trying to land the plane!"

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